Dead Clown Barbecue

Dead Clown Barbecue Dark Regions Press is excited to be launching a new collection from author Jeff Strand read about the book here darkregions books dead clown barbecue by jeff strandFrom the author of Pressure Dwelle

  • Title: Dead Clown Barbecue
  • Author: Jeff Strand Alex McVey
  • ISBN: 9781937128456
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dark Regions Press is excited to be launching a new collection from author Jeff Strand, read about the book here darkregions books dead clown barbecue by jeff strandFrom the author of Pressure, Dweller and A Bad Day for Voodoo comes a new short story collection featuring seven never before printed tales and original cover artwork by Alex McVey The stoDark Regions Press is excited to be launching a new collection from author Jeff Strand, read about the book here darkregions books dead clown barbecue by jeff strandFrom the author of Pressure, Dweller and A Bad Day for Voodoo comes a new short story collection featuring seven never before printed tales and original cover artwork by Alex McVey The stories within this collection range from hilarious to downright disturbing, proving that Jeff Strand is still a master at what he s known for a delicious blend of the humorous and the horrific Strand fans will take delight in the seven new stories first printed in Dead Clown Barbecue, including Pett Semmuteary Dummy True Hero Fangboy and the Troll Stop Stabbing Me Pregnancy Test and Push the Button DescriptionA man who finds a severed nose on a plate on his dining room table A bell that can summon Satan maybe Casual Fridays at work that get out of control A cheery outlook on the post apocalyptic landscape The final thoughts of a doomed skydiver A girl punished by having to share a bed with her grandmother s corpse Revenge via baking a tarantula into a cake A shocking look at where those awful computer generated book covers come from And the lost tale of Fangboy.These are only a few of the demented stories in DEAD CLOWN BARBECUE, a collection of thirty gleefully macabre tales, seven of which were written just for this collection There s even a brand new one about a ventriloquist dummy Those things creep you out, right You ll laugh You ll scream Okayyou probably won t actually scream, unless you already had issues before you started reading, but you might cringe and get a little spooked No author working today comes close to Jeff Strand s perfect mixture of comedy and terror Cemetery Dance

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  • Jeff Strand Alex McVey

    Author of a bunch of demented books, including PRESSURE, DWELLER, A BAD DAY FOR VOODOO, WOLF HUNT, SINGLE WHITE PSYCHOPATH SEEKS SAME, BENJAMIN S PARASITE, FANGBOY, THE SINISTER MR CORPSE, and lots of others Four time Bram Stoker Award finalist Four time Bram Stoker Award loser Ten time Bram Stoker Award Master of Ceremonies.


  • I suspect Jeff Strand writes with a razor sharp pen. No ink, just blood from some little dead guy he uses as a pen holder. Exhibit A Strand’s stories are for people who grew up watching George Romero’s Tales from the Darkside (not that pussy shit Tales from the Crypt). A MUST READ for a few of you peeps (you freaks know who you are!!). The fun starts even before the stories! Here's one from the Intro:I, for one, would have no interest in attending a barbecue where some live clown is being he [...]

  • I can almost imagine the look on the face of anyone NOT familiar with the kind of horror/comedy mix that Jeff Strand writes, reading these stories for the first time! This collection was priceless--a true Laugh-out-loud riot. I enjoyed his collection GLEEFULLY MACABRE TALES, but the stories here upped the ante! I had so many "favorites", that I don't know where to start. Strand's humor blended horror is so unique, that I honestly can't think of anything to compare these tales to. Included in thi [...]

  • Great collection of short stories. Hilarious and horrifying, I could not tear myself away. My one gripe is against the publisher, since I paid good money to get this limited edition signed copy, yet they sent without the dust jacket, and cover art is referred to in the book itselfThe author on the other hand, deserves every penny, as his work is outstanding!

  • Dammit! I am so damn pissed right now. Just wrote a long review and deleted it with one accidental move of the mouse. Why can't get a draft option here? I'll be back later to rewrite it when my blood pressure drops back to normal. In the meantime, read this great short story collection. I love Jeff's mind!

  • I've been a big Jeff Strand fan for a while now, so to edit this book was a privilege and a joy. There are seven new stories in this collection, and while I have my favorites, I can say that all seven will be enjoyed by Strand fans.This book is going to special, as we're having a Pennywise-ecque clown holding balloons (and possibly his own head) stamped into the front cover of the deluxe hardcover. We're also going to have some great interior illustrations from artist Alex McVey. Dead Clown Barb [...]

  • Oh good Lord, where to start?If you have a particular taste (I avoid the snarky remarks of others who may say "or lack thereof") a new book by Jeff Strand is always reason to celebrate. For the time you wander around in Jeff's world you can be sure that you will repeatedly (l) laugh at something so inappropriate and twisted that you cannot tell anyone what you were laughing at (2) wince at something so awful and well described that it comes very close to causing actual pain (3) stop and think ab [...]

  • Strand's second collection (featuring twenty-nine humorous horror tales) includes seven published here for the first time, and although I'm a big fan I missed several of the stories that were reprinted, so was happy to catch up on the demented goodness.Opening tale 'Pet Semmuteary' is a funny riff on the classic King novel, 'Comeuppance' looks at bullying taken to the extreme, and 'The Apocalypse Ain't So Bad' features a very positive guy facing the end of the world.'The BellFrom Hell!' follows [...]

  • I couldn't even begin to estimate how many times I laughed out loud while reading this amazing collection of twistedly hilarious short stories. This is horror comedy at its best. There are some darker, not so funny tales, but the sick hilarity vastly outweighs the serious. Highly recommended for those with a morbid sense of humor.

  • This is my second "experience" with Jeff Strand. I've now read one of his novels and this collection of short stories. I'll be honest. I need a break! Time for something less over-the-top and perhaps grounded in some semblance of reality.I have very mixed feelings about this book. It was entertaining, but apparently like most of what Strand writes (and by design), it was also disturbing. But because he writes in that odd genre of comedy-horror I found myself often scoffing at some of the absurdi [...]

  • I'm a Strand-Fan. (Is that a term? If not, it should be and I'm claiming it.) Let me make that clear. But it seems I'm more of a Strand-Fan when he has a larger number of pages to tell a story. His novellas are universally good to excellent; his novels better still. But when it comes to Dead Clown Barbecue, I thought a good number of the stories were just okay, even disappointing in a couple of cases.Don't get me wrong. There are still some zingers in here. SPECIMEN 313 is one of those; GRAMMA'S [...]

  • I got so many strange looks from people while reading this book. Not that it mattered what look they gave me, because I thoroughly enjoyed reading this collection of short stories. I don't think there was a single one that I really didn't enjoy, which is usually the case when I read short story collections. I usually find at least one or two duds in the mix, but this was enjoyable throughout. There were a couple stories that turned quite dark, unexpectedly, but they were deliciously dark. Jeff S [...]

  • Let's get something straight - There is nobody who can write comedy-horror like Jeff Strand!Should you have a sunny disposition during the zombie Apocolypse? What SHOULDN'T you do with your dead pet? What could happen when you send your food back in a not-so-classy establishment? Are those funny Christmas songs still so funny if you know all the facts? Seriously, though, how DO you handle any severed body part on a plate? And then there's Andrew MayhemThis collection had me laughing hard enough [...]

  • Amazing how funny gross, gory,horror stories can be.I found parts of this book absolutely hilarious.My new favorite author.I kept reading parts of it to my wife and she told me to shut up.Gleefully Macabre Tales is great too

  • I had a lot of hope for this. The name alone tells you you're in for a sick, twisted, maybe humorous ride. You'd think "comic horror" would be right up my alley, but unfortunately this book of short stories is full of stupid people in situations they could very easily get themselves out of if they were even marginally smarter.A few of the stories were genuinely good, though not memorable enough to recall at this moment. Some had a lot of promise but were marred by dialogue reminiscent of what *I [...]

  • I have a lot of favorite authors but only a couple favorite short story authors, Jeff stand is one of them. Most short story collections I will read a few here and there but with Jeff strand you can't help but read straight through them. Unless of course it is a kindle lendle book and you don't start right away because you are trying to get caught up on group reads and buddy reads and then run out of time part way through it and you don't want to buy a book you have already read 80% of because m [...]

  • If you enjoy horrifyingly warped humor, this is the book for you. If you don't think guts and blood can be funny then you should pass. Jeff is a great author and very funny and worth liking and friending on Facebook. This book is a great intro to his work if you have never read anything by him.

  • This book is filled with some of the funniest and most bizarre stories I have ever read. I'm going to look at reading all he has written. Hope they are as good as this one.

  • Reading everything by this guyThese short stories are funny and creative. These characters all have a voice, and they find themselves in crazy situations. 'The Severed Nose' was my favorite. That was story was like a Guy Ritchie movie, except with severed body parts. I guess it was just like a Guy Ritchie movie.

  • As always, Jeff Strand delivers. He is without question my favorite writer and once again this series of short stories was fantastic.

  • (copied from my blog)I was an early adopter of ebooks. Sometime I’ll have to tell you the story of the night I tried to con my wife into skinny-dipping with me in what would have been a public place except it was dark. Also there were javelinas, and deer, and strange noises, and she says I danced on an armadillo but the critter’s species wasn’t actually clear to me. It seemed scarier than that, and she’s only saying “armadillo” to embarrass me.These thoughts are too related. See, tha [...]

  • Dead Clown Barbecue is a horror/comedy collection of short stories written by Author Jeff Strand. This book is meant for Mature Audiences, and those who don’t have a good stomach shouldn’t pick this book up.That being said, everyone else NEEDS to read this book!Each story is different, none ever the same. Comedy and horror brought together,varying blends of the two in each story. Some will have you clenching your side laughing, while others will have you gasping in fright. But one thing is c [...]

  • Reading a Jeff Strand story brings a smile to your face. You can tell he's having fun doing what he does. This collection of short tales includes the novella, "The Severed Nose" which is a tongue-firmly-in-cheek bizarre journey into severed and comically sewing parts back on. I've commented before about Strand's dialogue skills which are top notch. I enjoyed the stories in [book:Gleefully Macabre Tales|2785376 a little more, but there are some stand out stories here like "The Dummy" are loads of [...]

  • One of the best collections I've ever read, its hard to highlight a stand out when they all pretty much qualify, but I'll say I definitely enjoyed Pet Semmuteary, The Apocalypse Ain't So Bad, The Baby Chopping Machine, and We Believe. Dead in the Water was excellent as well, but for completely ludicrous reasons. I didn't enjoy the completely serious ones like The Burden as much because they lost the humor that made the others so good, but they were still good writing. Will definitely be reading [...]

  • I started reading this collection of short stories expecting it to be really dark ,based soley on the title. As I read I found myself laughing my ass off! This is not only a dark,chilling,collection but funny as well. The stories draw you in then twist you. around. Very enjoyable. Highly recommended for fans of short stories and just good,fun,chills!This guy should be bigger than he is! Well, height aside,read this book!

  • Great stuffGruesome and genuinely funnyI love Strand's work more with each book I read, and this set of short stories has cemented him as one of my favorite authors. Sure, sometimes I just want straight up horror, but most of the time I love having the humour thrown in. Kind of reminds me of Dave Barry, if he were to try his hand at horror. Of course, Strands novels tend to be more serious than his short stories anyway, so that's my next stop.

  • Have you already read the entire "Chicken Soup For the Soul" series? Well, "Dead Clown Barbecue" is probably your next stop for inspirational vignettes. Jeff Strand is a sweetheart and he pens em up nice and cheery for you right here. A few stories are annoying, but it's all good because they're short as hell. My favorite is a little creep tale called "Gramma's Corpse." Also nice are the story notes at the end of the book, where Mr. Strand explains the origins of each story.

  • Reading collection of (short) stories is often a lottery. Doubly so when all of them are written by same author who often stumbles upon a good theme which he drives to the ground.This collection is a bit of a hit and miss with some stories better than others. but in all honesty there are more hits than misses. If you've read Strand's work before you know he freely mixes horror with humor so be advised that this collection leans heavily on humour side.

  • Maybe it's because I've been reading some pretty bleak stuff lately, but I'm halfway through this collection and I'm having a blast. Really enjoy Strand's tight prose. Ok, so it's not exactly high lit, but as I'm currently slogging through a work that uses a hundred metaphors for every emotion, Dead Clown Barbecue has been a fun breezy change of pace. Yes I said breezy. Sue me. Don't.

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