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Home for the Howlidays Featured in the New York Times bestselling anthology Kiss of Christmas Magic Nicklaus Maslov left Stone Creek Montana in his rear view mirror three years ago and never planned to go back His pack s

  • Title: Home for the Howlidays
  • Author: Chloe Cole
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Featured in the New York Times bestselling anthology, Kiss of Christmas Magic Nicklaus Maslov left Stone Creek, Montana, in his rear view mirror three years ago and never planned to go back His pack s ways are antiquated, and the girl he loves will never be his But when his father, the pack s alpha, sends him an urgent message, he can t deny the protective instinct drawFeatured in the New York Times bestselling anthology, Kiss of Christmas Magic Nicklaus Maslov left Stone Creek, Montana, in his rear view mirror three years ago and never planned to go back His pack s ways are antiquated, and the girl he loves will never be his But when his father, the pack s alpha, sends him an urgent message, he can t deny the protective instinct drawing him back to his hometown, or the lure of the one that got away Petra Stevens has had her heart stomped on once and vows it will never happen again When her former lover and packmate returns to Stone Creek, all the rage and hurt she felt when he d left comes bubbling to the surface along with other feelings she can t control If she can just avoid him while he s in town, things will be fine But fate has other plans

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      493 Chloe Cole
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    Chloe Cole is the New York Times bestselling author of steamy paranormal romance novels and one half of the happiest couple in the world She and her handsome hubby currently reside in Pennsylvania with a four pack of teenage boys and their two dogs, Gimli and Pug When she isn t acting as maid, chef, chauffeur, or therapist, she can be found reading just about anything she can get her hands on, from Young Adult novels to books on poker theory She hates bugs except ladybugs, on account of their cute outfits , but lurrves chocolate She also loves writing steamy romance stories, but also hopes to one day publish something her dad can read without wanting to poke his eyes out with sharp sticks If she had to pick another occupation, she would be a pirate Or, like, a ninja maybe Oooh, or a Gryffendor


  • Home for the Howlidays: A Montana Wolves holiday novella, is a good erotica paranormal romance which focuses on two members of the Prey pack - a clan of shape shifting werewolves - and can be read as a stand alone piece.The characters and plot were well developed and engaging and deals with social and psychological aspects of being part of a pack (not an action piece).I am, however, still not convinced by the erotica part, which I find unnecessarily explicit, and I feel it ends up cheapening and [...]

  • "Home For The Howlidays" Montana Wolves #5 is by author Chloe ColeMy Rating: 3.75 Stars"Home For The Howlidays" is book five in the Montana Wolves series. This was my first book by Chloe Cole. Although I didn't read any of the prior books in the series, I had no trouble enjoying it. I would like to read the others as well.This romance falls under the trope of second chance love.Nicklaus Maslov and Petra Stevens are both wolf shifters.Three years ago Klaus left his hometown in Stone Creek, Montan [...]

  • I was given an ARC by the author for an honest reviewKlaus left his pack unable to face the death of his twin and the fact that his father wants him to take over the pack anda matebut not the one Klaus wants.Petra had to go through 3 years of tears and struggles when he left.Now he is backCan he make it all right?Will she forgive him?ohhhhhh so short but so sweeeeeeeeet!!!An emotional strong story with springles of hot sex!So love this series by Chloe and i just want more!!!!

  • Never crazy when one partner makes a unilateral decision about something that effects both (because they think they know best). That being said, I was surprised at how much I liked this story. The ending was a sweet one.

  • Another great fast read. True mates who can not be together because of the old ways of the clan. Will the abide by it or run for the hills, must read.

  • Reviewed for theereaderjunkieYou know the plot : "I loved him, he left me without a word the morning after, he broke my heart, I'll never love again, blah blah blah" ? How many times have we read this ! However, this novella managed to make me buy it and I even found it understandable and believable (as far as paranormal goes).Yes, it's been 3 years and she's still not over him, but after all, they are shifters, this explains that. They were both in love 3 years ago, but Klaus is in line to be t [...]

  • I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this short story/novella. I just picked up this story as a free ebook and since I'd never read anything by this author before I had no idea what to expect. (You know how sometimes the ebooks are free for a reason?) But as I started reading I was swept up in the story. It was awesome learning about the wolf pack in Montana, where the story takes place, and all the characters relationships with each other. The characters all had quite a bit of de [...]

  • Klaus is coming home after a call from his Alpha father, it's time for him to take the reins as alpha, but he is still adamant about the mating rules, the reason he left his pack in the first place. If he can't be with his love and mate Petra, he doesn't want to be alpha If his father can't accept this well then he'll just have to leave for good.Petra has lived 3 years of hell after Klaus just walked out of her life with no explaination, now that she has put that behind her and even opened her o [...]

  • WOWAnother good read in this series. There is something about these werewolves/men that drives these books. There is something about a man who is willing to fight for the woman he loves no matter if it means leaving his family and all that he knows. Klaus is no different; he was willing to fight for Petra against his father. To take her away if they couldn't be together. Not change subjects, but these wolves/men too handsome for their own good. There something about "man" with chiseled features [...]

  • Klaus twin brother died and he gave up his true mate instead of staying around and to become alpha of his pack and have his father arrange for him to marry another. He could not ask Petra to chose him over the pack she loves. He's been gone for over 3 years and decided to come back when his father sends an urgent message to him. Klaus just hopes he doesn't run into anyone of his pack mates while he's in town. Petra finally opened up Caroline's with her best friend and is now standing on her own. [...]

  • Petra is a she wolf that gas been in pain since her true mate Klaus left her and the pack three years ago. She co owns a business with a human friend. Klaus gets a letter from his father, the Alpha calling him home, it is time to face his responsibilities including mating a female that is not Petra as arranged by his father. He comes back home and it's during a blizzard he walks into a restaurant to get hot soup to ride out the storm only to find himself tackled by the enraged Petra. Will these [...]

  • I read this as part of Kiss of Christmas Magic boxed set. As with most of the stories in it there were some spelling mistakes that progressively annoy me more and more. The story is nothing special but still sweet and it makes you believe that rifts can be bridged and broken hearths mended. I know there's a lot of backstory to this but honestly the story didn't grab me enough to want to learn more about the characters and the overall story. Still it was a pleasant read and if you like PNR and sh [...]

  • Short but sweet. This was a steamy little shifter holiday tale. I think it might have been deeper had I read the actual Montana wolf series but as a stand alone it was pretty good. Want to know where it fits all I can see if I learn more about the characters. If you like novellas, like steamy, enjoy kick ass supporting role friends (i loved Lita)& dig werewolves this is a great read. If not, keep shopping.

  • Bittersweet holiday story about unrequited love that gets a second chance. Klaus and Petra have suffered long enough . . .This is a quick little read that has well drawn characters in an untenable situation. How does the situation resolve? You'll have to read it to find out. Once again Chloe is able to pack a lot of everything you want in a story into a lovely little gem of a story.

  • Great short holiday story !! Chloe Cole write beautiful, romantic stories. Klaus is back home to settle business, and sees Petra, his love. They rekindle the flame, and he's decided to stay, he belongs in her arms. She wakes up the next day, he's gone, and she doesn't know how he feels.Deep characters, and hot sex make this story wonderful. ENJOY !!!

  • This is a short novella that is part of the Montana Wolves series. I felt it did fine as a stand alone but would recommend that you read the series to get the most out of it. The story slowly unfolds and all the questions are answered so hang on until the end. Klaus has sacrificed so much not to betray his love for Petra. Petra only sees his betrayal. Satisfying ending.Adult read

  • Nicklaus Maslov left Montana after his twin died and his father told him he had to marry for the good of the pack and not follow his heart. Petra Stevens is the girl he left behind. Now she runs a restaurant with a human friend who does not know she is a wolf.I liked the interaction with Nick and Petra. I wish more had been included with Nick and his father.

  • Reasonable holiday story about a shifter who reluctantly returns home after several years at the behest of his Alpha. He left because he was alpha-designate and expected to mate a female from a suitable bloodline. Problem was he was in love with someone unsuitable.It is clearly part of a serial and yet ok to read alone.

  • This book was ok. I didn't feel very holidayish after reading it, but it was a pretty good paranormal romance. I liked Petra. When she wasn't being emotional. I enjoy the family drama with Klaus and the way they work out. This is a good short story. Just not something I would say to read to get you into the holiday spirit.

  • AwesomeThis story was short and sweet. But I was still able to get the emotions of the characters along with a satisfying ending; which makes it awesome. It take talent to pack all that into a short story!

  • Holiday.HowlingVery short story, wolf pack's alpha son leaves for three years. Finally he is back. He mend the BrotherSoft of his one true love.A Sweet and quick story to read.

  • Quick Standalone Shifter BookKindle Unlimited read. He leaves because he can't have her. When his dad calls him back to the pack, he realizes she's all he's ever wanted. Will she forgive him for going away for 3 years? Will his dad finally accept her as his mate?

  • This is a cute little novella. I don't usually bother with books under a hundred pages, but I am glad I did with this one, it turned me on to a new author that I hadn't read before and I plan on reading other works of hers.

  • Fun and quick!Several typing errors, but it didn't detract from the story.Novella length, very quick read. But feisty fun characters that were easy to get attached too and feel for!Excellent read, I would highly recommend this!

  • Home for the Howlidays was a sexy and sweet short story. I liked the characters and will probably read more of this series. For $.99, this book is with the price. It's well written and has excellent character development for a short story.

  • Cute quick holiday story. Klaus returns to town and runs into the one person he hoped to avoid . Petra was just getting over the hurt when Klaus shows back up.

  • Short & very sweet seasonal delight. Klaus returns home to his pack and family. With hopes to relight an attraction with his true mate, if she will forgive him for leaving in the first place.

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