By Mutual Consent

By Mutual Consent Dr Joss McNab needs a wife As if juggling surgery and being an instructor isn t enough she s recently taken on a demanding administrative role at the medical school that was named after her legendary

  • Title: By Mutual Consent
  • Author: Tracey Richardson
  • ISBN: 9781594934759
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dr Joss McNab needs a wife As if juggling surgery and being an instructor isn t enough, she s recently taken on a demanding administrative role at the medical school that was named after her legendary father To make things worse, she s now required to attend a growing number of galas, fundraisers and conventions Wouldn t having a wifea wife of conveniencehelp easeDr Joss McNab needs a wife As if juggling surgery and being an instructor isn t enough, she s recently taken on a demanding administrative role at the medical school that was named after her legendary father To make things worse, she s now required to attend a growing number of galas, fundraisers and conventions Wouldn t having a wifea wife of conveniencehelp ease the burden that s threatening to overtake her world Sarah Young s heart belongs to painting Much as she d like to dismiss Joss s ridiculous proposal, the art world isn t paying well and she s running short on cash Playing a trophy wife a few hours a week would cover her bills and still leave plenty of time to devote to her artwork The deal is struck But will the convenient pairing turn into disaster or prove to be a stroke of genius With feelings deepening and attraction undeniable, can two women who have agreed to settle discover that they could actually have it all

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  • Tracey Richardson

    I m the author of several lesbian romance novels published by Bella Books, including the Lambda Literary Award finalists Last Salute and No Rules of Engagement I m a voracious reader, even so now that I ve retired from a 27 year career as a daily newspaper journalist.


  • For such a predictable story, this book was such a nice surprise! I enjoyed it a lot because it has its own twists in a plot that we are so used to :) both characters are so like-able and the connection is incredible between them it's a smooth and fun read :)

  • I'm surprised how much I really enjoyed this. While the story-line is not anything new, I liked the way the author approached it. The story is about a busy heart surgeon Joss, whose mother comes up with the idea for her to rent a wife for all her many work functions. Sarah, is a struggling artist who is living off her fathers money as he constantly disparages her. As Sarah's step mother and Joss' mother set up the fake wife deal, we find out if this arrangement will actually work for them or wil [...]

  • I liked this book a whole lot. I don't think I've seen a relationship of convenience in lesfic before. I also really liked the idea of a poor girl from a rich background.Full review here: thelesbianreview/by-mu

  • I liked the characters very much. It felt like a book I've read before, but I haven't read it before. So I guess maybe the fact that there was no surprises is why I give it 3 stars. The content was well written, but I think if the story didn't go the expected way it would have been more exciting. The more intimate scenes (sex) were well done and fit I with the story, not just there to have sex scenes.

  • Detailed score: 3.5Quick review: A true 3.5 star book. Much more pwoarrr than I expected given the blurb and the awful front cover. Also more instalove than I expected.A real guilty pleasure - I kinda hated myself for liking it as much as I did. The thin basis for angst is stretched out for a few chapters too long though.

  • This is a somewhat uneven romance. There were things to like, but they were held back by too much drama. The main characters are both nice enough, and I bought into their chemistry with each other, but the parental issues dragged the book down. There's also an unnecessary pseudo cameo by Erika and Dess (Song in my Heart) complete with an overly long, and incredibly clunky recap of their story. I was going to give the book kudos for ensuring that the obligatory breakup seemed somewhat organic, bu [...]

  • Forget arranged marriages or professional services, here we have the personal lesbian escort, arranged by the matriarchal mother. Joss McNab is a highflying surgeon and teacher trying to emulate her perfect father. What she hasn’t got is the perfect wife by her side, supporting, arranging and managing the rest of her life. So her Southern Belle mother arranges one for her; Sarah, an attractive, interesting artist to take to events without any emotional tied or expectations, it’s purely a fin [...]

  • It's a pretty predictable straightforward love story,but the reason I loved this book is Tracey's use of words.I believe after all the books I've read in all genre's, I'm pretty knowledgeable with vocabulary. But Tracey had me thinking on a few words before my brain remembered what they mean. In other words, she made me work my brain!The story is set in Nashville (a place I know and love), but it also travels to other places like Chicago (my town) ;) and Sanibel Island. A lot of different imager [...]

  • This book was ok. I liked the character of Sarah. I did not like Joss, however. I thought Sarah should have run for her life from Joss.

  • Highly enjoyable story. Based on the premise, it could easily have been very heteronormative, and read like a straight romance -- luckily the writing was very strong and the characters believably lesbian so it didn't really go down that route. I read a novella with a similar premise a few years ago which ended with the paid wife really turning into a 50s style kept housewife of the type Joss thought her mother was -- it was so gratifying here that tracey ricardson didnt do that. it was also a qu [...]

  • I read a lot of these novels and enjoy them all pretty much in a similar fashion. They're generic and do precisely what they say they will. And, considering it's queer romance and god isn't it great to have some representation at all? - they're generally a fairly okay read.One thing I tend to notice, though, is style. The butch/femme pairing I can go with - it takes all sorts, after all, and who the hell am I to be telling people who and what they should be attracted to, right? But the butches a [...]

  • Oh my godThat was me throughtout the book. When i read that this is a book about a relationship of convenience, I was skeptical as most of such books have a lead whos cold and aloof and another whos a pushoverBut damn this was different.Joss is a successful cardiologist, who needs a person to accompany her to official events. She thinks that she will be a shitty partner as she puts her career ahead of everything.Sarah is a struggling artist who is surviving on funds that her dad provides her. Wh [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book. While it was clearly fiction with a number of implausible scenes, I liked the characters and the issues and tough decisions they faced. The book explores the deep needs of people and the commitments and compromises necessary to genuinely display your love for another person. Love over the long haul takes work and commitment, especially for children and spouses of any age. This book explores the challenges of showing someone your deep seated love for them. It also disp [...]

  • I read this because of the fake dating. I've read (much) better.Every supporting character exists so they can talk about the main character's love interest, or the main character's family shit. Do they even have lives of their own? Do the main characters care?And what on earth is the author doing with Roxi, the nine-year-old with the failing heart? Is this what they call "tragedy porn"? (view spoiler)[(Even though she makes it.) (hide spoiler)]Can the author pleeeaaaase go easy on the lovemaking [...]

  • This is my first by Tracey Richardson and it definitely won't be my last. The mother of heart surgeon Dr Joss McNab thinks her daughter needs an escort to functions and conferences. The step-mother of struggling artist Sarah Young thinks a patron for her step-daughter is a solution to her financial woes. A relationship which starts out on a financial exchange always feels like someone has the upper hand or the power. What I really liked about this is that both characters were given equal weight. [...]

  • Fake girlfriend trope that doesn't want to end. It's fun but seems to drag as the characters resist anything real.

  • Best book I read so far in 2018. One that you cannot put down. Felt like being part of the love between characters and what they had to go through. Excellent!

  • I am going to be very fast and especially very clear: the books of Richardson I wouldn’t bother to make a review of each of her books. You can go there with your eyes closed, everything is good, her writing, her stories , her characters, everything. Go ahead, read Tracey Richardson without hesitation !!

  • Really good books are the ones that you remember for days after you finish it. I had already moved on to another book when I thought back to this one and couldn't remember what this one was about. Everyone is different and the book may touch the soul of another and stay with them for months, for me, the story just didn't resonate.

  • So, the premise is not very believable but it's a great concept for a story as those of us who spent our 20s nursing hangovers on a Sunday morning watching Pretty Woman can attest. If that's the premise, then the rest of the plot is basically 'This be the verse' by Philip Larkin mixed with snappy dialogue and sizzling sex. Not a bad combination to spice up a grumpy, grey June day.

  • Very good book!This was a very interesting concept. The character development was very well done. I really enjoyed the story a lot. Job well done!!

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