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Home by Morning October En route from New York to Seattle Jessica Layton stops for a visit in her hometown of Powell Springs Oregon and comes face to face with Cole Braddock her first and only love from year

  • Title: Home by Morning
  • Author: Alexis Harrington
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • October 1918 En route from New York to Seattle, Jessica Layton stops for a visit in her hometown of Powell Springs, Oregon, and comes face to face with Cole Braddock, her first and only love from years ago Now Jessica is a highly accomplished clinical physician preparing for an exciting new job in Washington, and Cole is a successful horse breeder who is courting her sisOctober 1918 En route from New York to Seattle, Jessica Layton stops for a visit in her hometown of Powell Springs, Oregon, and comes face to face with Cole Braddock, her first and only love from years ago Now Jessica is a highly accomplished clinical physician preparing for an exciting new job in Washington, and Cole is a successful horse breeder who is courting her sister Amy Both are convinced they have moved beyond their youthful passion and the heartbreak it produced nonetheless, they are grateful that Jessica s brief visit will leave little opportunity to rehash old wounds But before Dr Layton can leave town, Powell Springs is hit hard by the influenza epidemic ravaging the country With no other doctors available, Jessica must remain in Oregon and tend to her friends and former neighbors Her work brings her in constant contact with Cole, and with each passing day he finds it harder to convince himself that mild tempered Amy can fill his heart as Jessica once did Set against the gritty backdrop of World War I and the epidemic of 1918, Home by Morning is a raw, compelling story of betrayal, heartbreak, and redemption.

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    I ve been a self employed working novelist for the past twenty years Of all the books I ve written I ve had just one foreign sale, and that was THE IRISH BRIDE, which was translated into Norwegian, where I understand it was a big hit.I also make jewelry and I m a fine needlework artist, specializing in embroidery, thread crochet, and sewing I love to cook, read, entertain friends, decorate, and pursue various crafts.I live in the Pacific Northwest near the Columbia River, still within 10 miles of my old high school I have a Great Pyrenees dog, one cat, a finch, and three chickens who all seem to want to be in my small office while I m trying to work except the chickens, although they d be thrilled to get into the house if I let them Getting up to step around them is like maneuvering an obstacle course, but they are my children and so dear to me My hours are kind of goofy I m just not a morning person and tend to be up late when the rest of the world is sleeping and QUIET No phones, faxes, distractions Just the kids and me, candles burning, and the elevator music coming out of my CD player.Before I made the leap to full time writer, I spent about 12 years working for consulting civil engineers Riprap, anyone How about a nice detention pond


  • Ok ok, so I admit that a recurring thought throughout this novel was "1918? That's the year Edward Cullen died!" LMAO I know! I couldn't help it LOLSeriously though, other than the setting being more "modern" than your typicaly western romance, this was a pretty standard read from Alexis Harrington There was a lot of focus on the townspeople and their own relationships, to the point that a lot of it was more of an "historical fiction" than "historical romance". And honestly? That's not a bad thi [...]

  • Qué historia tan bonita. Qué bien narra esta autora. Cómo teje poco a poco una tela de araña con los secundarios alrededor de los protagonistas consiguiendo que según avanza el libro muchos de los hilos que daba por sentado no sean lo que parecían. Y en esta ocasión tengo que felicitar la preciosa y cuidada traducción. Me ha gustado mucho. Mi puntuación 8,5/10

  • Pues nada al final se ha quedado en 3 estrellitas. Sigue siendo una opinión absolutamente personal, pero es que simplemente esperaba más profundidad en la relación amorosa y menos "previsibilidad", sobre todo al final (eso sin contar con que el "conflicto" se lo ventila en 4 escenitas de nada). Estoy segura de que gustará a los seguidores de Lavyrle Spencer y quienes busquen un "romance clásico", está bien ambientada (quizá es lo más destacable) y se lee bastante bien. Sin embargo, yo es [...]

  • En realidad es un 3.5Me ha gustado bastante, la verdad es que con esta autora disfruto siempre, pero en este libro me ha faltado algo. Aun así, lo he disfrutado todo el rato :D

  • Ms. Harrington is good at several things. Most of the time she shows the right amount of historical detail to take us to this place and time. The backdrop of war and epidemic and villains are enough to keep us turning pages through much of the book. Harrington does love/sex scenes well. Her writing sometimes has nice imagery like saying his kisses were like a summer rain, warm, soft and wet or something to that effect.The things she doesn't do so well include characterization: the characters are [...]

  • It's been a long time since I read a romance with as interesting a premise as Alexis Harrington's Home by Morning. I saw this book on a review site, and the cover art and blurb sucked me in instantly. I downloaded the sample read from , was so entranced by the story and the strong characterization that I had to buy the book. I read it in a day and a half (okay, I was a vendor at a craft show and read between customers), but when I got home I had to read the rest.I was not disappointed.This is a [...]

  • This was an extremely easy, but pleasurable read. The Spanish Influenza strikes a small north western town during World War I. The book follows a young female doctor, given a rare opportunity to do a research study in Seattle, but stops over at her home-town for a visit and ends up staying since the small town is void of a doctor during the trying times.With the arrival of the "permanent" Doctor for the town, a couple of scandals occur, including one regarding the Doctor not wishing to stay in a [...]

  • Verso la fine del 1918, Jessica Layton ha appena lasciato New York, dopo anni in cui ha esercitato come medico e ha visto il degrado e la povertà di una città sovrappopolata e disumana. Ha accettato un lavoro come ricercatrice in un ospedale di Seattle; per lei è un nuovo inizio, un modo per dimenticare l’esperienza traumatica vissuta a New York e per provare a rattoppare il suo cuore, ferito dal tradimento dell’ex fidanzato Cole, che, vista la lontananza di Jessica, le ha preferito la so [...]

  • DNF!I’ve read 9 of Ms. Harrington’s books but I can’t read this one. I like Jessica but her sister, Amy, is just so self-centered and selfish, the opposite of her sister. I like Cole, too. BUT I can see its going to take the entire book to get past the angst and misunderstanding and lies. 329 pages of nothing but that is just too much. PLUS, there’s going to be sex and not an ounce of anything that leads up to it. No thoughts of even a kiss between the two, nothing. Then suddenly they’ [...]

  • I debated giving this book a 2-star rating, but I only paid $2 for this book on so I decided to give it a 3-star. The support characters and plotline are 2-dimensional and predictable, but I found myself caring about Dr. Jessica Layton, Cole Braddock and the town of Powell Springs. The author tried to mask that this was a romance novel by using over-complicated descriptions. When the love scene finally arrived, Harrington really shined. I would've also liked Harrington to focus more on the war [...]

  • This is a great read.It takes place from October to November 1918 in a small town in Oregon. Jessica Layton is a woman doctor who stops in her home town on her way to Seattle. She arrives just as the great influenza epidemic breaks out and the town has no doctor. She stays on to help the sick and dying.While all this is going on, Jessica is dealing with the fact that the love of her life is about to marry her sister. In addition to all this, the town minister has set his sites on Jessica but he [...]

  • I enjoyed this story mainly because of the setting. I love the west and this time period and I liked learning about this epidemic I had never heard of. I liked that I had no idea who had "done it" till it was revealed. The two main characters were a little weak too me and the reason they stayed apart was such a silly one. If you loved someone that much you would find out why they changed there mind. I know I would. I would not constantly avoid talking about it either, it just was a weak point fo [...]

  • I have for a long time wanted to read more books of Alexis Harrington so it was a real treat getting it so easily for my new kindle. It was a bit different from the other books I have read, but I liked to get more insight it the terrible epidemic of 1918. Now and then I had to smile because a lot of the premises gave me strong reminiscence of the epidemic in Dr. Quinn :-) I was a bit puzzled, however, over some of the story lines that seemed unresolved and unnecessary, but discovering that a seq [...]

  • A great story about a period I've never read before but used to hear my mother talk about. The information about the Spanish flu epidemic was very interesting. There is a sequel coming, Home by Nightfall about the brother who went off to war. As an ebook, the format was excellent. One book of Harrington's that I read in the past was good but the formatting was terrible.

  • Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsSiamo nel periodo della prima guerra mondiale; gli Stati Uniti hanno inviato in Europa alcuni contingenti per combattere contro la Germania. A Powell Springs, tutte le famiglie sono in apprensione per la sorte dei loro cari al fronte. Jessica Layton è appena tornata a casa dopo aver completato gli studi di medicina a New York. È di passaggio in città. Vuole salutare la sorella che non vede da molto tempo, prima di recarsi a Seattle dove prenderà serv [...]

  • En route to Seattle from New York, Jessica Layton stops by her hometown, Powell Springs. She comes face to face with Cole Braddock, her first and only love, courting her younger sister Amy.Intending to only stay before heading to Seattle, for her upcoming job, Jessica finds herself forced to stay when the influenza epidemic hits town. While attending to the townspeople, Jessica finds herself caught between the drama of those around her. Discriminated by some of the townspeople, due to her being [...]

  • Reading to fill the heartI've never read any of Alexis Harrington before I picked up this novel but after reading it, I am determined to read everything she writes. What Cole Braddock and Jessica went through at the hands of her sister rings true but Ms.Harrington doesn't wallow in that misery ,she shows how real love triumphs over adversity. Well written and I am now a devoted fan, thank you !

  • The blurb, about a female physician during the flu epidemic of 1918 sucked me in. It wasn't something I had seen before in a historical romance. I really enjoyed the story and the historical aspects of the story, but the characters were flat and lacked any nuance. All the twists were obvious, and my favorite character was the town prostitute. So, it worked on the historical part, but the romance was lacking.

  • 3 stelle e mezza! Ma che bello anche questo libro pubblicato da !!Molto bella questa storia d'amore e di redenzione ambientata durante l'influenza spagnola. C'è tutto in questo libro, dalla guerra all'amore. Molto bello!Una cosa : per favore pubblica gli altri due libri di questa serie perché voglio assolutamente leggerli!!

  • 3,5 stelle.Una storia bella, molto corale perché ci sono molti personaggi, oltre a quelli che vi ho citato: tanti personaggi secondari, ma sotto alcuni punti di vista fondamentali per la storia raccontata e ben presenti nelle vicende dei protagonisti. La caratterizzazione dei personaggi di Powell Springs è molto reale, come anche la parte storica legata all'influenza spagnola. La vicenda che vede per protagonisti Jessica e Cole è un po' strana e forse non del tutto chiara: avrei voluto che ve [...]

  • This was a good historical romance with interesting side plots and lots of information about the time it was set. I wasn't too crazy about the love interest, but I liked the way the other parts of the story came together at the end.

  • Cute story in historical settingI liked the historical setting of the book and the basic story line. I felt the characters could have been developed more with extra detail. Overall a fun quick historical romance.

  • EnjoyableExcellent read! Great story line. Excellent reference to things from that era. Would be a great book club book. Highly recommend this book.

  • Muy buenoQue libro tan interesante, bien escrito, de época, romántico , en fin, lo recomiendo ya que lo leí en dos días porque no pude parar.

  • Typical romanceI like historical romance, but some of the story lines just didn't make sense to me. I just thought the Emmaline story unnecessary.

  • Another good one by Alexis Harrington, though for my money, not quite as good as Harper's Bride, which got four stars from me. This one is set in 1918 small-town Oregon, and once again the setting is wonderfully illustrated. You'd expect to get a good sense of the small town the characters live in, but we even get the flavour of the larger American West, the distant East Coast, and even the mud-soaked battlefields of France. The lead characters, Dr. Jessica Layton and blacksmith Cole Braddock, a [...]

  • "El jefe de estación me dijo que estaría en casa antes del amanecer, pero el tren llegó tarde"Terminé esta linda y sencilla historia, que me encantó. Una trama bonita, con personajes reales, situada en un pueblito en los Estados Unidos en la época de la Primera Guerra Mundial y durante la epidemia de gripe que azotó la Unión Americana.Jess y Cole, personajes de esos que se vuelven entrañables. Una historia que en las últimas hojas te hace lagrimear un poco, pero que al final, te dejan [...]

  • 1918 - Powell Springs, Oregon - Dr Jessica Layton had sworn never to return to Powell Springs, but she's traveling from New York to Seattle and stops off at her hometown for just a brief visit. Jessica was the daughter of the deceased physician of Powell Springs, and had left the small town years ago to study medicine in New York. She'd left behind the love of her life, Cole Braddock, the town's blacksmith, who is now involved with Amy, Jessica's sister. She would be here only for a few days and [...]

  • Jessica Layton, a medical doctor in the early 20th Century when women were frowned on for becoming doctors, is on her way to Seattle, Washington to take up a new position. She's been working in New York City and been overwhelmed by the poverty and needless illness bred from dirty and malnourished conditions. Now she stops off in her hometown of Powell Springs, Omaha and the sparks immediately start flying. First she ticks off the town quack with her useless remedies. Then she has to face her old [...]

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