Fiddler's Fling

Fiddler s Fling When Jolene Murdock receives a call from an old boyfriend her carefully crafted world crumbles Told of her estranged father s terminal illness she returns to a town she d left three years ago the s

  • Title: Fiddler's Fling
  • Author: Linda Wood Rondeau
  • ISBN: 9781942513698
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Jolene Murdock receives a call from an old boyfriend, her carefully crafted world crumbles Told of her estranged father s terminal illness, she returns to a town she d left three years ago, the scene of her secret sin She thought her pending marriage to rising political star Robert Ashworth the penance God required of her to forget her talents, her music, and heWhen Jolene Murdock receives a call from an old boyfriend, her carefully crafted world crumbles Told of her estranged father s terminal illness, she returns to a town she d left three years ago, the scene of her secret sin She thought her pending marriage to rising political star Robert Ashworth the penance God required of her to forget her talents, her music, and her love for Brookside Dwight Etting is now the junior partner in Murdock Etting But Big Mike Murdock has run the business into the ground In hopes of saving the company, Dwight convinces Big Mike s daughter to return to Brookside to help her terminally ill father Why does she cling to her resentment over a stupid argument on prom night What happened to that spirited girl, whose fiddle playing won the hearts of all Essex County

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    Does life imitate art I believe it does or perhaps art reflects life Either way, life and art are intertwined In that truth, my books bear witness to the convoluted world in which we are all a part After nearly thirty years in human services, I retired so that I could work hours a week than I had ever done before to pursue my writing dream My first book published in 2011 and was soon followed by others As evident in A Father s Prayer Lighthouse of the Carolinas, my books, whether suspense, romance, or futuristic, are themed from my experiences as a social worker These stories involve the human struggle to overcome indignities that otherwise could defeat us A graduate of North Syracuse High School, I went on to Houghton College, majoring in English and education As my heroine in A Wonderful Love, I met my wonderful husband doing Community Theater Three children and nine grandchildren later, we moved from Northern New York to enjoy the benefits of the sunshine state, mainly golf and daily walks Now we have moved to Hagerstown, MD to be nearer our grandchildren An award winning novelist, my mission is to entertain as well as encourage through the written word Visit me at lindarondeau, or on facebook, twitter, Pinterest, GooglePlus Friend me and I ll friend you back Reviews are always appreciated Coming soon The Fifteenth Article, a futuristic political thriller.


  • This is my first book to read from this author and I can say that without a doubt this story will forever stay with me. I was not t sure what to expect from this book, but I have found an author that can write a story so focused on family and the turmoils that happen that I didn't want the book to end. It is a short read, but packed with betrayal, unforgiveness, lost love and emotions that will grab your heart as you feel the characters pain and struggles. Jolene is set to marry a very important [...]

  • Fiddler's Fling***** by Linda Wood RondeauJolene Murdock has her life all planned out, including an upcoming wedding to an important political figure. Her plans are suddenly put on hold when she receives a call from her old boyfriend, Dwight Etting, saying her father is very ill—who she has been estranged from for some time. Despite their problems, she loves her dad and rushes home to be with him. While there she learns that there is something strange, not quite right with her dad's company. W [...]

  • Fiddler's Fling is a 211 page Christian contemporary romance novel. Penned by author Linda Wood Rondeau and published by Elk Lake Publishing, this is an inspiring read. It is the tale of Jolene Murdock and decisions she needs to make. This book has some twists, romance, a bit of intrigue and some great people in it.It is a very well written book. The plot is well thought and flows smoothly. Characters are clearly defined and some are unique. They quickly take up residence in your heart and mind [...]

  • At first glance, I thought Fiddler’s Fling would be a typical long-gone-wrong-and-then-right-again romance. But it is so much more. Author Linda Wood Rondeau tackles prickly family relationships, soul-deadening secrets, and conspiracies in this wonderful story. And does it spectacularly.Jolene and Dwight, high school sweethearts, no longer have much in common. In fact, they are poles apart in almost everything. Until Jolene finds out that her father is dying. Past hurts and present ambitions t [...]

  • This is another book from this author that I thoroughly enjoyed. Her writing style and the way she portrays her characters result in pulling the reader into a story that is hard to put down once you have started it. This story follows Jolene, a young woman that is planning her wedding and has a promising career that is called home by someone she had a past relationship with to help care for her father who she feels she was never good enough to earn his love and acceptance. It is a beautiful stor [...]

  • Wow, where do you begin with such a beautifully written book. We all want the best for our children and Jolene's father is no exception. He wants her to stay in Brookside and play her fiddle forever with him. But Jolene has other plans. She tries to tell her father but is shut down and leaves without saying goodbye. Fast forward three years and one phone call changes her life forever. A ghost from her past Dwight Etting, a secret, a powerful family, resentment, forgiveness, and love are all in t [...]

  • Fiddler's Fling is a well-written story of love and forgiveness. Jolene has not forgiven herself for mistakes she made as a teenager. Her father has not forgiven her for leaving her hometown and becoming engaged to someone he abhors. When Jolene learns of her father's terminal illness, she returns to Brookside and attends church where, for the first time, she asks for God's forgiveness. Linda Wood Rondeau has written an excellent story of a family's love, romantic love and God's love. I recommen [...]

  • Linda Rondeau's Fiddler's Fling is a story of forgiveness. Jolene Murdock is engaged to senatorial candidate Robert Ashworth, son of the richest man in her hometown of Brookside. Her engagement has caused a rift between her and her father. When her high school boyfriend calls to say her dad, Big Mike, is dying, she drops everything to run to his side. Can she save her relationship with her father before liver cancer takes him from her?I received this book from bookfun in exchange for my honest o [...]

  • Small town girl leaves everything about her home behind and sets out to change the world but when she returns to care for her dying father she begins to realize that the world has been changing her. She misses her music, the outdoors, and the friends she left behind. Her controlling fiancee and his manipulative mother do everything in their power to get what they want. The story had some twists and turns and was ultimately a story of redemption and restoration.I received this book through bookfu [...]

  • Fiddler’s Fling is a contemporary Christian romance about forgiveness and re-establishing relationships. Jolene Murdock has to decide what and who is really important. Fiddler’s Fling is a local music contest that becomes a symbol of Jolene’s life – should she play her fiddle with her father or leave for life in the city. I really enjoyed this story. I received a copy from the publisher by way of The Book Club Network (bookfun) in exchange for an honest review.

  • I enjoyed reading Fiddler's Fling. This was an intriguing tale of mistakes compounded by trying to cover them up and the pain we cause ourselves and others when we try to enforce self-imposed punishments. The author did a good job of dealing with a difficult subject in a Christian context without being preachy or judgmental.

  • A lot of romances, even Christian romances, can get monotonous and/or sappy, right? Well, this one can't be classified as either boring or gooey. No way.Jolene Murdock is a young woman who is upward bound. She's engaged to political hopeful Robert Ashworth, soon-to-be New York State senator, and she's under the watchful and instructive eye of Robert's mother, the woman who had become her substitute mother.The problem is that now her father--who hasn't spoken to her since she left to work for Rob [...]

  • Wonderful readSo refreshing. Enjoyed this book very much. Proving God's love for us no matter what we do in life. Enjoy!

  • At first, this seems to be the story of a couple who broke up because of a silly misunderstanding, then when they're brought together again, they realize there really wasn't a problem and rebuild their relationship. But what kept Jolene away from Dwight was a serious secret sin, not a silly teenage misunderstanding. She was also estranged from her father and from God. She had to forgive herself before the relationships with her father, the man of her dreams, and the Lord could be restored.

  • Suburb read!!! Mixture of misunderstood family love, mistakes of the past, estrangement, the influence of a powerful family, resentment and self punishment make for a unease way of living. Until Jolene Murdock faces the struggles within herself, she will be stalled in forgiveness of self and others. She needs to learn to seek redemption first from God then from the people who really love and care about her unselfishly.Will she be able to turn her back on the fame and fortune her finance has give [...]

  • Jolene Murdock leaves her small hometown in search of bigger, better things. She beomes engaged to a man her father hates.Jolene is informed by her ex-boyfriend of her father's ill health. Even though estranged, Jolene decides to go back home and try to restore her relationship with her father and help him.This is a wonderful story about love and forgiveness, redemption and restoration.I just loved the theme of this book -- that unforgiveness rips apart, but with God, even the worst things can b [...]

  • I think this was a nicely written story. The characters were well developed. The story held my attention from beginning to end. I didn’t know how it would all end, and was satisfied with the ending. Just enough drama and suspense to keep me reading. The one issue I did have with the book was that the dialog wasn’t always clearly identified as to who the speaker was and sometimes I had to re-read it to identify the speaker. Overall, nice read.

  • A beautifully written Christian romance. Fiddler's Fling has a great plot and well developed characters. You will love some of the characters and others not so much. This book drew me in from page one and I could not put it down. It is the type of book that I hate to see end.

  • Sweet love story, formulaic but a nice escape. Honest, I'd rate it higher if I liked romances. The writing is sound, the characters well-rounded, and the messages are on point for today's youth. Nice job, Linda!

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