Chandragupta - Path of a Fallen Demigod

Chandragupta Path of a Fallen Demigod A NATIONAL BESTSELLER Flipkart Pre order bestseller THE FREE PRESS JOURNAL June Chandragupta Path of a Fallen Demigod is lucidly written the book very interestingly captures the entire lif

  • Title: Chandragupta - Path of a Fallen Demigod
  • Author: Rajat Pillai
  • ISBN: B006W7X1QA
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A NATIONAL BESTSELLER 2012, Flipkart Pre order bestseller THE FREE PRESS JOURNAL June 2012 Chandragupta Path of a Fallen Demigod is lucidly written, the book very interestingly captures the entire life of Chandragupta A fast paced thriller throughoutTHE AFTERNOON VOICE May 2012 Chandragupta Path of a Fallen Demigod is a fast paced thriller especially A NATIONAL BESTSELLER 2012, Flipkart Pre order bestseller THE FREE PRESS JOURNAL June 2012 Chandragupta Path of a Fallen Demigod is lucidly written, the book very interestingly captures the entire life of Chandragupta A fast paced thriller throughoutTHE AFTERNOON VOICE May 2012 Chandragupta Path of a Fallen Demigod is a fast paced thriller especially the battle sequencesMeticulously researchedabove all, radically thought provokingTHE FARMER BOY WHO BECAME KINGE KING WHO BECAME A MONKE MONK WHO SACRIFICED HIS LIFEANDRAGUPTA MAURYAHis life and events have been a subject of controversy creating debates among historians for years.Chandragupta Maurya came from humble beginnings plagued by poverty However, this man s journey through life was going to be anything but ordinary From being a farmer boy in an unknown village to being a palace attendant in the capital city of Patliputra The narrative moves on to the untold story of what happened after Chandragupta became the king From the battlefields of Kalinga to the wars fought in the plains east of River Indus The book traces the life of a man whose life took sharp ups and downturns till he ventured into the path of spirituality Spanning 36 years and events in 6 countries of today, this book seeks to tell the story which exists in bit n pieces in annals of history.

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      435 Rajat Pillai
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  • This genre has seen an unexpected rise within the past year n a half. History becomes much more interesting once v get to know the characters individuallye more books i read in this genre, more sense history makes n inspires me to read more history which i actually avoided as compared to other subjectse story is goode start is a bit different than one normally gets in this genread Arpita's review n agree that there r lot of mistakes in sentence formation,however that is a mistake in drafting for [...]

  • Introduction:I've always heard about Chandragupta Maurya was a successful emperor, and was searching for a good book to know more about him. One day while coming from a train I saw a lady reading this book. I borrow a book from her, had a glance and decide to buy it asap. Another reason to read this book is I've the same surname as Chandragupta. :) Plot summary: Magadh is now ruled by Dhannanada, a man who want to accumulate much and much money according to his name. Chandra, who is a palace att [...]

  • The idea of writing something like this was so good but the book just doesn't carry! There are so many errors in the sentence construction in the first few pages itself - additionally, bringing the place to the person doesn't quite happen either, so its difficult to ignore the errors. Really wanted to read about Chandragupta and the fall of the empire that he brought about - and was so disappointed that this book didn't even seem readable at all. Very rarely do I abandon a book - but after repe [...]

  • Seems to be a good book. author's narration is simple, but story isnt very captivating. Its from the history and i did discover a few facts I didnt know before. Still reading and enjoying.I completed the book. As i like History i did read through it fully. Lot of unknown facts I learnt. The narration could have been better. The story is about the small boy called Chandragupta, who becomes a emperor from no-man. His teacher Chanakya is the real power behind this. The story tells us very little ab [...]

  • I can think of only Alexander Dumas who had so many sub-plots and managed to blend them together for an explosive thriller like this one. Looking at the of the book, I thought it would be a historical treatise for scholars than for casual readers. I am glad that I was proven wrong. The only reason I picked up to read it was because of the cover looked mystical. It is as unputdownable a book as I have ever read by an Indian writer. The way the author builds the aura around Chandragupta, his might [...]

  • I personally love history, so this book was a must read and I am glad it did not disappoint me. I just loved the narration, so gripping and you absolutely cannot stay away from the book until you finish reading. I loved the manner in which each character is described, the book takes us back to the era of Nanda dynasty, their fall and rise of Chandragupta. I was looking forward to read a little bit more about influence of Vishnugupta (Chanakya)during the Mauryan dynasty. The emotions of a King is [...]

  • I read this book and got fascinated by the genre of historical fiction. The book was so inspiring that now I started reading other books in the same genre.This book was recommended by a friend since it was making waves on the social networking websites.It has everything from well-developed characters, historical authenticity, battle strategy, philosophy, unlimited thrill and above all a message of patriotism. The last battle sequence especially blew my mind.

  • I really enjoyed reading this book. The author did a good research and made history more interesting by representing it as a story. I had some good insights on the societal values at that time, the staple food items, the art of war and the great Chandragupta himself. I am really liking this genre - Indian mythology based novels. Would be great if I get some more book recommendations from fellow good readers.

  • I just could not put down this book . Fast paced and incredible story. You are bound to fall in love with the story of Chandragupta Maurya. A truly rags to riches story and very very inspiring. The grandfather of Emperor Ashoka was indeed a great man. The only regret I had was the book was not edited properly. A little attention to detail with regards to spelling mistakes and I have would have given it a 5 star.A must read if you are a history lover. Will definitely read it again.

  • The content of this book is pretty decent. The English though, is pathetic. A lot of grammatical errors, which any serious author should have caught while proofreading. However, the story talks of how a farmer boy develops into a great emperor. The story itself is quite interesting.

  • Unputdownable ! I was amazed with the research that has gone into this book. Very thrilling , very fast paced. Must read .

  • Poor writing skills, way too many grammatical errors, large number of unnecessary descriptions interlaced with a few good facts. skip it and you wont miss anything.

  • Let me be done with the problematic bit first - language. Throughout the book, people 'laid down to sleep'. There were other editing mistakes that had slipped through, and being an editor myself, I can only wonder at what the original text looked like. Maybe the editor needs to be patted on the back for giving us a highly readable book despite these flaws.The author has been involved with the theatre and maybe that's what gives him such a hold on the plot. His interest in history makes him scrat [...]

  • A very well written book that chronicles the saga of one of the greatest Indian rulers.We all know Chandragupta as the prodigy who rose to power with Chanakya's aide.But this book has a lot more to share about what happened after he came to power.It traces Chandragupta's journey right from his boyhood to the very last days of his lifetime.A thriller that covers everything - his misfortunes, pains and misery as a child, his days as a king in making under Vishnugupta, his deepest fears & anxie [...]

  • The idea of writing such a book is great! It is just a fictional story with a known historical figure, though in the shadow of Chanakya, as the protagonist. What goes against it is the sheer number of spelling / grammatical / diction errors The narrative does not hold the tempo. While I really appreciate Rajat Pillai to make such an effort, I would like him to pay more attention to the basics. Can we expect better works from you in the future, Mr. Pillai?

  • A very interesting book.The author manages to make us walk along history.Especially the characters are told in a way that we feel like it is a Movie.Yes there are lots and lots of grammatical mistakes in the book which sounds silly but can be easily ignored once we enter in to the Mauryan empire in BC .Its evident a lot of research has been done to bring the culture prevalent on those days in words. But above all i thank the author form bringing in such a Great history in words.

  • A nice read about Chandragupta Maurya, a topic largely left untouched by Indian historians because of him being overshadowed by the master strategist Chanakya. A nice story with equally good descriptions of the battles he fought. The strategies in the battle against Seleucus as described by the author are simply awesome.

  • Nice, I really liked the book. Pages turn fast as you discover this character, his tragedies and his transformation . There are unexpected twists, adventure and thrills in every chapter. Worth reading multiple times.

  • A good one time read on a subject that interests most of the people with even remote interest in the history of medieval India, espcially the fall of Nanda dynasty and rise of Maurya lineage Not the best book on this subject but nicely fictionalized write-up.

  • Lot of hype on the internet around this book. Must say that it stands upto its reputation. So much matter and thrills packed into 300 pages,it was a unique experience. I loved the sub-plot involving the love story of Chandragupta and Dhrudhara a lot. Highly recommended.

  • The Path of a Fallen Demigod is one of the fastest reads that I've had in a very long time. Gripping Plot, Great Characterization but hell-a-lotta grammatical errors drove me mad. But a good book indeed.

  • Best book I have read in the past 3 - 5 years. A novel every Indian should read. Finished it in 10 hours straight !!!!

  • This is undoubtedly the best historical fiction novel to have come out recently. Strongly recommended.

  • I see this novel becoming a Hollywood movie in a years time. Its so engaging that I had my meals along with the book. So many secrets revealed to me about ancient India that it was mindboggling.

  • Finished the book over this weekend. It was a good read. Eagerly waiting for more books from this author.

  • Good creativity and imagination by the author. But some few Pics with respect to the story line would have been fantastic.

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