Go Big or Go Home: Taking Risks in Life, Love, and Tattooing

Go Big or Go Home Taking Risks in Life Love and Tattooing Renowned tattoo artist author of New York Times bestsellers High Voltage Tattoos and The Tattoo Chronicles and star of LA Ink Kat Von D raises the bar with her most intimate work yet Go Big or Go H

  • Title: Go Big or Go Home: Taking Risks in Life, Love, and Tattooing
  • Author: Kat Von D.
  • ISBN: 9780062108135
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Renowned tattoo artist, author of New York Times bestsellers High Voltage Tattoos and The Tattoo Chronicles, and star of LA Ink, Kat Von D raises the bar with her most intimate work yet Go Big or Go Home Taking Risks in Life, Love, and Tattooing.Kat has always been a risk taker in her day to day life, her creative work, and in love In Go Big or Go Home, she writes candiRenowned tattoo artist, author of New York Times bestsellers High Voltage Tattoos and The Tattoo Chronicles, and star of LA Ink, Kat Von D raises the bar with her most intimate work yet Go Big or Go Home Taking Risks in Life, Love, and Tattooing.Kat has always been a risk taker in her day to day life, her creative work, and in love In Go Big or Go Home, she writes candidly about her greatest desires, fears, successes and failures, and shares how she has dealt with them In seven thematic essays, Kat addresses issues close to her heart such as individuality, independence, and altruism and draws upon her own experiences and those of her many clients.Filled with Kat s sketches, handwriting, drawings of tattoos, and process photos, as well as specially commissioned photographs of the finished large scale tattoos by celebrity and fashion photographer Patrick Hoelck, Go Big or Go Home covers a wide range of her astounding work on regular citizens, as well as the many celebrities who seek her out her artistry.

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    Kat Von D born Katherine Von Drachenberg is a Mexican born American tattoo artist and television personality She is best known for her work as a featured tattoo artist on the TLC reality television show Miami Ink A subsequent TLC series LA Ink, premiered August 7, 2007 in the United States and November 11, 2007 in the UK.


  • After reading Kat Von D's previous two books and loving them, I had an expectation that I would love this one as well. It started out good and really strong, I was excited… that is until she started with the mentions of her struggles with learning to sing. Throughout the book, I felt she disrupted the flow by constantly looking for ways to mention her music and singing time and time again. It became awkward, somewhat uncomfortable, and extremely irritating. Halfway through the book I found mys [...]

  • Hmm. So, I'll admit that I've now read three (!), yes three books by Kat Von D. As far as reality stars go, Von D has managed to maintain both disastrous romances and successful businesses. She has produced three books, a clothing line, a perfume and makeup line at Sephora, and now (gulp): an upcoming album. This book isn't a memoir, really, and unlike her last tome dedicated to celebrity clients and the dark & moody Nikki Sixx, she avoids dishing on her last relationship/Jesse James. If you [...]

  • Actually, 4.5. As a lover of tattoos and the practice of tattooing, I always have to check up on Kat Von D every once in a while. Her awesome show turned lukewarm by it's 3rd season, and I thought I knew the character of Kat Von D pretty well at that point. However, this book really impressed me. While some of her writing can be generic, I was very impressed with it. It was really cool seeing that a TLC celebrity a) reads books b) practices meditation, and is well-versed in the subject c) is tat [...]

  • This book is primarily an inspirational/artistic coffee table book. It is a quick read, with most of the book interspersed with full page spreads of the tattoos that correlate with the stories she tells. Kat alternates between three themes: poetic allusions to her past relationship with Nikki Sixx, her personal struggle with confidence through a burgeoning music career, and inspirational stories of tattoo clients. I found this to be a feel-good, beach read option that is great for my busy life a [...]

  • This is a good artistic table book. More of a quick read and interesting display piece to flip through for a few minutes. The majority is made up of showcasing tattoos and other artwork that emphasize certain qualities like strength, wisdom, etc. However, there are many quotable insights inside that simultaneously hit home while also humanizing a celebrity whose personality differs greatly from what is presented in the public eye. It's well-written (albeit a little all over the place), inspiring [...]

  • I Thoroughly enjoyed this book. I look forward to reading more books by Kat Von D… She is real and one of a kind. She is a true talent and if you’re looking for a good book pick this one up and check it out!

  • I enjoyed the art and I wish that there was more of it and that there were more techniques on how Kat Von D stores her artwork and tattoos and line drawings. I really enjoyed the show and it was cool to see the stories behind a lot of the tattoos and people that got them.

  • I love Art , Tattoos and Self Expression . This book conveys all of these elements , plus beautifully written stories and included tattoo portraits and illustrations by Kat Von D .

  • Kat Von D has always been an inspiration to me, with her dedication to herself and what she loves, her thirst for knowledge, and just her overall awesomeness. To be perfectly frank, I envied her for a long time and because of that I read both of her first books almost instantly after they came out, and the review I am about to give for this one is easily the review I would give for all three.What I love about this book is that it is not all about tattoos, but it is also not all about her persona [...]

  • Kat Von D has been one of my heroes since I stumbled across her show on Netflix nearly four years ago, now. She was an example of individuality and the courage to fight the norm that I didn't get much of in my small Kansas town. I knew I would eventually get tattooed from the time I was about three and realized that my pen would work on my skin. But I was always petrified of what everyone, especially my conservative parents, would say. She was the first real example of a heavily tattooed female [...]

  • A nice collection of stories, illustrations and photos involving tattoos. There were many quotes that I was able to relate to, including:"I never found the companion that was as companionable as solitude."-Henry David Thoreau, Walden, 1854"If I won't be myself, who will?" -Alfred Hitchcock, Alfred Hitchcock: Interviews, 2003"Being strong is about surrendering to the moment and accepting it; if you can deal with a situation openly and honestly, you can open the door to peace." -Kat Von D"To be yo [...]

  • I love Kat Von D- she stands out and is not afraid to be herself. Those who have only seen her on TV seem to have the complete wrong impression of her. She is a beautiful, giving, complex soul and I read this book at a time in my life when I needed uplifting, when I needed to find a reason, to find strength to fight past my fears.In this book she reveals her own struggle with these exact same topics! When I began reading it I was blown away not only at her words, but at the timing in which I rea [...]

  • A favouriteI find Kat to be such a well-spoken individual. In this book, in particular, she shows that she has fears, reserves and doubts, just like everybody else. But she finds ways to guide herself through all that; with the help of others and even strengthening her own willpower. I admire her so much for her work, her art, her approach to pretty much everything in her life.I admire the way she shares these intimate recounts of tattoo sessions and how her entries venture further into herself. [...]

  • I really enjoyed reading the stories about the tattoos she did and her relationship with the people who got the tattoos (plus her thoughts about art) but I could have done without the self-help preachy-ness that permeates the whole thing. She's definitely not as spiritual as she thinks she is, that or I'm just too cynical towards all this "you can do it!" stuff she's talking about. But yeah, the only thing keeping this from being a one star are the tattoo stories and the big, pretty pictures.

  • I have read Kat Von D's other books and watched LA Ink, not because I partake in getting tattoos, but because I enjoy learning about the reasons behind peoples tattoos and I appreciate the art involved. The other 2 books really go in to that and I feel that this third book is more about Kat, not a bad thing, but I guess I just like a light read about the art and reasoning as opposed to the depth which Kat explores.

  • I read this book last year but as a new member to I find the need to review it. As a mega Kat Von D fan and tattoo enthusiast I had to read this. I have not read Kat's other books but I plan to soon. First of all this book has an absolutely beautiful cover. This book is a great coffee table book because of all the lovely pictures. It was great getting to read about Kat Von D's tattoo adventures. I loved seeing the stories behind each tattoo. All in all it was a lovely book.

  • Starting the book, I didn't understand why it regarded all of her clients with minuscule fillings of her own story. Towards the end, I loved it. It made so much sense to me. She completely warped these individual tattoo-biographies into her own story & ended with the mental-visual of her finale. I loved it. Very well written & the art was unbelievable. Two thumbs up.

  • I gave the 3 stars for her tattoos which made me want to have some big bucks so she could do the several portrait tats I want done. The writingblah! It just doesn't come across as sincere; it's like she writes what she thinks others would like to read. And the elephant in the room never materializedI was waiting for her to mention jesse james, even if he was "veiled".

  • So.This book was good. I like Kat von D and I liked this book. There were themes tying the whole thing together and there were truly illuminating stories. She's an interesting person and her passions for music and art and love really shone through. The art and photographs were beautiful as well.A strong three stars.

  • I thought it was good. I love reading her books because I like to kind of enter her mind. This was one of those books I could have sat and read in a day did I not have such a crazy hectic life. The pictures are breathtaking. At least to me. I love the way the book is put together. I love tattoos & I love Kat so this book was top notch.

  • I really enjoyed reading this third book by Kat Von D because not only does she share stories about the tattoos and people behind them, but she gets personal and talks about her own struggles as well as successes. I was able to relate with her insecurities and always wondering if you're "good enough." I borrowed this book from the library, but I will be buying my own copy soon.

  • Kat Von d is one of my favourite people on the planet! A gorgeous, inspiring, talented, beautiful lady who teaches me and inspires me so much. This book is for people who are sometimes afraid to take risks and have some self-doubt and she really helps to overcome those doubts. Kat is truly amazing and this book is purely amazing. You should definitely give it a shot.

  • Being a fan of Kat's I was excited to see this title listed at my local library. Each chapter starts with Kat writing about her life and some of the challenges she is facing including when her home burned down and her fear of singing in public. In each chapter is pictures and profiles of the tattoo's she done with info on the person who had the work done and what that tattoo represents.

  • Loved her showLA Ink and I thought this book would be interesting. It was. She opens up and discusses how taking risks has influenced her life. The photos, the reasons behind the ink, and stories of lives changed because of ink were all interesting. Good job.

  • This is basically an insight into her mind, her thought process, her regurgitaion of the things she's learned from books, meditation,and teachers, which was interesting, but I stayed for the art. Think what you want about Kat Von D, but she is a truly gifed artist. I quite enjoyed the whole book.

  • As much as I love Kat Von D's tattooing and her makeup line, this is the last time I'll pick up one of her books. It's not really her fault, I come to the books looking for tattooing details and instead it's another memoir about her insecurities and failed romances. zzzZZZzzz

  • One of those In-one-breath-reads. One evening of Laughing, Crying, Learning, Realising and Understanding, framed by insane, full-colour artwork and beautiful hi-res photographs. A book to enrich life, as well as the book case.

  • I don't know anything about tattoos, but bought this book because i loved the graphic design elements of it so I wanted it as a coffee table book. I enjoyed reading Kat Von D's story, but the content was pretty short. It is nice to look at visually.

  • I love how this woman writes! I love that it's not a gigantic soap opera, and that it focuses on tattoos and her inner thoughts, drawbacks, and desires. Kat is definitely one of my favorite faces of the tattoo industry.

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