Fragile Cord

Fragile Cord How far would you go to hide the truth A small boy lies drowned in the bottom of a bathHis mother is found with a noose around her neck The local community is in shock Introducing Salford detectives K

  • Title: Fragile Cord
  • Author: Emma Salisbury
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 354
  • Format: ebook
  • How far would you go to hide the truth A small boy lies drowned in the bottom of a bathHis mother is found with a noose around her neck The local community is in shock.Introducing Salford detectives Kevin Coupland and Alex Moreton as they investigate what appears to be a routine murder suicide Tracey Kavanagh was her usual upbeat self right up until the moment she drowneHow far would you go to hide the truth A small boy lies drowned in the bottom of a bathHis mother is found with a noose around her neck The local community is in shock.Introducing Salford detectives Kevin Coupland and Alex Moreton as they investigate what appears to be a routine murder suicide Tracey Kavanagh was her usual upbeat self right up until the moment she drowned her son and tied a rope around her neck killing herself and her unborn child For Alex Moreton, this case couldn t have come at a worse time, battling with her partner over whether to have another child, she is superstitious about pushing their luck they re happy enough as they areen t they DC Kevin Coupland is dealing with a serious assault outside a wine bar in Swinton Devoted family man Ricky Wilson is brutally stabbed following an altercation with youths while out with his wife and their children to celebrate her birthday Coupland and Moreton s cases merge when it transpires that Tracey and Ricky were tragically connected Is it possible that there could be to these two investigations than pure coincidence And what was Tracey Kavanagh so frightened of she thought wiping out her family was the answer As the past collides with the present Coupland uncovers a tragic secret that will destroy Tracey s family, or what s left of it Coupland must choose whether the truth shall come out or be taken to the grave.Fragile Cord is an emotional rollercoaster charting the psychological meltdown of a mother with a deadly secret.Fans of Mark Billingham and Lynda La Plante will be gripped by this exceptional crime fiction series.Watch out for from D.S CouplandA Detective battling personal tragedy, Kevin Coupland will stop at nothing to protect a key witness in a drive by shooting Fragile Cord is the first book in the series book two, A Place of Safety is out now What people are saying about Fragile Cord A police procedural done right Keeps you guessing Tautly written, well paced with a strong sense of place Could be the start of a smart series A page turner that keeps you guessing right to the final twist Once started I couldn t put down Hope it s not the last we hear of Coupland and Moreton Emma Salisbury slaps you with a surprise right from the get go and keeps you riveted trying to figure out why, why, why Never during the basic story does she drop you little hints Not one time Why does a seemingly normal, happy family get torn asunder Carol Piner, Kindle Book Review

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    I write gritty, crime fiction that focuses on the why dunnit as well as the who I worked for a housing association supporting socially excluded men and women with their return into society, which provided me with a lot of inspiration If you like hard boiled crime writer Stuart MacBride then my Scottish crime series is for you Fans of Ian Rankin and Mark Billingham style police procedurals should try my Salford detective series Like living on the edge Why not try bothONE BAD TURN, is the third book in my DS Coupland Series, and finds him in the middle of a relationship meltdown with his daughter just as a serial killer starts stalking SalfordPublished 29 JuneE SILENCE BEFORE THE SCREAM When the daughter of Edinburgh s most feared crime boss goes missing, all hell is about to break looseTRUTH LIES WAITING, the first in my Scottish crime fiction series introduces anti hero Davy Johnson as his life is thrown into turmoil when a killer strikes in Edinburgh s underbelly framing him in the process TRUTH LIES WAITING will tackle your perception of good v evil foreverAGILE CORD is the first in my Salford Detective series introducing Alex Moreton and Kevin Coupland as they investigate the murder suicide of a mother and her son Alex is under pressure from her partner to have another child, but they re happy as they are, aren t they Coupland s wife is behaving oddly, is he right to be worried A PLACE OF SAFETY, the second in the series is now available on.Born in Manchester, I started work selling ladies knickers 5 for a pound on Grey Mare Lane market This provided a natural springboard for my next role selling investments for HSBC very apt of course, as both are inclined to go down as well as up Following my move to Edinburgh I worked for a housing association supporting socially excluded young men into work Most evenings I can be found walking the family dog on the beach near our home in East Lothian, Scotland You can find out on my website emmasalisbury and I can be found on twitter emmasauthor.


  • Two seemingly unrelated investigations become connected when the police realize that links between a murder/suicide and a separate assault might be more than a coincidence. I was gripped immediately by the prologue of this book and the thoughts of the mother in the school playground. I wondered why she was thinking such things and I had to keep reading. There are quite a few characters to get to know in one go due to the two investigations. Once I got to know who was who I could concentrate on t [...]

  • This book was all over the place. It spent too much time concentrating on the personal lives of the detectives rather than the case itself. This took away a lot of the thrill. Too much time was also spent on descriptions of the city/town of Salford. After the murder/suicide is introduced, there is no progress on the case until you are well toward the end of the book. In an effort to increase suspense, the author leaves threads and jumps somewhere else. This ends up increasing frustration rather [...]

  • Really well written, gritty and realistic. The book was thought provoking and the characters believable and well rounded. I especially liked the way the setting (Salford) permeated the book.The first page can only be described as attention grabbing and hard hitting. The book describes the efforts of those affected to come to terms with the murder / suicide. WHY?!?We meet people who are desperately trying to cope with their lives - with the the loss of loved ones and the effects of crime and war. [...]

  • I was really surprised by this. it had me gripped from the start. I think I was expecting it to be a hard book to read given the subject matter but even though the author doesn't pull her punches the detectives working on the case are so fully rounded I ended up being hooked into wanting to find out what happened not just about the two cases that are central to the story but also in Coupland and Moreton's private lives. Would definitely recommend this book and have already started on the follow [...]

  • A well written debut, with good lead characters in detectives Coupland & Moreton. The story flows nicely, with good pace & twist to the plot, & plenty of intrigue to keep you guessing & hooked. Without giving too much away, there is similarity to a very well know real life case, which seemed very obvious to me, but that could just be me, & I'd like to point out, that not for one moment am I suggesting its a copy of it, or based on it. Hope to see more of this author & hop [...]

  • Interesting plot, believable characters, realistic writing. There are no unnecessary details, the book is fast-paced and keeps you interested until the end.The book follows a police enquiry into the shocking murder-suicide that took place within an apparently happy family. Why would a mother (pregnant with a second child) kill her son and then hang herself? What I really liked about the book is that there are no hints along the way, nothing to make you guess what really happened, so you have to [...]

  • This story is dirty, gritty and I loved it. Emma Salisbury explores the underbelly of British crime, taking in an assemblage of sordid, shady and sleazy characters along the way as well as a wealthy respectable family with their own unexplainable tragedy to deal with. The two cases are as far apart as it’s possible to be. Obviously, they’re not connectedMany authors suffer from that completely understandable disease of wanting their characters to be liked. Salisbury endures no such misconcep [...]

  • This book held me but not by the tortuous question of who done it or by the twists and turns of those destined to keep you on tenterhooks as you read. It held me with its realism. The police: ordinary people doing and an extraordinary job. The victims: ordinary people just living their lives. The perpetrators of crime: some born to be typecast but not allThe book would make a chilling (if not thrilling) TV drama. Mundanity mixed with the cruel, soulless, heartbreaking acts and events that blandl [...]

  • This is the first book in the DS Coupland series but I have already read book 3 which I loved so for me this was a case of going back and filling in the gaps. The prologue to the story is a fascinating one. A boy comes out of school and hands his mother a drawing. With this she declares he must be killed. A murder, suicide follows and Coupland and his team are left to try and work out why. As a first in the series a lot of characters are introduced but I think that this is well done and it isn't [...]

  • Fragile Cord is the first book in the DS Coupland series.I have to say the book description for this novel really grabbed me. I mean why on earth would a mother kill their child and then themselves? What is even weirder is that what looks like two totally unrelated crimes turn out to be connected.Kevin Coupland and Alex Moreton were characters that I both liked. They are both good at their jobs but are having problems in their personal lives also. I could really sympathise with Alex, as a mother [...]

  • This is the first book in the DS Coupland series. Detectives Kevin Coupland and Alex Moreton investigate two unrelated crimes, but there is a connection. The first is a murder / suicide. Tracy Kavanagh a happily married mother, pregnant with her second child, suddenly drowns her young son in the bath and then hangs herself. The other, devoted father Ricky Wilson is brutally stabbed while out with his family, celebrating his wife's birthday.As Kevin and Alex investigate these crimes, it becomes a [...]

  • Thought-provoking police proceduralThe two protagonists here are DC Alex Moreton and DS Coupland (his first name doesn't matter). The police officers are trying to solve one crime and trying to make sense of another. A mother has killed her small son and then herself with her unborn child and Alex in particular is trying to understand how a mother could do such a thing, because what if one day she snapped and killed her own child? Coupland has his own demons to deal with while trying to make sen [...]

  • A terrific police procedural Why would a young happily married woman suddenly decide to kill her young son and commit suicide? Alex, the young female detective investigating this with her seasoned partner Detective Coupland, wants desperately know. She also is a young wife with a young son. At the same time, there is an investigation concerning the stabbing murder of a man while on an outing with his family. The story is well done and really kept my attention. The characters were very well devel [...]

  • Grindingly depressing but at the same time incredibly readable. I have to say I didn't like any of the characters until I was about two-thirds of the way through the story, but they gradually began to grow on me. The writing is great, the plot intricate enough to keep me guessing without becoming farcical and in the end I was left wanting more.Four stars because early on I nearly gave up reading due to the grimness of it all !

  • Sad, but things happen.This story keeps you guessing as to how life cannot be explained. Crime and ignorance will always be here, but there will be those who work for justice and in this caseuth. Children are to be loved and protected. Can the past control the future? Find out in this story.

  • This is a great book, it does slow down in certain areas but keeps you reading. It follows a suicide and the detectives are trying to figure out why she did. Who would kill themselves and child. It seems unheard of. Well you follow the detectives and what they think and all that. It was really good and very interesting.

  • This is a cracker! Tightly written, engaging and satisfyingly complexa book to get your teeth into. Relate-able main characters and secondary characters that you just hope get through their troubles. The baddies are mostly one dimensionalbut they are going to jail anywayI'll definitely be looking for more from this author and from this series! Well done!

  • Started this book slightly puzzled as to which crime was the main plot but as the book progressed it all made more sense, this book shows all too well that appearances can be deceptive, the mothers character was (imo) similar to a swanears graceful, elegant, and tranquil-yet no one knows if it's paddling like f*** under water.Definitely worth reading.

  • Thought provoking The characters came to life and you could almost see them. At times it was difficult to read because it was so real and the subject matter involved tragedy.I appreciated how the author intertwined the characters actions.

  • Wonderful!!I really enjoyed this book. Emma Salisbury is a person to watch. I believe that she will go down as one of the best writers. Fragile Cord is a very good book. Well written!!

  • Good read. I know there is another book after this one but don't know if any more after that. Would be nice if there was.

  • Good readKeeps you guessing through the entire book. The story gets rather twisted here and there with so many different characters involved.

  • Brilliant Really enjoyed this book. Great storyline and characters. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series. More than happy to recommend.

  • Praise you !What a great read and a gripping storyline too ! I'll definitely read more of you books Emma ! Keep up the good work !

  • A good, well written mystery that keeps you turning the pages.A murder /suicide - why? That is the interesting hook.Believable characters and a realistic and intriguing plot.

  • Edge of your seatVery captivating story. Holds your interest all the way to the end. I do wish the cop had told the father the rest of the story though.

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