Death by Inferior Design

Death by Inferior Design It was a great opportunity a beautiful day and a perfect setting home designer Erin Gilbert was headed to a lovely Crestview Colorado neighborhood to engage in a friendly little design contest wit

  • Title: Death by Inferior Design
  • Author: Leslie Caine
  • ISBN: 9780440241751
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
  • It was a great opportunity, a beautiful day, and a perfect setting home designer Erin Gilbert was headed to a lovely Crestview, Colorado, neighborhood to engage in a friendly little design contest with her nearest and less than dearest competitor, the unspeakably handsome Steve Sullivan Erin would do a room in one home Across the street, Steve would do another BetweenIt was a great opportunity, a beautiful day, and a perfect setting home designer Erin Gilbert was headed to a lovely Crestview, Colorado, neighborhood to engage in a friendly little design contest with her nearest and less than dearest competitor, the unspeakably handsome Steve Sullivan Erin would do a room in one home Across the street, Steve would do another Between Gilbert and Sullivan, may the best eye win.Neither designer could suspect that rearranging two spaces on a winter weekend would set off an uproar in the neighborhood of quirky homeowners, passionate secrets, and marriages in need of extreme makeovers Looking for a friend in this perilously unhinged environment, Erin wants to think that Steve might turn from competitor to ally But somewhere between her faux wall finish and her custom window treatments, Erin is in for a shock It seems that a killer has created this designing job just for her

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    Aka Leslie O Kane about the photo from author s own webpage This is an old photo of my daughter and me in front of our house in Colorado She is now in college and looks quite different, but amazingly, I haven t changed one bit from author s own webpage abbreviated As the opening for my Meet Leslie page, here s a touch of biographical information I have been married for than two decades and have two not so young children My daughter is in college and my son is in high school I have a bachelor in journalism, a degree as an electrical engineering technician I repaired computers for IBM for three years , and am a certified interior decorator, though I only rarely work as a decoratorATH BY INFERIOR DESIGN is Leslie Caine s first book, but is actually my eleventh published mystery novel I ve dropped a syllable from last name, and it s my hope that I ll be writing the Domestic Bliss series for many years to come so that I won t continue this name shortening strategy I don t see myself writing books as L, though that would come in handy for quick signatures One of the first questions I m asked at signings is why I chose to use a penname for this series, and the answer is that, while I m proud of my previous works, I wanted a fresh start To use a designer analogy, my penname is like emptying the room to enable the fabulous makeover.


  • I love cozy mysteries. This one was a very quick read. There were many suspects and a fun story to follow. My main complaint was the overuse of the Gilbert & Sullivan reference (I felt it was a BIG stretch to think that so many people would confuse the two last names and the gag was overplayed). Otherwise, it fell right in line with the cozies I like interesting characters, a fun setting (interior design for the upper class), several possible motives and suspects with alibis to unveil, and j [...]

  • Good cozy mystery. I liked the MC and her rival/love interest. The mystery was really interesting and I didn't guess the killer until the reveal. I would recommend this book and would like to read more in this series. :)

  • Inferior book; don't bother.I hoped for clever; it delivered trite. I looked for fun; it was boring.There are many well-crafted, literate mystery books being written. Don't dismiss the genre as a whole, but don't select this book if you are looking for anything special.

  • Was it fun? Yes.Was it at times confusing due to all the couples and their various issues? Oh Yes.A teeeeeeenyyy bit too drawn out It was made so obvious who the biological mother was and who the real crazy person was but I felt like I knew and the characters took forever to figure it out.

  • I love a good cozy mystery, but I must say this was one of the hardest I have ever read. True, it was a book about interior design, but I felt the descriptive adjectives about the furniture, carpets, wallpapers, tea pots got a little out of hand. Additionally, if there were a possible murder, I can assure you I wouldn't be returning to the scene of the crime and agreeing to do even more designs for the possible murderer. The murder mystery aspect of this story seemed to be third in importance, f [...]

  • The book kept my interest to finish it, but it did take a little bit to get to the climax of the plot. If you are into interior design, you will appreciate the high detail of the book. The author does very well with describing every tiny detail with furnitures, floorings, wall papers, etc. however, if that doesn't interest you, you may find it hard to get through the book without skimming over the details. Without the details and slow build up of the plot, this story would be shorter and an even [...]

  • I finished this a few days ago, and though it was entertaining enough to hold my interest to the end, I'm having trouble recalling why. I admit that I cruised through the parts where she goes into heavy details about the actual design elements of what Erin is decorating, but the rest of the book was okay in a Lifetime movie sort of way. There were more than a few times I thought, "Really? Okay, I'll roll with it and see where she takes this."

  • Cute storyI really enjoyed this one as it was a cute, fun mystery. The drama between all the characters made it rather entertaining and a quick read. It could do with some more editing as wrong words were used or words were missing throughout and in a few places sentences weren’t finished. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a new mystery series to start.

  • I enjoyed this new series' initial novel. I was glad to see a protagonist with a different type of business (from the usual bakeries, craft stores, etc.). It was fun to read the design ideas and imagine the room being described. Parts of the novel did require a bit more "suspension of disbelief" than others, but overall I enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to reading more in the series.

  • EnjoyedI found the story interesting right up until the end, constantly changing who I thought the killer was. I totally enjoyed the characters and felt like I could be a neighbor on the quircky street. The story flowed easily with several red herrings. Erin is a great character that pulls you in immediately.

  • Meh. First book in a series. The plot was either was too far fetched or too predictable and the editing was poor - character names were changed mid paragraph in numerous places. Not continuing with the series.

  • Engaging mysteryThis was a very enjoyable read. There were enough hints to keep me unsure through the last chapter. A nice way to relax. A little mystery and a budding romance.

  • Enjoyable easy readI'm always looking for mysteries that don't involve a lot of romance. This was enjoyable, and the mystery not super easy to solve early.

  • So first off, lets just say this wasn't what I was really expecting in a book. It seemed like a great murder mystery from the summary you know that you read before you really decide if this book is going to be good or not. Along with judging the book by its cover, I kind of went out on a limb with reading this one. Also, since it was a free e-book that kind of sealed the deal on me reading it. I will have to admit that it did make the time go by faster at work by listening to it but still totall [...]

  • Would I have read this book if I hadn't bought it for a dollar? Welll.let me rephrase that. Would I have read this book if I hadn't owned it, returned it and then bought it for a dollar?Don't know. But I'm glad I bought it for a dollar.Why?The story itself was bogged down with too much decorative information and not enough plot. When doing a cozy mystery it's a balance and most writers don't have that ability. When I'm reading a cozy mystery I don't want it to sound like something that was copy [...]

  • Interesting and fun, but difficult to see all the back and forth. However, the bad guy had me fooled. So many times in cozies, you wonder how the cast and crew are so busy, the reader wonders how anyone gets so much done. I did not have that trouble with this book. Lots planned for the future, but not much going on in the present. The little romance was nice. The mystery was interesting, but it was all kind of messy.

  • I would give this 2.5 or 2.75 if I could. The idea is cute for a 'cozy mystery', and it was free, so I chose 3 stars instead of downgrading to 2. I get that flip-flopping and suspense is a good thing, but confusing your readers is just silly. This was kind of 'who done it' sort of mystery, which is fun, but not when there is just so much to follow without a steady plot otherwise. The writing is not super great, and is 'body english' a thing? It was in the book 3 times (I know because I searched [...]

  • If you're looking for a mindless cozy mystery, this fits the bill. Unfortunately, if you're looking for excellent writing, good character development, and a clever plot, you might need to keep looking.

  • ‘Death By Inferior Design’. This was a random I picked off the shelf at Borders – never heard of the author or her books before but thought I’d give it a go. I was expecting romance with a little mystery, which is usually my scene, but this book is mystery with a microscopic hint of romance. I was disappointed with this but upon re-reading the back cover I’ll admit no promises of romance were made so I guess it delivered. That said, this book was most definitely a good mystery. We meet [...]

  • Impossible situation: As a surprise for their wives, two men hire two rival interior designers, Erin Gilbert and Steve Sullivan, to compete against each other in completing a room, one in each house. Each must conceptualize the alterations, redo the walls and floors, build and upholster the furniture, sew the drapery and gather the accessories, all with the help of one untrained, semi-incompetent young carpenter. And they have one weekend to do it all. The major subplots are the death of one ch [...]

  • Capricious characters, one day they acted this way, the next day they acted another way. Kind of ping-pong characterizations, probably done to hide motives but it wasn't well done. Nevertheless, I was drawn along to find out what would happen next. Erin Gilbert and Steve Sullivan are interior designers in the same town and they are at odds with each other. But they are hired to participate in a contest against each other. Erin is to design a bedroom in one house, Steve is to design the den in a [...]

  • When I began reading the story of Erin Gilbert and her struggles, I wasn't that into the story. As I read on I found myself wanting to know more. I began to see the designs that the author so elegantly brought to light. I found that the descriptions she wrote, had my imagination whirling. I tend to be a visual person when it comes to writers descriptions. I found that I could easily imagine what the author was trying to perceive. I also found it easy to want to know who killed Randy and was enth [...]

  • Of the many cozy mystery e-books I have received, this one was among the few readable ones. Though the text was rife with editorial errors, the story itself was free from the most common writing mistakes. The plot had many twists, the characters had complicated relationships. There was a multi-faceted mystery. There were many clues and the detective was able to be involved, to learn about the unfolding events, with credulity. The beginning was the most difficult to get through, as there are at l [...]

  • Erin Gilbert, graduate of Parson's School of Design, has established herself in the small town of Crestview, where her adopted Mother had gone to College. She says in the book she went to visit, and she liked it so much she never left. But who knew just how connected she was to the town? Through a "series of unfortunate events" all somehow connected to her, she finds the people she'd promised her mother she would never look for, as one by one frenemies die around her, or make excuses, or just ge [...]

  • I am always looking for a new series, since I enjoy revisiting characters. This first book in the Domestic Bliss series has a more sophisticated writing style than many of the cozy mysteries I have read. I did have an issue with the EXTREME youth of the main character, but having a twenties-something heroine is a change from the usual middle-aged sleuth! The mystery itself was convoluted with far too many unlikable suspects. The mystery-within-a-mystery was much more fun, Erin's reluctant search [...]

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