Eugenia This is the true crime account of Eugenia Falleni a woman who in was charged with the murder of her wife Eugenia had lived in Australia for twenty two years as a man and during that time officia

  • Title: Eugenia
  • Author: Mark Tedeschi
  • ISBN: 9781922052292
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is the true crime account of Eugenia Falleni, a woman who in 1920 was charged with the murder of her wife Eugenia had lived in Australia for twenty two years as a man and during that time officially married twice She lived a full married life with her first wife, Annie, for four years before Annie realised that her husband was a woman Even after Annie knew, they liThis is the true crime account of Eugenia Falleni, a woman who in 1920 was charged with the murder of her wife Eugenia had lived in Australia for twenty two years as a man and during that time officially married twice She lived a full married life with her first wife, Annie, for four years before Annie realised that her husband was a woman Even after Annie knew, they lived together for eight months before they went on a bush picnic, when Annie mysteriously died Her body was not identified for almost three years, and during this time Eugenia married again, this time to Lizzie When Eugenia was finally arrested and charged with Annie s murder, the police attempted to tell Lizzie that her husband was a woman She laughed at them she was so convinced that her husband was a man that she thought she was pregnant to him.This is the story of one of the most extraordinary criminal trials in legal history anywhere in the world The book traces Eugenia s history from her early years in an Italian immigrant family in New Zealand, to her brutal treatment when she first tried living as a man The story then follows the twenty two years that she lived in Sydney as Harry Crawford exploring how Harry managed to convince two wives that he was a man The trial of Eugenia Falleni for Annie s murder is extensively analysed in a clear and easily understood way by the author, Senior Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC, one of Australia s foremost criminal law barristers.

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    Mark Alfred Guido Tedeschi, AM, QC born 1952 is an Australian barrister, law professor, photographer and author He has won numerous awards for his photography and has been featured in galleries throughout the world including in the State Library of New South Wales, the New South Wales Art Gallery, the Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado, and the National Library in Canberra He is the Senior Crown Prosecutor for New South Wales and the Head of Chambers of the 84 Crown Prosecutors He is the founder and president of the Australian Association of Crown Prosecutors and a visiting professor at the University of Wollongong As a prosecutor, Tedeschi is best known for the prosecution of numerous high profile cases in Australia including the 2006 conviction of Dr Suman Sood for illegal abortion and the Backpacker Murders committed by Ivan Milat in the 1990s.Tedeschi is the author of two books, one on law and the other on photography In 1980, he co authored Law of International Business in Australia with Dr P.J O Keefe He released a book of photograph in 2012 entitled Shooting Around Corners which featured over twenty five years of his photography.Tedeschi is the author of a true crime book called Eugenia, published in 2012 by Simon Schuster, which tells the story of Eugenia Falleni, a woman of Italian and New Zealand background who lived in Australia as a man from 1898 until she was charged with the murder of her first wife in 1920 In this book, Tedeschi describes the tortuous life that Eugenia Falleni led as a woman trying to lead life as a man in a society that did not understand such things He describes her murder trial in Sydney in 1920 in which she was prosecuted by the first Senior Crown Prosecutor, William Coyle KC Part of the book describes this very complex and interesting trial, and Eugenia Falleni s life after her trial.Kidnapped will be published by Simon Schuster in 2015.


  • In 1920, a woman, Eugenia Falleni, was charged with the murder of her wife. Eugenia is a story of its time: an examination of out-dated notions of sexuality and the fallibility of the criminal justice system. It is the true account of one of the most sensational and extraordinary criminal trials of its day in Australian legal history.Born into a large Italian migrant family, Eugenia Falleni began passing herself off as a man at a young age. She was easily able to tackle tough construction jobs a [...]

  • *May contain spoilers.*Eugenia Falleni was sensationally described in the tabloid press as the "man-woman" who in Sydney in 1920 was charged with the murder of her wife.What a very sad and tragic story this is, of a man that was born in the body of a woman. Eugenia never wanted to be a girl, all her young life she related to boys and wanted only to be one of them much to the embarrassment of her parents.Right from the beginning and to the very end I felt deeply saddened by the tragic terms and c [...]

  • I really think that whenever I feel like a bit of a whinge about the way life is these days, I should read a book like EUGENIA. Eugenia Falleni was a woman born into a large Italian Family, who grew up in New Zealand, and spent most of her all too short life in Australia, living most of it as a man.Mark Tedeschi QC looks at what happened to Eugenia in her early life, a rape and subsequent birth of a daughter which complicated her life even more, how she functioned in day-to-day life, her first m [...]

  • In choosing to examine the life and trial of Eugenia Felleni, Mark Tedeschi QC has highlighted not only the gross inadequacies of her trial but also the difficulty she had in leading any sort of 'normal' life in Australia in the early 1900s. Born into a large Italian family in NZ, Eugenia had always felt like a male born into a female body. Leaving home to become a sailor she dressed and behaved as a man and was accepted as such until the rest of the crew discovered her secret and she was forced [...]

  • The story of Eugenia Falleni is a sad and tragic one. Unfortunately for her she was a victim of her times. Although I could empathise with her and the miscarriage of justice that occurred against her, I did not think her completely blameless in the events that took shape. It was an informative and interesting read that shows human nature has not necessarily changed so very much. 3.5 stars.

  • Issues around what it is to be transgender seem to prominent in the media at the moment, not least because The Danish Girl, which is loosely based on the life of artist Einar Wegener who became the first man ever to be transformed surgically into a woman, has been nominated for several Oscars. Wegener, who changed her name to Lili Elbe, underwent the first of four sex reassignment operations in 1930, the news of which scandalised Germany, where the surgery was carried out, and her native Denmark [...]

  • Mark Tedeschi is no writer. However, he is a lawyer and that makes him a decent storyteller. He has done a truly impressive job of researching the life of Eugenia Falleni; piecing together scraps of history from someone who went to great lengths to cover their trail. I understand why he was drawn to this case, and how he was outraged at Eugenia's trial and treatment as a suspect of murder. But in the end, even he relies on speculation and conjecture. This book is not about examining the truth, b [...]

  • Not so bad. Not so good.A fascinating, and at the time, notorious crime and court case, this is the story of a woman born into a mans body Eugenia Falleni. I had not heard of this court case until I read the book so I had no preconceptions or judgments about this case. The book is about two related but separate issues namely the life of Eugenia/ Harry/Jean and and the death of his wife and his subsequent trial for murder.If you are looking for a heart warming story of an early transgender pionee [...]

  • Hmmm.I liked the first halft so much the second half. But I read all of it. The subject is fascinating. Of course it's probably predictable and I will annoy Mark Tedeschi no end by remarking "I wonder what the book would have been like if a woman had written it." But truly - I can't help myself but wonder. Good on him for writing it though and bringing the case to our attention. I think the book does have some salient points e.g. the role of the media in reporting the criminal justice system and [...]

  • "Eugenia Falleni" is at first glance an exceedingly well-researched "true crime" story of seedy Sydney in the 1920s, but underneath sits a searing, tragic narrative of gender, prejudice, and the simple desire to be loved. The author peppers an unbelievable true story with patient explanations of the judicial process and the rules of evidence, coloured with a vivid portrait of working-class Sydney in the years before the Great Depression. This book elevates Falleni into Australia's rich pantheon [...]

  • An amazing story, but I found some parts of the writing dry and tedious. Especially the account of her trial - but it was written by a barrister.

  • Eugenia’s strength and weakness is the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction sensationalism of its source material. This true-crime book tells the story of Eugenia Falleni, a female-to-male trangendered person who was convicted in Sydney in 1920 for the murder of his first wife. This account, by Senior Crown Prosecutor for New South Wales, Mark Tedeschi, combines creative non-fiction biography with a thoughtful examination of the issues of justice raised by the trial. The book is wildly uneven in ton [...]

  • A fascinating read on one of Australia's most remarkable, and poorly managed court cases, where Eugenia's life as a transgender male became sensationalist fodder for the media. I only picked up this book after reading Tedeschi's Kidnapped. Like that account, Tedeschi has the ability to vividly describe and logically explain trajectories of events, no doubt a skill honed through his current role as senior QC. I really felt for Eugenia as he describes a reasonable scenario of what life was like fo [...]

  • I enjoyed this book and didn't find the information legal proceedings long-winded at all. The author writes about the trial in a clear and informative style. In fact, my one criticism of this book is that some sections seemed speculative and wishy-washy. For example:'Little did Harry and Lizzie know that even darker and heavier clouds were looming unseen over the horizon and racing towards them at breakneck speed, destined to drown them in a deluge of tears the likes of which they could never ha [...]

  • Part "true crime", part social commentary, part legal analysis, This book tells the extraordinary story of Eugenia Falleni and her controversial trial for the murder of her "wife" Annie Birkett. The author Mark Tedeschi QC considers the trial, held in 1920, the "single most important criminal case in 175 years". Certainly his description of both social and legal issues at the time are riveting, as is his expert commentary on the strengths and weaknesses of the trial and it's protagonists. An int [...]

  • Really loved this book. It is also tragic that Eugenia didn't have a single friend to share her secret with, not even her family. You can't even imagine how she must have lived constantly terrified her secret would be exposed and she would be ridiculed.She had so much courage and even managed to turn her life around in spite of such tragedy. If this happened today it woould be bad enough but just imagine nearly a hundred years ago what the reaction would have been. Great job Mark for telling her [...]

  • This was a fantastic read especially if you like to read about the specifics of law and how a trial can move and shift as the courtroom legalities are played out. It was so interesting having a current and informed review of this old trial and to find that the outcome could well be different if the events had taken place today.

  • Deep, dark and tragic, this was such a sad story.The first half was enthralling - easy to get into, rich with information, and easy to follow. Once you hit the trial, I struggled a bit with the density of legalese. I skimmed those parts, still got the jist of what was happening, and continued to finish the book. Really tragic, an intriguing piece of Sydney history.

  • I'm giving this 2 1/2 stars. The first part of the book was really interesting - the life of Eugenia and how she struggled to fit in. But the second half was incredibly frustrating to read. I know there's a story to be told in there, but it was so filled with unnecessary quotes and couched in lawyer-speak that I found it quite dull and a hard slog to get to the end.

  • FANTASTIC BOOK, very interesting, this woman lived as a man undetected for nearly 20 years. Until something happened to change her life forever.

  • An interesting insight on the life of a man who was born a woman in the turn of the century Sydney. Living as a man and fooling two wives that she was a he, says a lot for the lack of lighting back then. This book was written by Mark Tedeschi QC, who's work is in law so I found this tale of the murder case around Eugenia to be law heavy, as you would. I skipped lots of bits in the second half of the book due to its legal jargon. I wanted to hear more about the characters that inhabit the book no [...]

  • Such a well-written account of the trial of 'Eugenia Falleni', or Harry Crawford as he lived for 1/3 of his life. Tedeschi is such a good writer and is really respectful of the difficult issues that were integral parts of Crawford's life and trial. This case would not happen (I hope) in Australia or any similarly developed countries today and it's honestly hard to read how the trial was conducted at the time, particularly his defence. Like damn I'd have been a better defender than McDonell.

  • Intriguing true story of a person living life as a man having been born a female. He was able to keep his secret, even through two marriages having constructed an artificial penis and pretending to be shy and always having sexiness the dark. When his second wife thought she was pregnant the truth comes out. He is later accused of having killed his first wife. His legal representation was inadequate and he was charged with the murder and spent many years in jail. Very sad story

  • A sympathetic and, generally, unsensational, telling of the life and trial for murder of Eugenia Falleni (known at different times as Harry Crawford and Jean Ford, among other names). Whilst the legal asides are at times didactic and dry, for me they did not detract from the narrative but added a context to what occurred at the time. In a way they provided a reminder of how far we have come, but also how far we still have to go

  • Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. And never has this been more apparent than in the case of Eugenia Falleni. Her story is a true one, about a woman that lived as a man at the turn of the twentieth century in Australia. Gender Identity Disorder was not widely acknowledged, even though the tale does share a few things in common with a film set in a similar time, Albert Nobbs. Falleni was charged with the murder of her first wife, Annie Birkett (one of two spouses that Falleni would tri [...]

  • Loved it! Thought that being written by a QC that it might be a little wordy and too clinical, but what a surprise! Mark Tedeschi writes with incredible passion and empathy for all the characters. Can't wait for our book club discussions centred on this book.

  • I really enjoyed the plot itself, and the content was great. Occasionally the author adds an opinion that made me think "yeahbut that's wildly speculative" when coming to a conclusion. But the author is a barrister, so planning speculative thoughts in your mind is natural to him. I would read other books by him though.

  • True crime is not my usual go-to genre, but after a myriad of happy endings I mentioned to a friend that I was after a book that ‘completely ignored happiness’. In Eugenia I found what I was looking for, but what made it all the more tragic was the fact that this is a true story from my home country of Australia. After reading it, I was shocked at the injustices suffered by Eugenia Falleni, the protagonist in the book.Looking at the cover, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m talking abou [...]

  • When the police arrest Harry Crawford for the murder of his wife Annie Birkett, they are not totally prepared for what happens next!Since Annie’s death, Eugenia has remarried and his new wife laughs at the police and their ridiculous story. How can the man she loves, the man she married, be the person described by the police? How can her husband be a woman, when she believes herself to be expecting their baby? Who is Harry Crawford, a Scotsman from Edinburgh, the Italian seaman, Eugene Falleni [...]

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