Is Paris Burning?

Is Paris Burning Few moments in history are as stirring as the Allied liberation of Paris This book reconstructs in meticulous and riveting detail the network of fateful eventsday by day moment by momentthat saved th

  • Title: Is Paris Burning?
  • Author: Larry Collins Dominique Lapierre
  • ISBN: 9780786107407
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Audio
  • Few moments in history are as stirring as the Allied liberation of Paris This book reconstructs in meticulous and riveting detail the network of fateful eventsday by day, moment by momentthat saved the City of Light.

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  • Larry Collins Dominique Lapierre

    Born in West Hartford, Connecticut, he was educated at the Loomis Chaffee Institute in Windsor, Connecticut, and graduated from Yale as a BA in 1951 He worked in the advertising department of Procter and Gamble, in Cincinnati, Ohio, before being conscripted into the US Army While serving in the public affairs office of the Allied Headquarters in Paris, from 1953 1955, he met Dominique Lapierre with whom he would write several best sellers over 43 years.He went back to Procter and Gamble and became the products manager of the new foods division in 1955 Disillusioned with commerce, he took to journalism and joined the Paris bureau of United Press International in 1956, and became the news editor in Rome in the following year, and later the MidEast bureau chief in Beirut.In 1959, he joined Newsweek as Middle East editor, based in New York He became the Paris bureau chief in 1961, where he would work until 1964, until he switched to writing books.In 1965, Collins and Lapierre published their first joint work, Is Paris Burning in French Paris br le t il , a tale of Nazi occupation of the French capital during World War II and Hitler s plans to destroy Paris should it fall into the hands of the Allies The book was an instant success and was made into a movie in 1966 by director Ren Cl ment, starring Kirk Douglas, Glenn Ford and Alain Delon.In 1967, they co authored Or I ll Dress you in Mourning about the Spanish bullfighter Manuel Ben tez El Cordob s.In 1972, after five years research and interviews, they published O Jerusalem about the birth of Israel in 1948, turned into a movie by Elie Chouraqui.In 1975, they published Freedom at Midnight, a story of the Indian Independence in 1947, and the subsequent assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948 It is said they spent 300,000 researching and still emerged wealthy.The duo published their first fictional work, The Fifth Horseman, in 1981 It describes a terrorist attack on New York masterminded by Libya s Colonel Gaddafi The book had such a shocking effect that the French President cancelled the sale of nuclear reactors to Libya, even though it was meant for peaceful purposes Paramount Pictures, which was planning a film based on the book, dropped the idea in fear that fanatics would emulate the scenario in real life.In 1985, Collins authored Fall From Grace without Lapierre about a woman agent sent into occupied France who realizes she may be betrayed by her British masters if necessary He also wrote Maze A Novel 1989 , Black Eagles 1995 , Le Jour Du Miracle D Day Paris 1994 and Tomorrow Belongs To Us 1998 Shortly before his death, he collaborated with Lapierre on Is New York Burning 2005 , a novel mixing fictional characters and real life figures that speculates about a terrorist attack on New York City.In 2005, while working from his home in the south of France on a book on the Middle East, Collins died of a sudden cerebral haemorrhage.


  • Is Paris Burning? should probably get only 2 Stars because this was not a serious fight in the big scheme of maneuver. The Jewish Uprising in Warsaw in 1943 and the Polish fight in Warsaw a year later were more serious fights with consequences and lasted far longer. The Paris uprising sputtered for a few days before the French 2nd Armored Division and the US 4th Infantry Division made their entry into the city. But Mr Collins and Mr Lapierre get 4.5 Baccarat crystal Stars for packing this accoun [...]

  • Summer of 1944. Every bridge, historical landmark, and civic building in Nazi-occupied Paris was wired with explosives. Hitler’s plan was to reduce the city to rubble if Allied troops got too close. He didn’t know that the Allies were planning to bypass Paris, and of course the resistance fighters didn’t know Paris was rigged to blow up. Their hope was to bring things to a head once the Allied forces were near enough to help, unaware of the consequences. Throw into the mix the unlikely her [...]

  • Collins & Lapierre were successful writers of popular history in the mid 20th century. Their method was mainly to interview ordinary participants in the events, and write vivid accounts bringing the memories to life. In IS PARIS BURNING? the memories of Paris's last year under the Nazis were less than 20 years old.From the attempts of downtrodden Parisians to find food, to German officers who were later willing to reminisce with the authors, to the ruthless maneuvering between the forces of [...]

  • Seventy years ago, in August 1944, Paris was nearer to be reduced to a pile of ruins. Ordered by a maddened Fuhrer, who " barely three years earlier had ruled Europe from the tundras of Lapland to the flanks of Pyramids, from the rocky coast of Brittany to the outskirts of Moscow", but whose armies were now retreating at the onslaught of the allied forces. Here is a true and well researched account of the last days of the occupation of Paris and its liberation told in a gripping and fast paced t [...]

  • An entertaining read. An historical account written by two journalists. It plays out like a novel, but it's not. The book is now fifty-two years old and might be rather dated since several decades of historical research has occurred since it's initial publication. However I don't believe it's as important since most of the book is made up of first hand accounts. The writers do take some "poetic license" when it comes to such details as internal thoughts and colorful details that they fail to doc [...]

  • It is an amazing account of the final days of nazi rule but you will need to read up on French history a bit too and the political implications of allied forces to save Paris the main characters are very well portrayed and speaks of the underlying history Good read!

  • Is Paris Burning? is a collection of anecdotes from various people involved in the liberation of Paris-Free French regulars, French resistance, GIs, reporters, German officers and soldiers, and civilians. I enjoyed the first hand accounts, but since this book was written in the 60s one has to wonder how much spin people were giving them. It's probably best read either by someone like me, with only a passing familiarity with what happened, or patient historically minded types who are willing to o [...]

  • I saw the movie version of this book years before getting around to reading it. Like all of the Collins-Lapierre collaborations, it's an engrossing, fast-going read. The movie wasn't so great, but the memory of seeing it, first-run, with Father at the Pickwick Theatre in Park Ridge, Illinois is a pleasant one. Apparently Mom wasn't too interested in movies, but I, like the dog, was always willing to go out and, so, saw many dozens of films with him through the years.The most memorable scene of t [...]

  • ¿Quieren saber qué pasó en París en agosto de 1944? La gran responsabilidad de detallar cada paso de la liberación de París recae en esta magnífica novela. Cada plaza, cada grupo de la resistencia, cada foto, anécdotas impresionantes, parióticas, desgarradoras, se encuentran en este libro. Al terminar de leerlo, descubrirás que ya conoces esta hermosa ciudad y agradeces que no haya sido destruida. ¡Vive la France!Oh La la París!! Después la hicieron película, en una muy buena pero [...]

  • This historical thriller explains in great detail what happened when German Nazis retreated from France - well, they were pushed out. Compared to Follett’s The Fall Of Giants, another historical warfare work, the point of view of Lapierre and Collins’ work is closer to the action. That may stem from their first-hand battlefield experience in more recent conflicts, either as journalists or serving their country. The result is five star plus.

  • Every few years I read this book again. It's not the writing that I give a 5: it's the comprehensive (non-fiction) telling of what life was like in occupied Paris that I can never get enough of. Makes my imagination go wild.

  • Listened to audiobook read by Frederick Davidson (another name used by David Case).This is the story of the liberation of Paris. It was interesting as history and as a look at life in Paris near the end of the war, but as an audiobook it was challenging trying to follow all of the various characters, some with names that sounded (to my ears at least) alike or unrecognizable as distinct words my brain could latch onto. I also struggled a bit with the narrator, which may have been partly due to my [...]

  • Is Paris Burning? is one of the better histories of the liberation of France. It reads well and not in the stilted way many historians follow. Collins and Dominique LaPierre have put together a history that follows some of the participants on both sides and that makes it more personal and interesting. It gives the human side of the war and does not depend on troop movements and numbers to tell the story. Adolph Hitler had ordered Paris leveled and its bridges bombed. He continually asked "Is Par [...]

  • -Interesante en los detalles que rodean al evento principal.-Género. Novela Histórica (pero especial, porque se acerca más al ensayo y la historia que a la propia novela).Lo que nos cuenta. Narración en tercera persona y en pasado de los acontecimientos que llevaron al responsable militar alemán de la zona del gran París, el general Dietrich von Choltitz, a tomar la actitud que tomó frente al avance aliado hacia la capital francesa en verano de 1944, además de muchos pequeños eventos en [...]

  • If Hitler couldn't have Paris, he didn't want anyone else to have it either. So he instructed his commander, General Cholnitz, to destroy the city in the event of impending liberation by the Allies. The hero of this book is this German commander, who decided to wait it out, day-by-day, to see whether the Allies or the SS would get there first. The race, as it is seen from all sides, is full of incident and drama. Collins and LaPierre researched this book intensively and crammed every bit of exci [...]

  • This is such a fabulous book. It puts such a human face on WW2. Eisenhour is running out of "petrol" and has to decide whether to by-pass Paris so he can get to Germany faster, and Hitler has told one of his general to torch Paris. The German general decides to send a fellow thru the German lines to Eisenhour and explain to him what is happening, and the guy has a heart attack. Really a great book. It is old.The general said I keep getting messages from Hitler--"Is Paris Burning?"

  • I liked the book as it gave me info about what was happening in Paris near the close of WWll. While it was an interesting book, I experienced a lot frustration trying to remember the various French and German characters and what they did. As usual for books with lots of characters, I make a brief list of the character as I go along to remember who does what. That helped!

  • A really good documentary, regarding (Adolf Hitler's) chosen second in command General Dietrich von Choltitz to defend and destroy the city of Paris. For four years of seizure, since June 14, 1940 until August 25, 1944 from the Nazi's, the Parisian secretly communicating their allies (the U.S/England)for help, and the happy day of liberation.

  • This book was recommended with an American I met in Paris. It provides a fascinating look at the Vichy occupation. While obviously our forebears here in the USA suffered during WWII, it is something else entirely to read about what was happening overseas, in the actual theaters of war.

  • So many characters to keep track of. The second half of the book was much more focused and as a result, more interesting than the first part. Interesting subject, but not as well written (to me at least) as Freedom at Midnight.

  • A history fictionalized so that it reads like a gripping exciting novel. I read this many years ago, not long after it first came out and have never forgotten it.

  • Wow! For as much as I have read and learned about WWII, I was shocked, shocked, at how little I knew about the liberation of Paris! For example, the allies originally planned to bypass Paris and proceed directly to Germany thinking that would end the war earlier. But through some unforeseen circumstances including pressure from Charles de Gaulle and his political plans and verbal signals from the German General in Paris who was reluctant to carry out Hitler’s orders to destroy the city, the al [...]

  • What this book does shine a light on is the humanity and decency that arises during a conflict particularly at a time when it is most needed. In that regard it gives hope for peace in the brutal wars of today. The dilemmas faced by Dietrich von Choltitz and Hans Speidel would make for great reading in an ethics class. Once you’ve read it, you can’t help but feel for the few Germans left to die in a city for the sole purpose of satisfying Hitler’s revenge and who still attempt to leave the [...]

  • This is a painstakingly researched book. The author has deemed no tiny detail irrelevant enough to eclipse a historic event such as the Liberation of Paris. Dive into a colorful parade of enough characters to fill up a telephone directory, who get (maybe) a paragraph each. Them they disappear, and just when you think you have got rid of them (just like you distant relatives) they surface and expect you to remember evrything about them.But oh god, this book is better than fiction. The god-like ab [...]

  • I found it absolutely compelling reading. It's not just an account of the "significant" people and places in this story, but also interspersed with many poignant incidents involving ordinary people. In fact, there are a lot of people and places to keep track of in the book, and I am in awe of the research that these two young men (35 and 33 at the time of the book's publication in 1965) did in order to write this fascinating book.

  • This book tells a gripping story about how allies were forced to take Paris, how French threatened to take their forces out and take Paris alone and who were the key players of the event. Shockingly, the real saviours of the Paris were the German head of occupied Paris and a member of French resistance who was a communist. I liked the writers' method to interview even ordinary participants in the event and give them their due to make the story more vivid.

  • Ce livre est une mine d'or concernant la libération de Paris, il y a un énorme travail qui a été fait dessus, c'est assez impressionnant. Je regrette juste l'accumulation d'anecdotes à la queue leu leu qui finit par alourdir la lecture au bout d'un moment.

  • well written, fast paced and informative. just with a very narrow focus about something I'm not particularly interested in.

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