Wolf Of The Plains

Wolf Of The Plains From the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for Boys He was born Temujin the son of a khan raised in a clan of hunters migrating across the rugged steppe Temujin s young life was shaped by

  • Title: Wolf Of The Plains
  • Author: Conn Iggulden
  • ISBN: 9780007201754
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for Boys He was born Temujin, the son of a khan, raised in a clan of hunters migrating across the rugged steppe Temujin s young life was shaped by a series of brutal acts the betrayal of his father by a neighboring tribe and the abandonment of his entire family, cruelly left to die on the harsh plain But Temujin enFrom the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for Boys He was born Temujin, the son of a khan, raised in a clan of hunters migrating across the rugged steppe Temujin s young life was shaped by a series of brutal acts the betrayal of his father by a neighboring tribe and the abandonment of his entire family, cruelly left to die on the harsh plain But Temujin endured and from that moment on, he was driven by a singular fury to survive in the face of death, to kill before being killed, and to conquer enemies who could come without warning from beyond the horizon Through a series of courageous raids against the Tartars, Temujin s legend grew And so did the challenges he faced from the machinations of a Chinese ambassador to the brutal abduction of his young wife, Borte Blessed with ferocious courage, it was the young warrior s ability to learn, to imagine, and to judge the hearts of others that propelled him to greater and greater power Until Temujin was chasing a vision to unite many tribes into one, to make the earth tremble under the hoofbeats of a thousand warhorses, to subject unknown nations and even empires to his will From the Hardcover edition.

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    Also publishes under author name C.F Iggulden.I was born in the normal way in 1971, and vaguely remember half pennies and sixpences I have written for as long as I can remember poetry, short stories and novels It s what I always wanted to do and read English at London University with writing in mind I taught English for seven years and was Head of English at St Gregory s RC High School in London by the end of that period I have enormous respect for those who still labour at the chalk face In truth, I can t find it in me to miss the grind of paperwork and initiatives I do miss the camaraderie of the smokers room, as well as the lessons where their faces lit up as they understood what I was wittering on about.My mother is Irish and from an early age she told me history as an exciting series of stories with dates My great grandfather was a Seannachie, so I suppose story telling is in the genes somewhere My father flew in Bomber Command in WWII, then taught maths and science Perhaps crucially, he also loved poetry and cracking good tales Though it seems a dated idea now, I began teaching when boys were told only girls were good at English, despite the great names that must spring to mind after that statement My father loved working with wood and equations, but he also recited Vitai Lampada with a gleam in his eye and that matters, frankly.I ve always loved historical fiction as a genre and cut my teeth on Hornblower and Tai Pan, Flashman, Sharpe and Jack Aubrey I still remember the sheer joy of reading my first Patrick O Brian book and discovering there were nineteen in the series I love just about anything by David Gemmell, or Peter F Hamilton or Wilbur Smith I suppose the one thing that links all those is the love of a good tale.That s about it for the moment If you d like to get in touch with me leave a comment in the forum or you can tweet me Conn_Iggulden I ll leave it there for the moment If you ve read my books, you know an awful lot about the way I think already There s no point overdoing it.Conn Iggulden


  • "He holds blood in his right hand," she whispered. "He will walk with death all his life."Spread out across the steppes, the Mongols are a divided people. Infighting and enmity have turned them into a scattered collection of tribes barely scraping by. Until there comes a man destined to lead them all to boundless glory and conquest. The second son of Yesugei, chieftain of the Wolves. A boy called Temujin, who would later pass into legend as the greatest conqueror in all history.Leave it to Conn [...]

  • Temujin, the son of Yesugei, khan of the Wolves, goes to a neighboring tribe to find a wife. While he's away, his father is murdered by a gang of Tartars. Worse still, his father's friend usurps the role of khan and leaves Temujin and his family to die on the steppe. Can Temujin and his family survive long enough to get revenge on the Tartars and regain control of the Wolves?The story of Temujin and his rise to uniting the tribes against the Tartars is a powerful one. Temujin goes through a lot [...]

  • Review in Portuguese from Desbravando Livros:Esse livro estava há anos na minha cabeça e sempre tive vontade de desbravá-lo, mas infelizmente o tempo ia passando e a hora dele nunca chegava, até que comecei a assistir ao seriado Marco Polo e finalmente me veio a inspiração para ler a tão recomendada obra de Conn Iggulden. Só me restou pegar o e-book original e começar a desbravar. O Lobo das Planícies é o primeiro livro da série O Conquistador, composta por 4 outros, e nos apresenta [...]

  • Uživao sam čitajući Igguldenov serijal Imperator o usponu i padu Julija Cezara, a i zaželio sam se malo akcijskih povijesnih romana, pa sam krenuo čitati ovaj serijal. Džingis-kan je postao sinonim za pljačku i uništenje. U jednom interviju se Iggulden našalio da nije bio dobar čak ni prema svojim psima. O samom djetinjstvu Temuđina, koji se kasnije prozvao Džingis-kan malo se zna, pa je pisac imao dosta prostora za razvijanje zanimljive priče o odrastanju u surovim uvjetima. Uspio [...]

  • I've always been curious about almost anything that happened in the past. As far away as high school and college I thoroughly enjoyed history. And in the recent years, I rediscovered this love of mine. When I saw these historical novels about Genghis Khan I could not resist. After uniting the Mongol tribesGenghis: Birth of an Empire, Genghis later on targets and conquers the ChinGenghis: Lords of the Bow. I fully enjoyed the two books. Despite the difficulty of telling fiction from fact, it was [...]

  • (In UK, this book is entitled "Wolf of the Plains")A more harsh childhood is hard to imagine! Although this book gallops along at Conn Iggulden's usual pace, I was continually tempted to leap ahead to find out what happened next. That makes it much more of a chapter-turner than merely a page-turner, and the narrative left me quite breathless at times!Temujin is the son of the khan of one of the many Mongol tribes who are in continual, violent conflict. Without spoiling the story for you, his cir [...]

  • يظل الأدب التاريخي هو في رأي الشخصي أجمل أنواع الأدب الروائي و خاصة إذا كانت رواية قوية و عظيمة تحبس الأنفاس مثل رواية "ذئب السهول" و التي تعتبر الجزء الأول من السيرة الذاتية الملحمية للقائد و الفاتح المغولي الأعظم تيموچين و الشهير ما بيننا بچنكيز خان . تدور أحداث هذه الرواية [...]

  • 2.5 StarsThis was a decent work of historical fiction with a brilliantly realised setting that was ultimately let down by some pacing and characterisation issues. I should probably say at this point that I'm a massive history nerd and I've read a lot about Genghis Khan. Some of my complaints about this book (and probably part of the reason I'm rating it lower than most of my friends) are down to the way that some events and characters were presented by Iggulden in contrast with my previous under [...]

  • My #10 Read of 2014 Perfectly Executed Historical Fiction - 5 StarsAction, Drama, Romance, History and Suspense, Birth of an Empire has it all. This volume robbed me of several full nights of sleep and I need to press on to see how the story would resolve. The story unfolds quickly while at the same time the author maintains his eye for detail. Birth of an Empire is my favorite type of HF. If you enjoy HF that places a premium on action and military (or in this case raiders) and war, then you wi [...]

  • I started reading this novel with a strange curiosity about the early life of Genghis Khan, having already read three non-fiction titles about his life-time conquests and those of his offspring. I ended up being deeply touched by the skilful crafting of a poignant coming-of-age tale portraying the young and fearless tribal leader. His unbeatable will to survive as a precocious male child of an ostracized and fatherless family in the harshest of environments is destined to make him a formidable t [...]

  • أتردد كثيرا في انتقاء الكلمات مع الكتب التي تعجبني، فما بال الجميع بالكتب التي تخطف أنفاس . أشعر أن كلمات مثل رواية رائعة أو رواية استثنائية - وهي كلمات استخدمتها لوصف روايات أخرى من قبل - ستكون مبتذلة بشكل أكبر مما يمكن أن أرتضيه لهذه الرواية التي اقتنيتها بسبب قراءات قمت بها [...]

  • “I am the land, the bones of the hills," he said fiercely, "I am the winter. When I am dead, I will come for you all in the coldest nights.”Brilliant!Conn Iggulden`s Genghis: Birth of an Empire is an incredible read. There are so many high moments in this book, that you will not be able to keep the book down until it's completed. The book is so well written and every situation is so vividly described, that I actually felt myself being there, when the Great Khan was born to growing up to beco [...]

  • I believe this is the best book I have read all year. It is the story of how Genghis was shaped and molded as a child into one of the greatest conqurers and ruler of tribes ever. "The greatest joy a man can know is to conquer his enamies and drive them before him, to ride their horses,to take away their pocessions, to see the faces of those who are dear to them become dewy with tears, to clasp his wives and daughters in his arm,s." Genghis Khan

  • 3.5 to 4.0 stars. Genghis Khan is a historical figure that has always fascinated me because of how little is known about him despite having once ruled much of the known world. This story does an excellent job of telling a compelling story while staying, for the most part, true to the historical record (the author explains in an afterward certain "creative licenses" taken for narratrive purposes). I really liked the sense of place established by the narrative as well as the extremely harsh condit [...]

  • This book tracks the origins of Genghis Kahn (Chinggis Haan), from his birth as Temujin of the Mongol tribe calling itself The Wolves, to his claiming of the title of Kahn of the Sea of Grass in the late 12th century.I found the book engaging from start to finish. Conn Iggulden does a good job of telling a tale set in a harsh landscape, home to a warrior culture that was proud and often cruel. Weakness is despised and men are expected to suppress outward displays of emotion and instead show the [...]

  • A weak-kneed three stars for this one, and that’s primarily because Mongol history holds a particular fascination for me. If this were a novel about the early years of the Sun King or the first Incan ruler, I’m not sure I’d continue.The writing isn’t bad, and sometimes approaches a level that makes readers feel they’re there. Examples of this are an early scene where Temujin climbs a steep hillside to capture two eagle chicks for his father and the scene where he’s tortured by his fa [...]

  • This was one of those books that I found nearly impossible to put down once I started reading. Dealing with Genghis Kahn's early years, from just prior to the death of his father through him actually naming himself as Genghis, the plot sucks you in and makes you feel everything that he (and his family) go through as he experiences the events that turn him from a Mongol named Temujin to a man who literally changed the face of the world. The characters are alive on the pages, breathing and moving [...]

  • The first volume of Conn Iggulden's historical novel series: Conqueror series tells an remarkable and formidable tale of Genghis Khan's origin and the birth of the Mongol Empire.Note: for some unknown reason the Chinese translation duds the book's title as Conqueror: Wolf of the Plain/征服者︰瀚海蒼狼 instead of Genghis: Birth of an Empire. As the second son of Yesügei (leader of the Borjigin clan), the young Temüjin lived a comfortable life, but his father was later assassinated and t [...]

  • I started Genghis Birth of an Empire with a bit of trepidation. It starts out like a book for teenage boys. Indeed, it is a book that should have a great deal of appeal to teenage boys. Shortly after I did my eyeroll over brotherly rivalry and impending manhood, I really got sucked into the story. In many ways, this book reminded me more of epic fantasy than historical fiction. A young prince finds himself in the lowest of situations, facing death. He finds a way to survive and rises to his inte [...]

  • Update-I passed this book to one of my employees. He does NOT read for enjoyment. I promised him he would love this book so he said he would give it a try. Yesterday, I saw him with book 2 and asked him what was up. His explanation- "I read book 1 every night for the past week and all weekend long". THAT is how good the book is, it made a non-reader into a reader and was so good, he bought book 2!My review below:Wow, wow, did I mention wow? This book was a history lesson, an action movie, and a [...]

  • ذئب السهول هذا هو الجزء الأول من السيرة الملحمية لجنكيز خان، والتي يحمل جزئها الثاني عنوان ( سادة البراري) - صدر حتى الآن أربعة أجزاء، وهناك جزئين في الطريق، لتكون بذلك سداسية عن الإمبراطورية المغولية -. تتناول الرواية المرحلة التكوينية لـ ( تيموجن بورجيجن) – وهو اسم غليظ كما [...]

  • النفس الملحمي اللي كتب فيه كون إيغلدن الرواية رائع جداو يبقى هاد الجينر من الروايات هو المفضل عنديعلى قلة المترجم منه للعربية رائعة بحق

  • سننجو من هذا يا أبنائي، سنعيش حتى تصبحوا رجالاً، وعندما يصبح "إليوك" عجوزاً، سيتساءل ما إذا كنتم قادمين إليه في كل مرة يسمع فيها وقع الحوافر في الظلام كان هذا ما قالته "هولن" لأبنائها بعد وفاة زوجها زعيم الذئاب وخيانة "إليوت" الذراع الأيمن لزوجها لهم بأن استولى على القبيلة وت [...]

  • It would be very easy for an author to take an iconic character such as this and try to go for something almost more mythical. It would be equally as tempting to make the story one of just blood and war. Those would make for good and entertaining stories. What makes for a great story is contrast. Contrast makes the savagery and epic events that much better. The author shapes him and his brothers and gives us their hopes, dreams and fears that any children would have. The events change him, give [...]

  • most of the time i read so-called literary fiction. this book would probably normally be classed as genre fiction, but it is so well written that i am putting in my lit-fiction section anyway's the story of genghis khan from the time he was 12 years old to the time when he has gathered some of the tribes together and won a major battle against his enemiese book is pretty well 100% plot, there is almost no break in the action, which is why i read it in two sittings and stayed up reading until 2:0 [...]

  • 1,5*Il mio professore di Italiano e Storia del triennio avrebbe dato 3= (adoravo i meno meno, quando andavo a scuola forse perché non me li davano).Breve saggio di lettura creativa.Siamo sicuri che è giusto che i corsi di scrittura creativa siano tenuti da scrittori e non da lettori? Okay, il lettore non sa come si fanno certe cose, non conosce le tecniche, però sa cosa vuole. Soprattutto un lettore di narrativa di genere. Il lettore di narrativa di genere è come il mecenate di un pittore ri [...]

  • "A maior alegria que um homem pode ter é conquistar seus inimigos e persegui-los. Montar seus cavalos e tomar suas posses, ver o rosto de seus entes queridos coberto de lágrimas e apertar nos braços suas mulheres e suas filhas."A leitura desse livro foi bem agradável. A narrativa é rápida e bem direta. Muitos acontecimentos em poucas páginas. Irei ler os próximos volumes nos meses vindouros.

  • This was brilliant. Real quality adventure charting the early years of the man who would become Genghis Khan. Abandoned on the plains with his family to die the story has a lot of twists and turns. There are superb battle sequences, the pace is unrelenting, the characters well defined and the whole thing is entirely satisfying. Really looking forward to the next instalment - which I started 20 seconds after finishing this one !!!

  • I've been stricken with a horrible case of laziness the past couple weeks so I've put this off, but there's no better time to write these reviews than at an ungodly hour so I'll get started. I had a lot of fun with this book, the Mongols were never a subject I was particularly interested in or knowledgeable about but when you think about the Mongol Empire purely on the terms of the story of how it came about it's pretty fascinating. I wanted to get a writer's impression of what it might have bee [...]

  • I've read a few things about Genghis Khan in the past, but nothing that went nearly into the depth of his life as this book has. It grabbed me by the eyeballs and wouldn't let go until I had finished it.It begins with Temujin as a very young man with an older brother and 3 younger brothers and goes in depth into the events that shaped him into the conqueror that he later became. The details seem authentic, and the writing draws you into a world where tradition, clan, and family ties are strong. [...]

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