One Thousand and One Arabian Nights

One Thousand and One Arabian Nights Day after day King Shahryar marries a new wife only to have her put to death the following morning Hundreds of wives have died before Shahrazad comes along On the night of her wedding Shahrazad begi

  • Title: One Thousand and One Arabian Nights
  • Author: Geraldine McCaughrean Steven Lavis
  • ISBN: 9780192745002
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • Day after day King Shahryar marries a new wife, only to have her put to death the following morning Hundreds of wives have died before Shahrazad comes along On the night of her wedding, Shahrazad begins to tell the king a story But she hasn t time to complete it, she says She ll tell him the next night, and then there is another story after that Night after nightDay after day King Shahryar marries a new wife, only to have her put to death the following morning Hundreds of wives have died before Shahrazad comes along On the night of her wedding, Shahrazad begins to tell the king a story But she hasn t time to complete it, she says She ll tell him the next night, and then there is another story after that Night after night Can Shahrazad tell stories so wonderful that the king will want to listen to them instead of cutting off her head This is a completely new version of the Arabian Nights many of the stories are told here for the first time in a collection for children They include fables, romances, jokes, and fairy tales, and they are linked together by the king and queen s own love story Geraldine McCaughrean s style is clear and poetic, conveying the flavor of the original, and the context of a magic, jinni ridden desert world.

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    Geraldine McCaughrean was born in 1951 and brought up in North London She studied at Christ Church College of Education, Canterbury and worked in a London publishing house for 10 years before becoming a full time writer in 1988 She has written over 120 books, 50 short plays for schools, and a radio play.Her adult novels include Fires Astonishment 1990 and The Ideal Wife 1997 , but she is best known for her children s books She writes for children of all ages, from first readers, picture books, and younger children s books, to children s novels, which include A Little Lower than the Angels 1987 , Gold Dust 1993 and Not the End of the World 2004 , each of which have won the Whitbread Children s Book Award, making her the only writer to have won this award three times.Geraldine McCaughrean has also written several collections of stories, including bible stories and fairy tales She specialises in the retelling of classic tales such as The Canterbury Tales 1984 , The Odyssey 1993 , Moby Dick 1996 and El Cid 1989 and of myths and legends from around the world These books include The Orchard Book of Greek Myths 1992 and The Orchard Book of Roman Myths 1999.Geraldine McCaughrean lives in Berkshire Her book, Not the End of the World, is currently being adapted for the stage White Darkness 2005 , was shortlisted for the 2005 Whitbread Children s Book Award In 2005, she was chosen to write the official sequel to J M Barrie s Peter Pan Peter Pan in Scarlet was published in 2006.


  • I'd tried several times in recent years to read a collection of the Arabian Nights tales, and kept getting bogged down in archaic language, unfamiliar cultural references, or versions that were too long. This rendition of 35 tales intended for younger readers, however, is vivid and concise, easily readable and--at 275 pages--not too simplified. Filled with magic, danger, deceit, talking animals, exotic locales, romance, abrupt changes of fortune, and poetic justice, the characters are drawn from [...]

  • I couldn't recommend this as a book to share with young kids; explaining a king's killing a new wife every night is a bit too gruesome. But it has been wonderful to read these old tales on my own and share them with my older kids. I am amazed by the creativity of the human race. These stories are centuries old!

  • I loved this book! I liked the emotions of Shaharazad and the King, and the stories she told were suspenseful and full of emotion. My favorite part (one of them) was at the end, when the King and Shaharazad ebded up together

  • I loved this book. Although, some of the stories were a little bit boring. I liked how most of the stories had a message for Sharyar of what he could improve on. I think that was a really good idea. There were also many stories that reminded me of other stories like The Story Of The Anklet.

  • This book was really good. I normally don't like folktales, but this book really changed my perspective on them. The book also taught me a lot about Arabic culture and Islam.

  • GENRE: Fairy TaleREADING LEVEL: Grades 7-12SYNOPSIS: One Thousand and One Arabian Nights is a collection of tales from the Islamic Golden Age. The story begins with where a king finds out that his first wife is unfaithful, and has her beheaded the next day. The king then swears to marry a different woman each night before killing her the following morning to prevent further betrayal. Then, the king encounters a different woman, who is the Wazir's daughter. She conducts a plan to end this pattern [...]

  • One Thousand and One Arabian Nights.In this book, a king, King Shahryar, is introduced as a king who kills a newly married wife every night, in fear of her love being lost to another man. This adds an intriguing sense to the beginning of the book, in my opinion. Quite an amazing book! The stories Shahrazad tells are very detailed, and descriptive, and all end very nicely. I think the length of this book is also quite satisfying, because it is slightly short, but not even close to 'too short.' (T [...]

  • What a fabulous book! My young guy narrated the child-friendly stories to give who'd listen because they were so fun. Geraldine McCaughrean did a lovely job of choosing from the thousand stories ones that are appropriate for children and making them readable both on one's own and aloud.

  • Beautiful rendering of 1001 nights for all ages"you are the songbird in my heart's cage, my crescent moon flying through the night sky."

  • Arabian Nights was pretty good and had a lot of stories (most of which were good), but it got a bit repetitive after a while. Also, the book was predictable, which made it a bit less exciting.

  • Raja Persia Shahryar dari Sasan karena dikhianati istrinya, percaya bahwa cinta wanita hanya bisa bertahan semalam. Raja menghendaki 1 orang wanita setiap malam di kamarnya dan keesokan paginya pengantinnya dipenggal. Setelah 1000 malam, setelah memenggal 1000 kepala perawan, akhirnya dia bertemu dengan Shahrazad atau Scheherazade putri penasehat Raja, putri yang ke 1001.Pada malam pengantin Shahrazad mengisahkan sebuah cerita pada Raja yang tidak selesai menjelang fajar, karena penasaran Raja m [...]

  • (Dec. 2016) I love this book more every time I read it. The stories are enthralling (enough so that you can believe they would save Sharahazad's life!) and retold with such lovely skill. The vivid metaphors entwined in each chapter transport the reader even more fully into the strangeness of the orient. One of my favorite books to read with 5th graders.(Original Review - 2011) I have not read many different versions of "The Arabian Nights," but having read this one numerous times, I have not fel [...]

  • It was supposed to be an enchanted story, about one woman who narrated stories for her King husband. And so each of her stories postponed her execution another day. And another day. And another day. However never in my brain, I'll honour a man, a King, who beheaded his newly-wed wives everyday. And yet his people called him great. Isn't it what some may analyse as a split personality syndrome?!***Selama ini kisah 1001 malam adalah kisah yang menawarkan semua sisi eksotis timur tengah. Kisah-kisa [...]

  • I quit reading this one. Not because it wasn't good but because there are other things I want to read right now and I wasn't progressing. I might revisit it later but one thing I have learned is that just because you haven't read it doesn't mean you have to.

  • I knew about the story of 1001 nights only from the well known Aladdin and the magical lamp and Ali Baba and the forty thieves, but I never knew the other stories. After finish reading it, I wonder why in the Disney version, Aladdin is said to found a magic carpet? Is the movie meant to combine with the other story from 1001 Arabian nights, example: the ebony horse?I am actually quite disappointed that the book doesn't contain 1001 stories. It is only around 30 stories. Is the original book also [...]

  • Karena dikhianati istri yang dicintainya, Raja Shahryar dari Sansan begitu sakit hati hingga tidak dapat mempercayai sosok bernama wanita. Meski demikian, beliau tetap menikah dengan wanita terbaik yang dimiliki negrinya. Hanya saja ia memenggal istri barunya sesaat setelah pesta pernikahannya usai, sebelum istrinya bisa berhenti mencintainya. Hal itu terus berlangsung hingga ia mempersunting seorang wanita cerdas dan cantik, Shahrazad yang tak lain adalah putri sulung penasehat kerajaannya. Sha [...]

  • I started this book a year or so ago, reading one or two stories here and there. I've never read these tales or even summaries before, so I can't comment on any other versions compared to this.But I can comment on this version. And I loved it.Sharazad is a witty and wise character. I laughed at the choice of stories she chose to tell and the timing. My daughter's favorite story is of The Everlasting Shoes. My favorite was The Wonderful bag. If you're looking for a collection of stories that are [...]

  • King Shahryar's queen has been unfaithful to him. As a result the king has decided to marry a new queen each day and kill her the next morning (by beheading) before she falls out of love with him. This goes on until he meets his match in Shahrazad. Shahrazad has come up with a plan to save her life and the lives of future queens (including her younger sister) by enchanting the king with her stories. At night she tells the king such wonderful tales always ending with either a cliff hanger or a pr [...]

  • well it's certainly is interesting, I disapprove of the way it makes it seem as Islam only welcomes the wealthy and beautiful, but besides that stuff over all I do say I enjoyed this read alot and also I could swear that one of the stories in this book resembles that of Cinderella, I guess perhaps the authors may have run out imagination but even though they still managed to make a brilliant novel.

  • ga pake ragu langsung ngasih bintang lima. (y)dulu waktu awal baca ini niatnya adalah memberi gambaran dari buku yang menginspirasi Eka Kurniawan menulis O. eh, dhilala, setelah selesai membaca Arabian Nights kok malah jadi males baca O'nya Mas Eka. Kenapa ya? Malah sekarang suka cerita-cerita Timur Tengah. Soalnya unik. Ceritanya tuh santun tapi naif. Terkadang malah muna' tipis-tipis. Bahasanya pun bikin ketawa2 konyol sendiri karena saking alay-nya macam remaja kekinian. Xixixixi. Ya, mungkin [...]

  • Yang asik adalah membaca kisah-kisah 1001 malam dalam versi yang lebih asli daripada versi disney.Yang gak asik adalah ini tetap saja adalah versi yang diringkas, dari kisah yang --seharusnya-- berjumlah 1001 bagian.Yang asik lagi, dongeng-dongeng yang diceritakan berbagai macam jenis, dari kisah pengemis, raja, nelayan, putra duyung, pencuri sampai jin; suka-sukanya Shaherazade saja.Yang gak asik itu mengingat bingkai ceritanya, raja lalim yang seenaknya saja memenggal kepala istri-istrinya tia [...]

  • I really enjoy the way Geraldine McCaughrean retells stories. We have read all of the Greek heroes series, Shakespeare, and now One Thousand and One Arabian Nights. This one did not let me down. It was wonderful to be able to share this (as well as the other stories) with my son. Giving him the gift of knowledge of fine literature. Now he knows where Aladdin, Sindbad the Sailor and many other stories come from. He also understands about other cultures better after hearing their stories. Certainl [...]

  • This is the most original book, I've read. The imagination is just amazing. I know some people think that a story about a King killing his wives everyday is horrible, but it is not a modern story and it is more than that. You need to read it from the beginning to the end, without skipping stories because almost all the stories are connected. If you think it is a terrible story. I think that it would be the same as thinking that snow white is a story about a person trying to kill another one.

  • I've been obsessed with Shahrzad since the day I started playing Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade Movement 3 on my oboe. Soon after that, I started searching for books related to this wonderful young Queen consort. Shahrzad is smart, beautiful, talented, selfless and family-oriented. I got this 80s version of Arabian Nights at Pegasus Books Wellington for only NZD $5. The translation is gripping, magical and crystal clear. And did I mention that it's also illustrated? This is like the best vintage [...]

  • I loved this book. After I finished I researched more Arabian Nights stories and I couldn't really find any, I wish there really had been one thousand and one in this book. It was great for me because I read it in year 9 after selecting my GCSE's so I read this in lessons that I didn't have to do any work in and this was exactly what I needed because the stories were just right so that I could just about get through one in a lesson whilst pretending to do work. These really are amazing and I wil [...]

  • The writing of this book is amazing, and the story line is incredibly interesting. McCaughrean obviously put much thought into the stories, particularly the cultural aspects included. I totally understand why this book was chosen for my Global assignmentwhich I need to do now ugh. :/ I'd have enjoyed this much more if we could have done a critical lens essay comparing this and The Once and Future King, because the controversy between Kings is interesting. Watch me put my homework assignment up a [...]

  • Another excellent book for children that is not dumbed down. The writing was excellent, with just enough challenge for kids without being too hard. There were quite a few parts that left me chuckling that I'm sure went right over my daughter's head. I had read quite a few of these stories before, but there were still some I hadn't heard. I definitely didn't mind having to read this along with my daughter for school.

  • I do realize that I am quite a hard critic in my rating system (but seriously read what it says when you are giving the stars and see what you really think) and this book was really amazing. It is a story of stories and good stories at that. No literary masterpiece. Nothing overly thirlling and no vampire-beautiful men just good bedtime stories!!

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