Second Chance

Second Chance Companion to the New York Times bestselling series The Chronicles of Vladimir TodIt s time for him to prove himself as a Slayer A killer is on the loose in New York City but the Slayer Society knows

  • Title: Second Chance
  • Author: Heather Brewer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Companion to the New York Times bestselling series The Chronicles of Vladimir TodIt s time for him to prove himself as a Slayer A killer is on the loose in New York City, but the Slayer Society knows that this isn t any normal predator This is something supernatural.Now Joss McMillan must use all of his strength and skill to save the innocent people of New York His stCompanion to the New York Times bestselling series The Chronicles of Vladimir TodIt s time for him to prove himself as a Slayer A killer is on the loose in New York City, but the Slayer Society knows that this isn t any normal predator This is something supernatural.Now Joss McMillan must use all of his strength and skill to save the innocent people of New York His status as a Slayer and his very life depend on it The stakes are life or death.More than a million readers have been enthralled by the New York Times bestselling series The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod And now, with this companion series, The Slayer Chronicles, they can sink their teeth into life on the other side of the stake.

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    Heather Brewer is the pseudonym of Zac Brewer but you can call him Z.Zac is the NYT bestselling author of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series, as well as The Slayer Chronicles series, Soulbound, The Cemetery Boys, The Blood Between Us, and short stories than he can recall.He grew up on a diet of Twilight Zone and books by Stephen King He chased them down with every drop of horror he could find in books, movie theaters, on television The most delicious parts of his banquet, however, he found lurking in the shadowed corners of his dark imagination When he s not writing books, he s skittering down your wall and lurking underneath your bed Zac doesn t believe in happy endings unless they involve blood.He lives in Missouri with his husband, two children, and four furry overlords that some people refer to as cats.


  • Ugh okay, just finished this sucker (HAH WOW, WHAT A PUN)I started reading Vlad Todd books, like what my Freshman year? Maybe Sophomore? Bah, whatever, Joss is like favorite character.But getting an inside view of this kids head pretty much ruined him for me.How fucking obnoxious can you get with the Cecile nightmares. I understand that yes! he should have continuous nightmares about her. Brewer's horror elements fall flat though and I end up just getting annoyed and skipping through those chapt [...]

  • I was so excited to get this ARC, and it came from the author herself! When I emailed and asked if there was anything she'd be willing to do to help me celebrate my 3rd Blogoversary, she emailed back saying that she was sending me something in the mail, and this was what I got!! The awesomeness of the author aside, I really enjoyed this book. To read the rest of my review go HERE.

  • Find at Scott Reads It "Kid, not everything in life can be summed up neatly in a paragraph. No book has all of the answers. Not even the really good ones. You have to find the answers for yourself sometimes." I was the first to place a hold on Second Chance yet it took forever to finally come. When it came I was pretty excited because all of Heather Brewer's books are awesome. I am convinced that after reading Second Chance that Heather Brewer could never ever disappoint me at all. Anyway Second [...]

  • The GoodThe parallel.  I like that Brewer decided to give Joss his own side-story series so we get a whole different perspective on the tale and characters we know from the Vladimir Tod series.The action scenes.  The action scenes are well written and interesting.The BadJoss.  I just can't stand Joss anymore. The entire book, he is so obsessed with fitting into the Slayer Society way of life and getting approval from his Uncle Abraham that he does completely irrational, stupid things that go [...]

  • Have we talked about how much I love the Slayer Chronicles? I know that Vlad is Mrs. Brewer's baby but I really do like Joss. There is a certain determination about him that really speaks to me. He has a sad home situation but he keeps on keeping on and that says so much about his character.However, sometimes it really does seem that Joss's loyalty may be his fatal flaw. Now that he has come in contact with three vampires that he genuinely liked, he is starting to question his actions. I really [...]

  • I feel cheated.I wait for this book to come out just so I can see 9th grade through Joss and Bam!She skips that and instead goes on about Joss's mental anguish of Celine.Grrr.The team dynamics were interesting though.Meh.

  • In this middle installment of The Slayer Chronicles - it wasn't going to be the very middle, but then Brewer shortened the series from five books to three - we pick up Joss McMillan's story once again about a year after First Kill, in the heart of another summer of slayage. This time around, though, Joss has a ton of baggage to take with him, and not the actual luggage kind - I'm talking emotional. The events of Ninth Grade Slays have come and gone, his friendship with Vlad and even his cousin H [...]

  • This one was better than the last one, though I'm still disappointed I didn't get to read about when Joss was with Vlad. I'm curious about exactly how many times the name Cecile has been typed in this book because I'm freaking dead tired of reading it.

  • I always thought The Slayer Chronicles would be a bad choice for reading, but I had to try it for the sake of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series, which I fell in love with. First Kill almost made me give up on reading The Slayer Chronicles; the repeatable dreams of Joss's sister's death Cecil gave it a boredom factor, so as the long training period in the summer. With the appearance of D'Ablo and Dorian in First Kill, who I consider my favorite vampires persuaded me to give the series a secon [...]

  • Now, that's more like it! I didn't like the first book of this series and had questioned whether or not to continue it. I am happy to say that I'm glad I gave it another try.I liked this one much more than the first, mostly because it wasn't just the tale of a young boy getting the crap kicked out of him by several adults.The pace of this book clips along at a good speed, lots of action with not so much inner dialogue or introspection. I felt like I understood Joss a little better in this one, a [...]

  • Well this one was better than the last. (Not that that's saying much.) But it wasn't nearly as depressing or boring. I read it in a day. (Though I was sick so I didn't have much else to do.)There were numerous small inconsistencies throughout. The one that stands out is, Joss kicks vampires in the balls several times, then he's facing off against a vampire and wonders if such a move would work. So, while they didn't effect the story, they were still annoying. The second definitely feels like a s [...]

  • Second Chance was DEFINITELY A MAJOR IMPROVEMENT compared to First Kill. But it still didn't really wow me into amazement like The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod did. So far, the Slayer Chronicles have been deemed good enough to be on favorites shelf. Joss McMillan*giggles*. For those of you who have read the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Second chance answers lots of questions and sums everything up. So basically, in a way, it's like the deleted scenes of what happens in I think Ninth Grade Slays all [...]

  • 4.5 stars. Definitely stronger than the first one. I love how we get to see Joss in action after his summer of training. He becomes a bit more confident and that's a good trait on him. He's a great character, the layering of his confidence as a slayer and his insecurity as a 14 year old boy is so intricate, it's captivating. Excellent plot and resolution. Even better seeds planted for the next book.

  • Love it! Definitely like it more than the first, not that First Kill wasn't a good read ( I loved that one too), but I loved this one. I've always been a Vlad girl, but I think I'm loving Joss more and more with every book. Can't wait for book three!

  • I read “Second Chance” by Heather Brewer. “Second Chance” is the second book that is part of the Slayer Chronicles series. I read the Vampire Chronicles last year which is the first series you should read because in the Slayer Chronicles there is very important information that was explained in the previous series. “Second Chance” is a very interesting book with a lot of action.This book keeps you sucked in and makes you want to keep reading all day. While reading at times it makes y [...]

  • i read this to finish the stories between joss and vlad even though i had already ready read all of vlad’s stories and i just couldn’t get into this book the way i could the other one

  • I want to start this review off by doing something different: I want to rant and rave about Heather Brewer. Years ago, I read The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites, and I fell in love with that world. I read every book that was already available and eagerly awaited those that were yet to be released. I wanted to be a vampire so badly. And then when Twelfth Grade Kills came out, the perfect world I'd lived in for so long came to a close. I thought I'd never get to be a part of that w [...]

  • Once again, Heather Brewer has written an amazing and entertaining book. I've grown to really care about Joss as a character and as a person. You really don't get to know him in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod - All we know if he's trying to kill Vlad, and we hate him for this. But seeing his backstory has really changed my opinion of him.The first chapter was a great introduction. It recapped the first book without being boring and without info-dumping. Brewer jumps right into the story; it's fa [...]

  • In this second Slayer book, Joss McMillan is summoned to New York to help hunt down a rogue vampire blatantly consuming humans. While there, his secret is revealed: he had taken a private job--something taboo in the Slayer Society.See, this book inserts with the Vladimir Tod Chronicles. Joss had just spent the school year in Bathory living with his cousin Henry, and becoming best friends with Vlad--that is until he learns Vlad is a vampire. Joss stabbed him with his stake, but had not actually k [...]

  • 3.5 for this one. I liked it a lot more than FIRST KILL. I still have some problem with Joss in general, but I warmed up to him a bit more in this book. The story was fairly exciting and I liked the tie-ins to the Vlad books, as well as the appearances by characters we know and love from that series. I do find a lot of the plot in this book to have kind of a simplistic, juvenile tone (as with other books in this world) and it’s really ridiculous that (view spoiler)[Joss would be the only one o [...]

  • Do you wish to be a vampire slayer? well then then book Slayer Chronicles #2 is your choice.The Genre is fantasy since there are vampires in the book plus vampire slayers.I really liked the book since I like vampires but this is a vampire slayer;I should try to read the other series(Vladimir's side of the story)since the stories are connected to each other.The setting in the book is in New York City and the time is night and after noon. Joss wanted to find out the murders that have been in New Y [...]

  • The summer after Joss failed to kill the vampire Vladimir Tod, he gets a second chance to prove himself as a slayer. He's sent to New York City to hunt down a serial killer that the Slayer Society believes to be a vampire. It's up to Joss to lead his Slayer team, and through their detective work, they discover who the real culprit is, that there's more than one killer. He'll have to use all of his skill to save the innocent people of NYC. His status as a Slayer depends on it.Second Chance is a d [...]

  • Heather Brewer decided to expanded on her popular series The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod with a series of novels about Joss the Slayer that occur between events in the main continuity. In other words, it's summer in the city.In this case the city is New York City and it happens to be infested by a group of four serial-killing vampire brothers. Joss is on the outs with his slayer brethren since he took a private job. (See NINTH GRADE SLAYS.) This is his chance to prove himself. But his budding fri [...]

  • Hey awesome person reading this check out my blog please!!!!!!!! booknerdrambling/This book had an appearance by Otis and some flashbacks to Joss's little fallout with Vlad, which I kinda loved. Joss is still deal with what happened in the ending of the last book and confused about vampires he has come in contact with three vampires that he genuinely liked, he is starting to question his actions even though he hates what they did to his sister Cecile and keeps havig nightmares.Jose messed up bad [...]

  • A part of me want to go scream and ask why she hadn't made this series first. It so easy to understand the slayers point of view. Vlad portray them as evil creatures but his opinion is bias. Like he's a vampire himself and just start learning about it. But this book and anytime in Vlad story prove that this is not true. Like the vampires treat the humans like there some sport and had killed many humans because they can.Anyways Joss is more of a tragic character because no matter how hard he trie [...]

  • I got both of the books (First Kill and Second Chance) for Christmas, and I finished Second Chance just this morning. I really like the change in these books from the Vladimir Tod Chronicles. In general, I feel that from the beginning, Joss possesses a stronger mental state than Vlad. There are more 'tragedies' in Joss's life than Vlad's(Although supposedly losing both your parents to a house fire at a young age is something you can't exactly shrug off your person, not much else really scarred h [...]

  • This is a very good book. It continues from where First kill left off, with Joss going back to New York. He is called back to Manhattan because there is a vampire serial killer on the loose. He has to stop the vampire killer, with the help of the Slayer Society. Now this book is awesome. It has the typical blood that Heather Brewer disperses throughout a majority of her books, as well as the talk of awesome vampires (not the sparkly shithead vamps). I love the character of Joss. He is flawed lik [...]

  • Just like Ninth Grade Slays, Second Chance is where things really get kicked into gear after the introduction of the first book. Now that Joss has become an official Slayer and has failed in Bathory, this is his second chance to prove himself completely loyal and competent to the cause. The plot was okay, but what was really important to me were Joss' thoughts. Joss is constantly reflecting on this conflict he has inside him concerning vampires and whether or not they're monsters. Despite only h [...]

  • The Slayer Chronicles:Second Chance by Heather Brewer I enjoyed reading this book because it had all of these unexpected twists and turns.This is the 2nd book of the Slayer Chronicles series.Everything in this book is fast paced,therefore you can’t put it down. Second Chance is about a young, vampire slayer named Joss who spends his summer in New York City with his Uncle Abraham and a few of his fellow slayer colleagues.While Joss is in New York, chasing down serial killers that just happen to [...]

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