Pale As The Dead

Pale As The Dead This is the first stunning installment of a riveting new mystery series that uncovers the secrets of the dead Pale as the Dead deals with the mysterious death of Lizzie Siddal a real and fascinating

  • Title: Pale As The Dead
  • Author: Fiona Mountain
  • ISBN: 9780752841113
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is the first stunning installment of a riveting new mystery series that uncovers the secrets of the dead Pale as the Dead deals with the mysterious death of Lizzie Siddal, a real and fascinating historical figure whose beauty and tragic life have made her into a legend She was the model for the famous painting on the cover of the book Lizzie s death has always bThis is the first stunning installment of a riveting new mystery series that uncovers the secrets of the dead Pale as the Dead deals with the mysterious death of Lizzie Siddal, a real and fascinating historical figure whose beauty and tragic life have made her into a legend She was the model for the famous painting on the cover of the book Lizzie s death has always been shrouded in mystery She is perhaps best known for the macabre story that tells of her husband, the Pre Raphaelite artists Dante Gabriel Rossetti, having her coffin dug up to retrieve some poems he had buried with her When the coffin was opened, Lizzie was said to be as beautiful as the day she died Pale as the Dead is the story of how the disappearance of a young girl, Bethany, appears to be linked in some way to Lizzie Siddal Our detective is Natasha Blake, a complex young genealogist with a passion for history Natasha s career choice is partly driven by the mystery of her own roots she was abandoned in the hospital as a newborn Her mother disappeared hours after giving birth, leaving a false name and address and a note on the back of a picture postcard that said simply, Her name is Natasha Natasha is hired by the missng girl s lover, Adam, whose own life seems to have plenty of dark shadows An old diary and famous graveyard lead Natasha into danger than she bargains for some people will do ANYTHING to keep a secret

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    Fiona Mountain grew up in Sheffield and moved to London aged eighteen where she worked in the press office for Radio 1 for ten years, handling the PR for presenters including John Peel, Mark Radlcliffe and Steve Wright and traveling with the Radio 1 Summer Roadshow.Her first novel, Isabella, tells the haunting love story of Bounty mutineer Fletcher Christian and his cousin, Isabella Curwen It was short listed for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award in 2000, the first debut novel to reach the shortlist It was followed with Pale as the Dead and Bloodline, which combine history with mystery and feature ancestor detective , Natasha Blake Bloodline is the winner of the prestigious Mary Higgins Clark Award.Fiona s novels have been published in America, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Italy, Germany, Holland and Australia Though having enjoyed writing the mysteries, Lady of the Butterflies, published in 2009, marks her permanent return to historical fiction.She lives in a seventeenth century house in the Cotswolds with her husband, Tim, a musician, and their four young children.


  • A book you can read lazily lying on the couch and sipping coffee without being too anxious about what's happening in the plot. And even without much action, there's enough suspense and happenings to keep you hooked. Altogether a very enjoyable read made even better by small chapters. Bond, Bourne and now Blake!

  • I read Bloodline first and then this book. Pale as the Dead by Fiona Mountain introduces us to Natasha and she's one of my favorite characters. She's like a long-lost friend that I can reconnect with every time I open the pages. The intrigue and mystery kept me turning the pages. Highly recommend!My Rating: 5 stars

  • This is an unusual mix of genealogy mystery and history, centred on the glamorous Pre-Raphaelite artists and Lizzie Siddal, the girl in the famous ‘Ophelia’ painting. Ancestry detective Natasha Blake meets a mysterious, beautiful young woman, Bethany, who is re-enacting the Lizzie Siddal scene for a photographer. Bethany confides in Natasha her fear that her family is cursed following the deaths of her sister and mother. After asking Natasha to research her family tree, Bethany goes missing. [...]

  • This is a fascinating concept that might be tailor-made for me -- a British murder mystery that features a professional genealogist placed in the detective role. It centers on a real case, the death of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's wife, Lizzie Siddal. A missing girl is obsessed with the case and tries to hire Natasha Blake to research her family history. But before she give many details, she disappears. Natasha does her best with census, marriage and death records to reconstruct the girl's family tr [...]

  • I read two books by Fiona Mountain in quick succession, Pale As The Dead and Bloodline. My original review on DorothyL covered both books so to get at least a little caught up I'm just copying parts of it.Natasha Blake, the protagonist, is a bit of an odd duck. She loves herwork as a genealogist, but hasn't been able to learn much of her ownparentage - she was a foundling, adopted in infancy, who didn't learnof the adoption until she was a teenager. Natasha dresses in vintageclothes and lives in [...]

  • "Pale as the Dead" - written by Fiona Mountain and published in 2002. The front cover includes the notation "A Genealogical Mystery," which will be a beckoning finger to me anytime. This somewhat murky chase down a rabbit hole of boudoir photography and nascent romances occurs in England, and the family studies aspect concentrates on their own particular resources, different from those available in the States.Our genealogist and amateur sleuth Natasha has her own heredity problems which may be i [...]

  • I am certainly going to keep this author in my sights since I got some useful information about genealogical searches and the complex stuff about Rossetti and the Marshall family was interesting. It even included one of my favourite Christmas carols. MS Mountain may find that she doesn't want to put in quite such detailed locations in case her books become really popular and crowds appear walking her streets. She may have her English stuff down pat but there is no University of Vancouver; it is [...]

  • An easy book to read in a short time, but still an enjoyable read. The main character, Natasha Blake, is not a private detective with an office and filing cabinet full of files. Her work is rebuild the family tree of the people, through careful and sometimes unnerving researches. Hired by a young woman named Bethany Marshall to trace its origins, she finds herself to investigate her disappearance and the search will become the starting point to find her client in a frantic race against time. Lik [...]

  • Set in the Cotswolds and Oxford, this delightful mystery/suspence book would be of interest to those who, like me, appreciate the art of the Pre-Raphalietes. Using the mystery of the Victorian death/suicide of Lizzie Siddal, the beautiful and haunting model (wife of Dante Gabrial Rossetti) portrayed in many Pre-Raphelite paintings, the author weaves the present with the past.Natasha Blake, a present day genealogist is hired to investigate the disappearance of a young girl, Bethany, who was obses [...]

  • Technically I'd give this book about a 4.5, but since there's no half-star choice, I chose to downgrade it to 4.The proofreader of this book should be firedmerous distracting typos are found throughout. Otherwise, it's a very enjoyable read, especially for the afficionado of all things Pre-Raphaelite! The author successfully uses her historical facts and creates realistic fictional storyline from there to create a fascinating modern-day mystery. The final "reveal" was a bit of a stretch, but thi [...]

  • One of the better "genealogy" mysteries I've read--first of all, the protagonist was believable as a genealogy researcher, and I enjoyed the descriptions of her doing actual research, which seemed fairly realistic (for the time period). Her relationships with her former boyfriend and her new interest, Adam, did not seem rational, but people can be strange. The premise of the book also seemed unlikely (Adam, whom she has just met, wants her to track down his girlfriend by researching her family r [...]

  • I was looking for an art historical-related novel, and this fit the bill nicely, blending bits of Pre-Raphaelite art and history (especially Lizzie Siddal and her pictures) with modern day fiction. I also liked that it was a genealogical mystery, and it kept me in suspense and anxious to find out more. I thought that Natasha, the professional genealogist heroine of the book, would make a good sequel character, hunting down other ancestery mysteries, and it appears that Fiona Mountain did indeed [...]

  • Il mito di Lizzie Siddal, musa ispiratrice e modella del celebre artista Dante Gabriel Rossetti, fondatore della Confraternita dei Preraffaeliti, fa da sfondo ad un romanzo che trascende gli schemi del thriller e si articola in ambientazioni storiche, artistiche e letterarie di indubbio fascino. Per una volta la misteriosa ed improvvisa sparizione di una ragazza non ha nulla a che fare con il killer di turno, ma con un'eredità "genetica" difficile da accettare. Il tragico destino di Lizzie semb [...]

  • Grazie a questo libro che ho ricevuto tramite uno gioco di scambio qui su Anobii, ho avuto l'occasione di avvicinarmi per la prima volta al genere Thriller e devo dire che non ne sono rimasta delusa: la lettura è facile e scorrevole, la storia intrigante, i personaggi interessanti. Solo alla fine del libro ho scoperto che l'autrice ha intrecciato fatti realmente accaduti (la storia di Lizzie Siddal e del ritratto di Millais in cui posò nelle vesti dell'Ophelia Shakespeariana) con personaggi e [...]

  • A genealogist investigating the disappearance of a present-day person? That's new! And of course there is the mystery of the past that the main character must also solve. Being familiar with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the historic figures Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Lizzie Siddal, I sought this book based on a recommendation in an article about Lizzie Siddal. I think it helps in understanding the book and following the plot to know something about this period in art history ahead of time. [...]

  • I chose this book because of its genealogical twist. I enjoyed those elements that referred to her job as a genealogy researcher as this is also a hobby of mine. The characters were interesting and I learned a little British history as well. As an avid mystery reader, the mystery element of the story was only average. The characters were interesting, although rather dark and decadent. I think that Mountain has a good basic idea for a mystery series and hopefully the main character will develop a [...]

  • Again, this was recommended by a fellow student in grad school. And, again, big disappointment: the author was faily well acquainted with her subject, but the story was grammatically flawed, the characters were flat, and the development of the plot was disjoined. Fortunately it was not that large a volume.

  • I liked this book, being a lover of historical fiction, geneology, AND art this book was a good fit.I will say it is a bit campy, but also i couldnt put it down. the main character is actually tolerable, and the mystery was good.

  • Genealogist Natasha is approached by a new customer but ends up searching for the customer alongside her family tree. A good story although it was a bit confusing at times. I'd like to read the sequel.

  • A great mystery book on it's own, but of course, I love the main character's profession - genealogist - and how that plays into the development of the mystery and plot.

  • Romanzesco brontiano da spiaggia: narrazione avvolgente, ambienti suggestivi e fati tormentati.Peccato per lo stile piatto e personaggi tanto patinati da trasformare la tragedia in soap.

  • I picked this up because it mentioned Elizabeth Siddal (of Pre-Raphaelite fame) and I will read anything about Lizzie. The book was ok but didn't live up to expectations.

  • I liked Bloodline a little more, but I enjoyed this book, too. I wish Fiona Mountain would write more Natasha Blake books.

  • Sounded like an interesting idea when I picked up the book. Not so much. Logged it in my book log with only a "Yuck!"

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