Out of the Wild

Out of the Wild Ever since twelve year old Julie Marchen helped defeat the fairy tale world of the Wild life s been about as normal as can be for a girl whose brother is Puss in Boots and whose mom is Rapunzel After

  • Title: Out of the Wild
  • Author: Sarah Beth Durst
  • ISBN: 9781595141590
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ever since twelve year old Julie Marchen helped defeat the fairy tale world of the Wild, life s been about as normal as can be for a girl whose brother is Puss in Boots and whose mom is Rapunzel.After nearly taking over her hometown, the Wild is safely back where it belongs right under Julie s bed Then it suddenly spits out Julie s dad Rapunzel s prince and things take aEver since twelve year old Julie Marchen helped defeat the fairy tale world of the Wild, life s been about as normal as can be for a girl whose brother is Puss in Boots and whose mom is Rapunzel.After nearly taking over her hometown, the Wild is safely back where it belongs right under Julie s bed Then it suddenly spits out Julie s dad Rapunzel s prince and things take a seriously enchanted turn He s gallant, he s handsome, and he s totally clueless about life in the 20th century You try teaching a five hundred year old prince how to text message When Julie s daring dad dashes off to save a kidnapped Sleeping Beauty, she must embark on a magical cross country adventure to bring him home, protect the family secret, and while she s at it, save the world Because if she fails, everyone will spend eternity in a fairy tale.

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    Sarah Beth Durst is the award winning author of fourteen fantasy books for adults, teens, and kids, including Drink, Slay, Love, the basis for the recent TV movie of the same name Her latest book for adults, The Reluctant Queen, came out in July 2017 from Harper Voyager her latest book for kids, Journey Across the Hidden Islands came out in April 2017 from HMH Clarion Books and her first picture book, Roar and Sparkles Go to School, came out in June 2017 from Hachette Running Press Kids She won an ALA Alex Award and a Mythopoeic Fantasy Award, and has been a finalist for SFWA s Andre Norton Award three times She is a graduate of Princeton University, where she spent four years studying English, writing about dragons, and wondering what the campus gargoyles would say if they could talk Sarah lives in Stony Brook, New York, with her husband, her children, and her ill mannered cat For information, visit her at sarahbethdurst.


  • Out of the Wild is one of those incredibly rare sequels that is even better than the first book. The green hungry mass of the Wild has returned to hiding in Julie's bedroom, but her community still feels the effects of having once been swallowed by the Wild. When the Wild swallows one of the Three Blind Mice, Julie and her mother are astonished to see that her father is spit out, returned to her mother after 500 years apart. Her father is confused by this new world, but continues to act as a pri [...]

  • The sequel to Into the Wild is not quite as good. What happens when The Wild spits out Julie's dad and he has to try to get along in the real world? How can he go against everything he was made for and try to have a normal life? What is Julie's role in this and how does she accomplish it? Finding the answers to these questions isn't very exciting, but fans of the first book might like to revisit The Wild and all its quirks.

  • I bought my copy of this book on Abebooks and discovered a month later that it is signed by the author! Yay! The authoress is really nice and the cover is cute, but unfortunately I enjoyed the book so and so.I felt uncomfortable with the world-building. As a fairytale lover I don't like very much when in a fairytale retelling the protagonists hate fairytales. And in this duology they hate fairytales for a reason, I got it. But I don't agree with that reason. To me the characters from fairytales [...]

  • Durst, Sarah Beth Out of the Wild, 260 p. Razorbill (Penguin), 2008. Since the Wild was banished back underneath her bed, Julie’s life has been fairly tame. Than one day one of the Three Blind Mice goes into the Wild and Julie’s father, Rapunzel’s Prince, comes out, sending the entire world into chaos, strengthening the Wild and sending Julie on a fast-paced trip across the United States, vainly attempting to do damage control. At times the action is so fast paced that it can be a bit conf [...]

  • It was very creative! I love the characters and how the plot comes together! I didn't read the first book but you don't really need too!

  • I have a thing about sequels. Usually. Out of the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst is even better than Into the Wild. I couldn’t believe it at first. I got a little bored in the middle of the first, but each chapter either had me laughing or clutching the pages in anxiety for Julie (and a certain other nameless person!).Julie and the Wild are back in the action packed sequel to Into the Wild. Gillian, my favorite character, dances with the bear. She seems to have forgotten all of her experiences in th [...]

  • Durst, Sarah Beth. 2008. Out of the Wild.Out of the Wild is the sequel to 2007's Into the Wild. Linda, the evil librarian, is back in this second volume. Her evil plan? Not so obvious to our young heroine, Julie, but that could be because she's in a state of shock. Julie has grown up without her dad. Her mom, Rapunzel, couldn't rescue her prince of a husband from the Wild. Julie has always wondered about her fairy tale dad. Wondered what it would be like to have him be a part of her life. She's [...]

  • Everyone else seems to think this book was as good as the first; I did not think so. Part of the problem might be that I didn't absolutely adore book 1, but maybe I've been reading too many fairy tale books lately and these just don't grab me as much. They do grab me, and they're a fun read, but this book was a little meh. Some major things were different in book 2, but I felt like a lot of it was just a rehash of book 1 - including major parts. Some interesting aspects of what it might be like [...]

  • The conclusion to Into the Wild comes in the form of another book, Out of the Wild. In a way, it’s synonymous with the way the fairytale characters of this story would live through their stories to its conclusion and then begin again and try to escape the Wild.This story brings the character of Julie’s Dad to the front in a way that is both unsurprising but also extremely frustrating. The lesson here is knowing full well the consequences of ones actions before doing anything, or in summary, [...]

  • I thought this one was actually better than the first.Starting not long after the first book ends, Julie's experience with The Wild has changed how she sees the world and her family. People haven't forgotten what happened before, and now Julie's hometown is none as the Fairy Tale Capital. Unfortunately, not all the fairy tale characters are happy to be mundane, and after Julie's dad pops out of The Wild (after being there for over 500 years), he causes problems simply being himself - he doesn't [...]

  • solid middle school, upper elementarythird person narrativefor fans of fairy tales!Julie is the daughter of Rapunzel, who managed to defeat the Wild (the entity that creates? manages? the fairy tale world where the stories are enacted over and over again)and rescue most of the other characters, who are now living in a small city in Massachusetts.The Wild releases Julie's father but rapidly expands over the entire country. Julie must find the way to stop the Wild and save everyone (again).This se [...]

  • Out of the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst is the sequel to Into the Wild. I, personally, enjoyed Out of the Wild as much, if not more, than the first book. It begins with Northsboro recovering from The Wild taking over and Julie's life finally being back to normal; however, that can't last too long. Next thing Julie knows, The Wild eats one of the Three Blind Mice, but instead of growing, spits out her father! But to Julie's surprise, her dad doesn't want to sit around and be a normal family- instead [...]

  • Sometimes sequels live up to the greatness of book one; sometimes they fall short. There's a risk reading a sequel because you never know what you're going to get. Out of the Wild is a sequel that lived up to the greatness of book one, Into the Wild. The Wild is back, and it's got a score to settle. Julie Marchen and her princely father set out on two different quests: one's quest is to save Sleeping Beauty, and one's is to defeat the wild. At times they work together, and at times they end up c [...]

  • Not long ago, Julie turned her back on her father in order to rescue her small Massachusetts town from the Wild. Now, on a relatively ordinary night (if you don't count the appearance of the Three Blind Mice), from under her bed where the Wild is contained, her father appears. She is overjoyed, but what does this mean?Very worthy sequel to "Into the Wild." I loved the appearance of so many new characters in this one, especially Julie's father and his complete ignorance of all things twenty-first [...]

  • This series is just a sitcom of all the fairytales you've ever read combined, and it's utterly delightful, completely ridiculous, and always hilarious. There is really no point to this series. The whole big struggle between the escaped fairytale characters and the Wilds is too quickly resolved, but no one really cares because you get to see what fairytale characters would be like in the real world. It is what I imagine a hallucination of Walt Disney and the Grimm Brothers would be like.Read just [...]

  • After fighting back the Wild, Julie thinks she and her mother, Rapunzel, are safe from the controlling entity intent on forcing the fairy tale characters to live out their stories over and over. But one Saturday, one of the blind mice falls into the Wild, Julie's dad (and Rapunzel's prince) is freed, and a dastardly plot is afoot.Julie is an amazingly resourceful teenager--probably better at dealing with crises than I would be. The world of fairy tales actually being a sinister world devoid of f [...]

  • I got this book yesterday and read it in practically one sitting. It was really good. I, personally, don't think it was as good as Into the Wild but that's just because this book was a little more adventurous. I like character development and, while this book was still the wonderful twisted fairy tale, it really jumped into the plot. I preferred ITW's slow meeting of all the characters. Granted, to anyone who had read ITW, this exposition would not be necessary. And I have read ITW so what's my [...]

  • This a fantasy novel about fairy tale characters living in modern day life. I thought that this book was a fun read that preyed upon the fanciful emotions of the reader. The book was narrated from the perspective of Julie, who is Rapunzel's daughter. I thought that the young narrator made the story more appealing for readers close to her age. I also liked the twist in the book about the villian it is definitely not one of the classic fairy tale antagonists! I also liked that this book is part of [...]

  • A fun romp of a novel that neatly ties up the loose story threads from its predecessor, Into the Wild. While the premise of fairy-tale characters on the loose and wreaking havoc in the modern world seems a little tired (the scene involving Rapunzel's prince in Times Square feels ripped off from Enchanted), Durst gives her plot enough surprising twists and funny details to keep the story compelling. A clever climax redeems fairy tales at the end, giving the requisite sweet and happy ending.

  • This book was just as the fun as the first one! I feel like the cover doesn't do it justice although the brighter colors on this may attract more attention than the darker cover of the first book. When you're mom is Rapunzel, your dad is the prince who rescued her, and your brother is Puss n' Boots, you are not a typical teen with normal problems and Julie needs to fight against The Wild to keep her family safe once again. This time it's a rollicking cross-country journey on an enchanted broomst [...]

  • My feelings are bittersweet after reading this book! It was such a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it!I am sad though because the series is over, it seems. I really would love to read more adventures involving Julie, and her Mom, Rapunzel, and her Father, the Prince.Wouldn't it be so great to live in a fairy tale world? I wouldn't want to be a Princess or be rescued. What I would like to be is someone who wields magic to help others.I loved how the story ended - in such a romantic and fairy [...]

  • This is a sequel to Into the Wild. As you might guess, the Wild escapes again and begins to takeover the world, but not before releasing Rapunzel's Prince.While the first book I felt was more utopian literature, I felt that this one was an extremely strong book about self-identity. This is most clearly seen in the Prince, who feels obliged to go around rescuing maidens, often at the expense of Rapunzel and his daughter. He feels truly called to be "The Hero".However, an equally strong point is m [...]

  • The Wild is not finished with Julie or her family. The Wild brings Prince Charming into the modern world unprepared.Julie follows her father across the United States, stopping at some very well known tourist attractions including: the Grand Canyon and Graceland. The final showdown between Julie and the Wild takes place in Anaheim California and a theme park that is notorious for commercializing fairytales.Parts of the action sequences reminded me of the miniseries: "Tenth Kingdom."

  • This is actually a great sequel to wrap up Sara Beth Durst's "Into the Wild." This is a great series for young girls (upper elementary and preteens; also for those who are young at heart!). Durst did a wonderful job of intertwining the originally fairytales into her plot without writing an actual revision of the fairytales (e.g. Beastly). I will gladly read another novel by this up-and-coming author.

  • Sarah Beth Durst is to clever I just can't stand it! Here's another thrilling trip through fairy tales gone horribly wrong, as Julie's father is spit out of the Wild into a world he doesn't understand-- just as all heck breaks loose! This is really a continuation of Into the Wild, though, revealing precisely who set it loose in the first book, and why, and wrapping it all up very satisfactorily.Three cheers for Sarah Beth!

  • This is the sequel toInto the Wild , and it is every bit as fun and imaginative. This time the Wild spits out Julie's father, the prince, for no apparent reason. Before Julie and her mom can figure out why, he is off to rescue Sleeping Beauty who is asleep once again, setting off a chain of fairy tale moments, which feeds the wild. Julie must figure out who is setting these traps for her father and stop them before the Wild demolishes the whole country.

  • even better than "Into the Wild" (Book 1). My granddaughter Lauren lent this to me (and how cool is that?) and told me it was better than the 1st book. She was right. "The Wild" is where Fairy Tale characters live. The main character is Julie, an adolescent whose mother is Rupunsell and brother is Puss-n-Boots (all living in present day Massachuetts)Rupunsell and Puss-n-Boots escaped from "the Wild". Read the books.ey're great!

  • This was almost a 4. Very enjoyable. Even better than the first. It gets right into the action and it has good character development, especially with Julie's relationship with her newfound father. I love the ending, how it worked out. Just a really fun read and a great conclusion to Into the Wild. I will definitely recommend it to others and will be looking for more from this new author, hopefully more fairytale-esque offerings.

  • 4-4.5. It's not bad, I just don't remember the first one very well so I was pretty confused. I thought it was a bit boringmetimes, but that's because it's a children's book. It wasn't slow, it stayed fast paced, but the plot wasn't exactly captivating. I blame that on the fact that its been years since I read the first one. It would be a good movie. Some parts were really lame lol not bad I guess? It was okay.

  • Out of the Wild was, as Tamora Pierce said, even better than Into the Wild. At first I was a little exasperated at the thought of the Wild coming back again (there's only so many times you can pull off the same story plot), but this was nothing like Into the Wild. It was more suspenseful, more exciting, more dramatic, and overall more well written. Very complete sequel to Into the Wild-- I would definitely recommend it.

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