Çıkış Kapısı

k Kap s Zengin bir adam m olmak isterdiniz yoksa l bir adam m k Kap s n n sundu u se enekler ne yaz k ki bu kadard Evrenin t m zenginli ine sahip olabilir ya da akl n za bile gelmeyecek korkularla kar la abil

  • Title: Çıkış Kapısı
  • Author: Frederik Pohl Can Eryümlü
  • ISBN: 9789753660815
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zengin bir adam m olmak isterdiniz yoksa l bir adam m k Kap s n n sundu u se enekler ne yaz k ki bu kadard Evrenin t m zenginli ine sahip olabilir ya da akl n za bile gelmeyecek korkularla kar la abilirdiniz Broadhead, k Kap s na geldi inde sorunun basit oldu unu d n yordu Do ru g revi bekle ve d ar k Ama i in i ine hi de hesapta olmayan aksZengin bir adam m olmak isterdiniz yoksa l bir adam m k Kap s n n sundu u se enekler ne yaz k ki bu kadard Evrenin t m zenginli ine sahip olabilir ya da akl n za bile gelmeyecek korkularla kar la abilirdiniz Broadhead, k Kap s na geldi inde sorunun basit oldu unu d n yordu Do ru g revi bekle ve d ar k Ama i in i ine hi de hesapta olmayan aksilikler girecektir Y llar sonra zengin ve nl oldu unda, kendisiyle hesapla mak zorunda kald nda i inin pek de kolay olmad n anlayacakt.

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    Frederik George Pohl, Jr was an American science fiction writer, editor and fan, with a career spanning over seventy years From about 1959 until 1969, Pohl edited Galaxy magazine and its sister magazine IF winning the Hugo for IF three years in a row His writing also won him three Hugos and multiple Nebula Awards He became a Nebula Grand Master in 1993.


  • Can you like a book when you kind of hate the main character? Especially when that character is the first-person narrator? The answer, for me, for this book anyway, is apparently "not all that much."Gateway is one of those sci-fi classics that I am supposed to have absorbed if I want to consider myself well read in the genre. It's one of the rare Hugo/Nebula double winners (not to mention the Locus and Campbell awards, which pretty much covers all of them)! It is by one of the stalwarts of geek [...]

  • Before I began writing the review I searched for images of Gateway. This was the first one in the results:I really have no clue about the relevance. When I think about a gateway I think about something like this: or something like the following which resonates better with any serious reader:If you have even passing interest in science fiction you have most definitely heard about this novel. This one is a classic of genre with a lot of awards to prove it. Imagine somebody found a habitable astero [...]

  • Frederik Pohl is still alive? Wow. And won a Hugo as recently as last year, for his blog. That I will have to check out. This is a guy who has been around science fiction for a long time, as a writer and as an editor. And Gateway was my first introduction to his work. Let me just go add him to the list of authors I want to read more of. (That's not rhetorical - it's on a Sticky on my desktop.) I will want to be reading more of his work.Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the [...]

  • 4,5 / 5Dos días me ha durado, y por que no tenía tiempo para leer. Pero es una novela que invita a leerla del tirón, que no te suelta, que te entretiene, y que probablemente es diferente de lo que esperaba.Pohl nos cuenta la historia de un pionero espacial que se hace millonario. Robinette Broadhead, más conocido como Rob, habla con una IA que ejerce como su psicólogo. Allí habla de la culpa, del dolor o los remordimientos que lo reconcomen por dentro desde su infancia hasta su vida adulta [...]

  • I have a theory, based on nothing more than a dirty mind and my own propensity for making silly bets, that Pohl wrote Gateway to win a bet he'd made while drunk. He and his friends have been talking about sex scenes in SF novels (a notoriously sensitive topic), and Pohl is criticizing them on the grounds that they aren't necessary to the plot."Oh yeah?" asks someone. "And just how would a sex scene be necessary to the plot?""Well," says Pohl. "There could be any number of reasons!""Sure!" says t [...]

  • I remember reading this when I was 15 or so, I did not like it. I have no recollection of why I did not like it. Now it is years later and I am at the age of (view spoiler)[none of your bidness ;P (hide spoiler)], having just re-read the book I can tell you why I did not like it then and why I do like it now. Like my 15 year old self I went in expect a Big Dumb Object fun times, something along the line of Rendezvous With Rama, what I ended up reading turn out to be a fairly slow moving characte [...]

  • "Gateway" by Frederik Pohl has long been considered a classic of Science Fiction and deservedly so. It's earned its status honestly and is one of the best books I have ever read.What separates this from the myriad other science fiction and fantasy offerings out there?It's the characters.The PlotGateway is an asteroid in our Solar System that was hollowed out and made into a base of operations by the mysterious ancient alien race known as the "Heechee". They abandoned it long before mankind stopp [...]

  • A warning: this novel's main plot is not about Big Dumb Object (BDO) or space opera. This novel is about psychological issue of the main protagonist. The protagonist get the psych problem due to the science-fiction setting.This novel offers an idea of a psychological/mental problem that haven't happened to human in real-life yet. At final revelation, the author deliver the situation so well, I could imagine the psych (huge) impact to the protagonist. That's all I can say without spoiling anythin [...]

  • Gateway by Frederik Pohl is good science fiction, I can see why it won the Hugo. Essentially the story is about a time in the distant future where overpopulation and over consumption of resources have left humans in a regrettable state, but not without some promise. Oil and minerals are mined and then somehow synthetically turned into food. Also interplanetary colonization has spread the burden out some, but life on (or rather in Venus) and Mars is no picnic. One way out is to become a prospecto [...]

  • At first I was so excited about this book. I mean think about it: a long gone race of super intelligent beings leave us with an inheritance of a gateway to 1000 locations where unspeakable riches, both financial and scientific, await their rediscovery. The premise sounds great, right? I mean who wouldn't wanna go on an adventure in outer space? To discover just what it is that we've inherited? (And we did, I mean the Heechees left everything in pristine condition, just waiting for us.)So there I [...]

  • This turned out to be a surprisingly good and entertaining sci-fi tale. When I picked up a copy of the novel I thought I was heading for an Edgar Rice Burroughs type pulp sci-fi story. I'll admit it was the name of the series, the Heechee Saga, that caught me out. It totally sounds like pulp sci-fi! I only realized this was a Hugo and Nebula award winner when it was mentioned by Robert.J.Sawyer in an introduction to the audiobook. That had me a little worried as I've a poor track record with cri [...]

  • On this dull, foggy, and cold day, I reluctantly finished this sixth re-read of "Gateway." It's still as fresh as when I first read it in a tent in the Orkney Islands 30 years ago, waiting for the rain to stop for just a moment, for the clouds to raise their petticoats before the hint of a horizon. Eyes-closed wonder.

  • As I work my way through the classics of Science Fiction I haven't read, I find most of the classics are considered classics for a reason. For me, Gateway has a classic premise:Humans of the future finds a hollowed out asteroid that contains a few hundred small, alien ships. The aliens, called the "Heechee" left the ships, ranging in size from 1 to 5 seaters, half a million years ago. Humanity has no idea how the ships work but they press the coloured buttons and are blasted off at light speed t [...]

  • This is a well structured sci fi novel, and I can see why it is considered an influential classic, but it has one major problem that I can't get around: the protagonist is a whining, self-absorbed shithead. Since the main story is told in flashback, and he is still a whining, self-absorbed shithead in the frame story, we spend the whole book knowing that he will not grow or change at any point through the adventure he is relating to us, and for all we know his whining self-absorbed shitheadednes [...]

  • 4.0 stars. I just re-read this story on May 13, 2010 after having first read it back in 1998. The downgrade from 4.5 stars to 4.0 stars has less to do with the quality of this book (which I still think is excellent) and more to do with the quality of other books I have read since my first reading of Gateway which have caused me to rasie the bar somewhat. This is still a "classic SF story" that is worthy of the title and one that I recommend to any fan of science fiction. It is not as dated as ma [...]

  • Civilizaciones extraterrestres desaparecidas, expediciones suicidas, inteligencias artificiales diseñadas para el psicoanálisis, sexo intergaláctico Aunque todos los elementos de la historia que encontramos en Pórtico resultan bastante atractivos de por sí, lo que convierte el clásico de Pohl en una novela tan sobresaliente es sin duda su trepidante ritmo narrativo, la inteligencia con que están hiladas las diferentes tramas y el certero perfil psicológico que hace Frederik Pohl de su pe [...]

  • I read this book in 2006 — 30 years after it was first published — and it immediately shot up to my top 10 list of science fiction books. It is highly original, entertaining and thought provoking. It loses none of it's wow! even 30 years after it was written.

  • Two narrativesThe first dealing with the Heechee artifacts and the circumstances of the discoveries and subsequent explorations.The second was the therapy sessions of the main character and his AI psychiatrist.Really enjoyed the ideas and concepts of the Heechee side of the story but it got to the point where I hated the the therapy portion of the story.5/10

  • I wanted to like this book but ended up annoyed and slightly disgusted. I was hopeful at first because the sci-fi elements were interesting and seems to have potential (the Heechee ships, Gateway, the food mines etc). I'd also recently finished his enjoyable capitalist-dystopian novels The Space Merchants and sequel The Merchants' War. Sadly there is nothing to like about Pohl's protagonist in this novel, in fact Bob is a despicable human being on all accounts (and not in an intentionally anti-h [...]

  • Highly recommended if you are into the sci-fi of the 70s. It captures the reader from the first page and you just end up wanting to know more and more and more about the understory so you can't stop reading.I will say this about the main characterI did not like him very much. I don't know if this was the author's intent but to me he came across as a jerk. If I met this guy on earth in the future, I'd be really tempted to beat him up (if I were a violent person) here's a brief synopsis with no sp [...]

  • It just goes to prove that timing has a lot to do with one's enjoyment of a book. I read this several years ago and was not impressed. I think I was being generous when I gave it a three. After getting the audio version on sale I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the book. Mankind is in desperate shape when we discover the alien space station long ago abandoned. Through the ships left in dock we can explore the far reaches of the galaxies, the only problem is we don't know how to operate the s [...]

  • 2,5/5Tenía muchas ganas de leer Pórtico por ser uno de los clásicos de la ciencia ficción. Además, la premisa me llamaba la atención profundamente: la humanidad ha encontrado naves que te llevan de un sitio a otro, pero no saben aún a dónde van a parar y no pueden modificarles el rumbo, así que la gente se presenta voluntaria para esos viajes, aunque algunos pueden suponer la muerte, y todo ello por la ilusión de encontrar algo que merezca una buena suma de dinero.El libro me ha gustad [...]

  • Otro libro excepcional de ciencia ficción. Fue escrito en los setenta, y se nota. Ya no es esa ciencia ficción que para hablar de la humanidad, se centraba en la tecnología y los dilemas que ella imponía. Es la ciencia ficción que para hablar de lo humano, se centra en lo humano. Si bien lo planteado por Pohl como contexto de la historia habría dado para que cualquier escritor se detuviera bastante allí (la existencia de Pórtico, la civilización Heechee, lo descubierto en el universo), [...]

  • Executive Summary: I had low expectations coming into this considering it was "classic" sci-fi and ended up enjoying it more than I expected. 3.5 StarsAudiobook: I thought Oliver Wyman did a good job with the book, but nothing spectatular. She spoke clearly and the volume was good.If you're a purist, I should warn that this is apparently not the full text despite it be listed as unabridged. I don't know exactly what's missing, but I've been told that it's some kind of supplement "documents" that [...]

  • I was once a very awkward person. Now I’m only a slightly awkward person. For a long time, I thought this meant there was something wrong with me. But my robot therapist Sigfrid von Shrink (not that that’s his real name – being a machine, he has no name) has convinced me that isn’t true. Sigfrid may be a machine, but he’s a real whiz when it comes to stuff like this.Sigfrid claims that awkwardness arises because there’s some deception on one side of the social interaction. For exampl [...]

  • Luckily this one slipped the net of my feverish childhood sci-fi bingeathons. I would have struggled mightily with all the psychological aspects of the book which are basically the heart of the work.Pohl swept the board garnering as full an array of sci-fi awards as it is probably possible. And reading as a 50 year old I'm more in a psychological location that can attest, "Well deserved." Having won a comfy sum on the lottery, Robinette Broadhead trades it all in to go prospecting at an abandone [...]

  • So the ending and the last ~100 pages really saved up this otherwise disastrous thing that promised a lot of awesomeness and actually dealt only a few cynical perspectives and insignificant actions around humanity's greatest discovery. I am really looking up for the sequels, hoping they'll prove any better.

  • Tenía pendiente desde hace tiempo la lectura de este clásico reciente de la ciencia ficción, la única novela hasta la fecha en alzarse con tres de los grandes premios del género: Hugo, Nebula y John W. Campbell Memorial. Y reconozco que he disfrutado mucho leyéndola.La historia está protagonizada y narrada en primera persona por Robinette Broadhead, del que en principio sólo sabemos de sus charlas con Sigfrid, su psicólogo, que es una máquina, una inteligencia artificial. En capítulos [...]

  • Frederik Pohl is a very good writer, reminiscent of Robert Silverberg - Silverberg is better with characterization and his literary skills are a half-step above, but Pohl's ability to manipulate large amounts of plot arc at a surgical level is incredible and they both create vivid, realistic seeming worlds with real, living characters, none of the Azimov cardboard men, and both develop their themes subtly through plot and characterization, rather than through preachy dialog and other cheap mecha [...]

  • Cuando un libro consigue que te sumerjas en un estado de ánimo concreto quiere decir que ha logrado su objetivo. Y con Pórtico desde la primera página te zambulles en una atmósfera de desesperación pero, a su vez, también de esperanza.De desesperación porque la Humanidad se está quedando sin recursos y está lanzándose al espacio con los ojos cerrados y cruzando los dedos para no encontrarse con la muerte. Pero esperanza porque a pesar de tenerlo todo en contra, algo hace que los seres [...]

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