Омон Ра

Named by his father after the Soviet OMON the Interior Ministry riot police Omon a Soviet astronaut renames himself Ra after the Egyptian sun god As he approaches his final crisis Omon reflects o

  • Title: Омон Ра
  • Author: Victor Pelevin
  • ISBN: 5264008124
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Named by his father after the Soviet OMON, the Interior Ministry riot police, Omon, a Soviet astronaut, renames himself Ra after the Egyptian sun god As he approaches his final crisis, Omon reflects on the lies he s told and on the one that has just been revealed to him that the Soviet space program that he s based his entire life upon is entirely other than what it puNamed by his father after the Soviet OMON, the Interior Ministry riot police, Omon, a Soviet astronaut, renames himself Ra after the Egyptian sun god As he approaches his final crisis, Omon reflects on the lies he s told and on the one that has just been revealed to him that the Soviet space program that he s based his entire life upon is entirely other than what it purports to be As Omon tries to reconcile the events of his life, he remembers what a Colonel of the KGB once told him, the consciously you perform your feat of heroism, the greater will be the degree of truth The ensuing truths he uncovers are astonishing.

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    Victor Olegovich Pelevin is a Russian fiction writer His books usually carry the outward conventions of the science fiction genre, but are used to construct involved, multi layered postmodernist texts, fusing together elements of pop culture and esoteric philosophies Some critics relate his prose to the New Sincerity and New Realism literary movements See also enpedia wiki Victor_P


  • In between the time I purchased Victor Pelevin's Omon Ra and the time I started reading it, I skimmed an article somewhere that claimed Pelevin was inspired by and indebted to Mikhail Bulgakov. This was not good news. The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov is one of my most hated novels of all time. If I can't easily articulate what it is I hate about it so passionately, I feel that if anyone were to ask me, 'What kinds of novels don't you like to read?' I could point to a ready-to-hand copy of Th [...]

  • Omon Ra is a fun little book about the Soviet space program. Much of the humor relies on a heavy context of Soviet society, but there's also some crude slapstick, one of the best kinds. My favorite parts were when Dr. Henry Kissinger stabbed the man in a bear suit and when the tampon fell out of the cosmonaut's nose.The book is not just silly humor and puns though. There's something stranger and more mystical here, and the slow-burning pain of the narrator's own life. The moon is not a place of [...]

  • Sometimes I remembered my childhood, sometimes I used to imagine what the rapid approach of the final moment before eternity would feel like. And sometimes I tried to finish off really old thoughts that resurfaced into consciousness. For instance, I thought about the question "Who am I?"In ancient times it was myths before science. A head wrapped in foil, built into a model aircraft. The aircraft built to contain the plasticine figure. There's no door. A hatch drawn on the outside, and on the in [...]

  • #📚4⭐️/5⭐️#كتاب #رمان #فلسفى_سياسى #روس #معاصر رمان #اومون_را نوشته ى #ويكتور_پِلِوين با ترجمه #پيمان_خاكسار از #نشرزاوشويكتور پلوين يكى از مشهورترين نويسندگان روسِ معاصر است كه كتابهايش به زبانهاى مختلف ترجمه و در كشور هاى گوناگون منتشر شده است. #پلوين بيشتر به خاطر ديالوگ هاى [...]

  • A Soviet lad dreams about becoming a cosmonaut and enrols a military space programme – a fairly unpretentious premise that will not be further expanded. I never expected a major scientific investigation or a detailed history of the pioneers of space travel from a satire, a genre bound to be easily accessible and comprehendible in order to convey a critical and analytical point. So the dark side of the Moon brings the magic, and the Soviet construct brings the myth. So many observations about t [...]

  • It is possible I will read too much Pelevin and his resolute stance - which for now turns me on with its playful but surprisingly earnest blend of satire, wild imagination, individual freedom, practical application of meditative practices and exploration of mind – will morph into clownish posturing and I will feel a watery neon sickness rising in my throat, but for now… I will keep reading him until I vomit.Omon Ra is essentially a dystopian coming of age novel in which the hero's childhood [...]

  • Not a bad story and it's a quick read but I wonder why I picked this book, and this despite many other wonderful classics that were sitting on my shelf.

  • کتاب اومون‌را کتاب طنز تلخی ست. طنز است چون مسخره می کند، تلخ است چون نمی خنداند. تزویر حکومت کمونیستی شوروی را مسخره می کند اما نمی خنداند چون انسانیت را هدف قرار داده. جان انسان هایی که در عملیات های ابلهانه ی شوروی به اسم قهرمان گرایی از بین رفته. احمقانه از بین رفته. کتاب در [...]

  • برای من که جذابتی نداشت. به دلم نچسبید. فقط بخاطر مترجم کتاب را خوندم ترجمه خوبی بود ولی خود کتاب اصل و مایه ای نداشت.یک سوال از داخل متن کتاب که فکر کنم بخاطر سانسور قابل فهم نبود.اون عمل جراحی که سه چهار جا بهش اشاره شده بود چی بود؟؟؟

  • When I was ten, I stood in my aunt and uncle's yard in Dallas one night and watched Sputnik 1 make a transit across the constellated dome of the "fixed" stars. Awed by the science that made it possible to put a manmade object into Earth orbit, I had no idea at the time of either the political ramifications of this accomplishment or of the effect that that small sphere crossing the sky would have on my subsequent life. The space race had officially begun. Politicians in this country lamented the [...]

  • Fucking funny as hell. The sort of jet black, Bulgakov sense of humor comes out in spades. Lectures on the Marxist-Leninist dialectic of the Moon, socialist messages in outer space, arguments about Pink Floyd, all are found in this decidedly surreal, madcap, quasi-sci-fi adventure, perfect for both fans of Russian literature (I'll count myself in that camp) and those of you who can't sit through Dostoyevsky.

  • وقتی این کتاب رو میخوندم فقط این به ذهنم میرسید: شوروی ،حکومت تظاهر و دروغ! و چقدر آشنا بود اتفاقات و حرفهای این کتاب. واقعا شوک آور بود داستان. از یه جایی به بعد ، ازونجایی که اومون وارد مدرسه نظامی میشه ،دیگه دلم نمیومد کتاب رو زمین بذارم

  • One of the most creative and surprising books on this list, "Omon Ra" is the first person narrative of a young man who undergoes bizarre training to become a hero cosmonaut in the Soviet space program. From the outset, the astounding "technology" supposedly capable of producing space flight is set in a context of incredible shabbiness and sinisterness. Soon we learn that Soviet space flight is all accomplished by means of self-sacrificing heroes who, for example, unscrew one rocket stage from an [...]

  • Omon Ra is a fun, poignant, and ultimately powerful satire of the Soviet state, and on a deeper level, a meditation on human longing and the will to be free. Omon's absurd journey from dreaming child to Soviet Cosmonaut will first delight you, then break your heart. Pelevin writes with a beautiful spare style, which allows him to pack a lot of story into this small book. With an economy of words he brings to life the nightmarish world of Soviet "efficiency" and national hubris; a world of willfu [...]

  • Oh how I love Russian sci-fi, so much more meaning than western variations usually have. Reminded me strongly of Bulgakov, which is always good. Dreamlike, surreal, absurd and darkly funny but always poignant and moving in that classic Russian way. The ending was excellent, and I spent the whole next day turning over the symbolism woven into the story and drawing out meanings. Checked out the full lyrics to Pink Floyd's 'Echoes' too, which really added to the book.

  • داستان بسیار جذابی بود با پرداخت و توصیف های بسیار خوب. کتابی بود که به نظر میرسه یک بار خوندنش کافی نیست همچنین برای فهم بهتر خواننده باید . اطلاعاتی راجب شوروی کمونیستی و جنگ سرد داشته باشه. ترجمه کتاب مثل همه ترجمه های پیمان خاکسار بی نقص بود. خوندن این کتاب رو به همه افرادی ک [...]

  • داستان تزویر حکومت کمونیستی اتحاد جماهیر شورویاین بار در غالب مسائل فضایی و رقابت با آمریکافکر کنم فضاسازی این کتاب عالی بود ولی حیف که خیلی زود تموم شد یعنی یکم پایان بندیش با شتاب بود ، موضوعش خیلی جالب بود ولی جای کار بیشتری داستیک نکته خوب اینکه با ترجمه هایی که پیمان خاکس [...]

  • "من و هر چیز دیگری که در این دنیا وجود داره؛همه و همه رویای موجودی هستیم که خواب میبیند."یعنی من الان واقعا نمی تونم چیزی درمورد کتاب بگم جز اینکه اصلا از ان دست کتابهایی نیست که من لذت ببرم و بخوام توصیه اش کنم به دیگران کلااز همه ی دوستانی که این کتاب رو به اون ها معرفی کردم عذر [...]

  • Victor Pelevin's Omon Ra is a savage take-off on the Soviet space program, written after the Soviet Union fell apart. We've all heard about people here who think the moon landing was faked. Omon Ra is about a faked Russian trip to the moon in which the cosmonauts are made to commit suicide to be considered heroes of the Soviet Union. We follow Omon Ra Krizomazov from a childhood dreaming about the stars, to a space training program in which the desire to go into space is something the participan [...]

  • Absurd and disturbingly poignant, reading Pelevin's 'Omon Ra' feels akin to taking LSD and staring at a child's mobile of the solar system as the drug wears off (possibly while suspended in a harness, wearing full SCUBA gear and after several months of eating only star-shaped noodles in a bland chicken and cabbage broth as your sole form of sustenance).It runs the full course of: normality - LSD - coming down from LSD - becoming aware of new surroundings - questioning new surroundings - question [...]

  • İlginç bir şekilde kitabın içerisinde yine Pelevin'e ait olan Sarı ok adında bir novellanın çevirisi de var. Burada ikisinden de bahsedeceğim. Pelevin, Omon Ra'da Sovyetler uzay programınının bir propaganda aracı olarak kullanılmasını, yüzlerce insanın yeraltında ıssız mezarlarda halkının daha ileriye gitmesi adına cansız bir şekilde yattığını anlatıyor. Genç bir zihnin hayatının tükenişine doğru ilerlerken düşündükleri veya hayalleri üzerine kurulmuş [...]

  • Surreal and more than a bit spooky, and the scene in which Omon wakes from a drug-induced slumber to find himself at the controls of a moonbound rocket as the launch countdown begins is a comic tour-de-force. But I found this short novel difficult to navigate and difficult to appreciate -- too many changes in tone for me to stay involved.

  • Осталось неясное ощущение от того, во что превращаются наши мечты и немного грусти о погибших персонажах. Не ожидал, что заденет. Задело.

  • ته قلبم از حکومتی که تهدید خاموشش باعث می‌شد هر چند نفری که دور هم تجمع می‌کنند، حتی برای چند ثانیه، مشتاقانه از بی‌فکرترین و احمق‌ترین فرد جمع تقلید می‌کنند، نفرت داشتم.

  • An odd small book about a Russian young man called Omon Ra and other young men and a space mission to the moon. An interesting ending!

  • Моя вторая книга Пелевина и его первая. Такое впечатление, что с этим романом Пелевин не просто вступил, а ворвался в литературу! В основе сюжета черная сатира на советский строй, в частности на программу освоения космоса. Стиль повествования - уникальный с отголосками Плат [...]

  • I remember stumbling upon the name of Pelevin many years ago when someone referred to him as a "Russian Douglas Coupland." I've since wondered if I invented this term. He had a book called Generation P aka Homo Zapiens aka Babylon and the association with P and X was obvious. Read about twenty pages of that, seemed promising, but I was not the reader then that I am now. My local library has since removed this book from the shelves. This makes me sad.Omon Ra, however, was a thrill. It's an unbeli [...]

  • I think in order to fully appreciate this book a reader should be of Russian background. Nerverthless the mix of ironic, grotesque and farcical is pretty similar to other Russian writers like Gogol or Bulgakov. The book describes the journey to reality and the dispel of illusions and delusions that must have been very acutely felt 1992 when the book was released. USSR was dissoluted in 1992 and with it the soviet socialist dream was over fomally (it had been practically over for quite a while al [...]

  • Shit is Victor Pelevin cool. Nearly every passage of his I read, I think "this is exactly how i'd like to write . . . if i did write". It's creepy, smart, twisted, creepy, sci-fi-y, creepy, dark, creepy and to the point. I love that Pelevin decides what message he wants to relay to his reader, thinks of how to project it in a fun, creative way, adds a healthy does of "dark", and then just says it. As a writer of novellas, he doesn't pad or fluff his works and says what he needs to say in a way a [...]

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