Mischief: Episode Three

Mischief Episode Three Holy crap I learned today that you don t piss off Adriel Having located a mutilated corpse of a young man in a dumpster I realize how serious the demon problem is The markings on the body are the s

  • Title: Mischief: Episode Three
  • Author: Nicholas Bella
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Holy crap, I learned today, that you don t piss off Adriel Having located a mutilated corpse of a young man in a dumpster, I realize how serious the demon problem is The markings on the body are the same as the markings on the other dead bodies that I was told about That means one thing, I have to check out this club and the sooner the better If that doesn t keep my Holy crap, I learned today, that you don t piss off Adriel Having located a mutilated corpse of a young man in a dumpster, I realize how serious the demon problem is The markings on the body are the same as the markings on the other dead bodies that I was told about That means one thing, I have to check out this club and the sooner the better If that doesn t keep my plate full, I still have to deal with demon bad boy King, Adriel and Raphael, my pain in the butt mate, both want to control my life, or rather sex life, at least First things first, find out who s killing people in my city Warning This serial contains strong adult content not meant for sensitive eyes, so don t expect any roses or chocolates or touchy feelies The novelettes in this serial will be filled with dark, twisted, raunchy and steamy scenes between powerful, sexy men and women that will either offend you or get ya revved up This series will not be pulling any punches, and it won t apologize for hurting your feelings, either You ll find no fluff and ruffles here These demons play hard and they fight dirty There are approximately 30100 words in this novelette.

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    About me Hmmm, I m just a person with a wild imagination and a love for words who was sitting around the house one day and said, Why hasn t anyone written a book like this before As with every storyteller, I wanted to share mine with the world I like my erotica dark, gritty, sexy and even a little raunchy I m not afraid to go there and I hope you aren t afraid to go there with me When I m not writing, I love watching movies and TV shows, clubbing, biking, and hanging out with family and friends I love life.I d love to hear from you, feel free to send me a shout out


  • BR with my fellow "Bellaholic" Julie.Dear Mr. Bella,This was Awesome.Awesome.Awesome. Did I mention Awesome??At times I can not believe what I'm reading!!! Nicholas Bella, you're a genious!!Brian is getting in all kinds of trouble I mean we have Raphaël, Adriel and Dayen, the Takata Demon, the demon with (view spoiler)[tentacles(hide spoiler)]l!!! “What are you going to do to us?” I asked. “Give you the greatest ecstasy you could ever feel and deny you the release you’ll beg for.”Mr. [...]

  • 4 Mischief Stars!This is His Majesty AdrielAnd "Holy crap, I learned today, that you don't piss off Adriel!" And, yes Brian learned not to piss him off! The romance in this is not yet in full bloom. Okay, His Majesty was awesome and Dayen, the Takata Demon was raunchy, cute and super fun. I still need that glossary. Damn, I love this world! -Okay, the romance and bonding starts here. Much needed bonderies are placed by the King. In this book, we get Mischief. And, IMO, it is Brian causing so muc [...]

  • Overall book rating: 4Audio book: N/ABook cover: 3 StarsADRIEL kinda my newest obsession at this moment in time. I love me a dangerous Alpha male. Can’t help it!! And I love not knowing what he is capable of. (It’s like, he’s already a real bad boy so you can leave your morals at the door and except him for what he is? NOT HUMAN therefore you really can’t judge him by human standards can you? Well, you can try but he’s not gonna give a damn)Brian finds himself in a bit of spot here. He [...]

  • I’m utterly speechless at this point.  Yep…I continue to be absolutely amazed at the mind of Nicholas Bella.  He is just one crazy ass genius.  I mean seriously people.  I have never read anything as fucked up as the shit that is on these pages and Never once have I been bored or felt scenes are being repeatedI mean how does he come up with this stuff??  This series continues to develop in just an unbelievable way.  Brian is getting himself into some VERY sticky situations and the dyn [...]

  • More proof that Nicholas Bella is an AWESOME M/M Paranormal writer!! I have been following this series from the beginning and it just keeps getting better and better. I don't know where Nicholas gets his ideas but I pray it never ends. I'm soooooo in love with his writing.Brian has gone under cover to fund the demons responsible for some human sacrifices. That's how he gets his self and Raphael in trouble with King Adriel and the punishment is swift and depending on how you look at it severe.The [...]

  • Oh my god! Hot, hotter, Nicholas Bella! I really start every new book by Nicholas Bella without having any expectations, because he oudoes them with every single word. Every time!! Just like in "Mischief". I really couldn't put it down till I finished it to the last sentence and then I needed a long and ice cold shower. Adriel watching Brian and Raphael, and Brian finally no, nope, I won't say anything. You have to read it yourself. I love this series just as much as Nicholas' other series. Thos [...]

  • This is getting better and better“If he cums, that will add to your punishment, Raphael,” Adriel reminded

  • 4.5 starsHot demonic sexEverything in this book happens in 24 hours timeline. Brian got something for his investigation, but at what cost? Adriel makes good on his promise/threat which results in very hot kinky sex scene and sexual torture which lasts for more than 30% of the book. I'm jealous of Adriel who has both Brian and Raphael at his beck and call. Though, he didn't join in the action much, but he is there watching and bossing. It's nice to see Adriel tames Brian into accepting his bi-nes [...]

  • 3.9 StarsSlowly but surely getting better. I liked Adriel, asshole that he appeared to be, if only because he made Brian 'fess up to his attraction to other other guys and the sex he's had with them. Thank fuck.Also, tentacles. More scenes like that would be greatly appreciated. Please. Oh, yes, please. (Although, hours of edging sounds like torture, soah, no I'm good with more of that, too. Nevermind.)

  • Yay no rape.The sexytimes were actually quite hawt. [spoiler] OMG Tentacle sex. That was not expected.[/spoiler]I'm kind of getting sick of his constant "I'm not gay!!!! but yo I want to have sex with a man" constant back and forth. It got really old.But better than the first one, and the second one.

  • Sexy Hot trainingBrian gets his training started. He learns about himself, demons and sex. Wow, did he learn about sex. He was tortured, too.

  • Ok, admittedly there is more plot than in the typical porn movie, but do you really need plot when reading erotica? This series is proving to be not to my taste. Next!

  • Mischief: Episode Three (The Demon Gate Series Book 3)This was a fcking HOT read, damn! Let me just say tentacles! I'm a fan, I'll tell you that! Want more!Brian is coming slowly coming to terms with what happened to him, what's still happening to him really.Looong way to go for him and the demons in his life. And bed ^^Next!

  • As Brian and Sheila drive around on patrol they get pulled over when someone finds a body in the dumpster. Brian has a bad feeling, but since he can only secure the area and not investigate, he leaves it alone.Unfortunately, later that evening, while undercover for the society, he starts putting pieces together. It appears the demonic killings may be the same as the ones related to his human world.He also realizes that Raphael has not taught him near enough to understand this new part of his lif [...]

  • Sexy.Another epic book in this fantastic series. Nicholas Bella's creativity and imagination is out of this world. Literally. His originality is spectacular. His characters are brilliant and sexy as hell. Adriel is not impressed with Brian's disrespect. Brian disobeyed Adriel. He told Brian he could only have an orgasm with permission. He didn't have it. Brian tried to explain but Adriel wouldn't have any of it. Adriel is unhappy that Brian isn't understanding his demon world. Raphael is at faul [...]

  • ~~ ARC gifted by the Author in exchange for my Honest Review~~I've said it before but what a talented and unquie author Nicholas Bella is. I've had the pleasure of reading everyone of his books. They have been easy and deserving of my rating as well as my reviews. His books are solid and focused. Nicholas writes what he wants, and its dark, edgy and completely out of the norm. Mischief is book three and a great addition to the Demon Gate Series. Brian reminds me of someone that was just as stubb [...]

  • I'm gobbling these books up faster than Brian gobbled.right. Another riveting episode added to The Demon Gate Series by Nicholas Bella. Damn, these books are like crack. I'm already feeling twitchy to start reading the next one. Oh, and of course there were tentacles in this book. I find them incredibly disturbing normally and honestly this book has not convinced me otherwise. I'm extremely relieved that Brian FINALLY manned the fuck up and accepted who he was and what he liked. I was beginning [...]

  • I'm always excited for a new book by Nicholas Bella who has become one of my favorite authors. I had wondered if Adriel coming into the picture would mean Brian would be more accepting of his new life which it seems the King has aided with that. Brian is a good guy and has some trouble coming to grips with the face that some innocent people will have to die in order to save the rest. I like seeing Brian accepting who/what he is and give in to his desires. Can't wait for the next!

  • This story are not that attractive,kind of boring(same feeling when I read New Heaven Season 1,but after that the story just become more and more amazing), also not erotica enough for me.But still a good book to read. Hoping more sexy characters appear in the next few books just as what happened in New Heaven.

  • DNF at 33%. I liked how the series started (I mean that in reference to the first book as a whole, not the literal beginning of the series with the rape scene) but I really just can't continue.Edit: After giving it some thought I decided to finish the book. Admittedly, it does get better though Brian is still an idiot. Final rating - 2.5 stars rounded up to 3.

  • SubmitCan it get any hotter. Brian needs the help of the king but he will only help on one condition. Raphael is trying to get Brian to see how he likes him without his demon. We meet the sister in this book. We also meet some unsavory new demons. I can't wait for more. The sex is so hot.

  • Great Story Development! I'm All In!Book 3:Mischief really helps to progress the storyline! I'm loving the new characters as well as Brian Cordero, our loving hero, learning more about himself and his abilities as he attempts to save the world. Great Story! Now on to Book 4: Hijinks!

  • Book 3 brings very interesting things LOL. Let’s just say when the Demon King punishes you, he is very creative. I liked seeing Brian and Rafael sort of come together more. I’m staying hopeful that they will work out their issues. But we’re dealing with demons here so who knows! We have some suspense coming so I’m looking forward to it in the next episode.

  • This Series Is Freakin Fabulous!This series is wickedly sexy and totally twisted at the same time. I love it!! It keeps getting better and better. Brian is totally hot. I anxiously await the next book, :)

  • 3.5 stars Fun story that is PWP. I wish there was more plot here, because the author has great ideas. But they are used as merely a candy wrapper for the sex. I liked it anyway, and will read the series.

  • Brian knows if he annoys ( or words to that affect ) the King what now happens! Four hours of edging! A punishment Brian never wants repeating! Brian is learning more and is beginning to see that maybe he does like men !Audio is amazing written as Pat Jay

  • Wow that punishment was no joke!! It was so hot and sexy I almost combusted lol. Really enjoying this serial so far!

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