Buzz Henrik Pettersson HP p geneb Sellest on m das neliteist kuud kui ta salap rase mobiiltelefoniga t mmati talle peaaegu elu maksnud saatanlikku t elisusm ngu Aga ehkki tal on n d k ik mida ihkas vabad

  • Title: Buzz
  • Author: Anders de la Motte Kadri Papp
  • ISBN: 9789949273249
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Henrik Pettersson HP p geneb Sellest on m das neliteist kuud, kui ta salap rase mobiiltelefoniga t mmati talle peaaegu elu maksnud saatanlikku t elisusm ngu.Aga ehkki tal on n d k ik, mida ihkas vabadus, raha ja minimaalselt vastutust, pole ta siiski rahul Ta tunneb puudust M ngust saadud n rvik dist Mugav elu l heb pikapeale igavaks ja koos s veneva unetusprobleHenrik Pettersson HP p geneb Sellest on m das neliteist kuud, kui ta salap rase mobiiltelefoniga t mmati talle peaaegu elu maksnud saatanlikku t elisusm ngu.Aga ehkki tal on n d k ik, mida ihkas vabadus, raha ja minimaalselt vastutust, pole ta siiski rahul Ta tunneb puudust M ngust saadud n rvik dist Mugav elu l heb pikapeale igavaks ja koos s veneva unetusprobleemiga on tal ha raskem fantaasiat tegelikkusest eristada Vahel tabab ta ennast peaaegu lootmast, et M ng talle kannule j uaks.Kui ta saab tuttavaks Anna Argosega, tundub tulevik tasapisi taas helgemaks muutuvat Naine on t pselt tema t p rikas, elukogenud ja ilus Kuid selle cool i pealispinna all hakkab HP aimama midagi rahutuks tegevat Naine justkui kardaks kedagi v i midagi Ja siis veel see tema telefoniasi Rebecca Norm ni jaoks peaks n d, kus tema minevik teda enam ei piina, elu lihtsam olema Ta on lendatud ihukaitser hma lemaks ja isiklikus plaanis terendab ees kooselu Sellest hoolimata on tal raske oma kohta leida Kogu uus elu tundub mingil kombel ebat eline, nagu ei kuulukski see talle.Siis kuuleb ta veebifoorumist, kus anon mne kirjutaja, end MayBeyks nimetav politseinik, hakkab j rsku otse tema poole p rduma, nagu oleksid nad omavahel tuttavad Ja see, millest MayBey kirjutab, on pehmelt eldes murettekitav Sedam da, kuidas j litajad HP le ja Rebeccale pikkam da l hemale tulevad, j uavad neile kannule ka k simused Mis on tegelikkus Keda v ib usaldada Ja kas on v imalik kaitsta end ohu eest, mida v ib olla pole olemaski

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    About " Anders de la Motte Kadri Papp "

  • Anders de la Motte Kadri Papp

    Anders de la Motte b 1971 made his debut in 2010 with geim , which won the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers First Book Award He is a former Police Officer and was until recently Director of Security at one of the world s largest IT companies He is currently an International Security Consultant With his blend of fast paced suspense, humor, and informed commentary on IT and social media, Anders de la Motte represents a distinct new voice in Scandinavian crime fiction wild, playful and full of references to popular culture, including his literary cousin Philip K Dick.


  • I received a free ebook copy of this from NetGalley.I tried. After reading Game, I thought I wouldn't. But I gave it a chapter to see if the writing was any better. And really, no. It was not. I learned something though - not to request the second book in a series before reading the first. Oh well.Thank you to NetGalley and Atria Books for providing the opportunity to read this.

  • 22/7 - Great plot! Great suspense! I just wish the author hadn't decided to make his POV changes even worse than they were in Game. The changes are lightning fast, leaving the reader with a paragraph or two only, before the story switches from one sibling to the other, and then back again. The switches are very annoying but they definitely achieve their desired outcome (or what I believe was the author's desired outcome) - keeping the suspense level raised and forcing me to read pages, if not ch [...]

  • Περνώντας στο δεύτερο βιβλίο, στον "Βόμβο", με το άκρως εντυπωσιακό εξώφυλλο, συναντάμε και πάλι τον Χένρικ, μόνο που αυτή τη φορά δεν βρίσκεται στην πατρίδα του, αλλά πολύ μακριά απ' αυτήν, προσπαθώντας ν' αφήσει πίσω του το παρελθόν του και όλα όσα συνδέονται με το "Παιχνίδι". [...]

  • Pagājušā gada aprīlī lasīju šīs triloģijas pirmo grāmatu [game], un nav ko liegties, grāmata man patika. Tādēļ piedāvājums no izdevniecības Zvaigzne ABC izlasīt triloģijas otro grāmatu vēl pirms tās nonākšanas veikalos bija neatvairāms. Grāmatu [buzz] sāku lasīt uzreiz tajā pašā vakarā, biju nobriedis trillerim.Henriks Peteršons veiksmīgi ticis vaļā no Spēles. Šķiet, kas nekait – dzīvs, kabatā daudz naudas, atpūties. Taču viss nav tik vienkārši – [...]

  • This is the " middle book" of a trilogy! Nothing special about it, just a sequel to prepare an ending! But not so good I m afraid! And more difficult to follow than the first one! Sometimes naive , sometimes unbelievable!

  • Kolejna książka z zakończeniem w stylu "za to można by zabić autora" ;) Trzeci tom pilnie poszukiwany ;)

  • Играта разкрива своите тайниЦялото ревю тук: knijenpetar/2015/0 След мощното начало на трилогията е време за равносметка, близане на рани и лудо харчене на едни два милиона откраднати пари – къде да се покрият щетите, нанесени в първата книга, къде да се изхарчат по красиви жени и л [...]

  • Тръпката да се опитваш да изиграеш Играта: knigolandiafo/book-review/tСлед високата топка на “Играта” продължението “Тръпката” ми дойде малко постно, основно заради липсата на пряко действие около мистериозната виртуална реалност, която бе в основата на екшъна в протежение на първ [...]

  • Tak, a mam docteno! :-( A zazivam klasickou depresi vsech knihomolu, kteri prave docetli perfektni knizku a zustal v nich jen pocit prazdnoty, ze uz to nepokracuje dal. Aspon teda zatim (uz aby byl dalsi dil!). Bylo to paradni, dostatecne strhujici, neotrele, poutave napsane, s vybrousenym jazykem a mistrnymi obraty. Jsem velmi spokojena a asi budu dlouho hledat dalsi kouseke, ktery by se tomu v mych ocich vyrovnal.

  • Jag gillade verkligen [geim], den kändes fräsch och ny. Eftersom den också slutade med en cliffhanger så såg jag verkligen fram emot att läsa andra delen, [buzz]. Läs mer på bokslut/2015/07/bu

  • Book InfoKindle Edition, 480 pagesExpected publication: January 7th 2014 by Atria/Emily Bestler Books (first published 2011)original title BuzzASIN B00AYIDR9Oseries HP Pettersson #2other editions (14)Source:Netgalley EARCBook Buy LinksB&NBOOK SYNOPSISIn the second installment in a new international thriller trilogy, a young man is on the run to escape a “game” that blurs the lines between reality and fiction.It’s been four months since he was dragged into the Alternative Reality Game t [...]

  • Buzzing after BuzzThe problem with Buzz is that you eventually finish the book. Buzz is the second book in the Game Trilogy by Anders De La Motte that keeps up the pace of Game and continues with all the twists and turns with regular surprises when not really expecting them. This really is the edge of the seat stuff everything you want and expect from a thriller, from two competing worlds of the real and online world. It is also based on fact as you read this book knowing that there are companie [...]

  • It actually took deliberation on whether to give this a two or three star rating. In the end I opted for two as some aspects of the book irritated me and, as it was the middle book in a trilogy, it felt like a filler episode in a TV show before the big reveals happen. Buzz is set several months after Game and HP is as naive as ever. He'll trust almost anyone, take stupidly unnecessary risks and actually crave being back in the Game even though doing so would cost him his freedom and possibly his [...]

  • I'm beginning to lose my love affair with the Game trilogy. Whilst I genuinely enjoyed Game, albeit with some minor quibbles, it does feel like Buzz is a step backwards rather than forwards. The whole premise seemed to have so much promise at the beginning, but now a lot of it feels like a wasted opportunity.Firstly, there's my more petty complaints: the overuse of the exclamation mark, text speech in prose, typos and completely confusing passages where you have absolutely no clue who the author [...]

  • This is a sequel to Game, and another book that I impulsively snatched from netgalley. While the first one wasn't bad, this one had more issues. But first, the positives!HP was a lot less of a little shit. Still a douche, but slightly better and I even rooted for him a little bit, especially after he got a job at the evil ArgosEye and did some bad-ass things. Not as happy with Rebecca though, because she somehow became even more boring and so much more stupid, not to mention a casually horrible [...]

  • I had a big doubt - to give 2 or 3 stars. Finally, I've decided to give it 3 stars because there are some parts I really liked. I totally agree with this conversation.(view spoiler)[‘The internet is positively groaning with information that people are forcing on each other. Favourite television programmes, films and books, religious and political opinions, the kids’ Christmas presents or what they made for dinner. And why? Well, all because the vast majority of us are longing for just one th [...]

  • Nieważne, że pomysł na powieść nie porywa już tak, jak miało to miejsce w przypadku części pierwszej. Nieważne, że nasz HP spada, skacze i przewraca się tyle razy, iż współczuję każdej pojedynczej komórce jego ciała. Nie ma najmniejszego znaczenia, że momentami fabuła jest naciągana jak skóra na twarzach niektórych celebrytów. Książka jest po prostu świetna. „[buzz]” = perfekcyjne tempo. Naprawdę. Wszystkie zdarzenia dzieją się tak, jak powinni się dziać w th [...]

  • Lapidus. Jens lapidus, de strafrechtadvocaat die zijn lezer met zijn korte, strakke schrijfstijl, wisselende perspectieven, sterke spannende verrassende inhoudelijke verhaallijnen drie dikke pillen doortrok met een zinderende snelheid. Als een boek door de uitgever wordt aanbevolen aan de fans van, dan wordt ik in eerste instantie wat achterdochtig. Buzz lijkt als je de achterflap leest geenzins op de boeken van Lapidus. Maar zodra je begint met lezen is het er, een korte strakke schrijfstijl, e [...]

  • "A internet profunda""Quantos têm o facebook, o twitter ou o instagram aberto noutras janelas enquanto estão a ler isto?""Balançar-se numa rede ao som das ondas a quebrar na areia é muito bonito quando se sonha com isso, mas viver assim durante o resto da vida?""Estamos cada vez mais dependentes de outras pessoas que nos digam como somos inteligentes, atraentes ou espertos.""Os cidadãos inocentes só existem até ao momento em que são desmascarados. A culpa ou inocência são principalment [...]

  • Gostei mesmo muito deste livro. Muito mais do que do Jogo. Adorei conhecer a empresa ArgosEye e a forma como actua. A forma como usa a internet para manipular opiniões e não só. Este livro fez-me perceber que sou uma utilizadora de internet mesmo mt mt inocente.As personagens principais, HP e Rebecca, também evoluiram bastante e tornaram-se mt mais interessantes. A narrativa mantém um optimo ritmo dando sempre vontade de ler o que vai acontecer a seguir.Agora até tenho medo de ler a Bolha [...]

  • ()As próprias personagens estão mais cativantes, prendendo-nos mais à narrativa. Acho que como o autor já nos dera a conhecer HP e Rebecca no livro anterior, neste acabou por as fazer ter mais garra e gostei imenso de ver isso. O ritmo da narrativa é alucinante, passando a uma velocidade louca. De um momento para o outro há tantos acontecimentos que apenas queremos continuar a ler para saber que mais se passaria e a própria maneira de ser das personagens permite esse ritmo.Um livro muito [...]

  • Reti gadās, kad man triloģijā labāk patīk otrā grāmata, nekā pirmā. Pareizāk sakot, šis ir pirmais gadījums. Sākumā traucēja, ka pirmo daļu lasīju diezgan sen, un maz ko atcerējos, bet liekas, ka tur beigu notikumi bija intensīvāki un nebija ļoti spiests uz to, ka jāgaida nākamās daļas, lai noskaidrotu pašas beigas. Šajā daļā gan gaisā paliek karājoties ļoti daudz jautājumu zīmju.

  • Podobně jako první díl - super, čtivé, relativně napínavé, ale na pět hvězd asi ne. Z Buzz je hrozně cítit, že jde o druhý díl ze tří, takže pouze připravuje půdu pro finále. Uvidíme, jak do sebe všechno zapadne.

  • Não sendo mau, achei o primeiro melhor, talvez pela novidade. Neste volume continuamos a ter HP sem juízo, é que não aprendeu nada!

  • Druhý díl za tím prvním celkem pokulhává. Už tam není takové to technicky nadpřirozené hráčské tajemno, které všemu dodávalo šťávu. Druhý díl, byť se tedy také točí okolo specifického zákoutí ICT světa, již spíše více inklinuje k detektivce či thrilleru, než virtuálnímu hráčskému světu. Někomu to možná může vyhovovat více, ale někomu, třeba mě, také ne.Obě hlavní postavy zůstávají stejné, děj pokračuje asi rok po minulém díle. HP se z [...]

  • My Grade = 60% - D-Earlier this month I found Game, the first book in this trilogy at a thrift store, and I liked it so much that, by the time I was halfway through, I bought the next two books in the series on eBay.I just finished Buzz, the second book at the town pool about an hour ago. As I sit here typing this, book by my side, I see that on the bottom is ink stamped "Mobile Public Library," and on the back is a sticker that reads, "DISCARD." I only wish that I had done that before I started [...]

  • story-of-books/2016,5/20 Henrik Petterson, HP, a tout laissé tomber pour assurer sa sécurité, pour être certain que Le Jeu ne retrouverait pas sa trace. Cependant, c'était sans compter avec un tueur à gages déterminé et un Jeu plus violent que jamais qui ne reculera devant rien pour faire taire le gêneur. Rebecca Normén, quant à elle, fait face à d'autres problèmes. Sa vie professionnelle tombe en miettes à cause d'une affaire qui aurait pu très mal tourner, et c'est toute sa vie [...]

  • At first I was disappointed to find out thissecond novel of the Game trilogy was notas exciting as the first one. But then oncethe author has all his set-up complete, (aboutthree-quarters into the book), thenwham!, it gets good again. Lots of twists anda satisfying conclusion to Book 2, despite alsobeing a cliffhanger for Book 3.I am still frustrated with the author's techniqueof bobbing back and forth in short scenariosbetween his two protagonists -- why can't hejust give alternating chapters o [...]

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