Abstraction Info from Manga Updates Have you ever wondered what it would be like if manga panels were D rather than D Kago Shintaro expresses this idea with the usual violence sex and oddities

  • Title: Abstraction
  • Author: Shintarō Kago
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 414
  • Format: None
  • Info from Manga Updates Have you ever wondered what it would be like if manga panels were 3D rather than 2D Kago Shintaro expresses this idea with the usual violence, sex, and oddities.

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      414 Shintarō Kago
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  • Shintarō Kago

    Shintar Kago is a Japanese guro manga artist He debuted in 1988 on the magazine COMIC BOX.Shintaro Kago s style has been called fashionable paranoia He has been published in several adult manga magazines, gaining him considerable popularity Many of his manga have strongly satirical overtones, and deal with grotesque subjects such as extreme sex, scatology and body modification.


  • If you are curious about some weird/horror manga, you can try Junji Ito. Then, a little level up in the hierarchy of weirdness comes Shintaro Kago, whose guro manga works would sure give a little mindf*ck up there in your brain. And then you'd want some more of it. This is the only normal page you'll read in Abstraction.Abstraction explores the idea where 2d comics are imagined as 3d shelves. It is a twisted imagination of a literal "outside the panel" illustrations. You will definitely feel the [...]

  • BRUTAL. Más allá de lo escatológico, sexual y demás preciosidades, Kago te taladra la cabeza dando forma (rompiendo las leyes del cómic) a cosas que jamás se te habrían ocurrido.

  • Lives up to its name for sure Very intriguing. Not for the squeamish.It's like seeing the things that happen in-between panels of a manga You see it at every angle, quite literally.

  • Un manga corto, rápido, extraño. diferente y un respiro de aire fresco en la industria del manga con el cual el mangaka a Innovado la forma de realizar un manga o los cómics en general. El autor pasa del habitual 2D al 3D de una forma genial; con viñetas excelentemente dibujadas. Mostrando al principio una historia de amor de lo más "normal" para dar paso a una historia extraña en todos los sentidos, llena de situaciones tabú. No aptas para todo el público.

  • An experimental, conceptual work whose gimmick allows the artist to create myriad vulgar, perverse, body horror monstrosities. There's a thin story in there if you actually take the time to figure it out regarding revenge and hemorrhoids, but who cares. You're reading this for the crazy, pushing-good-taste visuals.

  • Generally hard to find Kago's stuff for someone who's not especially interested in guro/bizarre/whatever mango or really in general. Fun, clever structural stuff messing around with layout and form a lot, with fittingly grotesque consequences, the "sophisticated body horror" if you're feeling pretentious. Available to read online here (to compare the panels, which is fun and necessary) and here (I don't think page 14 loads at the previous site).

  • If someone had never read Kago before, this is the one I would give them. Its blatantly erotic and guro, but its also probably the most extreme of the "avant garde" sort of impulses I've seen in his manga. I mean the title says it. Its an increasingly abstracted perspective on the manga comic format up until the point of absurdity. He often takes a single idea and just runs with it to its conclusion, but its the most fun to see him run away with this kind of auto-deconstruction.

  • Ха-ха!Щойно перед цим я написав, що Каґо не може мати 5 із 5 за книжку. Але ця «абстрактна», фізіологічно-насильницька манга — мастрід для усіх, хто цікавіться культурою коміксу, манги, і взагалі.Він просто бере одну сторінку, і починає крутити її туди і сюди, наче вона не дво- а [...]

  • 4.5And now a haiku that attempts to adequately explain my thoughts on this mind warping acid trip of a comic:Surreal and utterly mad.Wicked, twisted and smutty.And yet: so, SO good.

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