Peach Peach de Courmont Wild child teenage temptress exquisite woman The adored granddaughter of Leonie and heiress to the de Courmont dynasty she grew up in luxury used to having life and love on her o

  • Title: Peach
  • Author: Elizabeth Adler
  • ISBN: 9780440201113
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback
  • Peach de Courmont Wild child, teenage temptress, exquisite woman The adored granddaughter of Leonie and heiress to the de Courmont dynasty, she grew up in luxury, used to having life and love on her own terms.Noel Maddox Raised in an Iowa orphanage, used to the mean streets of Detroit, he fought his way from the assembly line the pinnacle of power Peach aPeach de Courmont Wild child, teenage temptress, exquisite woman The adored granddaughter of Leonie and heiress to the de Courmont dynasty, she grew up in luxury, used to having life and love on her own terms.Noel Maddox Raised in an Iowa orphanage, used to the mean streets of Detroit, he fought his way from the assembly line the pinnacle of power Peach and the automobile empire she commanded were part of the dream he meant to have at any price.From wartime Paris to the dazzling Cote d Azue from the frenetic boardrooms of Detroit and the palatial homes of Grosse Pointe to the stately English countryside, their indomitable wills collide in a saga of consuming passion and raw power played out against the backdrop of a rich and reckless world.

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    Born in Yorkshire, North England, Elizabeth Adler met her husband Richard an American while both were working in London They have lived in England, Ireland, France, Brazil, and the United States and have traveled extensively They have one daughter and live in Palm Springs, California Her first novel, Private Desires also titled Leonie , launched an enormously successful writing career, she also wrote as Ariana Scott She has now written over twenty internationally acclaimed bestsellers.


  • Onvan : Peach - Nevisande : Elizabeth Adler - ISBN : 044020111X - ISBN13 : 9780440201113 - Dar 544 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 1986

  • 8,5 de 10*Terminei a leitura deste livro com a sensação de ter vivido, com todas as suas personagens, uma vida apaixonante e intensa. Já li vários livros da autora e, embora tenha gostado de todos eles, este superou as minhas expectativas e tornou-se claramente no meu preferido de Elizabeth Adler.Comentário completo em:abibliotecadajoao/

  • These two books from the "de Courmon saga" were definitely not the best of Elizabeth. Something happened in these books that I do not recognize in the other books I read by the author. It was really easy not to like this story and I must say that I was truly disappointed with the quality of this book. Elizabeth's books usually are a source of entertainment for me (most especially because of the places she talks about - it makes me travel in one seating). But this was nothing like I was used to i [...]

  • For such a silly, ridiculous book, it was pretty enjoyable. The story focuses primarily on Peach de Courmont and Noel Maddox, two individuals from completely opposite backgrouds. Peach is the wealthy, beautiful heiress and Noel is the poor orphan who has to work his way up through the ranks in the automobile industry. Of course their paths cross a couple times before they eventually decide they're in love and get married.My complaints: the ending. Noel seems like a decent, if slightly cold, man [...]

  • Um livro um pouco diferente dos habituais romances da autora , mas encantou-me esta maravilhosa estória.Um livro sobre o poder e a força de vontade , começa com o nascimento de Peach de Courmont e o de um pequeno orfão Noel Madodox.Entre o luxo dos Courmont e a extrema pobreza do pequeno Noel vai se construindo está bela estória de perseverança e vitorias.Gostei.

  • Always a good summer beach read. I realized halfway through that Peach is actually the sequel to (the now out-of-print.OF COURSE!) Leonie by Elizabeth Adler. It's on order from amazon. Can't wait to read the front-story to this novel!

  • Um livro difícil de largar e bastante grande! Complexo, com romance, ambição, tragédia mas com um final à altura. Continuação de 'Sombras de Paixão ' abarca um grande espaço temporal com descrições de França durante a segunda guerra. 4 * bem merecidas. Recomendo mas leiam primeiro o anterior.

  • I've read most of Adler's books, including the prequel Leonie. I liked Leonie and felt it to be a better story than Peach--more substance. There were too many characters to follow in Peach and some of them were lost in the storytelling. I would recommend reading Leonie first and then Peach soon thereafter to be able to follow the storyline.

  • Este livro foi a minha estreia com a autora e foi uma excelente forma de começar.A história gira em torno de Peach de Courmont, herdeira de uma família rica e que foi habituada a ter o que queria. E através da vida de Peach vamos conhecendo a sua família, a sua avó Leonie e o marido Jim, os pais Amelie e Gerald, e as suas meias-irmãs Lais e Leonore.Tornando assim, a história com mais alguns focos de interesse, e não só sobre Peach. Desde pequena que Peach é muito decidida e que sabe o [...]

  • My second foray into the work of Elizabeth Adler wasn’t quite as satisfying as the first (The Secret of Villa Mimosa) but it was nonetheless, an amazingly interesting tale. We begin with the birth of Peach in the early 30s to wealthy French and parents well established in the hostelry industry. There is a bi-generational link between the hotel folks and a family that owns what was a top-end automotive corporation in France. Peach adores her ne’er-do-well half sister who accompanies her from [...]

  • Blah! In my opinion, this book just droned on and on. It basically follows "Peach" from the time of her birth until after the birth of her third child. Simultaneously, the book covers the life of Noel for the same span of time. Both characters experience lots of sadness and infidelity but eventually, join back together at the end of the book for the birth of Peach's third child and Noel's second child. In my opinion, too much was going on in the book, with too many characters for the development [...]

  • Picked this up at a garage sale and really liked this kind of book that follows a family through many years and includes lots of historical fiction. Peach is the daugher/granddaughter of wealthy European car dynasty. Of course there is the cliche handsome hunk orphan that made good all by himself in the American Car business. Mixed in are World War II adventures in France with the French resistance.

  • This is the sequel to Leonie - about her daughter.Back Cover Blurb:The story of Peach de Courmont, daughter of Leonie, daughter of a wealthy French family, and her love affair with Noel Maddox, the orphan who fought his way from the assembly line to a pinnacle of power in the automobile industry.

  • I guess I had high expectations after her other book. The ending was disappointing & didn't tie up the loose ends I was expecting to present a big twist. I liked the story overall, but it was almost as if the author decided the book was long enough & just ended it abruptly.

  • Every time I picked up this book, I was completely immersed in it to the point of being unaware of my surroundings. I love it when that happens. The Nazi occupation part was really terrifying. It's basically a romance, but lots of stuff going on.

  • Leonie and Peach are so reminiscent of my early adult years of reading. I read a lot of Phyllis Whitney and Victoria Holt too. What can I say? I was young and I will eventually pick up some of Ms. Adler's other stuff in my 'later' years.

  • Good re-read of an "oldie" - forgot that this is the second book - if you are going to try it you have to read Leonie firsten Peach :)

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