Beauty Was the Case That They Gave Me

Beauty Was the Case That They Gave Me Poetry BEAUTY WAS THE CASE THAT THEY GAVE ME is Mark Leidner s first full length collection of poems A collection of poems that might make you feel like a flower like a black hole like punishment me

  • Title: Beauty Was the Case That They Gave Me
  • Author: Mark Leidner
  • ISBN: 9780983520306
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poetry BEAUTY WAS THE CASE THAT THEY GAVE ME is Mark Leidner s first full length collection of poems A collection of poems that might make you feel like a flower, like a black hole, like punishment meted out at night by a giant tractor, like you have to get on fire, then slowly walk around your old neighborhood, like the town was real, like she thinks swoon is a funnierPoetry BEAUTY WAS THE CASE THAT THEY GAVE ME is Mark Leidner s first full length collection of poems A collection of poems that might make you feel like a flower, like a black hole, like punishment meted out at night by a giant tractor, like you have to get on fire, then slowly walk around your old neighborhood, like the town was real, like she thinks swoon is a funnier word than mulligan, and he thinks swoon is a funny word too, but no way in hell is it funnier than mulligan, like he s searching for the Holy Grail and she has little Holy Grail shaped pupils, like an effusion of steam, like what s cool changes, like hemisphere paint, like a blue flower, like the house you have lived above forever.

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    Mark Leidner Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Beauty Was the Case That They Gave Me book, this is one of the most wanted Mark Leidner author readers around the world.


  • I am crushing so hard on Mark Leidner right now that it's getting distinctly sticky. If you're of a sensitive disposition, you might like to turn away now.I came to Leidner by way of young Wellington poet Hera Lindsay Bird, who wrote about him in a post for National Poetry Day. She offered up 'The River', and I was hookedThe woman told me the saddest thing I had ever heard. I told her I loved her because of what she had told me. Her expression soured. She warned me not to love her for her tellin [...]

  • Eh what the fack, I usually underline the best lines in a book. Well here's one where I'd just have to underline the whole book. In short: it's a work of genius, as far as I'm concerned.

  • "Imagine Einstein's heirstheorizing in disgrace and obscurity.""You brace yourself in the doorway during an earthquake at midnight while allaround you the black space leaps.""You are about to take a spacewalkand I stop you in the airlockby calling out your nameand as you spin around to face meyour hair splays out in the absence of gravity.Not without this, I sayhanding you your helmet."

  • Genius and problematic. There are poems in here I love every time I read them, and I've read them dozens of times ("Romantic Comedies" for example). Others I sort of wish didn't exist.Flipping through Andy's copy now -- here are some of my favorite of his notes:does nothing on accidentjust delightmeaning does sort of begin to erase itself excessthere's insight here, too, underneath the surface non-insightpornographystupidly smartmale privilegewhat happens when a pure comedian thinks in complex l [...]

  • Calling this a book of poetry doesn't quite explain it. It's more like an ancient book of Eastern philosophy, the kind full of little maxims, each verse a self-contained nugget of wisdom, except instead of ancient it's supremely modern, all it's lessons gleaned from TV and movies and technology, at once reflecting on and ascribing meaning to modernity's seemingly meaninglessness. Yes, what I just said there, that's it. Except it's not.

  • This is a wicked solid book of poems, a fresh voice, and plenty of fun along the way, too. I said before -- this book is friends with Chris Toll's work, and some of Adam Robinson's and there are probably a few more you could mention. Bizarro poetry? Maybe. Definitely media-smart and culture-hip, but full of feeling too, as long as you can dance the way it wants to dance.Some notes hit sour, but for the most part this one is all on.

  • This may seem like a funny comparison but Mark Leidner reminds me a little of Mark Leyner, and not just because their names are almost twins. Leidner, like Leyner, is immensely smart and hyper-creative. He slashes the fat white belly of poetry and makes it bleed and plead for mercy. Most of these poems are long, rigorous comedies that constantly surprise and redefine beauty.

  • This was the first poetry collections I read after seeing it as a runner up in the yearly awards. I never really got into a lot of poetry because I hardly "got it." This wasn't the case In Beauty Was the Case that They Gave Me. Mark Leider provides a lot of fun poems that have very memorable lines. I will definitely be re-reading these poems in the future.

  • Mark Leidner's Greatest Hits. I've been following his chapbooks and the stuff he's published on online journals for awhile now, so I've read a lot of these before, but it's amazing having all this together. This guy is the guy who got me into poetry and recommended some of my favorite poets to me. Thank you Mark, I will always think of you as lj_trembyle.

  • From now on I'm going to call water "hemisphere paint" or "stork's anklets" as in "Can I have another glass of stork's anklet please? Thank you"

  • First off, this book has the best cover of all time, a basketball player dunking on the World Trade Center. It suggests the central theme: beyond the destruction of sincere feeling, there is hope in absurdity. Because, the image, as ridiculous as it is, makes sense, just as Leidner's wildly amazing metaphors make since in their variety and explosiveness. "Your eyelashes flutter like hummingbird chainsaws gutting eternity." Who comes up with that sort of stuff? And on the other hand, who can deny [...]

  • "Leidner’s poetry is expansive and exciting, traveling across large fields and even larger timespans, and for the most part it feels right, feels like we are riding along with him in his hot air balloon with attached jetpacks, his time-machine made of antique silverware and kitchen ceramics. And maybe the most rewarding part is that he knows we are right there with him:It was an old story. All true stories are.It wasn’t complex, and it doesn’t even need to be told,but I’m telling it. Bec [...]

  • I liked this collection to a degree, but I think a lot of these poems are a bit self-indulgent. It might just be that I don't prefer the style. I think humor and surprise are important elements in poetry, but sometimes I felt they were just being used for their own sake, rather than to drive home any particular stake. I did enjoy many of the parts of these poems (and "Romantic Comedies" was my favorite overall), but for the most part I was distracted by the feeling that I wanted to be editing th [...]

  • I'm conflicted about this book. The poems, more than form/content/style, reside entirely in whether the line by line works for you, and as such I found the collection very inconsistent, not just from piece to piece but within the poems. Some lines blew me away, were so spot on in their juxtaposition that I had a new way of thinking; others felt like fillers, or an approximation of a certain kind of poetry. There's really good talent here, and I'm looking forward to how Mr. Leidner grows as a poe [...]

  • I think I will always remember the moment I read Mutually Assured Childhood Molestation (and not just because I was eating some of the best fried chicken I've ever had while reading it) and almost started hangover-crying not because it is dark but because it takes something risky and makes it beautiful while managing to value the trauma of unrequited love -- heighten it, in fact.

  • Worth it for "Romantic Comedies" alone. There are also surprising, gorgeous lines like "no! I'm shouting/like I'm looking for someone/named that in a forest."The poems with masturbation references mostly fell flat to me, but I think that is a taste thing/I semi recently graduate from college where I had to suffer through a lot of 'funny' masturbation poems in poetry workshops.

  • I read this book in a sunny park on a spring morning.I smiled a lot and I read most of the poems out loud to myself.They're decidedly happy poems about love and beauty and poetry.The associative leaps reminded me of Leigh Stein's "Dispach From The Future."I enjoyed this book a lot; it's full of images that are new and exciting.

  • The cover of this one has always intrigued me, and now I feel like, knowing the humor and sarcasm and biting wit of the book, it makes perfect sense. Leidner harnesses repetition as a catalyst and makes beauty in rhythms and layers of honest phrases and cultural references. An often fun, often dazzling collection.

  • Very enjoyable quick read. So funny with such great depth of understanding concerning modern women, sex, and gender. Definitely would recommend for people who are scared of poetry. A take-away message must be searched for, but it will make you want to return again and again.

  • Like a backhand to the nuts in a high school locker room, Mark's poems encompass all the jovial, painful, horrifying-and-beautiful simultaneity of the human experience. They remind you that with every giant, hope-sprung boner, there's a painful bout of monotony lurking below the lily pads.

  • "Her nose was in the center.""The River" is one of my favorite poems of all the poems anywhere. Elsewhere there are lines I resist as a woman, who lives in a woman's body.

  • "The worst movie ever made is like a blinding cataclysm / of form to me"I almost fell asleep in the library and this book woke me up.

  • Drew Swenhaugen (Small Press Beat, The Open Bar): Best title, cover and favorite book of poetry I’ve read this year (2011). Clever and witty, and downright touching.

  • "It's like having children as a joke""Everyone in his life has drowned and he hates dogs and she's a collegiate swimming coach with a thousand dogs"

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