Searching for Von Honningsbergs

Searching for Von Honningsbergs Lawson is sent overseas to retrieve three paintings for an exhibition He has a thorny love affair with an anorexic Russian Latvian firetwirler does a deal with two shady characters in Brazil and runs

  • Title: Searching for Von Honningsbergs
  • Author: Rowena Wiseman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 278
  • Format: ebook
  • Lawson is sent overseas to retrieve three paintings for an exhibition He has a thorny love affair with an anorexic Russian Latvian firetwirler, does a deal with two shady characters in Brazil and runs for his life from a madman in Beijing When Lawson discovers that he has actually become involved in an art world scam, he begins to question the true value of art.

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      278 Rowena Wiseman
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    Rowena Wiseman grew up in the south east suburbs of Melbourne Her education came mostly from reading Dolly magazine and J.D Salinger s The Catcher in the Rye, listening to Pulp s Common People and spending a year as an exchange student in Latvia.These days, she works in the visual arts sector and likes exploring Melbourne laneways and galleries for a new discovery that will give her goosebumps Rowena Wiseman writes contemporary fiction, young adult and children s stories She is the author of The Replacement Wife HarperCollins, 2015 , Bequest Tenebris Books, 2014 and Searching for Von Honningsbergs Leafless, 2014, longlisted for the 2007 Australian Vogel Award Subscribe to her blog for tips on reading, writing and publishing in the digital revolution rowenawiseman


  • The premise: an artist who works at a gallery in Australia goes abroad to secure the loan of some paintings by Von Honningsberg for a retrospective show. The narrator talks about the journey and also describes a lot of his own paintings and drawings done while on that journey, so that later when his work is curated by some bozo there won't be any ridiculous symbolic interpretations that he didn't intend.It's hilarious and brilliantly done. The writing style is quite colloquial and easy to digest [...]

  • After glancing through the sample and reading the first reviews of Rowena Wiseman's Searching for Von Honningsbergs, I admit I was expecting a very funny and very sassy satire of the art and museum world. I know very little about that world. I do like to wander in the occasional museum, but learned long ago that I need to look at each painting or sculpture for a while myself before reading the description or listening to someone’s critique. If I don’t, I find I can only see what the critique [...]

  • “Searching for Von Hinningsbergs” by Rowena Wiseman is a travel novel, a journey through time and space but also through personal growth and development. The first person narrator, an unappreciated art gallery employee named Lawson, is clearly not the same person depicted in the novel as the one who is telling the story. Years have passed, and the events related have had a major impact on him. He tells the story on two simultaneous tracks - the linear track of things as they happened, and th [...]

  • This is an excellent, excellent book. I think Lawson, the main character, would somewhat sympathize with my slightly regretful but unredeemed confession that I read it on someone else's dollar. So I'll write this review to make up for it a little. It has so many cheeky amusing parts, but at some point became very touching and moving. It wasn't a bit maudlin or overdone, so I didn't even realize that my emotions were involved until they were.But it was such a unique and interesting read that I'll [...]

  • Rowena Wiseman is a passionate, brilliant writer who, in Searching for Von Honningsbergs, has crafted a novel of bright and intriguing characters and beautifully described locales. The main character, an artist, offers vivid paintings to recreate his memories and experiences, and in doing so, draws the audience into new worlds filled with emotion, life and adventure. Sensational and compelling. A treasure of a book. I highly recommend.

  • Searching for Von Honningsbergs is an enjoyable book, with the writer taking the reader on a wild romp through the art world, and the acquisition of paintings. Lawson works for Bernard, and art curator who doesn't' t seem to care one but for his employees or even that much about art. He's sent Lawson on a trip to obtain the originals of Von Honningsbergs paintings that are in private collections. Amongst other places, Lawson travels to China (where he is sure he will be killed) and Rio where he [...]

  • n a search for lost pieces of Von Honningsberg artwork that takes main character Lawson around the world to such exotic countries as Latvia, Brazil, and Russia, the reader is taken on a journey of discovery not only of the inner workings of the art world itself but of the relationship that Lawson has to art and its place in our modern society. Through our travels with Lawson we cannot help but feel his complete frustration and contempt of his art curator boss Bernard, and his total sense of adve [...]

  • Rowena Wiseman’s “Searching for Von Honningsbergs” is a nice romp through the peculiarities of artists and the world of picture gallery ownership. More than that, it is the coming of age of the book’s main character, the blushing Lawson P. Peters, as a painter and an artist. The tension comes from never getting his dreams fully realized. I kind of wished it would have.To say that Lawson Peters is a bit of a frustrated artist becomes an understatement as he roams several continents to fin [...]

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