Whisper When Sophie stumbles into Rhys world she is mere whisper of herself A shell broken and battered by loss and neglect A weekend away and time with friends is what she needs What she gets is a sexy alpha

  • Title: Whisper
  • Author: Noelle Bodhaine
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Sophie stumbles into Rhys world she is mere whisper of herself A shell broken and battered by loss and neglect A weekend away and time with friends is what she needs What she gets is a sexy alpha male with a mysterious past, a reputation beyond measure and a need for control Gambling with one s heart is a dangerous affair and everybody knows you don t walk away fWhen Sophie stumbles into Rhys world she is mere whisper of herself A shell broken and battered by loss and neglect A weekend away and time with friends is what she needs What she gets is a sexy alpha male with a mysterious past, a reputation beyond measure and a need for control Gambling with one s heart is a dangerous affair and everybody knows you don t walk away from the table when you are winning.

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    Welcome to Noelle s world where creativity and filth comingle and make for a delightful cocktail to intoxicate your senses and fill your timeClassically trained in the art of procrastination, seduction and distraction.I m a lover of all things creative, books, movies, music, cooking and art A history nerd to my core and avid studier of powerful She wolves that have shaped our modern history I like to watch old movies when it rains and listen to dry satirical podcasts when I cook I make a mean Old Fashioned and love the smell of cigar smoke and old leather I write about men I want to love and places I want to go My laptop has become like an appendage as I never know when something deliciously dirty may pop in this crazy head I do my dreaming at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, surrounded by handsome young men who do not pick up their laundryNoelle loves to hear from her readers Social Media Linksfacebook noellebodhaine noellebodhainepinterest nbodhainetwitter noellebodhaineinstagram noellebodhaine


  • ★★★★★! Whisper, book 1 of 3. Sophie is ill-equipped to handle the hot-cold seduction of Rhys Slate!Books in The Voice Trilogy Series should be read in order:Book 1: WhisperBook 2: SpeakBook 3: ShoutWhisper (book 1) follows library employee Sophie Noelle and playboy, heir and business mogul Rhys Slate as they attend an off-site wedding. Nothing, I repeat nothing could have prepared Sophie for the enigmatic, commanding and determined Rhys. Well versed in the game of seduction with a pena [...]

  • 4.5 Smouldering StarsWhisper is one of those books where you fall in love with the heroine immediately. Sophie just wraps you around her finger. No man, no house, no job will ever be worthy of her. But she's very humble, sweet and kind. But leave it to the work of this author's literary debut to sweep me off my feet with Rhys Slate. He's rich, in control, interesting, flawed and delicious. At first you believe that there's no chance that anything can come from the pairing of this very real, very [...]

  • Can I just say I love taking chances on new authors because, 90% of the time, I find another to love. This is Noelle's debut novel and it's freaking awesome! It's got drama, action, emotion and hot, steamy sex. Let's talk about Mr. Rhys SlateWOW! A tall, lean, alpha male with dark hair, green eyes and a little chest hair. Hello hotness!! Rhys is a man who knows what he likes and can get what he wants. He has his eyes set on Sohpie, a shy, naive, laid back 24 yr old who is attending his brother's [...]

  • I read this book as an Arc in exchange for honest review. I Loved it because in a market saturated with set themes what comes out of it is a book written about two people who have been hurt. Sophie is a strong female lead who is coming out of a bad relationship but finds out she is an independent woman who is desirable. Rhys is a complex man who is intrigued by Sophie and what ensues is a slow seduction that goes up in flames and sets the book on fire. I loved it and can't wait for the next inst [...]

  • WOW incredible book was hooked from the first page This is a must read can't wait for the next book I want it now Well done Noelle bloody brilliant And very very HOT o Mr Slate is my new book boyfriend!!!! Xx

  • The opulent life style was over the top and the fling forgettable. I was intrigued by the cover and the other reviews.It's a story about Olivia's lavish wedding and the fine details associated with the occasion. A lot time is spent begging and swooning Sophie. Rhys winds her up sexually and just when Sophie caves something happens to disrupt the night. So far harsh words and distractions have caused problems for them to get their one night.Fantasy number one: catch the attention of a sexually ar [...]

  • I wanted to like this, but in the end I just could not connect as much as I would have liked to. You may like it.Sophie goes to her BFF's friends, Olivia's, wedding to Miami. There Sophie meets the rich playboy, Rhys. Rhys does not do relationships. However, he becomes friends with Sophie and begins to spend time with her. I liked that it was not insta-love, insta-sex, etc. There is drama in the fact that Rhys has slept with majority of Olivia's bridesmaids and sorority friends. Rhys also had so [...]

  • Well hello there Mr Slate. #MeetRhysSlate I loved loved loved this story. Rhys and Sophie are from different worlds but what I enjoyed most was how those worlds came together. Rhys was dark and mysterious everything a woman fantasises aboutor is he?I really liked Sophie from the beginning, she was vulnerable and then BAM Rhys walks in to her life like a tornado.I loved how this book ended. I can't wait for the next book.

  • I don't write reviews very often simply because I find most books have ended up reading too similar for me, Noelle has a refreshing style of writing. Cannot wait for the second installment of her work.

  • Omg. I've got a new love. Mr. Slate. This book is written so well. I love show both characters point of view in same book. I love the ups and downs. And I am now super excited for the next book to come out. Hurry hurry hurry. Loved it.

  • I like the story idea, but there's too many unneeded detailed information that sometimes distract me from the story itself.

  • I beta read this story in exchange for an honest review, but I have also preordered it, because Wow!! I was blown away that this is an author writing her first book! Noelle writes as if she is a seasoned author who truly knows her characters. She lets them come to life and you, the reader, get to soak it all in. She lets Sophie and Rhys tell their side of the story and involves the reader with their chemistry. Sometimes it is a toxic reaction that leaves you thinking, "What would I do in this si [...]

  • Thanx Michele ~ la Smoocherina for the recommendation!What a great debut novel. I really enjoyed Sophie. She is a down to earth woman who takes care of herself and never really expects too much out of life because of her past experiences. Along comes Rhys - the gorgeous seriously rich playboy. I really enjoy a story when the "girl next door" catches the eye and heart of what is thought of as an unobtainable man. What really made me like this story is that Sophie is very leery of the whole situat [...]

  • Hot hot hotWOW! This is one of the best debut books I've read in quite some time! Novell's writing is gripping, heart felt, and witty. Her ability to capture me and hold me in is astounding.Rhys is HOT HOT HOTeverything about him so far makes me yearn for more! Sophie is tough and soft at the same time. I love that she has some backbone but quivers when it comes to Rhys.This is a MUST read!

  • Rhys is sexy as sin and he has Sights set on Sophie. Wish I was Sophie.Sexy playboy with money finally sets his sights on the understatedly beautiful Sophie! This book gets 5 hot/angsty stars from me because the story isn't finished. The editing was phenomenal and this was an absolutely brilliant debut by Noelle Bodhaine. I only hope she doesn't keep us waiting too long for Book 2!

  • Why oh why had I not read this book before now? I know why. Life gets in the way and commitments take hold, but I am so glad I finally squeezed starting it in. Really that is all it took. Once I started I was completely HOOKED! I absolutely loved this story of Sophie and Rhys! I saw so much of myself in Sophie and I think if many of us are honest with ourselves we all do. She has been through more than most in her short 24 years and has found herself simply going through the motions of life. Not [...]

  • I came across this little gem through a teaser post on Facebook. Thought , you know, give it a chance. I was soooo glad that I did! What a brilliant debut book by Noelle Bodhaine. You need to met Rhys Slate. He is one smoking hot alpha male that will dominant you to a the end. He was very set in his ways of his lifestyle and was at the time quite content to be where he is.In walks Sophie into his life and he realizes just what he is missing. Sophie Noelle is the breadth of fresh air that Rhys (u [...]

  • After seeing this book cover in my circles, I had always wondered why this book was titled 'Whisper'. Now I completely understand why the author chose to name it that. Brilliant choice.You can't help but like the main character and her new man-crush. Cheering her on and wishing the best for her, with every turn of the page. There's something endearing about a character that struggles with life, with all it's ugliness and beauty. Isn't that true for each and every one of us? The love scenes were [...]

  • DNF @ 56%.I was really bored while reading this one. Most of the women, with the exception of the h, were greedy, slutty, and incredibly vain. There were no real characters here. The h was just a dull person with no personality. The H was a huge manwhore and a complete turn off. Nothing memorable here.

  • I love the mystery that is Rhys and I'm curious to see just how undone Sophie makes him. while her character comes off as simple she is anything but. this is truly a love story that will challenge the what it truly means to have control.

  • I love the intensity that is Rhys. He completely takes over Sophie in a what that she needs it and doesn't see it coming. The mystery behind the man add color to his character that I can't wait to read more about in the next book.

  • WisperWhat a great story. I loved every minute of the first story and am looking forward to the next book Speak. I wish I found this author sooner, I have become an instant fan.

  • Hmmmm.This book grabs you from the beginning. It pulls you in, deeper and deeper two completely different people, one wanting more and one wanting all.

  • CaptivatingCouldn't put it down. The story of Rhys & Sophie is all encompassing & beautifully written. Couldn't put it down

  • An angsty 4.5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️A great debut by noelle bodhaine, I can't wait to get me hands on book 2 !!! This has a great mix of steamy hot Sexcapades and gruelling angstyness !!!!!

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