Dancing in the Rain

Dancing in the Rain It s the fall of and the people in Canela Texas are shocked when Carolyn Wentworth believed to be nothing than a beautiful social butterfly volunteers to go to France as a nurse s aid She ll

  • Title: Dancing in the Rain
  • Author: Amanda Harte
  • ISBN: 9780803496064
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s the fall of 1917, and the people in Canela, Texas are shocked when Carolyn Wentworth, believed to be nothing than a beautiful social butterfly, volunteers to go to France as a nurse s aid She ll be back in a month, they predict But there s to Carolyn than anyone realizes Though she s appalled by the conditions in the hospital, she will not admit that herIt s the fall of 1917, and the people in Canela, Texas are shocked when Carolyn Wentworth, believed to be nothing than a beautiful social butterfly, volunteers to go to France as a nurse s aid She ll be back in a month, they predict But there s to Carolyn than anyone realizes Though she s appalled by the conditions in the hospital, she will not admit that her impulsive decision may have been the biggest mistake of her life Instead, she sets out to prove that humor can heal To the patients amusement, she even resorts to wearing a clothespin on her nose when she empties bedpans, and she sees nothing wrong with dancing in the rain.Clothespin Carolyn, as she s soon named, is a hit with the soldiers, much to the annoyance of Dwight Hollins, a brilliant physician who the nurses are convinced has never learned to smile Doesn t Carolyn understand that war is serious Someone needs to tell her that, and that someone is Dwight.Carolyn and Dwight s sparring soon becomes the talk of the hospital causing the patients to accuse them of being like an old married couple They re wrong, of course Love is not a word that applies to them until the day Carolyn impulsively promises that she and Dwight will dance on Christmas Day to entertain the patients Though it s the last thing either of them intends, soon they re learning much than the latest dance steps.

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    Isn t it wonderful when dreams come true I ve been very fortunate, because many of my dreams have done just that.Two of my earliest dreams wound up being inter related The first was to become a published author, and the second was to live in Europe As it turned out, living in France as a college student and then in Germany while my husband was stationed there with the Army provided me with the background for my first historical romance How s that for what people in the business world would call synergy I prefer to call it serendipity or perhaps Fate.Fate, chance, luck call it what you may has played an important role in my life How else would you explain the fact that one Ides of March when I was still reeling from a major personal disappointment, I wandered into one of the high school classrooms after school and met a man who could make me laugh, the same man who s been my husband for over thirty years Is it any wonder I believe in happy endings No doubt about it, I ve been lucky I had parents who nurtured my love of reading, a sister who shared my dreams and always believed I could make them come true, a husband who s also my best friend and who hasn t lost his sense of humor, even when dinner is late because I have just one scene to write, and loyal readers whose letters make all the hard work of writing books seem worthwhile.Don t let me mislead you There have been obstacles along the way, and not all my dreams have come true yet But I believe that the power of dreams is that they help us through the tough times and give us a reason to celebrate when they come true.So, my friends, dream on Amanda Harte


  • Dancing in the Rain had an excellent premise, and most of the book was interesting and enjoyable.But for me, the ending of a book needs to make the journey with these characters worthwhile.And the ending fell flat, in my opinion.The book had well thought out characters, good plot, good pacing.But the last few chapters seemed to drag.There was nothing really compelling happening with our characters.Then it ended abruptly. It's just over.Here are the last few chapters, condensed"Will you marry me? [...]

  • A good book, nothing amazing, no twists and turns, the end was a little boring and too predictable. Worth reading if you don't want something very intense. As for the historical aspect other then being set during World War 1 in a hospital in France there wasn't a whole lot of other historical information.

  • Dancing in Rain by Amanda Harte is a novel which is set during World War I in France. It takes place in Goudot, France in a hospital. It is a heartbreaking story and yet one of great passion and dedication. Carolyn Wentworth was the third girl in the Wentworth family and was known for her good looks. She was not considered smart or successful. Everyone was shocked with she became engaged to the boy next door, Ed. Ed was a nerdy man who looked like he needed to grow up. However, he was Carolyn’ [...]

  • This love story set in the First World War is incredibly twee, teeth-achingly so. It's a boy-meets-girl story where the neither the boy nor the girl believe they could possibly be in love. It's the weather! Or the food! Or the mud that's making them feel the way they do! Both of them are as ridiculous as the other. When I wasn't rolling my eyes, I was thinking: "Oh, please, pass me the sick bucket."Carolyn is one of those irritating perfect heroines, who doesn't know her own worth. She's beautif [...]

  • This was a sweet little romantic story that had much more potential than it delivered. WW1 in France is a fertile backdrop for a good story but Dancing In the Rain began missing the mark from about the 1/2 way mark. It wasn't a bad story but it could have been oh so much better given just a bit more work. I'm not a writer but I could have jazzed the ending up for heavens sake! As others have pointed out, the later part of the book just began to slide slowly and predictably to the finish line. It [...]

  • I wasn't super impressed with this book. There were so many medical things that just made me think the author did not research this particular subject very well. I loved the setting of the story and the thought of a nurse being the main character, but the story just fell short.The story was extremely predictable and if I remember right the end was not very satisfying. It is a stereotypical love story that had a lot of potential, but I just lost interest about half way through. I always thought i [...]

  • Wow, bittersweet, but happily ever afterI just finished a book that made me cry as well as laugh. This story tells the heartbreaking story of life during war. Engagements made for the wrong reasons. Death of loved ones and the guilt and sorrow that follows. Through it, a quirky nurse who firmly believes that laughter is medicine, and a doctor so serious that a smile is out of place, find that together they heal not only their patients, but themselves. This story is so well written, the character [...]

  • Mehter reading Ayn Rand and her character development this one wasn't quite up to that standard and there were a lot of undeveloped characters and loopholes.cially at the end. It had an interesting plot though

  • Finding happinessThe man she married was just a good friend that was not going to be the right husband. She went though many trials before she found to marry. The book should have had a prologue.

  • Ok romanceI was hoping for a little more action. Even as a war story, there just didn't seem to be enough going on. If I say too much, it will tell too much. A little sad, a little happy.

  • Bitter sweet story.The story line was the only thing that kept me interested. At times, it was long winded and redundant. But I am not sorry for having read it; it was worth a read.

  • It was cheesy, but kind of cute at the same time. I enjoyed it. It's a very light read, but it isn't my favorite book by far.

  • Loved this book!!! Read it in a few hours! Great love story. A bit slow in some parts but otherwise awesome.

  • Romance novelThe plot was great in the beginning but was thin and expected at the end. Would not read this author again

  • nice quick readGreat story and a very enjoyable read. I would recommend this to anyone who likes romances like I do .

  • SimpleCute story. Simpletons story and fast read good for a day at beach or on a airplane. Don't know if I'll read any more like this one. Not deep enough

  • Love storyA love story with a war setting. First denial of the love followed by tragedy. Then an acknowledgement and the happy ending with dancing in the rain.

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