Dark Escort

Dark Escort Standalone No cliffhanger HEA Other books in the series can be read in any order Abiding by the rules has never been a struggle for Cato Being an escort is strict and professional He clocks in and clo

  • Title: Dark Escort
  • Author: E.L. Todd
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 364
  • Format: None
  • Standalone No cliffhanger HEA Other books in the series can be read in any order.Abiding by the rules has never been a struggle for Cato Being an escort is strict and professional He clocks in and clocks out like a regular job He poses as a boyfriend or husband for those who need it, and with his charm and good looks he does it well.And he doesn t break the rules.NoStandalone No cliffhanger HEA Other books in the series can be read in any order.Abiding by the rules has never been a struggle for Cato Being an escort is strict and professional He clocks in and clocks out like a regular job He poses as a boyfriend or husband for those who need it, and with his charm and good looks he does it well.And he doesn t break the rules.No Kissing.No Feelings.And No Sex.Ever.There s an endless line of beautiful women outside of work, so temptation has never been an issue They come to him quicker than he can even look in their direction And as soon as he kicks them out the following morning, he can t even remember their name.But when an old flame becomes his new client, someone he let slip through his fingers, will he be able to keep his resolve Or will he crack

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    USA Today Bestselling Author, E L Todd is one of the most prolific authors of her genre, having published over a hundred novels With over one million copies sold, she writes romance stories ranging from contemporary romance, new adult romance, and fantasy romance She s best known for her Forever and Always Series as well as her Timeless Series.She loves coffee, ice cream, and anything with sugar.


  • Second chance story. Another one of those cocky manho romances, but surprisingly I enjoyed it. Mainly bcos of the h who I respected and adored and really liked. She made the H chase her so hard. 4 stars!!Safety:(view spoiler)[ Safe romance with one exception - neither H/h were celibate in the years after their ONS.H was a very active manho though but he was frank about it and really he was a nice guy. There were some hints about his past exploits but not so many that it bothered me. No OW drama [...]

  • This is why indies get a bad repSix misspelled words during the prologue. I DNF'd before even bothering to start chapter 1. Life's too short to get this agitated. Moving on.

  • I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest reviewIt is hard to write a separate review for each of the books in this series without them all ending up sounding the same. SoWhat I loved about this series:~The stories are so easy to read. They could easily be read in one sitting.~I very much enjoyed the authors style of writing. All the books were well written.~Throughout their books, the characters are developed well and are very likeable.~Each situation that requires the need to [...]

  • So this is book 3 in the Beautiful Entourage series, you know the escorts that don't sleep with their clients but end up sleeping with their clients, but only after they are no longer clients. Yeah that series. This one has a little more of a story line then the others. Not that the others are bad, but this one just makes for a more interesting escort story since it starts with a back story. So I definitely liked this one more than book 2. There isn't too much I can say about this series that wo [...]

  • SENSUALITY RATING: Profanity; Sexually explicit, graphic details; definitely erotica romance. GENRE: Romance, EroticaSETTING: New York City, modern dayCENTRAL FEMALE CHARACTER: KATARINA – runs the family winery business; does not want a boyfriend but her parents are determined to push her into a relationship with a childhood friend. CENTRAL MALE CHARACTER: CATO – male escort, demanding, chauvinistic, a one night type of man, does not understand why two years later Katarina cannot remember hi [...]

  • Cato and his obsession with a one night stand on New Year's Eve two years ago, is the subject of the third book in the Beautiful Entourage series.He meets "K" in Times Square, has an amazing night of lusty sex with her and then she disappearsy to return to him as a client. Odd thing is she doesn't recognize him at all and he is angry and hurtt what this player is used to feeling at all.The book basically chronicles the reasons she hires him (get her parents off her case and discourage a childhoo [...]

  • I got this lovely free copy from the lovely author in exchange for an honest review. And here it is4 starsI expected more from Cato's storyI mean, he was supposed to be the "Dark" escort! And honestly, he was a lot more dark in the first two books than this one!Also, I LOVE the banter in these books but, in this book, with how Cato's character was described (or rather expected to be), it just didn't fit him well.This was definitely a "could-not-put-it-down" book but, after reading the first 2 bo [...]

  • The third book in the beautiful entourage seriesI just loved this book! There was definetly a difference between this book and the last 2, I'd say personally it was a little heavier on the emotional side and drew me in a lot more.It was heart breaking to watch katrina battle with her emotions, not wanting to move on from her late husband yet felling more than she bargained for with Cato. She was a strong no bullshit character who gave as good as she got.Cato bless him was like a love sick puppy! [...]

  • Found this story entertaining, enjoyable and it had laugh out loud moments.Cato's character is quirky and out there. His a fun loving cheerful guy Except when he is Escorting his latest client Loved all the bickering from him.Katarina is a strong character but hasn't moved on from her last partner even though it has been years. She is oblivious to certain things around her when it comes to her best friend Joey. If she wants her family off her back as she doesn't want to marry Joey, she is needin [...]

  • This book just didn't work for me. Two people meet in Times Square on New Year's Eve, connect and love is in the airr him. She sneaks out before sun up and he is left alone not even knowing her name, except for a short note she left signed "K".Skip to two years later, our guy is now an escort (non-prostitute kind) hired by a Katarina to pose as her boyfriend. He immediately recognizes her as the girl from New Year's Eve, she has no idea who he is. He's offended, she's oblivious as to why he is s [...]

  • When Cato sees a woman that he is interested on on New Year's Eve he must have her, but when she leaves him the next morning with just a note, it doesn't sit well with him and he gets a taste of his own medicine. Fate steps in a he meets Katarina again 2 yrs later. Kat doesn't remember him but he remembers her and will do anything for her to remember. Kat is not looking for a relationship but Cato doesn't give up that easily. Kat hires Cato to pretend to be her boyfriend but he feels more for he [...]

  • Such a total amazing romance and here it is. It all happened on New Year Eve in New York City. Whilst Cato is out with friends just looking for a gorgeous girl in a red jacket. And he wants her!Two years past, he meets up with her again, but she doesn't remember him!Such a exciting romance this one is. I'm so loving these books of this series. As a consort Cato has an amazing book. Just so much fun!

  • Dark Escort was such a good book about loss, grief and love of course. I love the way Cato was clearly smitten with Katarina. They are both strong characters. It was nice to see for once, how a man can react when stood up! Clearly if you ve never read a book from this author do it now. This serie is just soooo good!

  • It was a pretty decent read for the type of novel this is. Definitely on the 3 star track. This is the only book in the series I've read, but I'm guessing the others are probably just more of the same. What dropped this down to a 2-star (and probably should have been a 1-star) is that the male lead about 60% or so in suddenly turned into this controlling douche. Then it got to be in almost abuse territory around maybe 80% or so? Where the "I'm not asking you, I'm telling you" was no longer funny [...]

  • Sweet romanceAwh this was sweet and tender. Characters and dialogue were good and the storyline OK.There was a few misplaced words and perhaps a proof reader should have gone through this, despite this it didn't effect the story too much and you can guess what the author was trying to convey.Loved it, it was sweet and sentimental, everyone was super nice apart from one guy who in the end is just as nice.A very sweet romance.

  • Fun light readReally enjoyed the story. Thought it was a sweet, easy, and light read. Made me curious about the rest of the series.

  • The tables were reversed…This is the third book in the Beautiful Entourage series that can be read as a standalone.The tables were reversed for Cato when a one night stand on New Year’s left him without a goodbye, just leaving a note with her initial. He now knows what the women he’s done that too feel like and he dislikes the emotion. It’s ironic that this was the first time that he’d felt a genuine connection with someone and he doesn’t even know her name. Two years have passed yet [...]

  • “No Kissing. No Feelings…and no sex – EVER.”As a professional escort, Cato has never had a problem with sticking to the rules. After all, he has an endless supply of willing women to occupy his time with. They all leave the next morning, and he doesn’t even remember their names…well, except for that ONE New Year’s Eve in Times Square. That encounter still haunts him. For the first time in his life, the woman he took to his bed, left before morning, leaving behind a brief note, with [...]

  • Review of Dark EscortEL TODD SMASHWORDS EDITION (2015) - BEAUTIFUL ENTOURAGE SERIES #3. What you will notice straight awayWhat you will notice straight away (assuming you get the same version as me) is there is that the POV interchanges between two people, usually at the end of each chapter. One voice is the man’s, the second the woman’s. However here is more pressing news to deliver.ReviewThe setting is New York, the male escorts from Beautiful Entourage are hunky, sexy and dreamy. The clie [...]

  • Dark Escort (Beautiful Entourage #3) : Review By: E.L Todd Ahh! 3rd book already and I’m still loving it!! At the beginning in the prologue I thought it was just short part of Cato’s life but knowing that it was actually the beginning of their story I was left speechless. It was perfect, sometime it took me over the edge of why the hell she didn’t remember him but when I knew why I was, What the actual F*** that was why?! Nice way of showing it Katarina, I laughed so hard at his reaction l [...]

  • Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books.**Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.**Cato was the epitome of all playboys and the king of one night stands. He did his business and left before the ladies woke up. He met someone who left an imprint on his heart and then shattered it when she left in the middle of the night with a note. Was this how other women felt? Two years lady he gets a new client who doesn’t recog [...]

  • This is book three in the Entourage Series and it was the best so far. This is also the first one that I felt was truly a stand alone. If focused completely on Cato and Katarina and I really enjoyed that.The prologue gives us the history of these two characters. New Years Eve, one night stand, he believed in more and wanted her, she left him a note and ranShe is the one who got away, he has thought about that for years. He didn't even know her name. He just knew that he felt something different [...]

  • Once again E.L out did herself:) Now while Cato wasn't my favorite it was still so good I couldn't put it down. I liked the whole idea of how they first metI imagine New Years eve in NY and standing there about to watch the ball drop when this beautiful stranger just walks up and it's just lust at first sight lol. Now I didn't imagine that the player would get played and have his world turned upside by this beautiful girl that he didn't even get the name of:) That's how their story starts and wo [...]

  • I received this book from the author is exchange for an honest review.Standalone and No Cliffhangers…My favorite kind of Book!!!***MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!***So I was looking forward to see what Cato held in store for us, but I felt slightly disappointed. Not in him, but his love interest. Times Square, New Years Eve was a great location for both Cato and Katarina to meet. The book starts out with them meeting before the ball drops and they are each others kiss for the New Year. Cato for the firs [...]

  • Received this book for an honest review.When Cato finds a beautiful woman in Times Square on New Year's Eve he has the most memorable night of his life. When he wakes up the next morning his life will never be the same. Instead of finding the beautiful woman, he finds a note signed -K- Cato doesn't know anything about this woman other than she lives in California. No NameNothing to help him find her. Two years later when Cato takes on a client named Katarina he can't believe who sits right acros [...]

  • I've read books by this author before and have really enjoyed them. I can't say that I felt the same way about this one. The premise was interesting, but as the characters were developed I really came to dislike Katarina. Cato is an (no sex/no kiss) escort and encounters Katarina years before on New Years Eve. They really hit it off but when he wakes the next morning after an incredible night, she is no where to be seen - and he doesn't even know her name. She has always haunted him. Then surpri [...]

  • EntertainingThis was an entertaining book. Cato (love that name!) is a professional escort. I liked that they are not prostitutes per se, just escorts. No sex, kissing nor touching is involved in their work, just the services of escorting and defending someone who needs their company. Two years ago, Cato met Katarina at Times Square's New Year celebration. It was supposed to be a one-night stand, but for Cato it felt like more. Unfortunately, Katarina disappeared without leaving her name, only a [...]

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