Eulogy Evolved Publishing presents the Epic Fantasy Eulogy They ll stand amongst the corpses of the beloved That s what he said at the end though I never considered myself one of the beloved not at the be

  • Title: Eulogy
  • Author: D.T. Conklin
  • ISBN: 9780615608853
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Evolved Publishing presents the Epic Fantasy, Eulogy They ll stand amongst the corpses of the beloved That s what he said at the end, though I never considered myself one of the beloved, not at the beginning I was simply a terrified woman then, but now now I understand Maybe I wish I didn t.Void take me, this is so demon damned hard.In the beginning, he loved me IEvolved Publishing presents the Epic Fantasy, Eulogy They ll stand amongst the corpses of the beloved That s what he said at the end, though I never considered myself one of the beloved, not at the beginning I was simply a terrified woman then, but now now I understand Maybe I wish I didn t.Void take me, this is so demon damned hard.In the beginning, he loved me Irony, it twists and twirls like a lover s song, but this is hardly a lover s tale It s one of blades and blood I wish I could ve seen it sooner, but that would ve been too easy I wouldn t have learned to love him Conklin writes with a poet s flair, using minimal words to deliver maximum dramatic impact Visceral, shocking, and deeply imaginative, Eulogy pushes to the edge and then dives right over it An unapologetic, no holds barred descent into madness yet there is method in it Readers with the fortitude to take the plunge stand to be rewarded with what may go down as one of the most ambitious, redefining forays into epic fantasy of all time Eldon Thompson, author of The Divine Talisman Some epic fantasies are straightforward tales of magic and adventure, where a band of heroes fights and defeats an evil overlord Eulogy is not such a tale Conklin s book overflows with magic and adventure, but the book is a puzzle a maze of secrets and wonders, implications and hidden meanings A treat for readers who love a challenge Tom Crosshill, Nebula nominated author

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    D.T Conklin is a writer, and he uses words Some days, he likes to think he uses them well Other days, he cries For the past year he s worked on a novel, and in December of 2010 he finished the first rough very rough draft Now he s rewriting it The poor guy loves fantasy, and he s rigorously dreamed of being published, recommended, and perhaps even worshipped He d also be very content to clean Patrick Rothfuss s shoes Lofty goals Maybe You can visit his website Find him on Facebook or Twitter Become a minion, and he can raise his minion count to 17 He d like that.


  • Conklin manages to write a book that is at once recognizable as fantasy but at the same time wholly his own. There are the escapists conventions: swords, battles, beautiful women, and magic, but it's this last one, magic, where the genre is subverted in the best way possible. In the world of Eulogy, the system of magic is reality-bending, and as such functions on a philosophical and psychological level, posing existential questions while swords flash in the foreground. I don't want to scare away [...]

  • This book took me a while to get through. My recent work schedule is to blame for some of that, but the book's complexity slowed me down, too. It's not that that's a bad thing, but this isn't the kind of book you just zip through. (Not for me, anyway. I wanted to think about it a times.)All in all, I liked it quite a bit, though it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. Eulogy is a different kind of fantasy, to be sure. I might classify it more as horror, but maybe that's just me. There are certai [...]

  • Sometimes, you find a book that you know--just know--you have to finish. You know it after the first page. After the first question is asked. At times, after the first sentence is read. Because the ending taunts you with its secrets. The story tightens like a net around you. When you find Eulogy, you'll know it's such a book.The cover draws you in. When I first saw it, it brought horror to my mind more than fantasy, but in retrospect, it's appropriate. This isn't a clear cut tale of good against [...]

  • I wroted this all by my little self, therefore I think it's pretty awesome. But then, I suppose I'm a little biased. Can I can I even write a review of my own book?I feel dirty.

  • This is a hard book to put down once you start. The emotion of the characters is so real it's tangible. The potential for game changing twists and turns exist with every flip of the page, you will devour this book the first time through. The second time through you will truly appreciate the brilliance of the story and be surprised at how deep into life this book delves.

  • check out other reviews on my blog.I’m… not sure.Provided free by Evolved Press.It’s well written enough, though Conklin relies overmuch on short, choppy sentences, and sometimes the prose goes into overwritten self parody. Mostly, though, the prose is effective and appropriate, forcing you along the path of the story. No matter how little you want to go.The story itself is, from the start, almost soaked in dread. It’s good, it grabs, it’s tight and has no major plot holes. It starts s [...]

  • Fans of Robert Jordan will see that Conklin's writing style bears marked similarities. At times, the writing evokes the ghosts of great authors like Brandon Sanderson, Terry Brooks, and Even Stephen King. Yes, when you see the situations Ark is faced with and the horrible twisted things he is forced to do, choices he is forced to make - you cannot help but wonder if a little of the horror King’s specter hangs over Conklin's shoulder as he writes. Blending realism, brutal no-win situations, tri [...]

  • I don't know how to even begin to explain how much this book touched me. It was beautiful and complex, often painful. There was no silver lining in this cloud. So many awful things happen to these characters, but the awful things are necessary and I think that was the worst thing of all. Everything they went through and every evil, twisted thing they did was necessary in the greater scheme of things. The men who did the most evil were the ones that counted the most. It's no use trying to keep yo [...]

  • Oh the madness of it all. This was not an easy read. It is full of madness and trials and gore. Ark remined me somewhat of a Byronic Hero. A quest that must be acomplished at all cost. "That man of loneliness and mystery, scarce seen to smile, and seldom heard to sigh—" (I, VIII)The Corsair (1814)It drove me mad reading this book. I wanted to put it down yet I had to know what was coming next. There were times I was not sure exactly what was happening; yet I knew that moment may be important t [...]

  • I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review. This was a difficult read for me; lots of confusion and "I'm lost" moments. I do agree with what another reviewer wrote, "The minute you think you know which way the story turns and where it's going, this book will take your predictions and turn all your assumptions into dust. Or should I say parchment?" As soon as I thought I knew what the book was about it changed! I'm still not sure what it was about really. It seems like [...]

  • I read Eulogy after it was recommended by Patrick Rothfuss on the Worldbuilders blog. I first found it confusing, but still grew into the story pretty rapidly. I loved the intriguing characters that each exhibited their own set of emotions. This turned out to be one of the most important keys to the whole story. There were a few parts in the story that I found frustrating. The mad king for one, his actions were a little too strange at times, in such a way that it really didn't contribute to the [...]

  • This was an interesting book and while I enjoyed it, I had a hard time finishing it. Not that it was bad, but it just didn't grab me, if that makes sense? The plot line was very unique and different (though there was a voice in the back of my head saying, "There is no spoon")If you're looking for a different kind of fantasy novel, check this one out

  • It was a little slow to start but I can't believe there is a better examination of a crazy mind. The book is hard to explain without ruining the story so I will say this: Eulogy is original, it does not apologize nor does it coddle, it is beautiful.

  • I'm only about 1/2 way through, but this is a very well written book. Was a bit confused at first since it starts with Vil and then goes to Ark, but just started where V comes back in. Looking forward to finishing this book.

  • This was a good book, but it was at times very dark, and it was a complex read. It wasn't a book to start if you want something light or quick to get through.

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