How Sweet the Sound

How Sweet the Sound From a distance the Harlan s appear to be the perfect Southern family Wealth and local fame mask the drama and dysfunction swirling through their family line But as the summer heats up a flood tide

  • Title: How Sweet the Sound
  • Author: Amy K. Sorrells
  • ISBN: 9781434705440
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • From a distance, the Harlan s appear to be the perfect Southern family Wealth and local fame mask the drama and dysfunction swirling through their family line But as the summer heats up, a flood tide of long hidden secrets surface Devastation from a rape followed by the murder of two family members brings three generations of the Harlan s together on their pecan plantatFrom a distance, the Harlan s appear to be the perfect Southern family Wealth and local fame mask the drama and dysfunction swirling through their family line But as the summer heats up, a flood tide of long hidden secrets surface Devastation from a rape followed by the murder of two family members brings three generations of the Harlan s together on their pecan plantation in Bay Spring, Alabama Chief among them is Anniston, who by the time she turned thirteen thought she d seen it all But as her heart awakens to the possibility of love, she begins to deal with her loneliness and grief This tender coming of age tale, inspired by the story of Tamar in 2 Samuel 13, shows how true healing and hope comes only from God Though our earthly family can wound and disappoint, our heavenly Father brings freedom to those long held captive through His mercy and grace.

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    A long time believer in the power of story to change lives, Amy got her start in journalism and medical writing Her work has been featured in a wide array of publications including newspapers and medical journals Her novels have been shortlisted for the 2014 Inspy awards, semi finalists for the ACFW Genesis awards, and a winner of the 2011 Women of Faith writing contest.An Indianapolis native and graduate of DePauw University, Amy lives with her husband, three sons and a gaggle of golden retrievers in central Indiana.


  • Thanks so much for the folks at net galley, the publisher, and the author for an advanced copyI have mixed feelings about this novel and I admit that I am part of the reason. "How Sweet the Sound" started out very strong in my opinion, there was action right from the beginning and it definitely drew me in and taking place in the deep south just aroused my curiosity even more. At times it did tend to crawl along, but I was more than capable of handling that because excitement seemed to always lur [...]

  • When I read the description of this book, I KNEW I had to read it. I find myself drawn to books about family life in the South, and this book definitely sounded like something I would enjoy. How Sweet The Sound is the story of the Harlan family who own a pecan plantation in Alabama. Hidden by the facade of wealth and local notoriety, this dysfunctional family is surrounded by drama after a rape and two murders occur. It is also a sensitive, coming-of-age story which involves thirteen yr old Anni [...]

  • More like 4.5 stars!!First, let me say that I have endorsed this novel and I was given a free copy by the publisher for review. I've known Amy for a while-- we are not only agency mates but fellow nurses. She works with those crazy adults and I do pediatrics. We do not live close together but have bonded over these aspects of our lives and she is one amazing woman.The thing I LOVE about Amy's writing is her prose. She wraps this heart-wrenching family tragedy in achingly, beautiful prose and I w [...]

  • A Southern novel of second chances, How Sweet the Sound is a coming-of-age story filled with dark secrets, family dysfunction, and the hunger for redemption. How Sweet the Sound is the first of two stand-alone novels written by Amy K. Sorrells and published by David C. Cook.Young Anniston, a member of the Harlan family is the leading protagonist in this touching story of three generations of a family plagued by sin and devastation as they find redemption in this tender coming-of-age tale.It is a [...]

  • This is a beautiful book which reminded me a little of a modern "To Kill a Mockingbird" with its similar deep south setting. The main character, Anniston, is a wise and perceptive young girl, a bit like Scout Finch. Her family, the Harlans, are the cream of the district, but hiding a terrible legacy like a simmering volcano, making us wonder when it will erupt, and what we will discover.We quickly find out that it's partly based loosely on the Biblical story of King David's daughter, Tamar, with [...]

  • When my Book Club suggested reading this debut novel by a local (very local!) writer, I thought, "Ugh, it's going to be rough and then if she comes to book club I will have to say how much I like it when I don't and oh no it's going to be painful." Then, I saw that it is a "Faith-Based" book (e.g. Christian Lit) and I was really worried because sadly, some Christian writers are more concerned with salvation than story-telling.I am pleased to say this book blew me away. A beautiful story of a you [...]

  • When I first started reading How Sweet The Sound I had a difficult time connecting the title to what I was reading. There were so many awful things happening in the lives of the Harlan family. But as I continued to read I saw that it was a story of redemption and healing, and indeed, there was a sweet sound, and the sweet sound was the sweet sound of God’s quiet voice, as he speaks to his children.I did not like the grandmother Princella in this story. She was selfish; she favoured her firstbo [...]

  • This novel is about the Harlan family and their family secrets as told by the teenage granddaughter, Anniston Harlan, “I thought I’d lived through everything by the time I was thirteen.” It starts out with her father and uncle killing one another, which leads to ‘Anni’ discovering the real reason leading up to their deaths. “Instead, I wondered how it came to pass that two brothers---one of them my daddy---were dead. I wondered which came first---the hate or the crime? I wondered if [...]

  • My Review: I loved this novel for many reasons, one being the authors play on words was nothing short of amazing. She did an excellent job of of putting into words and creating some amazing characters. Amy Sorrells was able to perfectly create these Alabama men and women to what they actually were like during that time. I am a native Alabamian and have lived here all of my life and even grew up in 1979 and the author coined it to a "T".Anniston Harlan, is a young girl growing up in rural Alabama [...]

  • I was really drawn to the cover and title of this book. I am a fan of Sue Monk Kidd, and the description sounded like it would be similar, so I wanted to give this a try. This book is a southern charmer through and through. It is a sweeping, wonderfully written story of unexpected death, and a family that must learn to stand up again after falling from devastation. The setting just about leaps off the page. The characters each have their own fresh breath of life, making you root for them from th [...]

  • How Sweet the Sound is the story of how family secrets and lies can haunt someone way after things are buried…literally. We meet the Harlan family who is highly regarded in their community despite the truth that lies inside their family house. Anniston is the youngest member and in a small span of time she will lose her father, also her uncle and learn the devilish things he has done plus a whole set of family secrets that will rock her foundation to its core.I won’t say exactly what she fin [...]

  • “How Sweet the Sound” wasn’t the easiest read, and nor should it be. It’s not intended to give the reader a stomach of warm fuzzies, but meant to cleanse the evil that has cloaked these characters and give them a hope beyond the desperate depths they have fallen into.It’s not pleasant, it’s not comfortable, but I don’t want to talk about what the book is not. I want to say what the book is. Because it offers hope. Redemption. Love. Grace. Forgiveness. The opening of a flower to the [...]

  • From a distance, the Harlans appear to be the perfect Southern family, but wealth and local fame mask the drama and dysfunction going on in the family.It's Thanksgiving, in 1979, and 13 year old Anniston thought that she had seen it all, but a tragedy explodes and brings together three generations of the family on their pecan plantation in Bay Spring, Alabama. Just as Anniston is dealing with the possibility of being in love for the first time, she must also deal with loneliness and grief.This w [...]

  • Review for NetGalley:“How Sweet the Sound” is a beautiful novel. The writing is poetic and simple, in a very good way. This book reminds me of “Into the Free” by Julie Cantrell. Both novels explore the issue of family violence. Comfort and Anni are beautiful women. Although we do hear more of Anni’s voice than we do of Comfort, we still get to know Comfort in a way that is chilling yet hopeful. I loved the music woven into the stories of each character. I can’t wait to read more by A [...]

  • This book took me a bit to get into, but by about the third or fourth chapter, I had reached the "just one more chapter" bargaining stage with myself. I should really go make dinnerter just one more chapterSorrells detail helped provide visuals of a part of the country I've never been to, though sometimes I just wanted her to say "glass of water" instead of "fingerprint-smudged glass of crystal clear water reflective as the old mirror in the parlor." All in all a book I would recommend. I look f [...]

  • The story of a young girl whose life is filled with horrors and their aftermath. Things no child should have to go through. My heart went out to Anniston and her friend, Jed. Though the grandmother had gone through similar things when younger I found it hard to sympathize with her. That old cliche is truerting people hurt people. I like how the book hope to a young girl whose life had none. A talented writer with a wonderfully written book. 5 stars. I received a copy of this book free f [...]

  • Heartbreak has grown from the depths of the Harlan family history. It's as deep-rooted as the trees in the family pecan groves, and thirteen-year-old Anniston has witnessed more than her share of tragedy, despite her young age. But Anni is a survivor—and her story is filled with hope and recovery, despite the difficulty of what she and others around her have endured. A well-written debut, unfolding with musical prose from an author to watch!I read this book via NetGalley in exchange for my hon [...]

  • Another awesome free Kindle book! It was one of the best stories I had read in a long time. Amen to the theme of not keeping secrets and forgiveness! To talk instead of burying things. Loved the characters in the book, especially Oralee, Ernestine, and Jed! Loved the visit to the Women's and Children's Home. Can't wait for the next book to come out by this author. Can't believe this is her first book, as this was so well written. And she lives in the same state as me :).

  • This was a wonderful story about a family who has too many secrets. There are two narrators in this book, Annistan, a 14 year old girl, and her Aunt Comfort. Comfort's two brothers shoot each other in a fight. Annistan's dad, protecting Comfort, brother Cole trying to rape her. This book touches on incest, alcoholism, coming of age and first love. This is definitely a Christian fiction story but not overly preachy. It is a sad book but has several uplifting sections.

  • I can't say that I've ever read a book like this. It was so deep with pain, and healing. Reading as the characters get to their lowest points, only to be lifted back up with faith. I would recommend this to everyone. Everyone could use some of the lessons within this book. It makes you see that, you aren't the only one hurting. It makes your sorrows seem so small and trivial. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did.

  • I loved this story. I'm not sure how to describe it except that it is like a wonderful blend of Francine Rivers, "Redeeming Love," and Harper Lee's, "To Kill a Mockingbird." I love the Southern setting, the time frame of the early 80s, and the age and adventures of Anniston Harley. Though heartbreak abounds, there is such sweetness in the story. I think the story exemplifies hope and redemption.

  • A Christian story of pain and redemption in a Southern settingThe young Southern protagonist and her emotionally wounded aunt guide us through a rich tale of family grief and hope in South Alabama. Well written, complex and memorable.

  • I am leading a weekly Bible study called Faith And Fiction. My group studies a story in the Bible and an accompanying novel that is a re-telling or is inspired by the scripture. While it was easy to find novel from the Biblical fiction genre, I wanted to include a variety of genres to show how scripture is timeless and to give those in the study a wide variety of reading experiences. I hit a home run when I chose How Sweet The Sound by Amy Sorrells. While not a strict re-telling of 2 Samuel 13, [...]

  • In her debut novel, Amy Sorrells has established herself as a story teller and poet. How Sweet the Sound is a story of an Alabama family, the Harlans, and their generational struggle to bury the ugly pain that haunts them. All of their lives come crashing in around them when two brothers kill each other. The tension between the two had been brewing for years from dark family secrets of rape and abuse. Anniston, who lost her father in the double murder, struggles with all of the upheaval in her y [...]

  • Oh! How Sweet the Sound! Loved this book! Beautiful, heart breaking and touching.(And I would have thought you were from Baldwin County, Alabama, Ms Sorrells)Your descriptions paint a beautiful picture of this area.

  • Title: How Sweet the SoundAuthor: Amy SorrellsPages: 384Year: 2014Publisher: David C CookHave you ever read the story of Tamar in the Old Testament? Tamar lived in ancient Israel centuries ago. She was the daughter of a king and certainly blessings and treasures were experienced. However, Tamar also was a woman who was victimized by her half-brother the result of which devastated Tamar. To fully appreciate the author’s take in her fictional work, I highly recommend reading the account of Tamar [...]

  • Young Anniston “Anni” Harlan is growing up in the south in the late 1970’s and comes from a good, socially prominent family. The family gathers together to celebrate Thanksgiving and the newly announced engagement of her aunt. Due to the wickedness of her uncle, her father dies and her aunt is left a broken woman. Anni must face the fact that her good, Christian family isn’t what she thought it was. In a small town, rumors spread. The only bright spot is a new friend she makes, but even [...]

  • First of all, isn’t this cover beautiful? I love the soft colors, they draw me in.As lovely as the cover is the real treasure lies inside. This is my kind of book, my kind of story, my kind of healing and redemption.This is much more than a novel, it is a voice for those who have suffered under the hands of abuse. It’s a song for those who have lost their melody under the weight of their shame.So many times in this book I wanted to cry. There are many powerful moments, sentences that stopped [...]

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