The Color of Fire

The Color of Fire Someone is setting fires in New York City It is and as a colony of Britain America is at war with Spain The people in New York City are on a heightened state of alert living in fear of Catholi

  • Title: The Color of Fire
  • Author: Ann Rinaldi
  • ISBN: 9780786809387
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Someone is setting fires in New York City It is 1741 and, as a colony of Britain, America is at war with Spain The people in New York City are on a heightened state of alert, living in fear of Catholics acting as Spanish secret agents Phoebe, an enslaved girl, watches as the town erupts into mass hysteria when the whites in New York City convince themselves that the blaSomeone is setting fires in New York City It is 1741 and, as a colony of Britain, America is at war with Spain The people in New York City are on a heightened state of alert, living in fear of Catholics acting as Spanish secret agents Phoebe, an enslaved girl, watches as the town erupts into mass hysteria when the whites in New York City convince themselves that the black slaves are planning an uprising Her best friend, Cuffee, is implicated in the plot, and the king s men promise to let him go if he names names Several people are hanged and many are burned at the stake, but the mob won t rest until they find a mastermind behind the plan, someone Catholic and white and there s suspicion that Phoebe s teacher Mr Ury is a priest.

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    Ann Rinaldi b August 27, 1934, in New York City is a young adult fiction author She is best known for her historical fiction, including In My Father s House, The Last Silk Dress, An Acquaintance with Darkness, A Break with Charity, and Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons She has written a total of forty novels, eight of which were listed as notable by the ALA In 2000, Wolf by the Ears was listed as one the best novels of the preceding twenty five years, and later of the last one hundred years She is the most prolific writer for the Great Episode series, a series of historical fiction novels set during the American Colonial era She also writes for the Dear America series.Rinaldi currently lives in Somerville, New Jersey, with her husband, Ron, whom she married in 1960 Her career, prior to being an author, was a newspaper columnist She continued the column, called The Trentonian, through much of her writing career Her first published novel, Term Paper, was written in 1979 Prior to this, she wrote four unpublished books, which she has called terrible She became a grandmother in 1991.Rinaldi says she got her love of history from her eldest son, who brought her to reenactments She says that she writes young adult books because I like to write them.


  • Based on historical facts slaves were burned at the stake in New York City in 1741. Unexplained fires around the city are blamed on slaves, and young Phoebe finds herself torn between giving poison to her friend, Cuffee so that he won't suffer as he burns a chilling story when American was still a colony of Britain and people feared slaves and Catholics for we were at war with Spain - a Catholic country. Ann Rinaldi does a great job of bringing this piece of history to life.

  • I honesty did not like this book. I was forced to read this book for school. I thought this book would be better based on the summary on the back and the genre, which I usually find interesting. I was very disappointed with the ending because the problem was not resolved the way I wanted it to be. Overall the book was nothin special.

  • This book is an eye-opening account of Phoebe, a young black slave in New York City, during the time of the war with Spain. I had no idea there was fear of a "great Negro plot" in New York at this time and that slavery was such a difficult issue in the north. The mob mentality that existed at this time resulted in the tragic death of more innocent people than perished in the Salem witch trials.

  • An interesting book about early American history I had never heard of before. "The Great Negro Plot" of 1741 in New York City was much like the Salem Witch Trials. This book is written for children/young teens, so it's a quick read that conveys the terrible racisms, paranoia, and executions without gruesome details. Humans are terrible to each other.

  • It was alright. Short and didn't really go anywhere. I mean, I guess there was an endgame but it justended. For middle grade but could've been better. I liked Chains better.

  • This is a somewhat harsh Ann Rinaldi book of an event that that most people probably have never even heard of. It's referred to as 'The Great Negro Plot' of 1741 in New York City.This is at time decades before the colonies fought for their independence. It's a time when living conditions were still fairly primitive, and slavery was present both in the North and the South. There were still people working, though, on what amounted to a very, very early version of the Underground Railroad, helping [...]

  • This is the summary of the color of fire. It is about a slave girl named Phoebe. It is set in New York city back i the colonial times. Another slave is Cuffee who is main suspect in the fires that hit the city. Now the king is offering freedom and money to any slaves who can give names of the people involved with the fires. Now the main character Phoebe is tore between getting her freedom or helping out her friends. And her teacher is a suspect for being a priest.Her teacher is named Mr.Ury . No [...]

  • The story opens just as a fire is beginning to catch in Master Philipse's warehouse, and Phoebe, Master Philipse's black servant and the eyes and ears of the book, is attempting to find out who started it. As the days go on and more fires are mysteriously started, the townsfolk become increasingly suspicious and suspect that the slaves not only are responsible for the wreckage but that they also are planning a murderous revolt against their masters. There is so much adventure throughtout the boo [...]

  • This book was exciting, and suspenseful. I love how brave Phoebe was even though she was so young. It was such a beautiful little book to me because it shows everything I'm afraid to take charge and be the bigger person. To me this was sort of like a history book but it puts pieces of your own life in there. If you're looking for a book about friendship and dependability in yourself than this book is the book you want to read. In the beginning it was hard to get into but if you last all the way [...]

  • This is a beautifully written story about true events in 1741, New York. Several buildings have been set on fire. As the populace gets angry and fearful, the need to find anyone to pin the blame on grows.Rinaldi weaves a suspenseful story that shows how an angry mob leads not to justice just to revenge. People are afraid of a slave uprising and of Catholics conspiring with the Spanish who are at war with the British. It leads to a deadly mix.I really enjoyed the telling of this story through the [...]

  • This was one of the better books I have read by Ann Rinaldi, and this story was something I had never heard about. We have all heard so many stories of the horrors of southern slavery, but this story about slavery in New York City twenty years before the American revolution and the widespread hatred and distrust of the 'negro slaves' was something I had never hear about before. The story's main character was thrust into the events of the city and struggled to make sense of all that she saw and w [...]

  • Set in New York City in 1741, this historical fiction is about how people feared that Catholics were secret agents. Mass hysteria ensues when white people accused black people of setting fires. Once again, readers are taken to a time in American history when the culture of fear results in the deaths of many innocent people.I appreciate Rinaldi's inclusions of notes and bibliography at the end.

  • Flames licked up the walls, but it was not just walls anymore. More had been done than that. Phoebe a young slave girl who had witnessed the burnings and now was put in some difficult places. People were talking to save their own life's would Phoebe talk or hold true. Who was to blame it was not always fair who decided. Towns members true identities revealed. who is good and who is bad. You may never know.

  • This book is quite interesting. My favorite character is Cuffee, because he is interesting and he knows about the outside world. I like how Phoebe's world is just a small town with semi-kind people. The idea of having a medicine guy come to town, having a bakery right in town, and having somebody to come teach me my lessons everyday. I hope the rest of the book is just as interesting!

  • I finished this book during the PSSAs, it only took less than an hour to read.It's good but it's really sad. But then its historical fiction and fatesIt's about the slaves and stuff. BTW, I feel bad for the main character, she's going through a lot of sad stuff. It can feel a bit long in the beginning but it's interesting

  • A really interesting historical fiction piece about the alleged slave uprising in NYC in the 1700s. A little piece of history I'd never known about before told through the eyes of a fictional slave.

  • This story was based on an incident in our history about which I knew nothing--"great Negro plot" in New York in 1741. There was a witch hunt, even worse than the Salem Witch Hunt. I love learning from Ann Rinaldi's books!

  • This book is a historical fiction book on the "great Negro plot" of 1741 in New York City. I actually had never heard of this and was surprised that I didn't know more about it. The book was and interesting read and thought provoking but it wasn't the best book ever hence the three stars.

  • The brutal, unjust handling of slave uprisings in 18th century New York; a strong, well-written protagonist and enough realism to make this effective without being overly graphic for middle-grade readers

  • This is young adult historical fiction set in New York in the mid-eighteenth century. I had never heard about the burnings of slaves in New York before I read this book. It has the feel of the Salem witch trials.

  • I really liked looking at a part of history I had never read about before. It wasn't the deepest book, but I can see it's usefulness to provoke discussion about the mob mentality, self-preservation, and other topics usually associated with the Salem Witch Trials.

  • Horrible. I hated the ending. I hated the beginning. And everything in-between. If you are planning to read this because of the genre, I recommend CHAINS by Laurie Halse Anderson, which is an amazing book. It is also the first in a trilogy, if you like that kind of thing.

  • I enjoyed this book. It was an easy read and enlightened me a little about the "great Negro Plot." I had never heard of this before. I think young girls would really enjoy this book (ages 9-14 maybe.)

  • Another great historical fiction by Ann Rinaldi. As much as my students love reading her works, I think I enjoy them even more! This account based in New York City in 1741 opened my eyes to events I didn't even know occurred and leads to a great teaching opportunity about slave life in the North.

  • this book i read for school, was a little confusing, but good. really sad. People died by being burned in this book.

  • Initial thoughts after reading (found in a notebook): A nice book on a part of history that I had never even heard about.

  • I thought this was a great read for February since it is black history month but I didn't like the way it ended. I wish they would have given more details.

  • The Color of Fire isn't a bad book, not at all. I thought it was just ok, the plot wasn't exciting, and it wasn't educational enough.

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