Raining Men

Raining Men Sequel to Chaser The character you loved to hate in Chaser becomes the character you will simply love in Raining Men It s been raining men for most of Bobby Nelson s adult life Normally he wouldn t h

  • Title: Raining Men
  • Author: Rick R. Reed
  • ISBN: 9781623807238
  • Page: 396
  • Format: ebook
  • Sequel to Chaser The character you loved to hate in Chaser becomes the character you will simply love in Raining Men It s been raining men for most of Bobby Nelson s adult life Normally, he wouldn t have it any other way, but lately something s missing Now, he wants the deluge to slow to a single special drop But is it even possible for Bobby to find the one after enSequel to Chaser The character you loved to hate in Chaser becomes the character you will simply love in Raining Men It s been raining men for most of Bobby Nelson s adult life Normally, he wouldn t have it any other way, but lately something s missing Now, he wants the deluge to slow to a single special drop But is it even possible for Bobby to find the one after endless years of hooking up When Bobby s father passes away, Bobby finally examines his rocky relationship with the man and how it might have contributed to his inability to find the love he yearns for Guided by a sexy therapist, a Sex Addicts Anonymous group, a well endowed Chihuahua named Johnny Wadd, and Bobby s own cache of memories, Bobby takes a spiritual, sexual, and emotional journey to discover that life s most satisfactory love connections lie in quality, not quantity And when he s ready to love not only himself but someone else, sex and love fit, at last, into one perfect package.

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    Real Men True Love.Rick R Reed draws inspiration from the lives of gay men to craft stories that quicken the heartbeat, engage emotions, and keep the pages turning Although he dabbles in horror, dark suspense, and comedy, his attention always returns to the power of love He s the award winning and bestselling author of than fifty works of published fiction and is forever at work on yet another book Lambda Literary has called him A writer that doesn t disappoint You can find him at rickrreed or rickrreedreality Rick lives in Palm Springs, CA with his beloved husband and their Boston terrier.


  • I am a big fan of Rick R. Reed. He knows it. My friends know it. I have a goal to read everything he has ever put out as soon as I can. But I have to say that I was not looking forward to this book. Don't get me wrong, I have loved everything I've read of his to this point. However, my opinion of the main character of this book, Bobby Nelson, was formed strongly in Chaser. He was only a secondary (who played a big part) in that book but I saw enough of him to end that book hating his character w [...]

  • HOLY SHIT. I have no words. Me, who reads words all day long, who revels in them, loves and hates them, wraps them around like a warm blanket on a winter's night - I have none of them after this book.Whereas I absolutely hated Bobby in Chaser, in this book I only felt sorry for him. Once I got a real glimpse into his mind, into the dirty, disgusting things he does to numb the pain in his own head, I couldn't help but feel for him. Damn you, Mr. Reed, for doing that to me. Okay, just kidding. Sor [...]

  • 4.50 StarsWhen I first read about Bobby in Chaser I must admit I was not a fan, his character seemed to be a shallow, narcissistic, evil. treacherous, deceitful SOB, I found myself loathing his character, my persona of him may be harsh but I’m not the sugar coating type of person, I was still holding a grudge against him going into this read, ( I cussed his character from here unto the heavens)and I was afraid that because of my biased opinion of him it would deflect from the book, to my utter [...]

  • Reviewed on Hearts on FireIf you’ve read Chaser you know that was about a man Caden who was a secret chubby chaser who finally met the man of his dreams, a man round in all the right places. But things go awry when his guy decides to diet & exercise his way into becoming a conventional hot guy and turning off Caden in the process. While that’s going on, Caden’s best friend Bobby decides to take advantage of the situation rushing in to cause a whole lot of trouble. This is the story of [...]

  • Review posted on World of Diversity FictionsDear Rick,I loved this story! I think I was one of the very few that liked Bobby from Chaser. I don’t know why, he did a despicable thing to Caden, but there was just something about him that tugged at my heart. I knew there would be more to him and couldn’t wait to see what you had in store. In my opinion, you couldn’t have done a more perfect job with him and his story he is exactly how I hoped he would be, plus more. You had me bawling like a [...]

  • I just finished Chaser, so of course I'm curious about this book. >__> But angst and drama and tears and ANGST? *quivers* I dunno if I have it in me

  • God I had a tissue with me almost all the book. I hated Bobby on Chase, but with this book I fell in love with all his insecurities. Amazing book, even better than Chase

  • Realistic, rich, fabulous, emotional and beautiful. The stories in the gay romance genre just get better and better!!This sequel to Chaser is brilliant. It really pulled at my heart without being angsty. My emotions rose and fell with the rhythm of the story and I could feel the struggles, hopes, joys and pains as Bobby journeyed towards himself. It is a deeply satisfying read and a brilliant sequel.This isn't your traditional 'boy meets boy' romance story. The boy in the story is Bobby and he h [...]

  • Both the Chaser books, Chaser and Raining Men, were books that I was not sure I was going to like but for every different reasons: Chaser because of it's interesting 'chubby chaser' theme and Raining Men because of my feelings towards the main character based on the experience of the first book. Luckily I enjoyed both immensely.Click to check out my review of ChaserBobby did some pretty terrible things in Chaser, treating his best friend really poorly. So poorly that I thought he would really st [...]

  • Raining Men is the follow up to Chaser and it takes the ever hated character from that book, Bobby, and takes him on a journey of self discovery. It's not a romance at all. I've been struggling with how to rate it, because even though it is a journey of self discovery and growth, and it was well written, I didn't actually enjoy reading it.Bobby is 40 years old and still living like he's 25 and just found the buffet after being starved forever. He lost the one meaningful relationship he ever had [...]

  • Okay, this is my first book by Mr. Reed, and guess what it's the second in a series. Guess what, you can read it without having read the other. Thank the gods, because the title made me chose it. Oh and guess what, it won't be the last one I read by him.This is about Bobby Nelson and it is all about Bobby. It's all about his addiction to sex. Why he is addicted. What it destroys, maims in his life. What it does to him,and those in his life. Perhaps the best part of this story, is how addiction i [...]

  • 4.5 stars!Read a detailed review on The Blog of Sid LoveI would recommend it to anyone who wants to look beyond the aspect of M/M Romance in a book. This is a real deal, with a believable storyline and some great writing by a very talented author.

  • This was an incredible book. Bobby - the person I really hated in Chaser turns out to "find" himself AND what true love really is. This is by far the BEST book Rick R. Reed has written - this story is incredibly written

  • "Forgiveness can be one of the most powerful and freeing gifts we can bestow on ourselves."Bobby Nelson is a manwhore. Sexually addicted, borderline pathetic, Bobby is driven from one sexual encounter to another, each tipping dangerously toward a lack of care for his body and, most certainly, his soul. He is, essentially, alone, having betrayed his one and only friend by trying to steal his boyfriend from him. Now, desperate, and reeling from a tragedy that leaves him in a self-destructive downw [...]

  • 4.5So this is the companion/sequel piece to Chaser, a story I read quite a while back, but still remember pretty well.Of the two stories, Raining Men is the better one, simply because Bobby is a much more interesting character than Caden, who is a way too good person to be really intriguing. (But it may also be because I'm still a little disappointed Kevin had to transform from chubby to hunky before the story ended.)Bobby had a POV scene in Chaser, a casual sex scene /hook up scene, and I remem [...]

  • The dark and difficult journey of a superficially charming but deeply unlikeable character, who is finally motivated to seek professional and other help for the pathological failures of personality that have plagued him.Bobby was the “best friend” in the previous book, Chaser, in which we met him as a casual attachment of the main character, Caden. Bobby would accompany Caden to the bars, and then ditch him as soon Bobby had found a hookup. Caden put up with this for years, until Bobby went [...]

  • 4.5 StarsBobby Nelson is that character you love to hate. And, trust me, anyone who has read “Chaser” knows what I’m talking about.I wanted to read the sequel because I could not image how this dastardly character could be redeemed. Look, he had no redeeming characteristics — not one. And, after what he pulled in “Chaser,” I wasn’t sure I wished him to get a second chance. Well, Rick R. Reed convinced me that Bobby is not only redeemable, but deserves a second chance. Go figure bec [...]

  • First of all, I would like to go on record and state that this is NOT a book that I would usually choose to read on a normal day. But I recently read and enjoyed Chaser, so I just had to know what happens to Bobby!! Second, this is not a romancewell, not the typical romance we are all used to reading. No, this Bobby's journey to loving himself. I think those who are willing to give Bobby a chance should definitely give him the opportunity to let you love him.Please read my full review at The B [...]

  • I have to admit, when I saw this second book in the series has Bobby as the central character I almost did not pick it up. I'm glad I took the plunge anyway.It is really interesting getting into the mind of a sexual compulsive. Just because a person is highly sexually active does not inherently mean they are fulfilled, happy, or content with their life. Sex for Bobby isn't about connection, intimacy, love, affection, or even getting off - it's about oblivion. He doesn't need recreational drugs - [...]

  • Read this on a flight and it totally made me forget my nerves. First time in a while I've finished a book in 2 days. There's so much relatable here as the root cause of Bobby's situation can be adapted to probably anyone. It definitely hit home for me in more than one way. This is something I'll reread, both for Bobby's story and for the journey toward love and recovery.

  • Raining Men is the sequel to Chaser, and it explores exactly why our MC, Bobby, was such a miserable little sh*t in that novel. We learn fairly quickly that the lothario who pretends that he only has sex with the best looking guys will actually have sex with anyone who wants to have sex with him. And he will have it any time, any place. To the author's credit, these scenes are as gross and seedy as they ought to be, and as you read them, you go down into the muck of Bobby's putrid self-esteem ri [...]

  • There are books out there that break the mold. They shatter your beliefs in what a genre looks like, feels like, should be. They show you that it’s bigger, more complex, out of the box. Raining Men is one of those books. This book pushes the boundaries of romance.Mr. Reed answered a question that quite a few standard romances leave neglected. What does it look like to love the unlovely? I don’t mean exterior, because Bobby time and again was shown as an incredibly beautiful man on the outsid [...]

  • This book actually challenged my thinking on the subject of sexual addiction… made me revise my previously conceived notions. Unlike a lot of folks, I was not a Bobby-hater at the end of “Chaser”. I felt badly for him. The way he hopped from man to man without ever feeling anything or maybe feeling too much, as we find out in “Raining Men”, his endless sexual conquests were just a mechanism to quell his feelings of self-loathing. And then the way he clung to Kevin, even when faced with [...]

  • The character I loved to hate is correct! This was an interesting mental exercise and a healthy reminder that I should not judge someone as I do not know the details of their journey. Technically, this is one of the better structured books I have read in a long while. It has been almost a year since I read Chaser, the prequel. Whilst the character development is substantiated in Chaser I do think one could read Raining Men as a stand-alone just fine. Sometimes, when I read a book, I can tell whe [...]

  • I received this book through First Reads. I have to admit I really didn't expect to like this book as much as I did. From Chaser, Bobby really came off as an awful man who had no respect for his friend and treated everything as a game. (view spoiler)[ He really showed some personal growth in this book even if he only started out getting help because he hoped to regain his friendship with Caden. Somewhere a long the line he starts just getting help for himself and not just because he hoped to fi [...]

  • This was a very hard book to read and I've got to be honest I wasn't prepared for it, but I am so glad I stuck through with it. I'm not sure I could read all of it again because of the subject matter and some of his actions but I'm glad I finished it. It made me cry, it made me smile and it made me laugh, but above all it left me with a very warm feeling inside. The bit about his dad broke me and will stay with me for a very long time, it was a very sweet but sad thing to read.Another reviewer m [...]

  • As bad as I really didn't like this MC in the previous book, I didn't expect to be drawn in to his journey of growth and learning to love himself in this story. I admit I did submit to quite a few tears during the reading of this story, but I will remember Bobby for a long time as I move on to read other stories in this genre. Thank you, dear author, for making me think, and find it in myself to learn forgiveness and realize that we are all only here for a short time, and hopefully all have a ch [...]

  • **For those of you who don't have this yet, FYI if you buy Raining Men you get Chaser free for a limited time! See this link for more details :) dreamspinnerpress/blog/201**

  • This is Bobby's story, a spin-off from Chaser. If you will recall, I vehemently rejected the idea of ever coming to like Bobby. He seemed like such an irredeemable douche, but I have to eat my words-- this book is pretty damn good! Lots of character development and tackles subjects such as death of parent, daddy issues, sex addiction

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