Nolander Nice girls don t believe in monsters They re wrong Amateur photographer Beth Ryder is in trouble She s taking pictures of things she can t see things that aren t human Beth has her own dreams but pe

  • Title: Nolander
  • Author: Becca Mills
  • ISBN: 9780615669168
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nice girls don t believe in monsters They re wrong Amateur photographer Beth Ryder is in trouble She s taking pictures of things she can t see, things that aren t human Beth has her own dreams, but people like her don t get to go free She s seized by a dangerous organization dedicated to keeping Earth s shadow world and its frightening inhabitants a secret ForNice girls don t believe in monsters They re wrong Amateur photographer Beth Ryder is in trouble She s taking pictures of things she can t see, things that aren t human Beth has her own dreams, but people like her don t get to go free She s seized by a dangerous organization dedicated to keeping Earth s shadow world and its frightening inhabitants a secret Forced into otherworldly politics and uncertain whom to trust, Beth must come to terms with a radically altered future one in which her own humanity seems to be draining away.

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    Becca Mills is an over educated, under exercised lover of good coffee, science, and fast cars And books Oh yes She believes the world can be a rough place and that everyone deserves to leave it behind now and then That pretty much makes books a human right, no Becca is currently completing Book 3 of the Emanations series Isolate When not novelizing, she spends quite a bit of time on her day job as a college writing teacher.


  • I have a confession to make: I am a serial book unfinisher. I feel no qualms with getting three-quarters of the way through a book and deciding, “This is annoying, I’m not finishing.” I don’t need to know the ending, I just want to quit wasting my time.So although I download, borrow or buy at least one ebook a week, I finish, errrr quite a bit fewer.So when I finish a book, I’m pleased. However, when I find a book I can’t tear away from, when I find myself reading it in the three min [...]

  • I subscribe to four services that notify me daily of free or low-cost Kindle books. 99-44/100% of the titles are dross, but there are occasional flecks of gold. It's those flecks that keep me scanning the notices. Winston Churchill's 6-volume history of WWII for $1.99 each? Gold. Barbara Pym for $1.99? Gold. In addition to writers I'm already familiar with, I have met several new authors that I never would have come across without their decision to put their books up for free or 99 cents. This b [...]

  • This was a lot of fun: I really enjoy those books where the protagonist is discovering the world is a very different place than what they always thought, and their place in it is undergoing rapid revision. Beth thinks she suffers from panic attacks, and leads a very small life as a result -- small even by small-town standards. But when things that weren't there start appearing in the photos she takes, she suffers a terrifying introduction to the world as it really is. Turns out that she doesn't [...]

  • Nolander is a story about a young woman named Beth who inadvertently captures otherworldly creatures in the photos she takes. She then becomes unwillingly involved in the events of the Second Emanation, the place where these creatures are from. What could have been a decent book was ruined by a few things. For one, I think this story could have greatly benefited from having an omniscient narrator, or at least a third person point of view, rather than being told in a first person point of view. I [...]

  • Becca Mills’ Nolander has enchanted me by daring to be a unique concept in the paranormal genre! Beth Ryder, our heroine comes from a small town where nothing is private, and everyone knows she suffers from debilitating panic attacks. Part of her coping mechanism is to dabble in photography, but when strange creatures start showing up in her pictures, she finds herself thrown into a parallel world filled with a menagerie of dangerously powerful creatures and magic! Beth is a Nolander, one of a [...]

  • I'll have to say upfront that I didn't finish this book. I barely got through to page eighteen. I became aware of the author through a blog post and downloaded her first book. The blurb sounded fascinating, the cover was plain gorgeous and it had reasonably good reviews, so I went in with high hopes. The trouble is it just turned out to be very amateur-ish. I don't like to sound cruel but this is the sort of writing you see on wattpad. The basic premise is interesting: a girl finds her way into [...]

  • Oh my gosh. This is the best book I've read in ages! I'm really shocked that it was a free Kindle book, since most of those are pretty bad, but this is the diamond in the coal mine. This lady can actually write, and she actually has a story worth telling. I thought that all the good story ideas were already taken, but apparently I was wrong. Enter Nolander, a novel about a parallel monster universe unlike anything I've read before. If this story idea has been used before, I've never seen it, or [...]

  • This book started a little rough to me. I had trouble with the dialog, it felt choppy, not naturel. The world she created was a lot to absorb in a short amount of time, but I kept going and am glad I did. Each author has their own style, and I just had to get accustomed to this. I ended up being thoroughly brought in and enjoyed the story set in small town northern WI. I could completely relate to the author's descriptions and the character's small town problems. I enjoyed the author's unique pa [...]

  • I read this and the sequel, Solatium, in just a few days. The whole time, I was dreading the read being over, while at the same time tearing through pages to find out what would happen next! The characters are diverse and well rounded. They aren't just diverse when it comes to race, but also gender and creed, which I found refreshing. No matter who you are, you will find someone to relate to. And you can relate on a deeper level than just looks. We get a sense of where each character is coming f [...]

  • I'm working my way through a collection of stories and it's been a very mixed bag so far. This book, however, stands out from the rest. It begins in a very controlled way. We get to know our MC in the course of her regular life, as she goes about her business. The story begins to unfold at a steady pace, with us being caught up in the events happening even as we don't understand what's going on any more than the MC does. Interesting and new(-ish) ideas are sometimes sorely lacking in a world of [...]

  • At first I wasn't sure that I could really get into this book. I'm used to reading books with strong women protagonists and it was obvious from the get go that Beth was going not that. Beth suffers from severe anxiety and panic attacks and it causes her to retreat into the shadows when faced with a difficult situation rather than confront it head on. However, the more I read I found her to become rather endearing. She sort of grows into her own a bit and I feel as though as this series progresse [...]

  • I was a bit hesitant to download Nolander first, because it is part of a series. I have read way too many books in this genre that are part of a trilogy, and consequently, NOTHING happens or comes to any kind of conclusion in the first book (probably intended to draw readers in and make them buy the second book, but that's not how it works for me, unfortunately). However, this book is different. Nolander is just a very, very good read. I couldn't put it away, and the many twists and turns keep y [...]

  • This is a book with a very interesting premise that somehow fails to deliver. I absolutely loved the use that Beth makes of 35mm photography and developing her own black and white prints, and how this introduces the idea of S-Ems in our world, but for me she ended up finding out too soon what was going on. The story then quickly departed our world - Beth joined up with the mysterious organisations far too quickly for my liking - and the story started to inhabit a world that I did not know and di [...]

  • I liked this one quite a bit! The world that was created held my interest, was well thought out, and opened that door for lots of questions to peak the interest. Beth is a great character that the audience can relate to, and I'm curious about what she's capable of. The side characters are really good, though I had a major problem with Williams being a major asshole to Beth for literally no discernible reason. There wasn't a lot of action but the story kept changing so my attention was held. I li [...]

  • This was one of those books that had so much potential. The premise is unique and well thought out. The writing style flows through the story with excellent pace. The characters are comprised of a wide variety of backgrounds and mesh well together. The fiends are fiendish. The good guys are hard to distinguish. There is magic, and mayhem. Even a character named Ghosteater. But even with all that, this story just falls flat. Nothing happens. There are so many loose ends at the conclusion of this [...]

  • An enjoyable story, with some great characters. The idea is interesting and I was drawn into Beth's world. A couple of niggles stopped this from being four stars: (view spoiler)[ The scenes with Ghosteater were odd to say the least. They were written in third tense - as opposed to the rest of the book which is first tense (Beth) - but they include Beth's own thoughts, as if she is there in person. It made those scenes jarring and clunky. There were also a few too many info-dumps. But otherwise t [...]

  • This was an odd book. Some of the ideas and concepts were interesting, but ultimately the plot felt a little out of control. It did not so much build to a climax as jump you abruptly into a bizarre alternate plot. The heroine was interesting enough, but a little irritating at times and the whole story felt like it could do with some tighter editing. Still, not bad for a self published novel, although the ending left me feeling distinctly unsatisfied as pretty much none of my questions had been a [...]

  • Wow is what I have to say about this story. I truly enjoyed it and it had a little bit of everything. There was some mystery, some science fiction, some fantasy with a little bit of real life. It moves very quickly and keeps you wondering what will happen next. Just when you think you know a character, something changes and you find yourself wondering why or how that happened. I liked how psychology and science where part of the story which makes you think that it just could be real and not fict [...]

  • Ugh, no. This book was lame. The main character was terrible and it's not like she doesn't have an excuse for the way she acts but still. Even after she gets a little more knowledge about herself and the world around her, she still acts ignorant and I hate that. On top of that, the plot was completely boring to me.

  • Really good book, found it free on for the Kindle Fire. Fascinating world being explored by a believable, relatable main character. If I was rich I'd buy the movie rights, it's that good.

  • Full review over at Fantasy Book Critic OVERVIEW/ANALYSIS: Nolander is an interesting book with an even more interesting title. It seems to play of the word “land” in a similar fashion as Waylander by David Gemmell. The main story is about Beth Ryder, a young woman living in a small town called Dorf in Wisconsin (possibly). She’s never been able to hold on to any job due to her panic disorder. She wins a camera in a local contest and while taking pictures of her town, discovers that there [...]

  • As an urban fantasy, this was a bit outside my usual choices, but it came highly recommended. The 'world building' was excellent -- really unique and well done. The writing was professional and the main character is well drawn -- complex and, ultimately, likeable especially as she starts to learn a bit more about herself and have some personal confidence. In general the primary characters are more-or-less fleshed out and some are quite intriguing. So I enjoyed it well enough. But, probably not e [...]

  • I have found that I do not care -at all- for first person stories that tell everything and leave nothing to the imagination. The only reason I gave this story as high of a rating as I did is because of its potential. The characters were confusing, the hierarchy was weirder, the slavery bullshit, the obsession with power: understandable. I had a hard time getting into this book and an even harder time staying interested and will not be continuing this weird trip of a book. Maybe if the writing st [...]

  • I got this book in a boxed set from & I when started this book, I thought it might be one that I would skip over to get to the next one. I was kind of confused and having main characters that are "weak" really annoys me. When horrible things happen to weak characters it makes me angry.Then about a 3rd of the way through I started to like it and then I started to enjoy it (weak characters were still weak, but also developed a spine). I'm not big on sci-fi books and this sort of falls in that [...]

  • So good I immediately bought the next one. Ok the character - one of the best characters to slowly enjoy. At first I wasn't sure about her. She had panic attacks which prevented her from doing a lot of things such as going away to college, breaking her routine etc. but you learn to empathize with the character Beth. Then she discovers another world and we'll all her routines go out of the window. And the rest of the characters are fantastic- multidimensional and complex. And he world building is [...]

  • A fascinating fantasy worldI didn't know what to expect from this--I don't read a LOT of fantasy. But this is a twisty maze of complex and sometimes dark characters. I found the world building to be surprising and unlike anything I've read before--and full of unexpected details that help develop the characters. Loving the two main characters (for me): Beth and Ghosteater. So mysterious! Jumping into book two right away!

  • I loved this story!! I couldn't stop reading; the writing style was engaging and easy to read, the characters were complex and very believable, the story arc progressed at a good pace with a wonderful tapestry of mysteries, dangers and a world that was expertly thought out, beautifully crafted and well executed.

  • I loved this book. I believe that I found this author in one of the many anthologies that I've read (maybe "All These Shiny Worlds"), and I'm glad I did. I usually like space sci-fi, so this was a bit of a different genre for me, but it was great. The characters are real, and interesting. I will definitely read book 2.

  • Nolander was both more intriguing than I initially thought, and more frustrating. Intriguing because Beth, the heroine, is a convincing small-town girl caught up in wackiness (until the second half where she suddenly becomes smarter-than-your-average bear)that is an interesting spin on multiple worlds, and frustrating because with a little tightening, this could have been a 5 star book.First, let's talk about about an interesting menagerie of creatures, powers, and "workings" (magic.) While at f [...]

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