Death In Lacquer Red

Death In Lacquer Red Published to great acclaim Death in Lacquer Red was the first novel in Jeanne M Dams s historical mystery series featuring Hilda Johansson a young Swedish woman working in the South Bend Indiana ho

  • Title: Death In Lacquer Red
  • Author: Jeanne M. Dams
  • ISBN: 9780802776099
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback
  • Published to great acclaim, Death in Lacquer Red was the first novel in Jeanne M Dams s historical mystery series featuring Hilda Johansson, a young Swedish woman working in the South Bend, Indiana home of the prominent Studebaker family Against the backdrop of the ever changing year 1900, Hilda finds herself facing not only the problems of an immigrant but also religiouPublished to great acclaim, Death in Lacquer Red was the first novel in Jeanne M Dams s historical mystery series featuring Hilda Johansson, a young Swedish woman working in the South Bend, Indiana home of the prominent Studebaker family Against the backdrop of the ever changing year 1900, Hilda finds herself facing not only the problems of an immigrant but also religious conflict, and international unrest, not to mention the discovery of the body of a young woman apparently murdered on the Studebaker s estate She uses her skills and intelligence to investigate the crime, even though she s been told that it isn t her place to do so Hilda tries to keep her nose out of the murder, but is it possible that she s the only one who can see what others refuse to Vividly recreating the look and feel of the period, Jeanne Dams proves she s as adept at homegrown mysteries as she is with the British scene she explores in her award winning Dorothy Martin series.

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    Jeanne M Dams lives in South Bend, Indiana The Body in the Transept, which introduced Dorothy Martin, won the Agatha Award for Best First Novel Dams is also the author of Green Grow the Victims and other Hilda Johansson mysteries published by Walker Company.


  • I had previously tried one of the authors books from her series set in England. But someone told me about this effort which revolves around a Swedish housemaid living in the Studebaker mansion in South Bend, Indiana in the year 1900. Sounded promising. Sorry to say I was disappointed. The Swedish maid has been living here for 3 years and knows way too much for that time period and is able to improvise picked locks and legal files, along with how to break into law offices all while she is suppose [...]

  • I was born and raised in South Bend, and Dams did a good job of making the city in 1900 come alive. I could follow exactly the streets and most of the places the main character went. But the writing is uneven and mostly cliche - Swedish stubbornness, Irish eloquence, kind nuns, a strict butler. Most conversations devolve into spats, which doesn't create tension but instead makes you think less of the main character. She is supposedly full of Swedish caution, but does bold things on a daily basis [...]

  • This is a fabulous mystery series. Think Downton Abbey meets Agatha Christie, but set in midwestern America. The major theme of this novel is that throughout history passions lead to crimes in the same way, but the scapegoats that we look for change to whomever is the newest, least wealthy person on the block. While these stories are 20 years old, the political climate of the early 1900s is the same as out political climate today.

  • The state of Indiana has pretty much been "drive-through land" for me over many years of traveling between Minnesota and Maine. Nearly always, we took the tollway. The only nice feature of the Indiana State Tollway is that the rest and refreshment areas are named for famous Hoosiers, many, if not all, writers. The Gene Stratton Porter, the Ernie Pyle, the George Ade are some I recall. Should the highway authority need to name any more of these spots, I'd say humorist Jean Shepherd should be firs [...]

  • This novel starts a new series by Jeanne M. Dams with Hilda Johansson as a maid working for Clement Studebaker in South Bend, Indiana in the early 1900s. She has emigrated from Sweden in order to make a better life for herself and her family. The story opens with Hilda filling in for Michelle the ladies' maid who is in bed with a cold. Her duty also calls on her to attend a dinner party Mrs. Studebaker is attending where she learns the Harper family is expecting their daughter home from China wh [...]

  • Hilda Johanson in 1900 finds a woman in the garden dead and with no face and she is determined to figure out who did it. Thus, begins this mystery that takes place in South Bend, Indiana. Jeanne M Dams weaves a mystery tale with some historical facts about South Bend, Indiana that this reader enjoyed learning about. The book also focuses on how immigrants were treated and how they interacted with the locals. She mixes reality and fiction quite well. There are some red herrings in this book and t [...]

  • Hilda Johansson is a Swedish maid in the Studebaker mansion, in South Bend, Indiana, in 1900. Hoping to earn enough money, with the help of some of her siblings, to pay for passage to America for the rest of her family, she must be careful to obey the house rules, lest she lose her job. But when she and Patrick, the Irish Catholic fireman she keeps company with, discover a murdered woman’s body in the shrubs by the mansion, Hilda puts her job and her life in jeopardy. Not wanting a Chinese imm [...]

  • The rating is just because I didn't enjoy this much, not because I don't think it is a quality book other people could enjoy. The writing wasn't bad (other than the over use of temper) and I appreciated the short chapters for easy stopping to get away from reading this book because I just didn't like the main character, Hilda. I found her unpleasant. I found the focus on saying immigrants had it hard but somehow not showing it unpleasant. I found the English-style servants set up unpleasant. I g [...]

  • Just OK. I liked that this was a period piece, set in turn of the century South Bend, Indiana. Hilda Johannsen is a Swedish immigrant, working as a maid for the Studebaker family. She is alternatingly feisty and cautious, which does not seem to work. She also seems to have a lot of leeway with her employers and supervising butler, which also seems far-fetched. Hilda and her friend Patrick discover the badly beaten body of a neighbor's sister in the garden, and set out to find the killer. They ne [...]

  • Hilda Johannsen is a maid in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Studebaker family in South Bend, Indiana in the summer of 1900. She is on an afternoon out with a friend, Patrick Cavanaugh, a local fireman when they stumble upon the body of a young woman in Hilda's employer's back yard. The murdered woman, the daughter of Mrs. Studebaker's next door neighbor, has very recently returned from missionary service in China. When a Chinese immigrant is focused on by the police, Hilda feels she should try [...]

  • This was a reread for book club. I had forgotten the plot entirely, so it was nice to go back to the beginning for the series for a refresher course. Hilda Johanssen is a housemaid at the Studebaker Mansion in South Bend, IN in 1900. The author, Jeanne Dams, is a South Bend resident (as am I) and I particularly enjoy the descriptions of South Bend streets and landmarks a hundred years ago. The plot is good, as are the historical details about immigrants, religious conflict, and corrupt politicia [...]

  • The writing is NOT very good, but the story of a maid working for the Studebaker family during the time when we were transitioning from horse & carriages (which the Studebaker's built) and automobiles was interesting for me. The lifestyle was engaging, if "quaint," and the fact that I grew up in the area and the house still stands made it meaningful for me as well. I think there was a 'love' interest that was annoying. I read the follow-up, which was less satisfying. The Mystery part of the [...]

  • I'd rate this as 2.5 stars if I could. I listened to this an audio recording where several discs were so scratched up and damaged I almost did not make it to the end of the story. I found the main character, Hilda, to be a bit of a snob and did not like her much. The historical aspects were interesting though so I kept on despite HIlda's off-putting manner and the unbelievable talents that Hilda seemed to possess given the otherwise very realistic storyline. I may give book number two a try; I h [...]

  • I liked the servant/immigrant POV. The story started out good, but then Hilda starts breaking into law offices during time off and shimmying out windows after everyone is asleep. It was hard to believe. I don't know a ton about servants in Indiana during the early 1900's but I'm pretty sure they didn't have that much free time. Walking to Notre Dame? Come on! I am not entirely put off, however. I may try the next. Just to be sure.

  • The mystery wasn't that exciting but I enjoyed reading about "downstairs" life of the servants of a 1900s American rich household (The Studebakers). The heroine is a stubborn and superstitious Lutheran Swede and her love interest (which she denies) is a fiery Irishman, who is Catholic (The Saints protect us!☺) I’m interested in taking another peek at their relationship with each other and the households that they occupy.

  • It was okay. Actually, if I don't think too much about the plot, I'd rate it higher. I enjoyed the author's style and the main character was appealing. There was what seemed to be a continuity burp regarding Hilda's best friend, but it wasn't major (but obviously noticeable!).The mystery didn't seem to be the focus of the writing. Maybe it should be considered a light historical novel that just happens to include a couple of murders.

  • I didn't know it was a # 1. I just grabbed it off the shelf but it was a nice little yarn taking place in 1900 and involves a young Swedish maid working in a mansion but with a sense about people who lie and an ability to solve a crime. Reminded me a bit like Maisie Dobbs but here in South Bend, Indiana.

  • Of Jeanne Dams' books, I prefer the Hilda Johansson series. Set in Cleveland, OH near the turn of the century, Hilda is an immigrant from Norway who is a maid on a rich man's house. It's interesting to see the restrictions placed on the "help." The US is a classless society--hah! Certainly not at the turn of the last century.

  • The story was quaint, with a turn of the century flavour, but I felt it was also that attempt to make it so provincial and Hilda so, servantly (or rebelling against it, as the case might be) that sometimes made it tedious or trying. Overall, it was enjoyable though, and Hilda is someone I would like to get to know better.

  • This book was rather very hard to read but very fantastic. I enjoyed reading it! I recommend it to anyone that has patients. I love how it revolves around mystery and immigration all at the same time! I think it's a great book for young adults and adults at the same time. She has written a very good book. I enjoyed it! I highly recommend this read.

  • I found this book difficult to read. The chapter endings were awkward and I didn't feel the main character's reasons for solving the mystery were strong enough for her to care. Needless to say, I couldn't stand to finish it. I'm not too sad about it either.

  • Terrific introductory to an amazing and really unique series set almost 100 years ago. Not just great plots, but real history lessons and life from a working-class immigrant's point of view. A likeable, determined protagonist and a great read. Have read the whole series at this point. Kudos!

  • Mysteries are some of my favorite reading and I generally enjoy books by Jeanne M. Dams. This was the first one I had read about Hilda Johansson in South Bend, Indiana. For me, it doesn't hold a candle to the Dorothy Martin mysteries set in England. I think I'll stick with those.

  • Unusually told from the servants POV. Constrained by her job as well as social expectations for a woman and immigrant this mystery works quite well.

  • I love a good historical mystery. This is the first in a series about Hilda Johansson, a maid-servant in the early 19th century Midwest. It's like Maisie Dobbs meets Upstairs Downstairs.

  • i stumbled upon this at the library today. a swedish woman comes to america in the turn of the twentieth century as a maid and discovers a dead body on her masters grounds's on.

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