Paladin's Redemption

Paladin s Redemption Paladin Traitor Outcast Mercenary Dain Gladstone has been all of these From childhood he s been groomed for battle and trained in the Light When war came he was branded a traitor and exiled for a t

  • Title: Paladin's Redemption
  • Author: Kade Derricks
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Paladin, Traitor, Outcast, Mercenary Dain Gladstone has been all of these From childhood he s been groomed for battle and trained in the Light When war came he was branded a traitor and exiled for a treasonous act of mercy To make his way in the world Dain has sold his skills to the highest bidder But now he s grown tired of war, tired of fighting for causes not his owPaladin, Traitor, Outcast, Mercenary Dain Gladstone has been all of these From childhood he s been groomed for battle and trained in the Light When war came he was branded a traitor and exiled for a treasonous act of mercy To make his way in the world Dain has sold his skills to the highest bidder But now he s grown tired of war, tired of fighting for causes not his own, and he s got a plan Galena rumors fly of a great fortune there, one buried beneath the snow covered mountains, one vast enough to purchase an entire kingdom Dain isn t the only one seeking Galena s riches Men and elves and orcs all have plans of their own Fortune has a way of twisting fate and turning the finest of plans on their heads.

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  • An almost classical fantasy adventure/war story with a very likeable hero and some well-drawn characters. Dain is human, and there are some human miners, but most of the characters are elves, good and bad. With the wood elves there is a good range of characters, but where it comes to the Golden, they're pretty much evil because that's what they are. Orcs roam around, mostly in the background in this volume, and the wider world is present but lightly drawn.The author's focus is on telling the sto [...]

  • I liked Dain and thought he was a fine MC, the world has interest with a variety of different peoples like orcs, and elf’s and even a dwarf along with humans. The setting feels a lot like the old California gold rush days with elves. Jin was a great character; she is a very interesting child that you want to root for. The bad guys are really bad, there really isn’t a middle ground there and you really do hope they get their just rewards. Quite a bit of action and a full out war, but we do ha [...]

  • Started off strong and seemed like it had potential. Ended up turning into a black and white, predictable, story where righteous heroes have inexplicable powers and evil elves/orcs are evil for the sake of being evil.

  • Excellent storyA very enjoyable high fantasy. Well matched with believable characters and action. Highly recommended. While it has your stock fantasy races, it has a very different story line.

  • A nice light epic. I think this took about four days to finish. It felt like a nice sorbet between a bigger dish. I'll probably finish the series while waiting for some other books to hit the market.

  • This, my friends, is your prototypical fantasy novel. The protagonist is a paladin who, indeed, is a master of arms and does some amount of healing and blessing. There are humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, mages, rangers, and on and on. The dwarves don't like the elves, the elves don't really like anyone, and the orcs are the embodiment of evil. But, the familiarity, in this case, feels more like an old friend as opposed to a retread of the same fantasy tropes. For one, Dain, the paladin, doesn't se [...]

  • Solid first entry in what looks like to be an epic series, I believe this is the authors first book so job well done.The books plot outline here doesn't really do it justice either, we have Dain, ex-paladin with a mysterious past out looking for work. In his travels he ends up saving someone pretty important to both sides of the Elven races (Golden and Wood), which sets in motion the rest of the story.Well rounded cast of characters, with the different POVs I thought it might get a littlet confu [...]

  • Paladin, traitor, outcast, mercenary Dain Gladstone has been all of these. From childhood he's been groomed for battle and trained in the Light. When war came he was branded a traitor and exiled for a treasonous act of mercy. To make his way in the world, Dain has sold his skills to the highest bidder. But now he's grown tired of war, tired of fighting for causes not his own, and he's got a plan. Galena Rumors fly of a great fortune there, one buried beneath the snow-covered mountains, one vast [...]

  • I read this story until, a few chapters in, the author revealed his ideas for other races in this magical medieval world of his. Those bat-shit crazy Golden Elves (which is pretty much the only thing the reader learns about them in the beginning) were just a lot more than I was willing to take on faith and that's not even talking about the mindless Orcs, who raid human wagon trains not for sport or cruelty but for the gold they transport so they can buy better weapons. Who has ever heard of an O [...]

  • A good read for this author toOffer the reader. The storyline is set well into characters that the author reveals to us from cultural, social and magical powers. The powers vary from culture to individual and add a richness to the story. Didn't care for the detailed war scenes, bit graphic for me, having said that this is a book for anyone interested in elves, dwarves, honor and spirituality. Dain the main character is likeable by all, easyto relate to for men and women alike. Boundaries that de [...]

  • An enjoyable first book in a new series. Dain is an exile who only wants to find enough gold to settle down to a quiet life in the backwoods. However, after being attacked on the road to the gold mines he sets off a chain of events which will change everything for him.I thought the book was well written and enjoyable. The only real problem I had with it was how two dimensional the bad guys were. I never had any real feeling of depth from any of them aside from their desire to destroy everything [...]

  • Simplistic, nothing new, a freebie loaner for a reason. Another implausible hero, stereotypical good/bad elves, orcs, monsters, demons, etc. This started out ok, but after a few,chapters I found it hard to keep going. Too many "impossible!" feats, powers for me. Didnt care for any of the characters, good or bad. All too over the top, black/white.

  • Paladin's RedemptionI thoroughly enjoyed this book it a masterful blend of fantasy and magic combined. I really wished the second book would of been out so I could continue the adventure.

  • Redemption was a great read.I have a very stressful job. I always look for books that will 'take me away'. I look very much forward to the prequel and the sequel. Thank you Kade for a few hours of wonderful escapism.

  • adventure aboundtraveling thru the mysterious elf land as the great warrior tries to find his path,great story with excellent characters,make way for a fun story for those that love adventure.

  • Great story with promise of moreI think this story deserves 3-4 stars. It has many elements I thought were worthy. Humans, elves, dwarves and orcs! I think the author will only get better as the story progresses into more books, can't wait for the next!

  • Very surprising This book was very well written, and the plot moved along flawlessly. Characters were unique in some aspects unlike most fantasies. I await eagerly for the second installment.

  • GreatWhat a great read. I couldn't put this book down . Great characters and setting, there was no lull or boring sections to this book . I will definitely be reading the next book in the series.

  • No. This is the level I'd expect of an amateur trying to put his MMORPG adventures into a story. The tropes are classical fantasy tropes but it lacks everything. No good charasterisation, no forshadowing of any kind, no world building#Reciepe for catastrophe.

  • Another Kindle Unlimited GemOne of my favorite KU fantasy books so far. The depravity of the villainess seemed over the top considering most of the violence was mild for this type of book. Can't wait for the next one.

  • Good book. I really enjoyed most of this book. there were a couple of sections where it slowed down. I wasn't thrilled with how the author jumped back and forth in the time line of the story. The story mostly makes up for it though.

  • SpectacularVery good book, the main character drain. He is a very reserved and honorable exe paladin scout. His story is very relatable and I like how he progressed through the story. To know more buy this book and read it yourselves. This is one book you will be happy you read

  • Good but lacking in originality. You can see where the story is going the whole time. Still a nice read but not something that you reread.

  • Very goodWell written. Refreshing story line. Vivid imagery,strong action and good characters. I would strongly recommend this book to all science fiction and fantasy readers.

  • Solid, but was slow at some parts.Title sums my opinion up. It's a mostly well rounded story, which provides an enjoyable read. Worthy of a download.

  • GreAt read which I couldn't put down.Finally an adult. Protagonist. The principal characters were well drawn and the plot too absorbing to put down, more to come?

  • Pretty standard fantasy fare. Orcs, elves and humans in battle. Not bad story. I liked the main character, Dain.

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