Qualcosa di te

Qualcosa di te Durante la notte trascorsa in un lussuoso hotel di Chicago l assistente procuratore Cameron Lynde involontaria testimone di un delitto in cui coinvolto un senatore L agente dell Fbi cui viene affidat

  • Title: Qualcosa di te
  • Author: Julie James
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
  • Durante la notte trascorsa in un lussuoso hotel di Chicago, l assistente procuratore Cameron Lynde involontaria testimone di un delitto in cui coinvolto un senatore L agente dell Fbi cui viene affidato il caso Jack Dallas, lo stesso con cui Cameron ha gi malamente collaborato tre anni prima Da allora, infatti, Jack la ritiene responsabile di avergli quasi rovinatoDurante la notte trascorsa in un lussuoso hotel di Chicago, l assistente procuratore Cameron Lynde involontaria testimone di un delitto in cui coinvolto un senatore L agente dell Fbi cui viene affidato il caso Jack Dallas, lo stesso con cui Cameron ha gi malamente collaborato tre anni prima Da allora, infatti, Jack la ritiene responsabile di avergli quasi rovinato la carriera facendolo trasferire in Nebraska Cos , quando si rivedono, tra i due si riattizzano le dispute, ma anche la reciproca attrazione Costretti a vivere fianco a fianco per salvaguardare l incolumit di Cameron, non sar affatto facile mettere da parte un burrascoso passato e tenere a bada le fiamme della passione

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    New York Times bestselling author Julie James practiced law with one of the nation s largest firms for several years until she began writing screenplays After Hollywood producers optioned two of her scripts, she decided to leave the practice of law to write full time Her books have been translated into twenty two languages and Julie s ninth novel, THE THING ABOUT LOVE, is now available.Julie James lives with her husband and two children in Chicago, where she is working on her next novel.Visit Julie s Facebook page facebook JulieJamesfanFollow Julie on Twitter twitter juljames and Instagram instagram juliejamesa


  • Ok, here comes a quick and short review (quite a feat for me!!) :PBAM! BAM! BAM!(What does it remind you of?)WhaMA-WhaMA-WhaMA-WhaMA-WhaMA-WhaMA(C'mon readers!! You know the answer!!!!)Wheewammawamma-BAM! Wheewammawamma-BAM!(Ok, more clues? Here they come)Smack! Smack!"Oh shit, I'm cooommmminnggg!"Yes! Oh yes! YES!You've finally got it right!! It's the WALLBANGER!!!!NO! NO! NO!!! Hold your horses, people! Unfortunately it's not him.Our wallbanger isM!!!SHOCKED???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well, you know th [...]

  • 5+ stars – Contemporary Romance/Romantic SuspenseThis is my first read by author Julie James, and I absolutely loved it! I devoured this in a single sitting. Something About You has everything I enjoy in a contemporary romance/romantic suspense read.*Hot, brooding, gruff, protective alpha hero who’s former Army Special Forces, a Special Agent with the FBI, and drives a Triumph motorcycle? – Check and YOWZA!*Strong, intelligent, yet genuine heroine? – Check!*Witty, often laugh-out-loud, d [...]

  • “My God, Jack-with a look like that, you two should just get a room. And try not to pick the one with a dead body next to it this time.” That's right Julie James,you have reduced me into a gibbering incoherent mess!And that being said by a person whose job is to make valid,coherent arguments.Now every time I close my eyes,I picture Jackeaking.Pallas.“More like a chocolate molten lava cake. A dessert so sinful, so luscious, so filled with inner heat it made a girl want to lick each and ever [...]

  • 4.5 stars!In all my years with the army and the FBI, there's only been one person I've ever had any problems controlling myself around."Thank you Katerina for recommending this book! I have truly fallen in love with Jack Pallas. But maybe I shouldn't have started this book at 11pm. By the time I reached the climax (double entendre lol), it was 3 am. Not the best time to read about men hiding in your closet, let me tell you. My heart was beating so fast and I was so paranoid I had to turn on the [...]

  • This was pretty fun. It started off with an intriguing murder-mystery, in which two characters that can’t stand each other are forced together. Oh man, could you feel the chemistry between them. My hopes were high for some hate sex. But then you find out almost immediately who the killer is, and the rest of the book quickly descends into “OMG, WANT TO BONE. CAN’T BONE BECAUSE CAN’T STAND. OH WAIT, NO, THAT WAS JUST A MISCOMMUNICATION, LETS BONE” with a side of “Wait…wasn’t there [...]

  • Another re-read. Yep, still a solid 4 stars. I wish she would write faster! Although she has a new one coming out soon. The two main characters have a past, and not a romantic past, at that. There was an attraction 3 years ago there still is. Jack is sexy, handsome, rugged! LOL. Everything I like in a hero. And he is a nice guy too. Cameron is beautiful, independent, strong everything I like in a heroine. Who the fuck is this guy. I need to stalk him on Pinterest!! LOL.Thirty thousand hotel roo [...]

  • Fun. Sexy. Sweet.Julie James certainly made my addiction to her books reach a whole new level. Something About You is a real page-turner. It captured my imagination, made my heart pound furiously, and melted me into a puddle.Cameron Lynde is an Assistant District Attorney who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was supposed to spend a relaxing night at luxury hotel, but turned out, she’d become the only witness to a crime that involved a U.S. senator. And when she thought her da [...]

  • So this book caught my attention the other day when I read this quote: >>>> “More like a chocolate molten lava cake. A dessert so sinful, so luscious, so filled with inner heat it made a girl want to lick each and every crumb right off the plate. That was Jack Pallas.” and I realized that I really needed to meet that man! Soooo, this became my random rainy Saturday read and I was not dissappointed! Here's how I see Jack to start us off:The book was a delightful, fun, lighthearted [...]

  • *Because my laptop is extremely screwy right now at home, I have to pick and choose which books to write reviews about [for the time being]. I loved this book with all my heart and it was so so so sexyI really want to come back and add a review for it next week if I have time, and if nothing else I'd like to post some quotes. But, as it is, it's looking like just quotes. This truly saddens me, but I'd rather post something than nothing at all. :( I'll be back :P After my extreme and totally unex [...]

  • This was picked for our Smut Monday Club reading and even though I read it before, I wanted to read it with everyone again. I forgot how much I really liked this! Actually after reading this for the second time, I realized I loved it! This is a simple, drama and frustration free, romance! There is no angst or love triangle to pull you hair out over! There is just snarky, witty, banter between the main characters, Cameron and Jack, and a fast, fun, and super-sexy plot. Cameron is a prosecutor for [...]

  • 4 Stars! Cameron, Assistant US Attorney and Jack, FBI Special Agent, had a major disagreement while working together on a case three years before. Some of it got to national television and because of that Jack was transferred to Nebraska. Now, after all this time, Cameron has to spend the night in a hotel and ends up being the key witness to an homicide next door. And since there’s a senator involved she ends up going to protective custody. Well, the detective responsible for the case is noth [...]

  • Something About You was a quick, fun read that I really enjoyed. Julie James has a writing style that makes you feel like you are either living the heroine's life or are her best friend because she includes a lot of mundane and funny inner thought processes.Assistant U.S. Attorney Cameron Lynde and FBI agent Jack Pallas don't exactly have a good past after he embarrassed her on national television because she didn't bring an important case to trial. Three years later, Cameron is staying at a hot [...]

  • A list of my favorite things:1. Mondays2. Smut3. Glowering men4. Stories sans love triangles5. Mondays6. Smut7. Motorcyle riding men8. Witty characters with tons of chemistry9. Mondays10.SmutWell look at that!Something About You clears the list! :DThis book was a perfect kick-off to Smut Monday. I really enjoyed Cameron and Jack’s story, and let me just get this out of the way… They were HOT! I loved the chemistry and witty banter between these two protags. Their moments and conversations ha [...]

  • If you happened to read my review of Practice Makes Perfect you will already know the kind of book that you can expect from Julie James. Her chick-lit romance novels are very funny and full of witty banter with some wondefully quotable lines. You will also know if you read my other review that this book got a bit more graphic on the sex scenes. Of course, this isn't anything like a Lora Leigh novel but I've pointed out before that some of the best stories have no need to be overly graphic. This [...]

  • 3 1/2 starsWhen I added this book to my GR bookshelves, I put it in the "romantic suspense" shelf because what else should I think considering that the hero is an FBI agent and the heroine is an assistant U.S. attorney, right? Well, now that I finished reading it, I had to move it from the "romantic suspense" shelf to the straight "contemporary romance" shelf, because the suspense is almost nonexistent - the reader is aware of who the bad guy is and what his next moves are all the time. To be st [...]

  • Alright, this book has a number of firsts for me. For instance, this was the first romantic suspense novel I have read and this is the first novel I have read from romance novel author, Julie James and it was definitely worth experiencing with! “Something About You” is a romantic suspense novel by Julie James and this book is definitely on the top of my favorite romance novels list as it is full of drama, action and hot, smoking romance that will send any romance fans' hearts aflutter!U.S. A [...]

  • This is my first book by author Julie James, so I had no idea what to expect. I know she has legions of readers who love her stories, so that left me hopeful.I'm so glad I read this book! It was fun from cover to cover. I laughed. I laughed some more. I got a little worried here and there about the safety of our hero and heroine. And I couldn't put it down, even with my own deadlines pending. (I took a vow not to stay up late unless I was making progress on my book. I don't think staying up till [...]

  • Julie James is definitely one of my new favorite authors. I also think that it's safe to say that she's officially one of my favorite contemporary romance writers. And trust me, that's quite a feat. Contemporary romance is probably my favorite genre, yet for some reason almost none of my favorite authors are writers of contemporary romance. I think I might be harsher on them because I love that genre the most. Well, congratulations, Julie James, because you have succeeded where many have failed, [...]

  • My reactions while reading this book were of two types. A) Haha, Cameron and Jack are so funny and cute together!B) What the heck just happened?So, these are the two reactions that stuck with me throughout the whole book. I must say that Something about you is damn entertaining and hilarious. And believe me, you will love Cameron and Jack. Their witty banter will keep you filled till the very end!“Cameron threw her hands up in frustration. “What is this so- called ‘look’?” Whatever it [...]

  • I listened to this audiobook. I really enjoyed this one. Sometimes you just need to listen to a nice love story that will end up all good. I love Julie James' style of writinga lot of fun, cute dialogue, romance and some suspense all in one! I will definitely read/listen to more Julie James. She writes the kind of contemporary romance I like. I think I may have discovered a new favourite author in the romance genre!

  • A really cute quick read with light-suspense and a romance-comedy storyline. And better yet, this time we get a good dose of steam between the H/h. Asst US Attorney Cameron Lynde witnesses a murder, and then finds herself working with FBI agent Jack Pallas to bring the bad guys to justice. But Jack doesn't care for Cameron at all, as he blames her for nearly ruining his career three years earlier. Of course, as they work closely together their attraction to each other becomes more than they can [...]

  • *4.5 SIZZLING STARS* "I wake up every morning wondering what I did to deserve having you back in my life." It seems like I've been on a contemporary romance/adult reading spree the last few days and boy am I enjoying it! I loved that this was a mix between suspense and romance, including some pretty steamy scenes. If anyone knows some similar books to this one, please feel free to recommend because I literally slaughtered this novel in less than 5 hours lol.Full review coming soon!

  • 4/5 stars“I’ve licked stamps who were more excited than you by that kiss.”This is such an enjoyable series, the books (I amend; the ones I've read so far in this series) always begin with the two main characters hating each other and slowly (please note; slowly) a romantic relationship begins to bloom. I love this particular trope because it makes the end of the book and the eventually relationship, so much more heart felt. I feel like this series combines all the best things in a trashy r [...]

  • Enemies to lovers and all thatI liked it, even though i wasn't quite into the whole 'suspense' crime thrillery thing for some reasond I usually love mystery/thriller genrebut here, smth was offybe the pacing, or maybe it was just meIn fact, I think it was me😕 and i believe I would like the book more if the circumstances were better offMy bad

  • Meet Jack Pallas: irresistiblereadsFavourite Quote: "Where is Wilkins, anyway?" Cameron asked. "In the living room, being accosted by eighteen women who think he's a stripper. I thought it was best to duck in here.""So much for never leaving a man behind." "If he starts screaming, I'll lay down a cover fire and go pull him out."The first word that comes to mind after reading Something About You is DELICIOUS! I haven't read a good old romantic suspense in a long time but found myself craving some [...]

  • More like a chocolate molten lava cake. A dessert so sinful, so luscious, so filled with inner heat it made a girl want to lick each and every crumb right off the plate. That was Jack Pallas.Updated after third re-read 6/7/16Just as good the third time around! It firmly belong among my all-time favs!Julie James has a rare gift. She is amazing.What I loved about this book:1. The super hot brooding alpha protective FBI agent hero2. The super hot sazzy assistant US Attorney heroine3. Their chemistr [...]

  • shamelessromancereviewsspSomething about you – After reading Julie James first book – Just the Sexiest Man Alive – I immediately fell in love with her style of writing and dove head first into her next book on my list – Something about you. And once again you, Ms James have proved again tenfold how wonderfully emotional your writing can be. Admittedly the book did start slow; it wasn’t until about half way through that I really felt there was progress. But looking back onto that now I [...]

  • Oh-god-oh-god-oh-god! I love this book!As soon as the motorcycle (aka bad boy bike) came into play, my heart was a goner! I was a goner! My heart melted into a big ‘ole puddle of swoon and my head filled with all sorts of fun fantasies! :D “When they slowed down, she relaxed and loosened her grip around his waist. Without thinking, her right hand just sort of happened to graze along his stomach, and she felt his abdominal muscles tighten in response, firm and hard as a rock.And that was pret [...]

  • I LOVED THIS!!I loved the humor in it, the action, the hotness, JACK. It was just amazeballs.I can't wait to read the other books in this series!

  • With my last couple of books I found myself reading just for the sake of reading; however this was not the case with Something About You. I found it ridiculously hard to put my book down that without realising I’d devoured this book in just one day.On her first relaxing weekend away in a long time Cameron finds herself caught up in a murder investigation. Her hotel room being next door to where the murder took place she ends up being the only witness that can clear the person being set up. Not [...]

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