Agosto, foto di famiglia

Agosto foto di famiglia Per i Weston arrivato il momento di guardare in faccia il passato e le verit che taciute o ignorate da troppo tempo ne avvelenano il presente un caldo agosto in Oklahoma quando Beverly poeta alcoli

  • Title: Agosto, foto di famiglia
  • Author: Tracy Letts Adria Tissoni
  • ISBN: 9788817071536
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • Per i Weston arrivato il momento di guardare in faccia il passato e le verit che, taciute o ignorate da troppo tempo, ne avvelenano il presente un caldo agosto in Oklahoma quando Beverly, poeta alcolizzato e capofamiglia, scompare lasciando sola nella grande casa la moglie Violet, malata di cancro Per le tre figlie il momento di ritrovarsi con la madre e il restoPer i Weston arrivato il momento di guardare in faccia il passato e le verit che, taciute o ignorate da troppo tempo, ne avvelenano il presente un caldo agosto in Oklahoma quando Beverly, poeta alcolizzato e capofamiglia, scompare lasciando sola nella grande casa la moglie Violet, malata di cancro Per le tre figlie il momento di ritrovarsi con la madre e il resto dei parenti Ma i Weston non sono un nido familiare in cui rifugiarsi, sono una bomba a orologeria destinata a esplodere.Un testo tagliente, nero, grottesco e ferocemente ironico, dotato di un ritmo trascinante in bilico tra farsa e tragedia, Tracy Letts dipinge il ritratto di una famiglia in pezzi, alla disperata rincorsa dell ultima occasione di riscatto.

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    Tracy Letts is an American playwright and actor who received the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play August Osage County.Letts was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma to best selling author Billie Letts, of Where The Heart Is and The Honk And Holler Opening Soon fame, and the late college professor and actor Dennis Letts His brother Shawn is a jazz musician and composer He also has a brother Dana Letts was raised in Durant, Oklahoma and graduated from Durant High School in the early 1980s He moved to Dallas, where he waited tables and worked in telemarketing while starting as an actor He acted in Jerry Flemmons O Dammit , which was part of a new playwrights series sponsored by Southern Methodist University.Letts moved to Chicago at the age of 20, and worked for the next 11 years at Steppenwolf and Famous Door He is still an active member of the Steppenwolf company today He was a founding member of Bang Bang Spontaneous Theater, whose members included Greg Kotis Tony Award winner for Urinetown , Michael Shannon Academy Award nominee for Revolutionary Road , Paul Dillon, and Amy Pietz In 1991, Letts wrote the play Killer Joe Two years later, the play premiered at the Next Lab Theater in Chicago, followed by the 29th Street Rep in NYC Since then, Killer Joe has been performed in at least 15 countries in 12 languages.In 2008, Letts won a Tony and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for August Osage County It had premiered in Chicago in 2007, before moving to New York It opened on Broadway in 2007 and ran into 2009.His mother Billie Letts has said of his writing, I try to be upbeat and funny Everybody in Tracy s stories gets naked or dead Letts plays have been about people struggling with moral and spiritual questions He says he was inspired by the plays of Tennessee Williams and the novels of William Faulkner and Jim Thompson Letts considers sound to be a very strong storytelling tool for theater.


  • Tracey Letts is the son of Billie Letts who wrote Where the Heart Is and other novels, all taking place in Oklahoma. Following in his mother's footsteps, Tracey Letts became a playwright, most notably of August: Osage County, which won both the Pulitzer Prize for drama and Tony Award in 2009. In Osage County, the dysfunctional Weston family has gathered to assist their mother Violet after their father Beverly's funeral. Premiering at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theater, Osage County is a gritty family [...]

  • I stayed up late last night so I could finish reading Tracy Letts’s exquisite play, August: Osage County. I was fortunate enough to see it performed in San Francisco last month. I was especially fortunate to see Estelle Parsons reprise her Broadway role as family matriarch Violet Weston. I just learned that the woman is eighty years old! I can’t believe the things she goes through on that stage night after night. She is truly wondrous, and I think I can say with more than a fair amount of ce [...]

  • Oh. My. God. This play deserves every hint of praise and recognition it's ever been given. A perfect blend of realistic household bullshit and and spectacularly weird fuckeduppery, the Weston family grabbed my heart and ripped it out through my tearducts. How can you know when enough is enough? Or when it's not enough? How do you swim through oceanic waves of family crisis, when the breakers are nothing but violent reflections of your own personal doom? Goddamnit. This play is both human and ani [...]

  • Way better than expected. I hate to see Oklahoma so neatly dispatched, but at least it was an Okie who did it. Accurately.

  • A tragedy triggers a perfect storm that will leave the Weston family relationships in ruins. Talk about drama! I loved the author used humour to relive the hard blows that the family secrets delivered. I remember watching Maryl Streep (playing Violet) stunning performance in the movie version, and I loved reading the play just as much. 4.5 stars.

  • It seems like it's been far too long since we've had a living-room drama play that is actually touching and disturbing and hysterically funny as well. I snorted with laughter and cringed with disgust while reading this. It was easy to imagine it staged, a real plus for script reading!There are no heroes in this play. There are heroic moments by individuals, but really, no one comes away stronger or better off. A case could be argued for some, I suspect, and it could be staged or played that way, [...]

  • Hit the nail on the head with this one. Osage County has been dysfunctionally raw since the beginning. It is a place of treachery, murder, and hardship on the macro, and with this contemporary glimpse of the micro, this story is congruous with its past. The characters are alive. They breathe and weep and scorn through every scene. The plot was so simple that it had to be what it was. The plot was inevitable. Oklahoma was an ambivalent space of colliding cultures, not a melting pot but a caldron [...]

  • I saw this on Broadway so I'm going to count it as a read. Fantastic production with Estelle Parsons as the crazy mother.

  • dreamersandco/2013/02/Πώς έμαθα για το βιβλίο αυτό; Πέρυσι τα Χριστούγεννα στη Μαδρίτη ήθελα να δω μια θεατρική παράσταση. Ξαφνικά βλέπω οτι μια από τις πιο σημαντικές φιγούρες της ισπανικής θεατρικής σκηνής, Amparo Baró βρισκόταν σε έναν από τους πρωταγωνιστικούς ρόλους της παράστασης A [...]

  • Given that there aren't many 2-star-or-below ratings, nor reviews with such ratings, I figured I should write something that may give another reader some sort of review to relate with (as I was searching for one earlier, but was left disappointed by the rather superficial reviews, e.g. "I couldn't relate with the characters," or "It was strong and powerful, but I didn't really enjoy it," etc.).This play has a good amount of potential in it. References to Eliot's The Hollow Men, a set-up of comme [...]

  • This was a fast read because it is written in screenplay format. It does dyfunstional family well, drinking, drugs, cheating, lies and other secrets for this family in Oklahoma! I think its dark comedy at times (or to tell in the play format) but that's how my sense of humor took it. I liked this story better than I thought, I read this as its part of a 2016challenge I am doing!

  • So, this is pretty much just a screwed-up family. I love how it's a little dark and disturbing (view spoiler)[what, you're in love with your cousin? (hide spoiler)] to super disturbing (view spoiler)[just kidding, it's actually worse, you're sleeping with YOUR BROTHER, surprise! (hide spoiler)] to the cliche disturbing (view spoiler)[the soon-to-be uncle is a pedophile. didn't see THAT coming a mile away (hide spoiler)]. I did like the end with Violet though, (view spoiler)[the revelation that B [...]

  • After a month of reading She gave him a piercing lookThe wind moved through the trees like a restless lionHe gripped the mug and hot coffee sloshed over the table and long well-written examinations of inner thought and motive, I came toAugust: Osage County by Tracy Letts with anticipation.Dialogue.Clean, spare, pointed and well-written. Dialogue goes straight to this old director's heart. Unfortunately, I didn't like any but three of the characters in this bitter, recriminatory family-disintegra [...]

  • December of Drama 2015, day eightFrom Shakespeare to something a little more Greek in tenor. This is obviously harsh, dysfunctional family territory, stuff that immediately brings Eugene O'Neill to mind. It has that self-referential post-modern flavor, with the address-the-audience prologue where Beverly, the patriarch of the Weston family, more or less sets up everything that follows. There are so many brilliant, poignant lines, coming in the midst of (mostly) realistic situations and delivered [...]

  • Everything you want in a play. Zingers. Secrets revealed. Moments of action and danger. Strong female characters ripping each other, and their men, new ones.Don't see the movie. (The movie is never as good as seeing a live play).Don't even read this play, unless you have a mind to perform in it, or direct itJust wait for a chance to see it performed in your area.

  • More like 3.5. The beginning was kind of slow for me, but it really got interesting in act two. I was really surprised by a lot of the plot turns. Overall I liked it, but I'm not eager to write a paper on it. #bfaproblems.

  • A missing, and soon to be found dead, husband and father. A fervent matriarch suffering from a terminal illness. A detached, dysfunctional family gathered to bury a man for whom none of them cultivated a particular understanding. The Westons are finally succumbed to the notion they have been running from, and dreaded most- facing each other.It is a commonly accepted truth that family can indeed work both ways. Weather it helps you back to your feet, or breaks both your legs, a single fact remain [...]

  • "One of the last times I spoke with my father, we were talking aboutI don't know, the state of the world, somethingd he said, 'You know, this country was always pretty much a whorehouse, but at least it used to have some promise. Now it's just a shithole.' And I think now maybe he was talking about something else, something more specific, something more personal to himis house? This family? His marriage? Himself? I don't know. But there was something sad in his voice - or no, not sad, he always [...]

  • Families are…complicated. We all know that much. Basically, if Thanksgiving dinners broke out into car chases on an even semi-routine basis, none of us would ever feel compelled to go the movies again because you just can't beat the laughs, tears, sighs and shocks that accompany a gathering of liquored up people that you only even know as a result of genetic happenstance. Sometimes it's awesome, sometimes it's torture, but no matter what happens you end up building some ineradicable (if not he [...]

  • Η οικογένεια του Beverly Weston, ενός αλκοολικού συγγραφέα, και της γυναίκας του Violet Weston, που κατεβάζει χάπια λες και είναι κάσιους, είναι αυτό που λέμε "Jerry Springer’s wet dream"Αν δεν είναι η πιο δυσλειτουργική οικογένεια της Αμερικής, σίγουρα βρίσκεται στην πρώτη δεκάδα.Το μαύρο χιούμορ [...]

  • Good w/great scenery-chewing actressing roles esp Streep’s…yes, the queen’s in the adaptations of all the Drama Desk/Tony/Pulitzer winning plays. It’s the actressing-est play ever based on the Tonys. Her co-star is also Best Actress winner Julia Roberts who I’m guessing will be pushed supporting which I would not mind esp since I don’t see the Oscars being bowled over by 2 old actresses in the same year (Streep’s sister’s role won the Sup Tony.). It does feel a bit like too much [...]

  • I have no idea how this ended up on my to-read, but it was and I did and it is really good. LOTS and lots of female parts. Now, I have to figure out how to pitch it to a local theater group because I wanna be in this one. It is funny and dark and sad. It is a bit like Albee, but more modern. I think my sole complaint is that Letts is so obvious about her feminist critique. We have SEVERAL examples of aging women and discussions about men's animal sexual nature. She could have been a bit more sub [...]

  • I know I'm going against popular opinion here, but as I read this play, I felt as if Letts took all the main conflicts from the dysfunctional family Pulitzer plays and rolled them into one long work. As soon as you realize this is a no-holds barred situation, there are no longer any surprises in the play. We can see conflicts and revelations coming from a long way away. Crashing dishes to the floor and screaming does not cover the predictable plot points. There is a dark humor here, which I gene [...]

  • Reads better as a play then as a movie. I can better see the comedic part of the tradegy when reading the play. In my mind's eye Violet is a lot more dropsy and and even more inarticulate due to drugs and cancer and mismanagement of healthcare. The sisters in my minds eye are more clowns as vivid as shakespearean clowns. I will likely re-read this book on another day.

  • زیاد نمایشنامه نخوندم و این تقریبا دومی میشه پس نمیتونم بگم بهترین نمایشنامه ای هست که خوندم و خوشحالم فیلمش و فیلنامه اش هم خوب درامد.اما این حس نزدیکی به کتاب رو دوست داشتم از این جور اتفاقات هم خیلی زیاد در خانواده های ایرانی دیده میشه البته نه همش

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