The Way of a Pilgrim

The Way of a Pilgrim Ova knjiga nije drugo nego upravo poku aj opisati osobno iskustvo jednog ruskog pobo nika bogotra itelja na njegovu putu tra enja lica Bo jega na njegovu usavr avanju u poniznosti i u vje banju i u p

  • Title: The Way of a Pilgrim
  • Author: Anonymous Thomas Hopko Olga Savin
  • ISBN: 9781570622014
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ova knjiga nije drugo nego upravo poku aj opisati osobno iskustvo jednog ruskog pobo nika bogotra itelja na njegovu putu tra enja lica Bo jega, na njegovu usavr avanju u poniznosti i u vje banju i u postupnom postizavanju nutarnje, neprestane i arke molitve.Ve je u starini svaki Bo ji pobo nik imao svojeg u itelja duhovnog oca Ve su prvi pustinjski oci poznavali duOva knjiga nije drugo nego upravo poku aj opisati osobno iskustvo jednog ruskog pobo nika bogotra itelja na njegovu putu tra enja lica Bo jega, na njegovu usavr avanju u poniznosti i u vje banju i u postupnom postizavanju nutarnje, neprestane i arke molitve.Ve je u starini svaki Bo ji pobo nik imao svojeg u itelja duhovnog oca Ve su prvi pustinjski oci poznavali duhovne oce ili starce.U kontekstu opisa hodo asnika, hodo a enja i uloge staraca treba smjestiti i samu poruku ove knjige Kao prvu poruku, ini se, mo emo uzeti hezihaisti ki pristup u enju Isusove molitve Gr ka rije hesihia zna i sabranost, ti inu, vanjsku i unutarnju samo u, sjedinjenje s Bogom To je na in molitve i molitvenog dr anja svojstven monasima i svjetovnjacima koji se ele posvetiti Bogu u sjedinjenju s njime preko neprestane molitveISBN 9531510431

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  • This is a story of a wanderer practicing the Jesus Prayer (“Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me” (other forms also exist)) while wandering around Russia during the last days of serfdom under the rule of Nicholas I. The book was first printed in 1884, but had already been written down earlier by someone who had known the original person but was better at writing the story down well. There are stories within the main story; the wanderer meets people, both pious and not so, criminal and devout, [...]

  • This little book largely serves as my mine and my husband's memorable introduction to all things having to do with the Orthodox Christian faith. What a wondrous door has been opened to us! I highly recommend this book to all Christians, not just those exploring Orthodoxy. It takes place in 19th century Czarist Russia and follows the adventures of a homeless, yet joyful Christian pilgrim. His all consuming goal is the learning of continuous prayer. In this book we were introduced to a very simple [...]

  • الكتاب يدور حول سائح بسيط وجد متعته الروحية في تلاوة صلاة يسوع السهمية التي اصبحت شغله الشاغل فعزم علي التنقل من بلده إلي اخري و المشي علي قدميه مئات الفراسخ حتي يكتسب مهارة الصلاة الدائمة و لتنفيذ وصية "صلوا كل حين ولا تملوا"لفت نظري عدم اهتمامه بسرد تفاصيل شقائه فمثلاً رغم [...]

  • J'ai lu celui-ci en français parce que je ne voulais pas de se concentrer sur l'intrigue. Je voulais me concentrer sur le chemin théologique sur lequel le pèlerin traversé. Le Français m'a aidé à maintenir un rythme lent parce qu'il faut que j'utilise le dictionnaire chaque 3 minutes!

  • Con l’introduzione di Cristina Campo: portentosa, ebbra e stupefatta come la preghiera del Nome in cui si avventura e di cui scrive.

  • Ово је прва књига коју сам прочитала везана за духовне теме и којој се често враћам. Помогла ми је да пронађем снаге да кренем на пут духовног живота са честим успонима и падовима, али са надом у благодат Господњу.

  • A Prayer For The HeartI have read books on spirituality from many religious traditions, but I had never read "The Way of a Pilgrim", an anonymous work from the middle or late 19th Century in the Russian Orthodox tradition. I came to the book by way of the late J.D. Salinger's "Franny and Zooey" Franny and Zooey which I also had the opportunity to read of late. For those readers unfamiliar with it, Salinger's book consists of two interrelated short stories which center on two precocious young peo [...]

  • There are many things that I learned from this book, from the Philokalia, through the pilgrim. In Chapter 1, how to pray the Jesus prayer is taught. The elder advises the pilgrim to say "Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me" 3 thousand times per day, then 6 thousand times per day and finally 12 thousand times per day! In Chapter 2, the pilgrim travels towards Siberia and meets an officer who talks in depth about the Bible. The officer tells the pilgrim, that a monk once told him that "If you do no [...]

  • أزاى كدة أزاى أصلا فى كدة الكتاب دا بيخليك تفكر كتير وتراجع ملامح علاقاتاك مع ربنا وهل فى علاقة فعلية ولا مجرد كلام الكتاب دا بيتناول الصلاة من وجهة نظر مختلفة جدا عن المعتاد لا بيتكلم عن أزاى نصلى ولا نقول أية ولا أى حاجة من الكلام المعتاد دة فى الكتاب دا بيتعامل مع الصلاة [...]

  • Phenomenal. Such direct, earnest prose while simultaneously extremely rich and beautiful. This feature of the book itself mirrors the content i.e. the way The Jesus Prayer is so simple and accessible, yet spiritually opens depth upon depth. If you are Orthodox, or familiar with Orthodoxy, I recommend saving the reading of the annotations for later, as they somewhat jar and disrupt the flow of the narrative. On the other hand, I imagine the footnotes would be extremely helpful for non-Orthodox wh [...]

  • this is the book over which franny is obsessing in 'franny and zoe'.wander siberia, internalize your recognition of god. go slowly, and watch the world around youis was anonymously written in russia in the 19th centuryol.

  • Excellent . I don't see why this Eastern Orthodox classic can't be a part of an evangelical Protestant's toolbox . We need more John Wesley's in this regard .

  • ترجم هذا الكتاب الى العديد من اللغات يبين الكتاب مدى روعة و قوة صلاة يسوع السهمية

  • الكتاب دا انا قريته من زمان اوى بس لسه معلق ف دماغى كتاب جميل وبسيط فى فكرته بيوصل للقلب بسهوله .الصلاه مفتاح لحل مشاكل كتير

  • Even though there were things I didn't like about the way the book is written, the major theme/lesson of the book has changed my life. It's only 90 pages and I'd say it's well worth the read.

  • I had never heard of this book. But I picked this up after reading the initial lines which are really moving. It is a brief book. In the Dover edition it runs to just 66 pages. It is a personal narrative of a wandering Russian pilgrim of the mid 19th century. The pilgrim is one armed and his only worldly possessions are his Bible and Philocalia, which is a collection of mystical writings of the Orthodox tradition. He survives on alms given by others. Since he could read and write, rare skills in [...]

  • This book is the story of a poor peasant who lost everything and used his misfortune to reach the supreme spiritual heights with his love for Jesus. I got to know about it from the books written by the spiritual masters who followed Hindu and Buddhist paths, but suggested to read it for inspiration. It's a very small book. You can finish it in a single sitting. But you might need numerous sittings to reflect on it and absorb the motivation it's capable of providing you. This book shows that one [...]

  • Revitalizing!A must read for those looking for a more meaningful prayer life. Sometimes it is the simpler things that matter. The prayer life is no different.

  • Others have written some wonderful reviews about the pilgrim's story, so I won't add to that. I was predisposed to give this 5 stars before I began, because I have used the Jesus prayer off and on for probably 30 years. My version of the prayer is longer, "Lord Jesus Christ, son of the living God, have Mercury on me, a sinner." The Jesus prayer is a way of recollecting ourselves to pray unceasingly and to live in the presence of God.The book is a delight. We are all pilgrims and we meet all sort [...]

  • Stupenda testimonianza cristiana-ortodossa della cosìdetta "orazione del cuore", anche nota come "esicasmo" o "filocalia". Di ambientazione ottocentesca, il libro non è un romanzo o una storia di finzione, ma una testimonianza vera di un pellegrino anonimo che nel suo viaggiare e peregrinare è alla ricerca del mistero dell'orazione del cuore, (questa forma di preghiera "incessante") arriverà a coglierne i più fitti "segreti" fino a conseguire altissimi frutti spirituali. Il bello di questo [...]

  • It's a bit hard to rate this book. I enjoyed it a lot. As another reviewer stated, it seems like a big advertisement for the Jesus Prayer, but more than that it seemed like an advertisement for the Philokalia as a way to cultivate interior prayer. And, frankly, after reading it, I did really want to read the specific segments from the Philokalia that the staretz recommended. It's not clear who wrote this and how much is fictional, but it painted some pretty pictures. It reminded me a bit of Sidd [...]

  • Paul tells us to pray without ceasing. That seems like an impossible task. This short book is the story of one man's attempt to learn how to pray always. This pilgrim in old Russia travels and learns the Jesus Prayer: "Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me."He learns to say this continuously. Like Don Quixote, this pilgrim travels around and meets many pious people. He learns and teaches the value of the Jesus Prayer.This book has a very simple but extremely powerful message. I fail to pray this en [...]

  • Chronicles the wanderings of a spiritual pilgrim around Russia. This simple pilgrim learns much about the grace of God, the value of the scripture and the use of the Jesus prayer by which he is able to practice prayer without ceasing. Lord--Jesus--Christ--have mercy--on me--a sinner. Each part is said on the beat of the heart until you no longer have to think about it, that is the heart will pray on its own. It is an Eastern take on "The Practice of the Presence of God" by Brother Lawrence or in [...]

  • سائح روسي اول من تعلم صلاة يسوع وقوتها وتعلم منه اباء الكنيسة فيما بعد أن صلاة يسوع الداخلية المتواصلة هي ذكر اسم يسوع بصورة مستمرة وبلا توقف، وبالشفتينوالقلب والفكر شاعرين بحضوره، في كل مكان وفي كل وقت، حتى أثناء النوم. صيغة هذه الصلاة: أيهاالرب يسوع المسيح، ارحمني أنا الخا [...]

  • (In Spanish) Classic work of Eastern Orthodox theology. Tells the story of a Russian pilgrim on a pilgrimage to many Russian holy sights as he seeks wisdom and faith. It is unknown if the story is a biography or fiction but is very rich in detail and references many of the major Orthodox church religious documents. Good reading and intellectually fascinating.

  • The Way of a Pilgrim is an easy to read story of a sort of monastic wanderer. Through an open heart and a diligent prayer life, the pilgrim manages to see God's hand in everything. The biggest message of this book? "The Jesus Prayer." Basically, this book serves as an infomerical for this prayer, but I only mean that in the most positive of ways.

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