Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation

Undeniable Evolution and the Science of Creation Evolution is one of the most powerful and important ideas ever developed in the history of science Every question it raises leads to new answers new discoveries and new smarter questions The science

  • Title: Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation
  • Author: BillNye
  • ISBN: 9781466869882
  • Page: 203
  • Format: ebook
  • Evolution is one of the most powerful and important ideas ever developed in the history of science Every question it raises leads to new answers, new discoveries, and new smarter questions The science of evolution is as expansive as nature itself It is also the most meaningful creation story that humans have ever found Bill NyeSparked by a controversial debate in Feb Evolution is one of the most powerful and important ideas ever developed in the history of science Every question it raises leads to new answers, new discoveries, and new smarter questions The science of evolution is as expansive as nature itself It is also the most meaningful creation story that humans have ever found Bill NyeSparked by a controversial debate in February 2014, Bill Nye has set off on an energetic campaign to spread awareness of evolution and the powerful way it shapes our lives In Undeniable Evolution and the Science of Creation, he explains why race does not really exist evaluates the true promise and peril of genetically modified food reveals how new species are born, in a dog kennel and in a London subway takes a stroll through 4.5 billion years of time and explores the new search for alien life, including aliens right here on Earth.With infectious enthusiasm, Bill Nye shows that evolution is much than a rebuttal to creationism it is an essential way to understand how nature works and to change the world It might also help you get a date on a Saturday night.

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    William Sanford Bill Nye, popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, is an American science educator, comedian, television presenter, actor, writer, scientist, and former mechanical engineer, best known in popular media as a science educator.


  • There are two things I learned about Bill Nye after reading this book:1. Nye has read Fifty Shades of Grey2. Nye really didn't care for his bossThus, concludes my learning.Oh, wait. There's more!The genesis of Undeniable: Evoulution and the Science of Creation stems from a debate that Nye had against Ken Ham, leader of an organization called Answers in Genesis.Ham is in favor of Creationism. Creationism is the belief that a higher power created the Earth a little more than 6,000 years ago. Nye f [...]

  • I learned so much from this book - not least of which is that Bill Nye has read 50 Shades of Grey My childhood has been ruined. Seriously though, this book is fantastic. I grew up watching Bill Nye The Science Guy and so, of course, when I saw that this book existed, I bought it on Audible. There's something so charming and personable about Bill Nye, and he makes science so interesting and exciting that I can't help but love the guy (even if he does make terrible decisions now and then - see abo [...]

  • This is an excellent explanation & overview of the processes of evolution. Nye is entertaining & has spent decades teaching science. He read the book himself & did a great job.The book evolved from the work he did in preparing for his debate with Ken Hamm, a Creationist who believes the world is only 6000 years old. I live an hour from Hamm's creation museum & their intentional ignorance is amusing, but only at first. Nye is very concerned for the children - rightly so - since th [...]

  • Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley.Disclaimer 2: I was a little too old for Bill Nye’s television show when it first came out. I watched it now and then, and laughed. But I wasn’t a serious viewer. Disclaimer 3: WTF is wrong with some people? Seriously, if I hear one more person ask me, what is wrong with teaching creationism in science class, I’m going to . . . um . . . I guess I am going to send them to Bill Nye.Disclaimer 4: That whole teach the debate thing that some people hype is just so [...]

  • I picked up Bill Nye's book because I wanted to surround myself with SCIENCE and FACTS and REASON and LOGIC.*And that's what I got, lots of great stories about evolution around the world and other scientific research into the origins of life. I listened to this on audio, which was mostly enjoyable. One minor quibble is that Bill Nye has a goofy sense of humor, and his frequent complaints about a former boss got a bit annoying. Other than that, I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a good [...]

  • Five stars! I loved this book - it should be mandatory reading in our High School curriculum. Nye narrates his own audiobook, which I found particularly enjoyable as his vocal nuances and inflections help to communicate his intent behind the text as only the author can deliver with authenticity. Not only is the science presented in an easy to digest format, but it is laid out logically and with the tongue-in-cheek humour for which The Science Guy has become renown. I like that he respects people [...]

  • The subtitle of this book is misleading. Nye spends only a little time confronting the "ideas" of creationists. When he does take on creationism, he limits his criticism to arch-lunatic Ken Ham's brand of creationism. And most of these arguments were well covered in his (excellent) debate with Ham. I'd recommend watching the YouTube video of their debate instead of reading this book.Most of the book is spent explaining basic evolutionary theory and offering interesting factoids about evolution, [...]

  • OK, so I haven't actually read the whole thing yet but I can't keep this on my currently reading shelf forever. I'm reading it one chapter at a time with breaks in between. As good as it is, as easy to understand as Nye makes everything, it's still a science book which makes for a bit of dry reading. If you can get this as an audiobook, I would highly suggest doing so.I've been a fan of Nye since Bill Nye the Science Guy was on TV. He's on my short list of favorite scientists. He makes very comp [...]

  • Going into this book, I was really hoping for a fun, interesting read. I mean, it's Bill Nye! But, as per my rating, I was incredibly disappointed. On numerous occasions, I found Nye to be quite rude, especially to those readers who believe in biblical creationism. Just because they don't believe in what you believe, doesn't mean you can be blatantly rude to their personal belief system. Next, I was hoping to find detailed accounts of the process of evolution of animals, plants and humans. But u [...]

  • This is a fine book about how creationism and its evil twin "intelligent design" aren't science and shouldn't be taught in schools, etc. Basically, it's the book version of his debate with Ken Ham, but with less of an Australian accent. Why did I give it two stars? Well, to be honest, the meat of it isn't that well researched. It's the equivalent you'd get from skimming on the topic. The Nye charm makes it enjoyable enough.For example, he gives an incomprehensible just-so story of the evolution [...]

  • Bill Nye seems to a "favourite uncle figure" to many in the US through his work as a TV presenter. That may compel people to pick up and read this book more readily than other books covering largely the same material, such as Why Evolution Is True or Why Evolution Works.As an educator with two biology degrees, I'm probably not the target audience for this book, though I'm in a good position to critique it. My conclusion is that at times Nye provides good explanations of biology that will be of i [...]

  • So let’s say you’re unsure on this whole evolution thing. You’ve got questions. But, for one reason or another, science never stuck with you in school. Maybe your classes (or teachers, sigh) were a bit on the boring side—lots of memorization and dull textbooks, and no explosions, no episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy on VHS on the bulky 27" CRT television wheeled out from the A/V cabinet (ahhh, those were the days). Or maybe you had the misfortune to attend an underfunded public school [...]

  • Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation by Bill Nye “Undeniable" is in outstanding book in defense of science and the grand theory of evolution. It’s a love of science and his quest to spread awareness of the ways evolution impacts our lives and what is at stake for all of us. Mechanical engineer, science educator, and Emmy award-winning TV personality Bill Nye the Science Guy provides readers with a gem. This enjoyable 320-page book includes thirty-seven chapters that cover a wide [...]

  • Educational, and Bill throws in a little wit in his writing to help the reader digest what could be taken as a complex subject. If you enjoy science, especially the subject of evolution, I would recommend this one.

  • I still believe that if Bill Nye was my science teacher, I would be a science teacher also. Instead I grew up dreading science and am a humanities teacher instead.

  • Oh, how I love me some Bill Nye. The best days of science class (elementary through high school) were the ones where the teacher rolled out that giant TV cart and this popped up on the screen:This book got its start after Nye participated in a creationism vs evolution debate in 2014.This book takes the arguments against evolution and counters them with science. So much science.I really like how Nye presented his arguments without bashing religion. He's fine with people believing what they want t [...]

  • Bill Nye sure knows how to captive and inform. Highly entertaining and funny, more than a science book has the right to be.

  • I've always been fascinated by science. While I struggled with the formulas in chemistry and physics, I was still interested in what made the world work. I was especially enthralled by biology and evolution. I was actually an anthropology minor in college because I just loved learning about it. Bill Nye wrote this book after his debate with Ken Hamm on February 4, 2014, at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY. The topic of the debate was "Is Creation a Viable Model of Origins?" (You can watch t [...]

  • A fairly well written, but misguided book. Despite the passive-aggressive title, Nye's point of view on science is highly deniable. Particularly because in his mind, "science" is interchangeable with "evolution". Chapter after chapter Nye recounts his version of "facts" that are based on a series of poor assumptions and questionable interpretations of data. I am far from a scientist, but even I could see equally plausible explanations with a creationist worldview from examples he provided for hi [...]

  • I think this is a really good starter book for those who didn't study the subject matter at hand. However, for those of us who did, it seems pretty basic. I learned all of this from middle school through college and I don't know I guess I was expecting something along the lines of Steve Jones' books, which always have those little known fascinating facts that even scientists feel wonder reading them.Also, I was really expecting Nye to crack down on creationism, but he only does it for a very sho [...]

  • I love Bill Nye. I can't help it. I raised my kids on PBS, which included 'Bill Nye the Science Guy'. My boys loved his show.Since I have a few complaints, I'll start with those before my I get to my applause. As he starts this book, he comes across as a little offensive. I'm thinking, "Do you really want to offend such a large percentage of your audience?" Really, I think I would have stopped right there, if it wasn't BILL NYE. I think if you want to write a book about evolution, then write a b [...]

  • Entertaining, thorough and utterly convincing - one might even say "undeniable" - argument for evolution as scientific fact, (although it kills me that evolution is still something that apparently needs to be "argued," but there we are, America).This is science the way I like it - slightly dumbed down for a slightly dumb reader like myself. Nye covers the topic from a wide range of angles, (perhaps a little too wide - Uncle Bill is obviously on a mission here, but I'm probably not the only reade [...]

  • I grew up with 3-2-1 Contact and Mr. Wizard. Bill Nye the Science Guy was a little late in the lineup for me. He didn't pop on my radar until a few years ago and even then he was usually buried in a list of science promoters I was more familiar with such as Neil Degrasse Tyson. My eldest is now in middle school and his science teacher likes to incorporate Mr. Nye episodes with the lessons. As I'm helping my kiddo with study habits, I've had the pleasure of seeing the program and I'm a little sad [...]

  • Okay, I come into this a little biased seeing as I loved Bill Nye to begin with because of his show. But this was an awesome read. Yes, the overarching topic is Evolution, but he covers so many areas with it (space, planets, dinosaurs, cloning, attraction, religion). I loved it. He takes at times quite complex ideas, dissects them and, to make sure you got his point, summarizes it beautifully in one final paragraph. With sensitive topics (i.e. religion) he does it in a professional manner and ev [...]

  • Bill Nye's charming narrative both got me floored and set me on thinking of evolution as something bigger than all of us. While I do believe in a God existing to design the universe, I believe that He (or whatever pronoun you choose to use) designed it in a way that is discoverable through science. This book provides an undeniably excellent perspective from the eyes of an agnostic science educator. That being said, everyone - whether they believe in God or not - can learn something or two from i [...]

  • In all honesty, I have 2 more chapters but I just don't care anymore. I already believe in evolution and I already read my high school and college biology textbooks, so I am just bored of this. Please don't stone me! I think Bill Nye is funny and brilliant but if you have seen his creationist debate with Ken Ham then you do not need to read this. Maybe I have just been dragging this out over several days and that killed the excitement for me? Maybe it's the end of year reading slump? I just don' [...]

  • This book reminds me of the adage "when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything around you looks like a nail." The author's droning on about virtually everything we have being a result of an understanding of evolution is not only a bit tiresome, but also a bit stupid. If this were the case, then how did we ever get what we had before 1859, when Darwin published his book. If he is anything in real life like he sounds in the book, I suspect he is somewhat boring. The book is a long tirade a [...]

  • Bill Nye the Science Guy is an extremely energetic educator. One need only watch his television program of the same name to figure that out. Alternatively, one could read this book, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation, and come to the same conclusion, as it reads much like a series of television episodes about evolution, each in his trademark style.Each the book's short chapters seemed to shift direction frequently and rapidly, yet they remained entertaining and educational. While [...]

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