Steamed Quincy Mac is a maid in LA a maid who s accidently cleaned a murder scene Now she s a murder suspect with only one option find the real murderer before she ends up in jail for a crime she didn t commi

  • Title: Steamed
  • Author: Holly Jacobs
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Quincy Mac is a maid in LA a maid who s accidently cleaned a murder scene.Now she s a murder suspect with only one option find the real murderer before she ends up in jail for a crime she didn t commit.Quincy came to LA looking for fame and fortune What she s found is infamy and misfortune There s a killer out there, and Quincy s going to find themor die trying.

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  • Quincy Mac is supposed to be a witty heroine, with a fine blend of tongue-in-cheek self-deprecation and, when she needs it, incredible sexual allure. (That's what she's supposed to be.) She is a single mom of three teen-age sons, all off vacationing with her rich ex-husband and his young-enough-to-be-her-daughter trophy wife. She co-runs a cleaning business in L.A and while filling in for one of her staff who called in sick, and cleaning a rich TV writer's bachelor pad, she discovers his dead bo [...]

  • This book was recommended to me by my friend Lisa. It was a good fun read and I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one.

  • It’s the maids day to clean for Mr. Banning and his file says he’s a DOG so when Quincey arrives and finds panties hanging from the chandelier, footprints on the carpets and his “Mortie” award statue “sticky” on the couch, she knows she needs to get right to work. When she gets to the bedroom and finds Steve Banning’s body she wishes she hadn’t cleaned so thoroughly now she is a suspect to a murder.Clever murder mystery with great repartee and characters. This is a great read f [...]

  • A definite. 5-star readI had never read anything by Holly Jacobs before, but now I m a definite fan. This is an amazing book with a lot of laughs to go with the mystery. I loved this read and plan on reading more from this author!!!

  • I got a free download of Steamed: A Maid in LA Mystery from . I thank the author and in exchange I offer this, my honest review.Quincy Mac is the odd one out in her family. While her parents and siblings are all doctors, Quincy opted for a different life. Divorced and raising three teen boys, Quincy runs a maid service in L.A. The story opens with Quincy at home alone while her three boys are off with their father and his newest young wife (who Quincy likes so well that she’s considered adopti [...]

  • 7/6/13-7/12/13. Steamed: A Maid in LA Mystery by Holly Jacobs (free Kindle version). Quincy Mac is a single mother to three teenage boys, an ex-wife of a Hollywood producer who makes a habit of trading in his wives for younger versions, and co-owner of a maid service. While her boys are vacationing with their father, she fills in for one of her maids, only to find a dead body after accidentally cleaning the crime scene. She vows to clear her name - as well as that of someone else who is near and [...]

  • Quincy Mac owns a house cleaning service in L.A. Taking the shift of a sick employee, she is cleaning the home of a Hollywood writer. She finds his award, a Mortie, covered in 'brown goo,' cleans it, along with everything else, including muddy footprints on the carpet. Then she proceeds to clean the bedroomd comes across the body of a deceased client. Quincy has just accidentally cleaned a murder scene.I have never read a Holly Jacobs book before, but if this is any indication of other mysteries [...]

  • Quincy has to fill in for one of the maids that called in sick. She has done this before so it wasn't even a big deal. She got busy cleaning and when she got to the bedroom she discovered something that she never thought she would find. The owner of the house was there. He was also dead. She called 911 and didn't realize until the police got there that she was probably going to be considered a suspect and that she had just cleaned the crime scene.This was just an okay story for me. I figured som [...]

  • This was an entertaining little cozy mystery. It wasn’t perfect. The main character was silly and kept repeating the same nonsense about “going to jail and getting the death penalty” even though the detective in charge assured her she wouldn’t. If I had been playing a drinking game every time she mentioned one of those two thing I would have liked this book even better. However, that one little flaw aside I did enjoy it . This is a quick, easy fun read if you are looking for something li [...]

  • In the end, I enjoyed this book. At first, not so much. I really didn't care for Quincy at all for the first 1/3 or so of the book. She seemed just a little bit too hysterical, if there is such a thing after finding a body and being questioned by the police. I wanted to do like in the movies and slap her to slow her down and bring her to her senses. :-) Luckily, she came to her senses on her own and became much more likable. The story line was good, if a bit predictable in the end. I'll probably [...]

  • First, why does search engine suck so badly? Why was this book so hard to find? Gah.As for he book: I knew from the cover art this was going to be a silly book and it did not let me down. I was hoping for some light entertainment without grisly axe welding gore or unexpected child molestation. This is a comfortable story that will not shock you in any way. It gave me a couple of chuckles too.

  • If you like Holly's other books, you'll like this as well. Filled with the humor and fun of her romances, Holly breaks new ground in her first mystery. A maid with her own business in LA accidentally cleans up a crime scene, and then has to prove she didn't commit the crime. a little romance with the handsome detective adds a bit of spice. This is a light, cozy, easy read. i actually laughed out loud several times. Thanks for another fun read, Holly!

  • Steamed (Maid in LA, #1) by Holly JacobsQuincy Mac is a maid and as she cleans a customers house she finds a dead body. Next thing she knows she is a suspect. By Quincy wont stand for that, she decided to find out who the murderer is and to clear her name.A fast paced, murder mystery, with a bit of humor and romance. I liked the story line and I liked Quincy. There were quiet a few laugh out loud moments. I recommend to those who like a light who-done-it with humor and romance.

  • This is the first in a new seriesA really cute and quirky mystery/romanceQuincy is a divorced mother of three teenage boys and in this book they are on a vacation with their fatherQuincy gets embroiled in a murder that she comes across while cleaning his apartment after an employee calls in sickA lot of laughs and humor!!

  • Told in the first person, Steamed is narrated by a maid in Los Angeles. She’s a frivolous sort of air head on the one hand, but smart enough to solve a murder the police can’t. It’s a cozy mystery not to be taken seriously, and it doesn’t take itself seriously so it is amusing as well. It’s an easy, enjoyable book to read.

  • I got this in a collection of the first 4 books in the Maid in LA series (free from via BookBub), so I plan to read them in order. Sure hope they are good! :=)I just finished. Enjoyed it immensely, laughed out loud! Light, funny mystery with the beginnings of a romance. Only complaint was too many typos. I find that very distracting.

  • Quincy is a divorced mom of three boys and owns a cleaning service. The trouble begins when one of her employees calls in sick and she has to cover her day. At the last cleaning job of the day, she enters and starts to clean. But as she enters the bedroom, she comes upon something that will shock her.

  • #1 in the series. A maid goes to clean a clients house. She starts in one end of the house and finally ends up in his bedroom where she finds him dead. 1st she's a suspect, then she's up for obstruction of justice for cleaning up the crime scene.

  • Honestly, I really could not get over how the main character kept name dropping famous people or TV Shows. It really dates the book! Mentioning a some can be okay, if it is done well. The name dropping happens so, so much. It wasn't my cup of tea. I could not relate to the main character. Overall, the story fell a little short for me.

  • A very quick and easy. It is a cute and funny murder mystery with snappy dialog. My only caveat to serious mystery readers is that the murderer was very obvious to me. Normally that would bother me but I still found this to be an enjoyable read.

  • Steamed is a really funny read. Quincy Mac is a maid that wen to wrok on a murder scene and implicated herself in the murder by doing so. She has to broaden her horizon and take up detective work to clear her name. She's a dizzy girl, but all kinds of fun.

  • I was torn between a 3- or 4-star rating for this book, mainly due to the beginning. If I found brown goo on a statue, I think I might question the substance more than Quincy did. The rest of the story was interesting, and it did hold my attention, however.

  • The 'heroine', Quincy Mac, was a poor man's version of Kinsey Milhone. Once I got over her ditsy "I'm mad, me" character, I did settle into the story. However, it's a very light-hearted look at murder investigation.

  • A funny & charming cozy mystery. Holly adds wit and humor to her characters. They are endearing--well, except for the murdererI enjoyed this book right out of the gate with the glowing reviews from Holly's family members :) A quick, light, 4 star read.

  • Enjoyed itEnjoyed itSteamed kept me interested all the way through but,it was too short. I wanted to read more. The relationship between Cal and she could have been developed more.

  • 3/1/14-3/3/14I enjoyed this cozy very much. It was recommended by a friend, (thanks Lisa!) and I love that the author is a Trixie Belden fan! She makes that apparent part way through the book. I'm looking forward to Quincy's next adventure!

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