Heart of the Billionaire ~ Sam

Heart of the Billionaire Sam Heart Of The Billionaire The Billionaire s Obsession Sam GENRE Adult Contemporary Erotic RomanceAuthor Note This novel is the complete story of Sam and Maddie but reading The Billionaire s Obsession

  • Title: Heart of the Billionaire ~ Sam
  • Author: J.S. Scott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Heart Of The Billionaire The Billionaire s Obsession Sam GENRE Adult Contemporary Erotic RomanceAuthor Note This novel is the complete story of Sam and Maddie, but reading The Billionaire s Obsession The Complete Collection Simon and Kara s story first is highly recommended to enhance your reading pleasure Sam and Maddie are here Billionaire Sam Hudson has pretHeart Of The Billionaire The Billionaire s Obsession Sam GENRE Adult Contemporary Erotic RomanceAuthor Note This novel is the complete story of Sam and Maddie, but reading The Billionaire s Obsession The Complete Collection Simon and Kara s story first is highly recommended to enhance your reading pleasure Sam and Maddie are here Billionaire Sam Hudson has pretty much lived his life with no apologies because he tries never to do anything that he s sorry about except for what he had done in the past to Dr Madeline Reynolds Many years and regrets later, Sam meets up with Maddie again by chance his brother Simon is marrying Maddie s best friend and the two of them are forced to be civil But Sam wants to be than polite, and he wants another chance to make things right, so he offers Maddie a bold proposition, an offer he knows she ll have a very hard time declining even though she hates him.Dr Madeline Reynolds adores her best friend Kara and her fianc Simon, but being forced into the company of Sam Hudson, because they are both in Simon and Kara s wedding, is pure torture She s hated Sam for years, but when he offers her a bargain, something near and dear to her heart, she s torn between her dislike for the man and the offer of something she s always desperately wanted Once, Sam Hudson nearly destroyed her, but Maddie discovers that sometimes things aren t always what they appear to be Is Sam really a devious heartbreaker, or is there something to him beneath the surface Can two people with so many years of hurt between them learn to trust each other again Please note This is an erotic romance and not appropriate for YA readers The book contains graphic sex, language and situations not appropriate for YA readers.

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  • Hero is not celibate during separation.which is a BIG disappointment as I really liked him and the heroine.why would he want to sleep with OW's when he knew the heroine was for him and he would claim her either way? That ruined the book for me!

  • One of my hot steamy favorites! My fav of the Billionaire's Obsession Series.Book length: 286 pages per You have to start out by reading The Billionaire's Obsession: Mine For Tonight Mine For Now Mine Forever Mine CompletelyThis novella series is continued in Heart of a Billionaire with Sam and Maddie's love story. This pair, out of the three is my favorite. Maddie is a dedicated doctor with a past. A past with Sam who she desperately wants to continue hating. You'll find out why he walked away [...]

  • OMG!!! WOW!!! Jeezzz I really didn'y think this series could get any better but I was so very wrong!! I loved it!! Sam and Maddie are the best and I'm so glad they finally got back together! I gotta say that I was a little bitter when I found out how he had hurt her but then the truth came out and yeaI was hooked on everything SAM,lol.Loved The fact that they always missed and needed each other(sigh) I love that they never got over each other and arent scared to admit it:)They really do deserve [...]

  • Oh boy, I LOVED this book, as much as I loved Simon and Kara's story this for me was even better, it's all in there, heartbreak, sex, love and laughter.As much as I loved the sex in the first books, I think that Sam and Maddie just go together this book for me was a lot more emotional, it seemed easy to get attached to both of these characters and all I wanted was to see them together.Sam is so misunderstood, he had to lose the one person who he has ever loved for reasons he wasn't able to tell [...]

  • I love Jans AKA J.S. Scott's books. I have not read one that I have not liked. U love the characters in the book and they become it book boyfriend unroll u read the next. Lol, FANTASTIC Author.This is a story about Sam, Who is a billionaire business man. He Is a love um, leave um kind of gut. That is till he sees the only women he loved. He is on a missions to get her back. Sam will stop at nothing to make it happen.Massive is a volunteer at the hospital in her town, along with owning her own cl [...]

  • This was the story of Simon's brother Sam it was an excellent story of how hate can turn into love when you not excepting it .!!!!!!!!!! I am looking forward to reading more of the billionaire series

  • A ROMANTIC READSam and Maddie were first introduced in The Billionaire's Obsession: The Complete Collection Boxed Set (Mine For Tonight, Mine For Now, Mine Forever, Mine Completely). It was obvious reading that series, that there was history between Maddie and Sam. Not good history either.This is their story beautifully written as usual by this author. The prologue lays out this couples history, and the reason for Maddie's dislike and distrust of Sam Hudson. Maddie is not happy to be around Sam, [...]

  • "She's going to marry me," he told his mother stubbornly. "She's educated, she's smart and she's beautiful. Stop treating her like you have dominant caveman genes and maybe you'll succeed. You can't just club the woman over the head and drag her away to your cave. She deserves your respect," Helen admonished him.Simon snagged his arm, uttering in a low voice, "I say stick with the plan. Use the club if you need to."I FREAKING LOVE THIS SERIES! Each story has its own unique plot and it never gets [...]

  • Sam and Maddie have loved before - when they were younger - but circumstances separated themSam Hudson has never forgotten the girl he left behind and Madeline Reynolds has never forgiven himSam and Maddie are thrown together, once again, for the marriage of Simon and Kara, Sam's brother and Maddie's best friendWill they be able to overcome the hurt from the past and move on with the present into the future?Sam once destroyed Maddie's life - for a reason unknown to her - will she be able to see [...]

  • Sam and Maddie have a past and you can see it in Sam and Kara's book, but that past wasn't what I expected. I expected the billionaire playboy and got something totally different. Sam leaves Maddie thinking he is protecting her when all he does is break her and himself They both pick up their lives and act as if nothing is wrong when in all honesty all they want is to be with the other. Will him being Simon's brother and her being Kara's best friend work in their favor? Also will Maddie have a f [...]

  • I really loved Sam Hudson and Dr. Madeline Reynold's story. After reading The Billionaire's Obsession, I did not think I could love two characters more than I did Simon and Kara, but I was wrong. When I first read what had happened to these two in the past, to make Maddie think so little of Sam, I kinda disliked him myself. But once the reason for him treating her the way he did came out, it changed my whole attitude about him. Sam is dominate and very possessive, but he also has a gentle, sweet [...]

  • Like all the books I've read of Jan's this one did not disappoint. I loved Sam and Maddie's story. There were 3 'oh my, I didn't see that coming' moments. I loved the twists and definitely didn't see some of them coming. Without giving too much away I loved how we got to see what happened in the past with Sam and Maddie and how they came back to each other through Kara and Simon. I love a good happily ever after moment. You will not be disappointed in this book.You don't have to read Simon's sto [...]

  • Wow. This the love story of Samuel Hudson & Dr Madeliene Reynolds is intense. Sam being the older brother of Simon whom we read about in The Billionaires Obsession. Sam's just as alpha dominant as Simon was. Fantastic story, so much history to be revealed between Maddie & Sam. Their pasts are at times quite gut wrenching with the amount of pain they have been through. Sam just like Simon has lived such a life before they became the billionaires they are today. You think gaining all that [...]

  • Enjoyed this addition to the Billionaire series. But Sam and Simon REALLY need to get together and have a heart to heart regarding their difficult teenage years!Thought Sam did a great job at getting back in Maddie's good graces. Thought the reason for the rift was a wee bit of a stretch and damn, it was a loooong time apart.Notes:Sometimes I find the funniest lines to be ones from the supporting characters - when Simon and Kara are getting married:Turning his head briefly toward the man of the [...]

  • Simon and Kara have gotten their happily ever after. They are expecting a baby and get married. Now its Sam's turn. I've wondered what happened between Maddie and Sam since they first mentioned it well you dont have to wait any longer. This book is about Sam and Maddie. You finally find out exactly what happened between the two of them so many years ago and you don't even have to wait very long in the story either. Sam had always been somewhat pushy but I've alway been a fan. You find out more i [...]

  • This was a beautiful love story of two people destined to be together. But Sam's trying to protect Maddie broke her heart when they were younger. Now the question is after so many years can he get her back and explain why he broke her heart? Will she believe him? Can she forgive him? Destiney pulls them back together to realize how much they truely love one another. Sam does everything in his power to show Maddie how he can't live without her. She met Sam in college and fell head over heels in l [...]

  • I loved The Billionaires Obsession books and fell in love with Simon, this story continues from these books & gives readers the chance to know more about Simon's brother Sam and his relationship with Maddie. This writer is so amazing she drags you into the story so fast that you won't be able to resist reading the full series. They are fast paced, hot & sexy stories with fantastic characters which leaves you wanting more :) I read them all within 3 daysjust couldn't put them down!I perso [...]

  • This is Sam & Maddie's story. We hear about what happened to split the two of them up years ago & also why. Sam really is a sweetheart! He demands that Maddie marry him, but hasn't asked her, so her response is "we can talk about it." Max a business friend of Sam & Simon asks Maddie out to dinner & she goes. There is something about Max that draws her to him. Maybe it's the fact that he lost his wife and she can feel his loneliness. In the end, Sam ends up jumping a banister and [...]

  • Sam: I don't need anyone! I screwed up once and will never be happy again!Maddie: I don't need anyone! I was heartbroken once and won't ever let it happen again!Both of them need each other and have loved each other for so long that they were simply miserable! Another "victim" of the Caveman Syndrome, Sam is in your face, I know what I want and I will get it! Maddie is such a caring person and Sam will do ANYTHING for her! Another strong love and just an amazing addition to this series! And defi [...]

  • J.S. Scott did not disappoint in this book 4 of The Billionaire's Obsession. We finally get to see what did happen between Sam and Maddie, why she hates him so much and watch them fall in love all over again.I love Sam in this serieshe makes me laugh, and his bantering with Maddie cracked me up. One thing I totally did NOT see coming was Max being Maddie's brother. I kinda want to read more about Max, and see him get another chance at a HEAhe deserves it after the heartache he has already been t [...]

  • Loved this book! Sam and Maggie shared a past until Maggie thought he had cheated on her. She had no idea it was all an act to protect her from the dangerous men from his fathers life that he was working with the FBI to take down. For years she hated Sam for hurting her. She never enjoyed sex or lived another man because she compared them all to Sam. They meet up years later. She is a doctor and he is a billionaire business man. Sam has to fight to win back her trust and love. Slowly but surely [...]

  • I love this series!! I love the dominating yet loving and possessive nature of the Hudson men. I love how the heroines are educated and strong in their own rights. The author has done a great job of including just the right amount of sex and love in these novels. I appreciate how well the stories wrap up without leaving you with that wtf feeling. I was pleasantly surprised with this story considering it was about the all too familiar Billionaire story line. The characters really make you fall. O [...]

  • Absolutely loved this story!! I knew, from the teaser of Mine Forever, that Sam loved Maddie. He was so concerned for her and their chemistry was off the charts. But in this book I got to see his POV and to really see how much he loved her and cared for her and really just needed her. The things he did to save his brother then to save Maddie it was heartbreaking. It made me love him even more. Great book sooooooo worth reading!!!!

  • Erotic, Sexy, mind blowing and emotional. You will get it all with this book and more. It picks up where the previous book in the trilogy left off with a little more character, a lot more drama and sex and much more about each character and even introduces you to who the characters actually are and have become. You will love how each story plays out, but this was one of my favorites so far. One of the best Short trilogies I have read, and the sex scenes will blow you away.

  • Even though it was very similar to Simon story it was another great book, loved the story behind it and the mystery that surrounds these two brothers, would have liked to delve more into Maddie's side of story but I'm looking fwd to read Max's book.

  • I loved reading the whole story between Maddie and Sam. However both brothers, Simon and Sam, were fucked up because of their past. It made the novels better and worse in some ways but similar and good in others. Either way, I enjoyed the read. 5 stars.

  • Another fairly quick read, a bit far fetched in places but that didn't stop me loving Sam and Maddie's story. Again, I smiled all the way through :-D

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