The Knitting Circle Rapist Annihilation Squad

The Knitting Circle Rapist Annihilation Squad In this darkly comic novel the six women of the Knitting Circle meet every week to talk eat cake and make fabulous sweaters The easy going circle undergoes a drastic change when the members realize

  • Title: The Knitting Circle Rapist Annihilation Squad
  • Author: Derrick Jensen Stephanie McMillan
  • ISBN: 9781604865967
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this darkly comic novel, the six women of the Knitting Circle meet every week to talk, eat cake, and make fabulous sweaters The easy going circle undergoes a drastic change when the members realize they are all the survivors of rape worse still, that none of their attackers suffered consequences and the group becomes the vengeful Knitting Circle Rapist Annihilation SquIn this darkly comic novel, the six women of the Knitting Circle meet every week to talk, eat cake, and make fabulous sweaters The easy going circle undergoes a drastic change when the members realize they are all the survivors of rape worse still, that none of their attackers suffered consequences and the group becomes the vengeful Knitting Circle Rapist Annihilation Squad, taking punishment into their own hands via their knitting needles As the women take their revenge, groups of men issue statements against the vigilante ladies, from the Chamber of Commerce to the sinister Men Against Women Against Rape MAWAR , plotting to stop and punish the Knitting Circle Featuring strong female characters, this satirical piece explores love, revenge, feminism, violence, and knitting.

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    Derrick Jensen is an American author and environmental activist living in Crescent City, California He has published several books questioning and critiquing contemporary society and its values, including A Language Older Than Words, The Culture of Make Believe, and Endgame He holds a B.S in Mineral Engineering Physics from the Colorado School of Mines and an M.F.A in Creative Writing from Eastern Washington University He has also taught creative writing at Pelican Bay State Prison and Eastern Washington University.


  • After six women in a weekly knitting circle find that they are all rape survivors and none of their attackers were ever brought to justice, the go on a rapist-killing spree. Soon, other people, both men and women, join their cause. Will the hapless police be able to stop them before their revolution goes out of control?Sometimes, a book title will be so amazing that I simply must read the book. Too bad a lot of awesome titles are attached to books that are only average.First off, rape is bad.Sec [...]

  • It was the title which grabbed me first. One of Dan's finest suggestions. How could anyone fail to want to take a look?It is funny and weird and thought provoking and unsettling all knitted together with very few stitches being dropped.It is funny because the humour is on the laugh out loud level.Very early on n the book I knew I was going to enjoy the silliness of it all. The first 'victim' of the squad is a lecherous and arrogant dance master who tricks the founding mother of the squad, Brigit [...]

  • bookslifewine/r-the-knittiUpdated to include link to a recent article: An 11-year-old reported being raped twice, wound up with a conviction This article is SO disturbing that I could not finish it all. The way this child was treated after being brutally raped is horrifying. The Knitting Circle Rapist Annihilation Squad is a book I picked to read during my Scribd trial but I couldn't get into it. DNF at 60%.The plot idea and the blurb all sounded extremely interesting so I decided to read it whe [...]

  • Not everyone will "get" this book. It's not fantastically written - my inner editor cringed pretty often, to be perfectly honest. But, if that is what stops you from finishing or liking this book, you are sorely missing the point. This book is not about knitting. It's about knitters who are radical feminists.This book is a treatise against passively standing back while the patriarchy controls our lives and men and women alike police and abuse other women.This is a book about empowerment and reco [...]

  • A lightening-fast, almost stream-of-consciousness read, this piece of satire rides a politic and holds little back. Fun, silly, yet completely clear on its ultimate aim, this was really pretty satisfying all around. The no-bullshit, take-no-prisoners approach to rape and our rape culture (as well as the media and other institutions that work to perpetuate and maintain it) featuring interesting women of all ages and in a range of relationships was a refreshing change from my reading norm. Not onc [...]

  • so, the rape culture is over the top, and this is an attempt at over-the-top satire, but it's really poorly written. even if i'm on board with quite a few of the political rants, there's no story stringing them together. i couldn't suspend my disbelief long enough to appreciate an unapologetic "fuck you!" to rapists. there is no such thing as a cheese factory that makes a different cheese every week, for starters. gaperon and roquefort are made in FRANCE. blah blah, the attempt to make fun of mi [...]

  • I reviewed this book in the latest (September 2013) issue of the literary journal Stirring. Here's the link.Years ago I attended a women writers conference where a woman in our fiction-writing workshop read aloud to us from a novel she had started. As I recall, the plot involved members of a book group, all women and all survivors of domestic violence, who agreed to a revenge pact. Each one, they decided, would kill a man who had abused someone else, a man with whom she had no connection.It was [...]

  • If half stars were a thing on good reads, I'd give it a half star. I almost liked it. I admit that I'm probably being influenced by what I know of the author and his work with Deep Green Resistance. Deep Green Resistance is an organization I wish I could get behind 100% but their policies that exclude transgender people keep me from being a supporter. No sign of transphobia in this particular book but DGR is also fond of using the words "slavery" and "enslavement" to talk about income inequality [...]

  • Good concept, awful execution. If you're already a feminist, you know this stuff and probably won't be tickled pink by the boring walking stereotypes and broad humor. If you're not, it all seems so over the top that the startling frequency of rape and awful responses to victims and defense of rapists might seem like part of the satire. I wanted a clever dark comedy to find gleeful pleasure in literary revenge. This is not that.

  • This is a fun book. I loved it. I also am an editor and usually cringe at less-than-perfect writing, but I just enjoyed this one and its entertaining premise.

  • I loved the premise of this book- a group of knitting friends who discover they have all been raped at one time or another and all the rapists have got off scot free, so they decide to take justice into their well exercised hands. With a little help from their knitting needlesThe book is crazy funny but also cuts close to reality (as all good humour must). There's a female cop who is, of course, never listened to. There are groups of men who don't believe in rape because the Bibled enough govern [...]

  • Not really my style. The premise was interesting but the kind of dark humor throughout was taken to the extreme. I think it fit the story and the writing style, but I was unable to see the humor in everything since our currently political climate makes this scenario feel possible. The misogynist treatment throughout also got under my skin. Again, it works for this story and is used by the author to drive his point home, but it was a bit too much for me.

  • It WAS funny and apt, which you would expect from a satirical novel. Repeated use of profanity (just for the sake of using it) and a few extremely gross sexual jokes thrown in half way through really put me off. For that reason it losses a star and I feel like I really can't recommend the book to people I know either in knitting circles or book clubs.

  • What a bizarre little book. While I can appreciate an attack upon the rape culture, this book often left me feeling like I was reading it on the boat in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. I wavered between amused, bemused, nonplussed, avenged, impressed, horrified, insulted ***spoilers ahead***Things I heartily pondered while reading this:Must one slaughter people to stop rape?Would fear of murder actually stop rape from happening? How easily could someone die from a simple stab wound made by a kn [...]

  • A book I bought on a whim. Great cover by Stephanie McMillan, by the way. A book I bought for its intriguing contents: six women, mixed ages same sex same cause, i.e. putting an end to rape. At first I read the book as I had expected, as a novel, as a fictive wannabe solution to this hideous crime too often aggravated by the far too often absence of consequence for the perpetrator. But the more satire-like the novel turned out to be, the more I realized that my belief of "everyone", except rapis [...]

  • Generally, this book reads like it’s written for 9-13 year olds. At several points i considered giving this book to my 9-year-old niece, the only thing that stopped me was the fact that she wouldn’t understand a lot of the references. Generally, the humour is trying too hard. It’s past funny and into cringe-worthy slapstick territory. It’s not clever humour, it’s not even well done humour, it’s loud and poorly written humour.Purely on quality, this book is really only worth two stars [...]

  • This is a fantastic book. A group of women who knit realize they've all been raped & decide to do something about because no one else did. A commentary on how we treat rape and women now--women are usually 'asking' for it, women shouldn't dress slutty or go out after dark by themselves, it may start out as rape but then a woman will like it-and what the future could be. It's sort of an AU; if we actually reacted to all the ridiculous bullshit we tell ourselves about rape instead of just acce [...]

  • I added this to my wish list a year or so ago on a recommendation whose source I don't even recall. I got it for Christmas and devoured it that day. This is not a story to be read for its own sake. It is a socialistic morality play couched as a feminist screed masquerading as chick lit fiction. Peopled with stock characters and featuring trite scenarios painted with broad strokes, on its own merits as fiction it fails utterly. For all that, it's an amazing thought exercise and well worth the tim [...]

  • A feminist comedy, Jensen is a master of parody and verbose sociopolitical humor. It is sure to offend many, as a love it or hate it novel. Not for the misogynists, conservatives, Christians, or douche bags of the world, but definitely a great read for those who love and appreciate women, equality, and comedy at it's finest. While knitting has become increasingly popular in the US, the place for it in feminism has been a question of art versus social place and gendered occupation. Without reserv [...]

  • Wow, what can possibly be said about this book?Primarily, you have to be in a good mental place to enjoy it. The satire is over the top but it still strikes at the heart of the truth, as all good satire does. If you are feeling totally bummed out about living in a rape culture, this is probably not the book you should read; it won't improve your mood. But if you are feeling fired up about American culture's endemic sexual violence and want to entertain fantastical daydreams about how it would be [...]

  • Trivial, narrow-minded and poorly written. It makes sweeping generalisations about a lot of things and is full of 'mile wide, inch deep' knowledge of feminism and related ideologies. In many parts of the book it could be said that the content is damaging to some women (did anyone else feel this book trivialised rape?). Overall the title gives the book potential it did not live up to. Had a woman written this book, it probably would have turned out a lot better and less offensive.

  • i thought this book was just ok. it was trying to hard to be tom robbins or kurt vonnegut. and while i expected a high level of absurdity and ham fisted-ness because of the type of robbins/vonnegut aspect of this book, it still got tedious at times. it's not the worst book as i did not stop reading it but it just felt more meh than i wanted. good, fun idea but just not executed all that well

  • It's sort of a fun wish-fulfillment fantasy, but for the most part the broad humor didn't work for me. It just felt too simple, too disconnected from the reality of rape culture and what it would take to end it. The satire aimed at other targets fared better--not that it was any more nuanced, but there were some sharp barbs.

  • Wow. This will be a first for meI read three pages, and had this been a real, rather than a Kindle book, I would have brought it back to the bookstore. The writing is positively AWFUL. My 13 year old daughter can tell a better tale. There was so much promise in the title, but the author's inability to write just ruined it for me. Too bad, so sad. On to the next book.

  • A fun read but don't go into it with high expectations. As a knitter and someone who likes a lot of Jensen's work and dislikes rape culture I couldn't NOT read this. It's pretty poorly written, really cheesy, and does have a few problematic parts BUT if you treat it like the ridiculous quick-read novel it really is it's a fun read.

  • B- Light read about a world where rape doesn't exist, looking back at how it was stopped - when a group of women took their knitting needles to murder all the rapists. I like Jensen's other stuff better.

  • Amusing send up of rape culture (and activist culture) but lacking something. Kept reading waiting for the moment the Knitting Circle' message got through and the tide started to turn, but apparently that all happened "off screen". Just kill all the rapists and rape culture will suddenly disappear!

  • Funny and tragic, this book is as much a political commentary as it is a story of empowering women to fight back against rape. A black comedy that some may not appreciate but I was certainly able to find humor in it.

  • The idea of this book is hilarious and amazing and empowering. However, it is so poorly executed that it becomes none of these things. I can honestly say this is the worst written book I have ever read. But I still LOVE the idea of it.

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