God's Hammer

God s Hammer History and legend combine in the gripping tale of Hakon Haraldsson a Christian boy who once fought for the High Seat of a Viking realm It is A D and the North is in turmoil King Harald Fairhair

  • Title: God's Hammer
  • Author: Eric Schumacher
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  • Page: 245
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • History and legend combine in the gripping tale of Hakon Haraldsson, a Christian boy who once fought for the High Seat of a Viking realm.It is 935 A.D and the North is in turmoil King Harald Fairhair has died, leaving the High Seat of the realm to his murderous son, Erik Bloodaxe To solidify his claim, Erik ruthlessly disposes of all claimants to his throne, save one hHistory and legend combine in the gripping tale of Hakon Haraldsson, a Christian boy who once fought for the High Seat of a Viking realm.It is 935 A.D and the North is in turmoil King Harald Fairhair has died, leaving the High Seat of the realm to his murderous son, Erik Bloodaxe To solidify his claim, Erik ruthlessly disposes of all claimants to his throne, save one his youngest brother Hakon.Erik s surviving enemies send a ship to Wessex, where the Christian court of King Athelstan is raising Hakon Unable to avoid his fate, he returns to the Viking North to face his brother and claim his birthright, only to discover that victory will demand sacrifices beyond his wildest nightmares.I was swept up in the action and enthralled by the descriptions of Hakon s struggle Roundtable Reviews I highly recommend this historical fiction novel, both for its entertaining story and historical information Historical Fiction Review

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    Eric Schumacher 1968 is an American historical novelist who currently resides in Santa Barbara, California, with his wife and two children He was born and raised in Los Angeles, and attended college at the University of San Diego At a very early age Schumacher discovered his love for writing and medieval European history, as well as authors like J.R.R Tolkien and C.S Lewis Those discoveries continue to fuel his imagination and influence the stories he tells His first novel, God s Hammer, was published in 2005 Its sequel, Raven s Feast, was published in early 2017.


  • It's no surprise that this book is a bestseller right now. I picked it up because I'm OBSESSED with Viking stories right now and this looked just as intriguing as any. I wasn't wrong. I'm coming off just finishing Bernard Cornwell's ten book series in a month, so my standards were set pretty high. I hadn't even known the genre was for me. I was shocked when this entertained me just as much. The writing is phenomenal, with great imagery and a fast-paced storyline. It's written in a way that isn't [...]

  • God’s Hammer is a story about Hakon Haraldsson (later known as Hakon the Good), youngest and illegitimate son of Harold Fairhair, 10th century King of Norway. While still a boy, Hakon was sent to England for safekeeping and was fostered by King Athelstan, who took the trouble to raise him as a Christian. When his father died, Aethelstan sent the fifteen year-old Hakon back to Norway to claim the throne from his violent brother, Eric Bloodaxe. Of course, considering his upbringing, the Norwegia [...]

  • An interesting tale of the first Christian King in Norway, Hakon, a son of King Harald.  Sent to England as a young boy to be fostered by King Aethelstan, he is weened off the old gods and when he returns to claim his kingdom, he comes as a baptized and committed Christian.  As you can well imagine that presents some challenges as Hakon strives to garner support for his rise to power.  The author's depiction of the young, naive and certainly impetuous Hakon, who is thrust into the mayhem of w [...]

  • Eric Schumacher has created the most evocative tale in his stunning novel — God's Hammer.Set in 935 AD, God's Hammer tells the story of Hakon Haraldsson (Haakon the Good), from the moment he arrived at King Athelstan of England's Kingdom as a young boy, to the harrowing battle with his eldest brother, Eric Bloodaxe.This book completely drew me in. The research that has gone into God's Hammer has to be commended, and it is incredibly rich in historical detail. It was as if I was looking through [...]

  • History, legend, and fiction blend together with an expert hand in “God’s Hammer”, a gripping historical fiction novel by Eric Schumacher.The novel covers Hakon Haraldsson early life in the court of King Athelstan of England, his foster father, and Hakon’s eventual return to Norway to face his murderous brother, Erik Bloodaxe, in a battle to seize the throne.I really enjoyed the action and adventure and was quickly drawn in with the great descriptive writing and well developed characters [...]

  • God's Hammer is an intriguing story with all the hallmarks of the fraught nature of dynastic successions. Mr. Schumacher has done his research and knows his history, but is also not overly preachy about the historicity of the subject he broaches. The story moves along quite nicely and builds to an intense, page-turning ending. It's a great first novel and I will definitely be reading the next in series.If you enjoy stories about the Vikings, this is a fun read.

  • ThrillingVery interesting story of a time and people I knew little about. The war scenes and political maneuvering are very well portrayed.

  • Well written grand storyThis book has the feel of the time in which it is set. There is just enough of the old language to enhance the storey and not too much to detract from the enjoyment in reading or the pace of the tale. Makes me realise how similar to English history other countries were at this time. Men strong in character struggling to survive them dominate them mould countries and history. As you may have guessed i loved the book.

  • Excellent and well researched historical fiction. A very realistic, multi-faceted and flawed protagonist. Highly recommended.

  • BrilliantNow this why history is so interesting. Everything that is modern day. Cooperation, greed,politics,religion, violence. All the things used today. Everybody can read this,it has a good adaptation, to modern day thinking. Treat yourself, you will en joy it.

  • Fine bookGreat adventure. History is of no consequence here. It's still a good story well told. I probably won't get the next in th series.

  • Fantastic read!Great story, unforgettable people great read. Absolutely read itI am heading to the next book, I can't wait! What a treasure!

  • 3,5 starsWhen Hakon was a child he was sent to England into King Athelstan’s court where he was raised as a Christian. When his father Harald Fairhair dies, Hakon is sent back to home to capture the throne from his bloodthirsty brother Eric Bloodaxe. Being a Christian amidst the pagans, he was viewed with suspicion. He was horrified by the Viking practice of human sacrifice but knew he needed allies if he wanted the crown so he couldn't protest too much.There were battles, blood and action and [...]

  • This was one of the best books I've read in a long time, in any genre. A lot of historical fiction tends to bog the story down with too much description or history, a lot of which isn't essential to the story. This book was a perfect blend of plot, characters and pacing. I found myself craving, then savoring each chapter as I joined the journey of Hakon from foster child to eventual king. The book ended with a satisfying conclusion and was left open for an eventual sequel, which I hope the autho [...]

  • Very easy read. Ive already started the second book in the series Ravens feast. Ive read similar series of viking fiction based on history. And as i read this story alot of the events in other fictional history stories coinside. Hakons saga is an on the edge of your seat story thats hard to put down. I think i read it in 2 1/2 days.I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in viking fiction or action darama an some history in between.Enjoy it.

  • Well downbeat I enjoyed the book, though I do wonder about Hakon being the only person for Christianity at this time. Certainly by the time of Hakon there would have been Christian missionaries working in Norway with varying degrees of success. The notion that he alone brought Christianity to the Norway seems a bit far fetched. Still though I enjoyed the story.

  • This book was well written and the story well developed. My biggest problem is that there is no sequel. I would like to see what happens next with Hakon and Norway. With the TV series the Vikings and The Last Kingdom, it seems like there is interest in this period in history. I hope this book develops a following to reflect that.

  • Good read from the first pageHuman emotion, tough decisions hold this tale together as it follows the history of English and Viking nobility. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel.

  • It hooked meThis is an enjoyable, fast paced historical novel. I found it to be well written and very interesting, full of information on Norwegian culture and religion in the Europe of the 900's AD.

  • Amazing storyFrom the first word to the last, this was one of the most fascinating stories to read. Hakons history has been written many times by different authors and I have to say that this one was by far one of the best ones so far. Unforgettable

  • Good read!A very clever blend of history and fiction of the First Viking Christian King. A page turner and a very good read!

  • God's HammerThis was an excellent read from Eric Schumacher. You feel transported as if you were the character. I will recommend this book and it's author.

  • God’s Hammer imagines the life and ascension of Håkon Haraldsson, the youngest son of Harald the fairhaired, the first king of Norway. It is historical fiction, with an emphasis on FICTION, as little is known about this particular King Håkon except the facts stated: he was born to Thora Mosterstang and grew up as the foster son of King Athelstan, a Christian king in Wessex. He fought his older brother Eric Bloodaxe, removed Eric from the throne, and built himself a political base amongst the [...]

  • Recommended!This story moves very fast and is without the in-depth and sometimes annoying intricate details that don’t add much, therefore, I give it a thumbs up!I believe the writer could have let the reader get more intimate with the characters nonetheless. If you enjoy a page-turner & great Northmen story about some very real historical characters, you will like this book. I look forward to the next in the series about Hakon’s adventures.

  • The most awesome Viking book I've ever read. This book is very well written and the author took the time to do his homework. Mr. Schumacher has studied the Vikings with the fierceness of a warrior. This book is informative and it takes time to read, because you don't want to overlook anything. I highly recommend this book to every Viking fan.

  • This book was really well written and I wanted to like it more than I did. I realize that Hakon is SUPPOSED to be a whiny, petulant teenager, but it just becomes overbearing after a while. He's not thankful to anyone who helps him, and he stumbles across victory after victory. Where's Egil's saga? I would read that one.

  • Riveting yet sadThis is a glorious account of the start of the first Christian king among the Norse. Incredible details of daily life & a heart pounding battle bring this time to life.

  • Some historically interesting details but another story that had me thinking overwhelmingly that religion has managed to ruin everything. Now I have to go find out WTF Erik Bloodaxe did to fuck up Orkneyjar (where my family comes from). 😏

  • There were parts I loved and a couple that dragged. All in all I liked the book. A good story. Where pulling for the Christian doesn't seem like a bad thing. I look forward to reading the 2nd book.

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