A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety

A Full Life Reflections at Ninety Jimmy Carter thirty ninth President Nobel Peace Prize winner international humanitarian fisherman reflects on his full and happy life with pride humor and a few second thoughts At ninety Jimmy

  • Title: A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety
  • Author: Jimmy Carter
  • ISBN: 9781501115639
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jimmy Carter, thirty ninth President, Nobel Peace Prize winner, international humanitarian, fisherman, reflects on his full and happy life with pride, humor, and a few second thoughts.At ninety, Jimmy Carter reflects on his public and private life with a frankness that is disarming He adds detail and emotion about his youth in rural Georgia that he described in his magnifJimmy Carter, thirty ninth President, Nobel Peace Prize winner, international humanitarian, fisherman, reflects on his full and happy life with pride, humor, and a few second thoughts.At ninety, Jimmy Carter reflects on his public and private life with a frankness that is disarming He adds detail and emotion about his youth in rural Georgia that he described in his magnificent An Hour Before Daylight He writes about racism and the isolation of the Carters He describes the brutality of the hazing regimen at Annapolis, and how he nearly lost his life twice serving on submarines and his amazing interview with Admiral Rickover He describes the profound influence his mother had on him, and how he admired his father even though he didn t emulate him He admits that he decided to quit the Navy and later enter politics without consulting his wife, Rosalynn, and how appalled he is in retrospect.In A Full Life, Carter tells what he is proud of and what he might do differently He discusses his regret at losing his re election, but how he and Rosalynn pushed on and made a new life and second and third rewarding careers He is frank about the presidents who have succeeded him, world leaders, and his passions for the causes he cares most about, particularly the condition of women and the deprived people of the developing world.This is a wise and moving look back from this remarkable man Jimmy Carter has lived one of our great American lives from rural obscurity to world fame, universal respect, and contentment A Full Life is an extraordinary read.

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    Librarian s note There is than one author in the database with this name.James Earl Jimmy Carter, Jr was the thirty ninth President of the United States, serving from 1977 to 1981, and the recipient of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize Prior to becoming president, Carter served two terms in the Georgia Senate and as the 76th Governor of Georgia, from 1971 to 1975.As president, Carter created two new cabinet level departments the Department of Energy and the Department of Education He established a national energy policy that included conservation, price decontrol, and new technology Foreign oil imports were reduced by 50% from 1977 to 1982 In foreign affairs, Carter pursued the Camp David Accords, the Panama Canal Treaties and the second round of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks SALT Carter sought to put a stronger emphasis on human rights he negotiated a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1979 His return of the Panama Canal Zone to Panama was seen as a major concession of U.S influence in Latin America, and Carter came under heavy criticism for it The final year of his presidential tenure was marked by several major crises, including the 1979 takeover of the American embassy in Iran and holding of hostages by Iranian students, a failed rescue attempt of the hostages, serious fuel shortages, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan By 1980, Carter s disapproval ratings were significantly higher than his approval, and he was challenged by Ted Kennedy for the Democratic Party nomination in the 1980 election Carter defeated Kennedy for the nomination, but lost the election to Republican Ronald Reagan.After leaving office, Carter and his wife Rosalynn founded The Carter Center, a nongovernmental, not for profit organization that works to advance human rights He has traveled extensively to conduct peace negotiations, observe elections, and advance disease prevention and eradication in developing nations He is also a key figure in the Habitat for Humanity project Carter remains an particularly vocal on the Israeli Palestinian conflict As of 2008, Carter is the second oldest living former president, three months and 19 days younger than George H W Bushcmillan author jimmyc


  • I just finished listening to this autobiography and most of it was very interesting.I reserved this at the library about a week before the news came out about Jimmy Carter's cancer. I have always respected the man, even if I haven't always agreed with his policies, and I wanted to learn more about him.What I discovered was that Jimmy Carter is a fascinating man. I have always heard him described as a "peanut farmer" and I find myself wondering why. I had never heard that he served in the Navy. I [...]

  • I certainly didn't think I'd be reading this during the week of the President's diagnosis, let alone finishing it on the day of an amazing press conference. For the book, I'll say this: read the beginning to understand an America long gone. Read the rest to understand the America that might have been, had we not taken the road of 'trickle down' and false patriotism. Carter? He kept the peace, obeyed the law, told the truth . . . to the end. A full life, that has been a gift to us all.

  • In 1974 I finished undergraduate school, got married and moved to Texas so my husband could go to grad school. I was ready to start real life and that involved getting my first job: as a file clerk! Another young woman that I met as we were filing raved about this man named Jimmy Carter who had come to her Baptist church -- he had been governor of Georgia and he was going to be the next President of the U.S. Who? That was my first introduction to Jimmy Carter and I did vote for him in 1976 (and [...]

  • I saw an interview with Jimmy Carter on the PBS NewsHour, and that interview triggered me to buy the book. I was amazed at how much Carter has done and been in his ninety years. He has been Governor of Georgia, President of the United States, a naval officer, a cotton and peanut farmer, philanthropist and author. He also has been a professor at Emory University for the past 33 years. Carter has written over 30 books and one of the books was a Pulitzer Prize finalist, he also was a Nobel Peace pr [...]

  • Jimmy Carter was the 39th president of the United States. He is widely seen now as a "failed president," but I strongly disagree with this assessment. This book illustrates why I feel that way.The book roams over Carter's entire life. We learn about his upbringing on a peanut farm. He was a hard worker from the start. He learned about farming and woodworking. When he took over the family farm, he sought out education about agriculture. Carter joined the navy, and he was instrumental in the devel [...]

  • I absolutely was stunned by the information in this book and the man Jimmy Carter. I knew he was president but had no idea of the scope of his greatness or the humbleness he has shown to his fellow man. He must surely be one of the great humanitarians of our century. From the time he was a child he was a determined person. Just the detail of that are in this book. I loved he shared his personal faith and lived it. I feel so inspired reading this book. The lessons he learned in life, the grief, t [...]

  • For many Americans Jimmy Carter will be remembered as one of the worst US presidents in recent history.His legacy remains blighted by memories of the Iran hostage crisis, still a painful national humiliation, soaring energy costs, crippling stagflation and a sense that the US was emasculated by a weak commander.The kindest critics describe him as more effective as an ex-president than he ever was as leader of the free world.He deserves better, both for his term in office from 1977-1981 and as a [...]

  • The Carter perspective on his life and the country that he helped shape While his presidency is generally ranked in the higher twenties among the 43 presidents that have completed their term, (1 is the best), it is hard to argue that any of them approach what Carter has done since leaving office. Granted that he has been blessed with good health in body and mind, but his list of accomplishments is enormous and still growing.This book is exactly what the title states, a series of brief reflection [...]

  • (DNF @ 26%) I admire Carter for his philanthropic work and think he’s probably an underappreciated president. He’s published quite a number of political and autobiographical titles now. This one, issued for his 90th birthday, is composed of short vignettes starting with his growing-up years in Plains, Georgia. Many people might not realize that, like Winston Churchill, Carter also paints and writes poetry. There are examples of his artwork and verse here, and you know what? They’re not hal [...]

  • I never voted for Jimmy Carter. When he first ran for President, I had supported Gerald Ford because I had thought Ford made the tough calls in one of the worst time ever. I voted for Ronald Reagan because I knew people weren't better off than they had been four years before.Yet, I don't think anyone has been a better ex-President than Jimmy Carter. He left the Presidency at such a young age. He has done so much with his life since then. This book is his effort at this late date, to re-tell his [...]

  • Former US President reflects on his life and on a wide-range of issues including the recent changes in the South, the shooting tragedy in Charleston, the Middle East and the Iranian hostage crisis, and writes that the US is in a state of decline of influence. What I like most about the book is his honesty, open admission of his mistakes, and how he owned them up. President Carter said that he's comfortable with all the decisions he made as President irrespective of their outcome. Frank, honest a [...]

  • Carter's presidency will always be marked by the hostage crisis. However, his life has contained so much more.

  • I can't say enough about this book. I have always respected and loved the contributions Jimmy Carter has made so perhaps I'm a little biased. When my family arrived in the United States in 1979, Jimmy Carter was at the end of his term as President. I remember my dad telling me and my siblings (ranging from ages 6-11) that Jimmy Carter was perhaps considered not a great President by some but he was a great man and would do many things for democracy and advocacy for human rights. He would often te [...]

  • I'm not going to review Carter's presidency, nor even the book really, just comment on the remarkable man I learned about in A Full Life. He fought for civil rights and equality, was an accomplished submariner, farmer, author, peacemaker, philanthropist, carpenter, teacher, and public servant. He has won the Nobel Peace Prize and been a Pulitzer Prize finalist. He is also a poet and a painter, and examples of both of these appear in the book. As I write this, he is working on building 150 houses [...]

  • I love this guy. He is authentic. It is a mystery to me that all the religious voters choose demons from hell to rally behind, and denounce Carter due to economic conditions in the post-war/Nixon/Ford era of the late 70's. I can't imagine a more humitarian, down-to-earth, peace-loving man ever entering the office of POTUS again - deeply sad. I loved reading about his life, and must say I am incredibly jealous that he has led such a FULL LIFE, and enjoyed every minute of it. I love that a man who [...]

  • Ummm, no I'm sorry, but this book, isn't for me, despite me being a solid life long Democrat, even if I'm one with a bit of a Libertarian streak.You know how when you read academic documents, they often start with an abstract, that acts as a synopsis for the article that follows? That's probably the best way to describe this book. It acts as a synopsis of Carter's life, but doesn't have the following article that follows. For that, you'd need to hunt through the other books Carter has written, a [...]

  • A mini memoir of President Carter's life and a quick read. The second presidential memoir I've read (finished 41 last year written about Bush Sr. by his son), the last three chapters were spent justifying decisions that he made while president. It started off well, but I felt in the end, he was writing about why things didn't work out and describing what things he did did work out. However, his underlying Christian grace and his continual attempts to grow as a human are wonderful examples which [...]

  • This was everything I wanted it to be. Carter has written many books, most on specific beliefs, issues he faced during his presidency etc, but in this book readers get a broad survey of his life. I think any reader interested in presidents, history, or the man himself will want to start here instead of with any of his earlier books.The audiobook is read by the author, which I really enjoyed, and the writing makes for easy reading/listening. The text isn't weighed down by public service jargon so [...]

  • I was eager to hear what Jimmy Carter had to say at age ninety. He retains his articulate, but down to earth style in an overview of his life. It is impressive to hear him discuss the goals he set and the paths he chose to attain his dreams for himself, his family, and the nation. In his later years he has turned much of his energy toward improving human rights and living standards around the world. It is easy to imagine sitting by the firelight or walking through the woods while he shares his l [...]

  • Always had a soft spot for Carter and felt he did what he could as president, and I still feel he has been our best ex-president, especially in continuing his fight for peace and humanity. I haven't read his earlier memoirs, but this book has the feel of an anecdotal overview, which isn't bad. He seems to touch on subjects honestly. I was most interested in his naval career, since my father followed a similar path, though never on nuke subs. There were many small details I found interesting. I d [...]

  • I love Jimmy Carter but this book restates facts of his life that have been written many times before. There were no "reflections". I was very disappointed.

  • Summer Bingo - Memoir of a US political figure.I would certainly give five stars to the person that Carter is - his optimism, intelligence, integrity and basic decency are sadly lacking from today's political landscape. I was too young to vote for him (I missed the 1980 election by a few weeks), or to know much first hand about the issues he faced. And I was surprised (and also saddened, given today's politics) by how bipartisan Washington was back then. Carter had a bold agenda and managed to a [...]

  • It is interesting to listen to a book that is actually read by the author as is the case here especially when the authors voice is well known as that of President Carter. Carter is not a complicated writer. In fact his style of writing and reading is fairly simple. In fact amazingly simple when you realize that this man was the president of the United States for four years. He was in his 50s when he finished his presidential term and was not reelected.My father was in his 90s when this book came [...]

  • This is such an interesting book. President Carter reflects upon his life as he grew up and talks about his life as a boy when all his playmates were African American and he picked cotton. He learned wood working and other skills from his Dad. He talks about his years in the Navy and of course his Presidency. President Carter writes about what he thinks were his biggest achievements while president. It helps one to see all that he was able to accomplish in his four years in the White House. He s [...]

  • This USA president is an inspiration for everyone who wants to accomplish goals in life but fears failure. Jimmy Carter apparently has never given failure much consideration. In roles as son, husband, father, navel submariner, peanut farmer, governor of a state and president of a country, he jumps in and just keeps moving forward.That is my main take-away from the memoir. It isn't important to agree with the man's politics (something in the book caused me to withhold one star, maybe unfairly) to [...]

  • While Jimmy Carter did not have a successful presidency, he is perhaps the greatest ex-president since John Quincy Adams nearly 200 years ago. This simple book, written in an unadorned, workmanlike fashion, describes an extraordinary life, and one that is uniquely American. That an ex-serviceman and peanut farmer accomplished so much - and continues to accomplish ao much at age 90! - is remarkable. I did not admire President Carter during his term, but have nothing but admiration for the man now [...]

  • A great read This is very interesting as he looks back and major parts of his life including his presidencyreligionnews/2015/05/0

  • (Read by the author) A medley of recollections from childhood, the navy, political life, and lifelong fascinations with woodworking, race relations, and human rights. Mixed in with some poetry and jabs at political foes, a light read that skips over things that are well-written about elsewhere.

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