Johnny cogió su fusil

Johnny cogi su fusil Johnny cogi su fusil es la gran novela antibelicista por excelencia Publicada por primera vez en la historia de Dalton Trumbo sobre un joven soldado americano terriblemente da ado durante la Pri

  • Title: Johnny cogió su fusil
  • Author: Dalton Trumbo Marta Susana Eguía
  • ISBN: 9788476696941
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • Johnny cogi su fusil es la gran novela antibelicista por excelencia Publicada por primera vez en 1939, la historia de Dalton Trumbo sobre un joven soldado americano terriblemente da ado durante la Primera Guerra Mundial sobrevive sin brazos, sin piernas, sin rostro pero con la mente intacta fue un xito inmediato Esta conmovedora novela marc un punto y aparte para muJohnny cogi su fusil es la gran novela antibelicista por excelencia Publicada por primera vez en 1939, la historia de Dalton Trumbo sobre un joven soldado americano terriblemente da ado durante la Primera Guerra Mundial sobrevive sin brazos, sin piernas, sin rostro pero con la mente intacta fue un xito inmediato Esta conmovedora novela marc un punto y aparte para muchos americanos que crecieron con la Segunda Guerra Mundial y se convirti en la novela antisistema m s popular de la era de Vietnam.

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  • Dalton Trumbo Marta Susana Eguía

    Dalton Trumbo worked as a cub reporter for the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, covering courts, the high school, the mortuary and civic organizations He attended the University of Colorado for two years working as a reporter for the Boulder Daily Camera and contributing to the campus humor magazine, the yearbook and the campus newspaper He got his start working for Vogue magazine His first published novel, Eclipse, was about a town and its people, written in the social realist style, and drew on his years in Grand Junction He started writing for movies in 1937 by the 1940s, he was one of Hollywood s highest paid writers for work on such films as Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo 1944 , and Our Vines Have Tender Grapes 1945 , and Kitty Foyle 1940 , for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay.Trumbo s 1939 anti war novel, Johnny Got His Gun, won a National Book Award then known as an American Book Sellers Award that year The novel was inspired by an article Trumbo read about a soldier who was horribly disfigured during World War I.In 1947, Trumbo, along with nine other writers and directors, was called before the House Un American Activities Committee as an unfriendly witness to testify on the presence of communist influence in Hollywood Trumbo refused to give information After conviction for contempt of Congress, he was blacklisted, and in 1950, spent 11 months in prison in the federal penitentiary in Ashland, KY Once released, he moved to Mexico.In 1993, Trumbo was awarded the Academy Award posthumously for writing Roman Holiday 1953 The screen credit and award were previously given to Ian McLellan Hunter, who had been acting as a front for Trumbo since he had been blacklisted by Hollywood.


  • I read this book during my lunch breaks at the cafe of Barnes & Noble in Chelsea, NYC. I think I finished it in five sittings, with great big tears rolling down my face. While everybody around me was busy quaffing scalding hot lattes, I was trying to muffle the sounds of my agonized weeping into my scarf. Luckily, this is not seen as strange behavior in Manhattan, so I was able to finish the book unmolested. Johnny Got His Gun sounds like it was written during the early stages of the Vietnam [...]

  • A scathing anti-war novel, in which the main character is one of the profoundly, hopelessly wounded, the human wrecks of war. It is told in the first person, by the voice of a person now voiceless, trapped in his mutilated body, confined to his hospital bed, and--as this person virtually unable to communicate communicates with the reader, telling us his story--we come to realize the true cost--and futility--of war.This is an angry, honest book. Thoroughly memorable.

  • This novel about an American soldier who was severely wounded while fighting in World War I was so disturbing it took me several tries to get through it.The novel is told in a stream of consciousness, with soldier Joe drifting in and out of memories of his parents, of girlfriends, of more innocent days. He slowly realizes that he has no arms, no legs and no face, and his cries are gut-wrenching. I listened to this book on audio, and the performance by William Dufris was so affecting that I had t [...]

  • What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs in the water?Bob.What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs on a porch?Matt.What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs on skis?Skip.What do you call a novel about a guy who has no arms and no legs because he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Johnny Got His Gun.***This works best as a character sketch. As poor Jon Bonham's consciousness recalls the events of his childhood, he simultaneously realizes he has missing append [...]

  • Every time I read a book, I feel committed to it as if to a relationship. That relationship can be an infatuational fling, a carnal attraction, a passionate love, a committed best friend, a life partnerwhatever form it takes will depend on how much I will remember it. Johnny Got His Gun got completely under my skin.I was finishing the last page on an airplane and an 80 year old yoga teacher looked at me and quietly summed up this book. "I remember reading that. It blew my mind" She had read it i [...]

  • Johnny Got His Gun, Dalton Trumbo (1905 - 1976)Johnny Got His Gun is a novel written in 1938 by American novelist and screenwriter Dalton Trumbo and published September 1939 by J. B. Lippincott. The novel is commonly viewed as one that promotes anti-war ideals, but when read deeper, it can be seen that Trumbo's opinions of war shed light on humanity as a whole, and not just on the horrible aspects of war. The novel won one of the early National Book Awards: the Most Original Book of 1939.Joe Bon [...]

  • 16 χρονών και αποφάσισα να πάω μία βόλτα από την βιβλιοθήκη του σχολείου καθότι εκείνη την περίοδο είχε αρχίσει να αναπτύσσεται η πραγματική σχέση μου με αυτά. Το μάτι μου έπεσε σε αυτό το βιβλίο για το οποίο είχα παντελή άγνοια σε μία έκδοση που δεν νομίζω καν να είχε περίλη [...]

  • I read this several years ago and I remember enjoying it. It was dark and frustrating - what would you do if trapped in your own body?Also addresses the brutality of war as one on the outside might not understand.What I thought of the most while reading it was the footage from the movie version that was used in the Metallica video for "One"

  • I simply have to read this book. It, including its author, has been cussed by Ann Coulter on her latest blog post. That is recommendation enough for me!

  • Ενα βιβλιο πραγματική γροθιά στο στομάχι!Ενας Αμερικανος στρατιώτης του Α' παγκοσμιου πολέμου μένει χωρις άκρα, φωνή, ακοή, όραση και όσφρηση. Οι γιατροί τον κρατούν ζωντανό σε ένα δωματιο ενώ αυτός αναπολεί στιγμές της ζωής του.Ενας εξαιρετικός συγγραφεας, ο Ντάλτον Τράμπ [...]

  • Unforgettable: one of the most original, clever and powerful novels I’ve ever readJohnny Got His Gun was first published on 3 September 1939, two days after Germany invaded Poland, and is about a 20-year-old American infantryman Joe Bonham who suffers a direct hit from a German shell in the last days of the Great War. Unsurprisingly, its powerful anti-war message also had a profound effect on Americans during the Vietnam era.Dalton Trumbo conveys this anti-war message across 20 short chapters, [...]

  • What a kick in the guts! As many have already pointed out, this should be a required reading for all those who sit in their nice sunny offices and send other people's kids to war I've discovered Trumbo very late, but fortunately not too late.

  • Johnny rips its own heart out and throws it in your face. It's a nightmare. A freak show. It's claustrophobic and uncomfortable. It's so fucking

  • This is a re-read -- after a number of decades -- because I wanted to see how it stacked up, in the end, against Sebastian Barry's A Long Long Way. Trumbo's novel had been the exemplar for all anti-war novels, in my mind, until I read Barry's work a few weeks ago and he redefined my perception of excellence in this genre.Joe Bonham is what Willie Dunne might have become, it struck me, as I was re-reading Johnny if he had not succumbed fatally to that final shell impact. There's the same strong r [...]

  • Εντάξει, τι να πω γι' αυτό το βιβλίο; Παρά τις δεκαετίες που έχουν περάσει από τότε που το διάβασα, παραμένει ένα από τα σημαντικότερα πράγματα που έχω διαβάσει. Μιλάμε για μετεωρίτη.Έχετε φανταστεί πώς θα ήταν να ζούσατε παγιδευμένοι μέσα στο κεφάλι σας, και μόνο εκεί, όπου η [...]

  • Great novel, with a message I completely agree with. WAR IS BAD. It did get just a little tedious at times and I didn't think the flashbacks and digressions added anything. Otherwise it was all good. Apart from the war. War is bad.

  • When I started reading this I thought it would be a cool little book written by a cool anti-war american screenwriter who liked to write in his bathtub with a drink and a cigar. It would be a bit macho, full of robust sentences and I'd be properly disgusted by all the bloody descriptions.And I was wrong. How can a man write a book whose narrator is a young guy with no arms, no legs, no face, blind and deaf and who is in and out of consciousness, never reliable, who spends his endless dark hours [...]

  • Με αφορμή τη συμπλήρωση 40 ετών από τον θάνατο του συγγραφέα και τη βαθιά συγκίνηση που μου προσέφερε αυτό το βιβλίο, το βαθμολογώ ξανά και παραθέτω και ένα άρθρο που έγραψα για αυτό. «Αγόρι μου, πάρε το όπλο σου και φάε αυτούς τους μπάσταρδους» Όλα κρύβονται μέσα σε αυτήν την [...]

  • In remorseful detail, the author guided me on a sorrowful journey through the despicable ravages of war. In particular, I witnessed an up-close-and-personal visit with one of it's many casualties in a unique writing style I had not experienced before. It was a narrative that yearned to be heard.1918 was not a good year in America to be a healthy male between the ages of 18 and 26. America was in the throes of the Great War. To meet the costly demand, bodies were desperately needed. It was time f [...]

  • “But it wasn't a dream” (Trumbo 63).Since it's publication during World War II, through various wars and political movements, Johnny Got His Gun has been a book in the spotlight. Of course, Trumbo was a member of the Hollywood Ten, and the book was banned, but it has always found it's way into the hands of pacifists, and is still considered among the best anti-war novels to ever be published. Is there truth to this statement? Is the book still as relevant as it was upon it's release or even [...]

  • Author Dalton Trumbo was inspired by a newspaper story about a Canadian soldier in World War I who had lost all his limbs and all his senses except for the sense of touch. He created Joe Bonham, a soldier whose mind was still active, but who was unable to communicate with the outside world except for tapping his head. The story takes us inside Joe's head to his stream of consciousness thoughts, sometimes thinking about ideologies and often flashing back to the past. For example, his thoughts go [...]

  • Now that the war is through with meI'm waking up, I cannot seeThat there is not much left of meNothing is real but pain nowHold my breath as I wish for deathOh please, God, wake me--DarknessImprisoning meAll that I seeAbsolute horrorI cannot liveI cannot dieTrapped in myselfBody my holding cellLandmineHas taken my sightTaken my speechTaken my hearingTaken my armsTaken my legsTaken my soulLeft me with life in hellThe famous lyrics from Metallica's "One" from the perspective of Joe Bonham, wounded [...]

  • Reading this book really makes you realize that war is real. It isn't the crisp uniforms of army officers, the fast, air force jets, or the big boom of navy guns that we see in commericals for the armed forces; images that paint a distorted picture of the reality of war.War it dirty, dispairing, desperate, and destructive.War is death.Johnny Got His Gun is a book that shows another face of death. One that is mortally infinite. A death that you live, and can never escape. It's a kind of death whe [...]

  • 4.5 STARSThis novel is horrific. Johnny gets his own pack of shells during the war, result being losing parts of his body, huh wait most parts of his body. He loses his arms, legs, blind, deaf and dumb and everything else ,except his life. But he can think alright, which was more than enough, because he thought like this,“did anybody ever come back from the dead any single one of the millions who got killed did any one of them ever come back and say by god i'm glad i'm dead because death is al [...]

  • Sad mi je teško precizirati godinu čitanja jer sam čitao BIGZ-ovo izdanje iz 1973. no ne odmah kako je izašlo. Ta izdanja zvana "Fest" su odlične knjižice i trudio sam se sve ih pohvatati - jedino sam "Odiseju 2001" trenutno kupio čim je izašla.Kako i naslov serije kaže to su knjige po kojima su filmovi snimljeni tako da su i one same bile zabavnije jer je bilo stranica sa scenama iz filma. Koliko se sjećam sve sam ja njih pročitao (Serpico, Konje ubijaju zar ne, Psi od slame, Vrt Fr [...]

  • I finished this book in December of '07, Johnny Got his Gun, and it made me want to shoot myself in the face.It is written in second person limited, which is annoying enough if not for the added limitation of narrating through a character with no eyes, nose, ears, mouth or limbs. Written primarily in stream-of-consciousness, I simply wanted to cut my eyes out so that I could at least fall asleep on my 5-hour flight. Johnny was supposed to be an anti-war novel, receiving a mountain of praise for [...]

  • Il mio nome è mai più!Superata l’iniziale perplessità generata dal disvelamento (graduale e, proprio per questo, più sconcertante) dell’immane sventura occorsa al protagonista, realizzata l’atrocità di una simile condizione e l’assurdità di un così cinico destino, si inizia a fraternizzare con l’io narrante/pensante, immedesimandosi con le sue sofferenze, con i suoi disagi, con la sua condizione angosciosa e straniante. Ciò grazie ad una narrazione cruda, efficace, esplicita ch [...]

  • I am profoundly grateful that my failure of imagination spared me from the full harrowing horror of this story, an act of merciful self protection. The main character wakes up in a hospital and begins to slowly understand the hideous nature of his wounds. utterly isolated he seeks to make sense of his life and undertake increasingly desperate measures to interact with his world. Starting this book I knew via a Metallica video (thank you MTV) that it was an anti war novel. What surprised me was t [...]

  • I don't agree with the main sentiment in this book. There IS nobility in death, in dying for principles, for those who are weaker.Having said that, I was still moved by the frustration and disability of the main character. His strong desire to live and his poignant acceptance of loss were communicated not only literally but also figuratively through his flashbacks to happier times in his life, to the terms before the war and his body's destruction. The author takes a passive stance toward battle [...]

  • I've never had a book give me a panic attack before, but this one. This one is disturbingly thorough in its purpose. It made me feel claustrophobic, alone, and dark. It kept me awake at night. This book is timeless. It doesn't matter what war, what era, or what the skewed justifications offered may be. The result is the same. The result is Joe. Dalton Trumbo has a writing style akin to Kerouac. The stream of consciousness prose is perfect for the experiences taking place. It helps to create that [...]

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