Wonderment in Death

Wonderment in Death Someone is hosting dangerous tea parties in New YorkThing aren t what they seem when Lieutenant Eve Dallas investigates what appears to be a routine murder suicide When friends of Darlene and Mar

  • Title: Wonderment in Death
  • Author: J.D. Robb Susan Ericksen
  • ISBN: 9781501223730
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Someone is hosting dangerous tea parties in 2061 New YorkThing aren t what they seem when Lieutenant Eve Dallas investigates what appears to be a routine murder suicide When friends of Darlene and Marcus Fitzwilliams insist Darlene would never hurt her brother, Eve digs deeper.Eve learns that Darlene sought help from sensitivities, psychics, and doctors of paranormal sSomeone is hosting dangerous tea parties in 2061 New YorkThing aren t what they seem when Lieutenant Eve Dallas investigates what appears to be a routine murder suicide When friends of Darlene and Marcus Fitzwilliams insist Darlene would never hurt her brother, Eve digs deeper.Eve learns that Darlene sought help from sensitivities, psychics, and doctors of paranormal studies in an attempt to contact her dead parents After clues mimicking Alice in Wonderland repeatedly turns up, the case gets curiouser and curiouserRacing against the clock, Eve must travel down the rabbit hole to stop a madman s murderous tea party.__________Unabridged, 3 audio discs, 3 hours 34 minutes

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      189 J.D. Robb Susan Ericksen
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    J.D Robb is the author of the 1 New York Times bestselling In Death series and the pseudonym for 1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts The futuristic suspense series stars Eve Dallas, a New York City police lieutenant with a dark past Initially conceived as a trilogy, readers clad for of Eve and the mysterious Roarke Secrets in Death, on sale September 2017, is the 45th entry in the series.


  • This is a clever but sinister play on the classic children's story, Alice in Wonderlandby Lewis Carroll. I've always felt that story was really an adult fable and Robb's version definitely falls in that category. What works about this story is how quickly we become connected to the victims and the rapidly developed investigation. What initially looked like a murder-suicide was later determined to be something other because of the determination of the friends and family of the victims who were lu [...]

  • One of the better of the In Death novellas. Of the two In Death books released in September, I thought this was the more enjoyable. Most of the novellas have a theme and this one is no different. This one has a delightful Alice in Wonderland theme. Albeit a violent one. I like this one better than Devoted mainly because it focused more on the relationships. Especially Eve and Roarke. This series never really disappoints.

  • I love the In Death series. I definitely love some more than others. This novella was not one I would re listen to again though. I found it was just one of those that like Chaos novella was a story just a little too much for me to like. I enjoy the characters but the story left me feeling like something was missing. Now it had some great moments with the characters which is always fun and funny but it was the case the story was focused on that was my issue. Like I say it is always nice to visit [...]

  • Entertaining novella. I tried to look back and couldn't find it but I am sure the words woo woo were used. LOLThe story dragged a bit at the start and maybe you could call what happens in Chapter Nine a deus ex machina but this is a novella length story and Eve needed a bit of help to wrap things up in her allotted ten chapters. It didn't matter in the end. The reader suspected post hypnotic suggestions and a whole whopping load of illegals in the original crime. Our favourite characters got som [...]

  • What I like about the In Death novellas is the reference of fantasy. Wonderment in Death is a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland. Since I ate my short, I wish I had more encounters of Eve being possessed by the black magic and Roarke in panic over it. What a nice scene it is supposed to be. All in all, I like how JD projected the realities of unboulderized fairytales that have full of political, social and twisted realities of human experiences.

  • Not as many stars as usual for an Eve Dallas story. I found it a tiny bit predictable. Has JD finally run out of new ideas for Eve and Rourke?I do hope not

  • (Oct) It is rare for me to give an In Death book less than 4*. This one didn't work for me. While I discovered the In Death series many years ago by reading one of the earliest short stories, I can't say they are my favorites. I either find myself wanting them to be longer or the are just paranormal/whoo-whoo weird for me. This one fall into the weird category. I don't know that I quite understood all the weirdness of the crazy guy (Mad Hatter) - what exactly he was doing to the victims and how [...]

  • Most of the time, I really enjoy reading an Eve Dallas story, but this one really didn't do anything for me. It really wasn't that memorable, and I had a hard time connecting it to the "Alice in Wonderland" theme. In fact, those references really felt forced! I liked the glimpse into Louise and Charles' current life, so that raised this story from a 1 star rating for me. This one is ultimately skippable, and not up to Robb's usual par.

  • I love it when we get these Eve Dallas shorts, but wish it hadn't been so close to the last book being released. I hated the crime in this one, mostly because I hate people that prey on other's weaknesses and the bad guy did that in a big way. It was interesting how Eve figured out who the bad guy was and how he managed to do the killing. But the best was her taking him down in interview!

  • 5 Stars! This was easily one of the top novellas in the Indeath series. I would have liked to know exactly how Roarke ".rained the suspect." But, alas, I should have known that Roarke would never leave fingerprints;)

  • An interesting twist on the con artistry of communing with the dead, in this case the con is put forth by a serial killer and his companions. A short story in the Dallas/Roarke series that will entertain you for a short time on a lazy afternoon. As always the series delivers great character development and intriguing plot twists.

  • Although I’ve read every ‘In Death’ novel by JD Robb and featuring Lieutenant Eve Dallas and gazillionaire husband Roarke, I’ve never come across any of the short stories - ie. the point-ones…. (12.1; 14.1 for example) – short stories or novellas written for an anthology or the like. I'm aware the 'point-ones' don’t really move the plot forward (so missing them isn’t an issue) but they provide we addicts with a bit of a Eve, Roarke and Peabody 'hit' in between novels. And - obvio [...]

  • Dallas, Peabody, and friends and colleagues are back for a novella about a case that strikes a bit closer to home than most. Dallas and Peabody are called to the scene of an apparent murder/suicide--it appears that Darlene Fitzwilliams came to the home of her brother Marcus after an argument earlier in the day, stabbed him to death with sewing shears, and then went out to the balcony of his 52nd floor apartment and jumped to her death.But the siblings' friends insist that Darlene could not have [...]

  • Dallas and Peabody are called to the scene of an apparent murder/suicide. It seems that the sister walked into her brother's apartment, stabbed him in the heart and then jumped from the balcony. But, things aren't always what they seem. The deceased sibling were friends of Louise and Charles and both are adamant that Darlene wouldn't have killed herself or her brother. In reviewing the security cams, Dallas figures Darlene was high, but again is told by her friends that Darlene wasn't a user. Go [...]

  • “Wonderment” is the most recent to-date of the dozen “In Death” novellas featuring of course Homicide Lt. Eve Dallas, her pard Detective Peabody, and the usual regular characters including hubby Roarke. In this somewhat shorter tale, which appears also in an anthology with other writers entitled “Down the Rabbit Hole”, the clues and characters all relate to “Alice in Wonderland” and deal with a “mad hatter” who is dosing his séance clients with hallucinogens. When Darlene Fi [...]

  • So good! I just LOVE this series! This was the second audiobook I've listened to, since I wasn't able to get the novella on ebook. Took me awhile to get used to the voices used for the characters. I still prefer the ones in my head, since I've read 42 of these books/novellas. But when it comes to Eve and Roarke and the rest of the cast of characters in this series, I'm hooked, line and sinker! :) Can't get enough! This novella revolved around a Mad Hatter, a guy who used drugs to get vulnerable, [...]

  • Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her partner Detective Delia Peabody are investigating murder/suicide but the victims friends all cry foul. As the evidence mounts with clues from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland references are hard to miss. Dallas's gut instinct is that something is very wrong with this case yet knows she'll find the answers she seeks. The killer believes his hands are clean yet nothing could be further from the truth. Will Dallas and Peabody catch a break in the case? Your answers [...]

  • I adored the In Death series when I discovered in several years ago. The characters and the storylines were one of the best romantic suspense series I've read. However, the series has definitely lost its zing. The characters are bland and the stories are procedural and rote. Bland. Although Wonderment in Death was a quick read, it still lacked the potency of some of the other (earlier) novellas in the series. I will say that I liked the futuristic crime slant on Alice in Wonderland :).

  • Read in Down the Rabbit Hole, but I only got it for this story, so I've linked to this edition that lists it as a single story.This was a fun one, if rather crazy, and it was good to see Eve remain calm and rational and yet seem to beat the culprit on his/her own level.I still find these to be wonderfully fun stories for a change of pace.

  • This novella was loads of fun. There's two deaths - a sister kills her brother and then jumps out the 52nd story window. Eve is pulled into the investigation because Charles & Louise cannot believe that she did this voluntarily. So Eve (and Roarke and Peabody) go down the rabbit hole - into a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland.

  • While I'm a fan of most of the novellas in the In Death series, Wonderment just fell a little short for me. The Alice in Wonderland reference/connection didn't quite ring true, imo. I found my attention slipping a little which is not the norm for me with this series. This is my least favorite of all the novellas.

  • This is not my usual read. It was horribly creepy at times. But it was Eve, and Roarke, and the gang, who worked at it until they caught the bad guy. Because, paraphrasing Eve, "that's what we do."

  • A quick, easy story with my favorite characters. These novellas always seem a little sparse on details but still great!

  • Really good, I enjoyed it very much. I usually don't like the novellas, but it seems JD Robb just gets better as time goes on!

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