Riders to the Sea

Riders to the Sea This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers You may find it for free on the web Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery

  • Title: Riders to the Sea
  • Author: J.M. Synge
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers You may find it for free on the web Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

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      278 J.M. Synge
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  • J.M. Synge

    Edmund John Millington Synge pronounced s was an Irish playwright, poet, prose writer, and collector of folklore He was one of the cofounders of the Abbey Theatre He is best known for the play The Playboy of the Western World, which caused riots during its opening run at the Abbey theatre Synge wrote many well known plays, including Riders to the Sea , which is often considered to be his strongest literary work Although he came from an Anglo Irish background, Synge s writings are mainly concerned with the world of the Roman Catholic peasants of rural Ireland and with what he saw as the essential paganism of their world view.


  • إن البحر ليس بهذا السوء، أقسم لكم أنه ليس كذلك!حسناً، ربما يعصف بمريديه أحياناً،ولكنه يقدرهم أحياناً أكثرفكم من سفينة وصلت أمنة إلي البر الأخر بواسطته وكم من أرض مطمورة أكتشفت بسببهوكم من خيرات منّ بها علينا!حسناً، أنا متحيذة له قلباً وقالباً،حتى وإن تحاملت على نفسي وأتخذت [...]

  • I've read this play in university but I couldn't remember the title. After intruding on Google by putting some keywords trial, I finally found it and re-read it. "Riders to the Sea" from now on will never be dismissed from my mind.The story tells about Maurya who has lost her husband, father-in-law, and five sons to the sea. As the play begins Nora and Cathleen (Maurya's daughters) receive word that a body that may be their brother Michael has washed up on shore in Donegal, far to the north. Aft [...]

  • It is undeniable that J.M. Synge was a very important Irish playwright of the early 20th century. These plays, especially, "Playboy of the Western World," are pivotal to Irish literature, and now, Irish culture. Any serious student of British drama, or actor should read both of these plays.On the other hand, it may not be an ideal idea for someone that does not fall into one of those two catagories. The dialectic style is very thick, and at times difficult to understand. "Playboy," an important [...]

  • جون سينج كاتب مسرحي أيرلندي و أحد أهم أعمدة الأدب الأيرلندي مع ييتس و السيدة جريجوري و أعمالهم هي التي حجزت مكانة للأدب الأيرلندي عند عمل الثلاثة علي إدراة المسرح القومي الأيرلندي ( آبي ) المسرحية صورة لصراع الطبيعة _ في المطلق _ و الإنسان و تسليمه بالقدر . تراجيديا مختلفة عن " [...]

  • How much better could live possibly be? I get to read Irish plays and discuss them with students. Life is grand!Riders to the Sea is a gorgeous play. The performance by Druid is superb (thanks, Zan!).

  • I was first introduced toRiders to the Sea by my mother, who actually took me to the performance when I was barely ten years old. The performance still haunts me and for me, Maurya would always be that petite, black-haired girl of eighteen, artificially made older through make-up and Bartley would always be the guy, who has evolved into a much older man now and who I keep bumping into in every other wedding. A lot of other readers would probably find Synge's writing a little difficult but I thin [...]

  • A tragic one act playAn Irish mother lost her husband and Six sons one by one for fishing Living near the sea-shore, their family income was fully depended on it for a long time In play we found Maurya mourning on her Micheal's (fifth son) death and warning Bartley (sixth) to not go to sea But Bartley being young,brave - without listening to his mother's words dared to go and came back as lifeless deadA mother's love, and pain for her children lose can only be felt by another motherwe can only p [...]

  • They're all gone now, and there isn't anything more the sea can do to me Here's the tragic one - act play one-act-plays/dramas/r

  • In place of earlier stories about guys who go on sea adventures, this is a drama about the women who were left behind, forced to grieve the loss of fathers, husbands, and sons, and powerless to do anything about it. In place of earlier London comedies containing one-dimensional and often foolish Irish characters, and recent literary revivals with arguably over-idealized Irishness, this drama portrayed the rural poor of Ireland with a clear range of personalities and feelings as they attempt to p [...]

  • Really 3½ stars and 4 stars for the full cast LibriVox recording (the last play in a collection of one act plays found here).I read this extremely short one act play (contained in the book Five Great Modern Irish Plays) while listening to the LibriVox recording. The Irish voices of the cast helped bring the play to life for me. The play itself is very sad, about a woman who (view spoiler)[loses her last remaining son to an accidental drowning just the day after another son's body has been ident [...]

  • امتلكت هذه المسرحية بطبعتها المترجمة عن طريق دكتورة الشعر د. منيرة المهاشير /هذه القصه تعلمنا ان الاقدار حاصله ولاسبيل لمجاهبتها ، وانه لابد من الإستسلام لها . موريا المرأة الاربعينيه التي فقدت ابنائها الاربعه ، زوجها وابيه غرقاً تظهر كعجوز مسنه من شدة الأسى علي فقدان من اح [...]

  • First, I didn't read this particular edition of the play.I think Riders to the Sea is good, but I would prefer to see it acted rather than to read it. I feel like a lot of the play depends on the emotions of the actors, the performances, and I struggled to get a good sense of how the emotions would play. Also, based on the introductory material I read, the play has a strong element of atmosphere and foreboding, which of course is not felt when one is reading (though one can get a sense of the fo [...]

  • In this vast universe, we try to survive depending on somebody or something. Ultimately, we find that we lose whom we took as our means to survive, means to live. But is our life meaningless without our loving persons? Absolutely not. We try to live again. We are to be satisfied and happy, with what is destined for us. In the same manner, the tragic character Maurya utters the truth of our fate and says in the concluding speech of the play: "No man can be living for ever, and we must be satisfie [...]

  • actually, i finished this book three years back but forgot to add in the booklist. yes, memory deceives. i suddenly reminded of this play while reading joyce's "ulysses" where there is a character called synge. memory does the trick. and, i reminded of the book, suddenly. *grins*p.s. i am so much thankful to "ulysses" for many reasons. this is one of them, to say the least one. *grins*

  • I had a hard time with the dialect but the sense of loss and anguish was palatable. It is only 18 pages long. I found his The Aran Islands compelling and equally tragic. It is a play that stays with you. I am longing to hear it (or see it performed) rather than read it.

  • المسرحية عنوان المجموعة متأثرتش بها."قبل الإفطار" ليوجين أونيل و"أعداء" لنيث بويس وهتشنس هبجود و"خطاب اللورد بايرون الغرامي" لتينيسي ويليامز و"رحلة سعيدة" لثورنتون وايلدر- مسرحيات جميلة جدا.

  • "Happiness is but the occasional episode in the general drama of pain" . And happiness is almost a non-existent entity in the general drama of pain that constitutes 'Riders To The Sea'. One of the most shortest plays i have ever read, this play is a one-act tragedy which can devastate even a first-time reader of plays with its magnificent portrayal of human helplessness in the brutal face of nature and death. the scene of action is limited, the main characters few with some background members. b [...]

  • Synge has a remarkable ability to set the mood and conjure the atmosphere of the Aran Islands. Even if the dialogue is a bit awkward to comprehend at times for this American reader in 2017, I appreciate Synge's unique gift to transport me to a very specific time and place in Irish history through his language. This one-act play is dark (in theme and atmosphere) and has a strong undercurrent (pardon the pun) of Naturalism. After reading this and The Playboy of the Western World, I want to read Sy [...]

  • Old woman who bore six sons sees the confirmation of the death of one, and the death of the last son she has left. She and those remaining rail against the cruelty of the sea. Short and powerful, this play highlights the uselessness of man's struggle against nature. The sea has taken the protagonists husband and sons. There is nothing to be done. The plays sweeps you to the place where you feel that. Recommend.

  • I loved the feel of this play. I came away with an understanding of what life was like for these people. The language was a little difficult to get used to at first, but in the end, it lent to the atmosphere.

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