Nate Rocks the World

Nate Rocks the World Nate Rocks can do it all part super hero part all star athlete part rock star part fourth grader Ten year old Nathan Rockledge cannot catch a break After all life as a fourth grader can be hazardou

  • Title: Nate Rocks the World
  • Author: Karen Pokras Toz
  • ISBN: 9781463510824
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nate Rocks can do it all part super hero, part all star athlete, part rock star part fourth grader Ten year old Nathan Rockledge cannot catch a break After all, life as a fourth grader can be hazardous what with science projects to deal with and recess football games to avoid Everyone, including his best friend Tommy, seems to have bad luck when hanging around Nathan.Nate Rocks can do it all part super hero, part all star athlete, part rock star part fourth grader Ten year old Nathan Rockledge cannot catch a break After all, life as a fourth grader can be hazardous what with science projects to deal with and recess football games to avoid Everyone, including his best friend Tommy, seems to have bad luck when hanging around Nathan Throw in an older sister who is a royal pain, a dad who is stuck in the past, and a mom who keeps trying to poison him with her awful cooking, and poor Nathan s life as a fourth grader appears to be completely doomed Armed only with his sketchpad, his imagination, and his wits, Nathan Rockledge navigates the perils of the fourth grade in style, to emerge heroic, as Nate Rocks, proving that even a ten year old can accomplish great things.

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    Karen Pokras Toz writes middle grade and adult contemporary fiction as Karen Pokras Her books have won several awards including two Readers Favorite Book Awards, First Place in the Children s Chapter Books category and the Grand Prize overall in the 2012 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards, as well as placing first for two Global E Book Awards for Pre Teen Literature A native of Connecticut, Karen now lives outside of Philadelphia with her family For information, please visit karentoz and karenpokras


  • Nate is a ten year old boy with an over active imagination. Everyday mundane events are opportunities in disguise as adventures starring Nate who of course, rocks them all.Nate is a character who seeks adventure by indulging in day dreams which reminded me a little of a young Walter Mitty. He has a quirky family that add to the fun. It is a great choice for middle graders and is certainly not limited to boys as my daughter completely enjoyed this book as well.

  • I wrote this book with my three children in mind. I love to read and wanted them to feel the same way. What better way then to write a book I knew they would love? I hope all who are young at heart enjoy reading this book! I had so much fun writing it - I am now working on the sequel!! Happy Reading.

  • Acabei de ler “Nate Rocks the World” dia 15 de Dezembro de 2011 e dou-lhe 4 estrelas.Esta é a história de Nathan Rockledge, um rapazinho de 10 anos que tem uma imaginação muito fértil. Para ele, tudo é pretexto para a criação de uma elaborada aventura mental, acompanhada de muitos rabiscos à mistura.É uma narrativa um pouco diferente, na medida em que parece que não existe uma história específica, mas sim várias que irão culminar num ponto-chave. É-nos contada a vida de Natha [...]

  • Why I Think Boys May Enjoy ThisWhen I first read this book description, I actually thought it was a fantasy book (it made me think of ChalkZone, the old Nickelodeon cartoon). In truth, this is actually a pure middle grade literary fiction book and is all the better for it. When I finished reading, my very first thought was: "Nate is Ramona Quimby for boys and the modern generation!" And if you've read my #BooksForBoys reviews, you know my very first one was a Beverly Cleary book. Toz does a fant [...]

  • Science projects can be a real challenge or a real drag. Poor Nathan got stuck working with Lisa Crane on his latest project. Not only that, Lisa loves to report his actions to her mother who repeats everyone to his mom too. Is there no privacy or loyalty among kids anymore? So, when Lisa comes over to start working on their project Nathan does what any potential super hero would do, enter his own imaginative world, solve world problems, even help the Phillies win the World Series and let the wo [...]

  • I really did not know what I was getting into when I picked up this book to read. The only thing I knew was that it is absolutely and completely outside the genres I generally read. Why did I pick it up then? For one, I have been trying to expand my reading by getting into completely different genres. You will most likely see me reviewing a chicklit soon! Also, I imagined this to be a ‘superhero book’ and I just couldn’t pass up that opportunity. So, here’s what I found out through this [...]

  • Nathan Rockledge is a 10 year old fourth grader who lives with his parents and older sister Abby in an average town in the United States. In this book Nate encounters the typical experiences of a fourth grader including having to put up with a very annoying older sister who treats him like he is the worst thing that could happen to her. Some of Nate's school experiences include having to work on a school project with a girl who he can't stand, daydreaming in class and getting caught at it, and h [...]

  • Nathan Rockledge is a fourth-grader with all the usual problems afflicting kids: an irritating older sister who seems to delight in causing him grief; a mother that insists on cooking him meals and sewing him clothing, despite her lack of talent; and schoolwork and classmates besides. However, Nathan isn’t just any ten year old boy–he’s also Nate Rocks: astronaut, cowboy, spy, and singer extraordinaire–plus a few more talents besides.Nathan may have to deal with his sister barging into h [...]

  • Nate Rocks the World – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat and Think With Your Taste Buds – Desserts“What in the world?” I say quietly to myself. I turn back around to look inside the house. Everything I see is in shades of gray. The blue couch in our living room is gray. The green front door is now gray. The grass and the trees, all gray. Even Mom’s bright red van parked in the driveway is gray. I look down at my body. Sure enough, even my clothes are all gray! I [...]

  • Nate Rocks The World is one of two stand-alone MG novels written by author Karen Pokras Toz. The other novel, Nate Rocks The Boat, features the same main character, but each can be read seperately, although connected.When I first began reading Nate Rocks The World, I didn’t know what to expect. This is the first ever self-published MG novel I’ve ever read. It certainly didn’t dissapoint – instead it was a new and rewaring experience. What I loved the most about this book, is Nate’s cre [...]

  • Nate Rocks The World is a Children's Action/Adventure for ages 9 -12.Nathan Rockledge is your typical ten year old boy. He feels his hair is too red, his freckles too many and his size too scrawny, however, put a pad of paper and a pencil in his hands and Nate could rule the world.Nathan's older sister, Abby, is bossy and drives Nate crazy, his dad is always going on about when he was a boy and Nate's mom cannot cook anything that doesn't taste like cardboard and the thing is, his mom has no clu [...]

  • It's not every day you run across a good YA book for boys; so many of them seem to be for girls. Look no further than this one, because Nate Rocks the World is a winner. Ten years old and blessed with a vivid imagination, Nate seeks his escape from the torture inflicted on him by his 13-year-old sister by drawing pictures and escaping into a fantasy world.The family scenes are priceless, one after another. Mom's cooking is to be avoided at all costs; when Nate snags an invitation to dinner at hi [...]

  • ate Rockledge is a ten year old boy who, like most boys his age, has a barrage of problems. He hates school, and because he has no athletic talent is always the last one chosen. Nate’s family seems dysfunctional to him. His mother can’t cook or sew, yet she expects him to eat the food she prepares and wear the lopsided Halloween costumes she insists on sewing for him. She also forces him to hang out with her friend’s daughter, Lisa, who is the class nerd. Nate has a thirteen year old siste [...]

  • My Review:When I saw the cover for Nate Rocks the World, I was immediately interested. As the mom of a 10 year old son who is reluctant to read, I am always on the lookout for books that will draw his interest. His preferences tend to run to books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Captain Underpants. I have purchased numerous books from the stores and through books clubs that I felt would interested a boy his age, only to see them remain on his bookshelves unless cooerced (or bribed) to read them. So [...]

  • One of the great things about being an indie author is that I have a network of incredibly talented author friends and "co-workers" at my fingertips. Added bonus: hot-off-the-press books to read! When I came across Nate Rocks the World, a middle-grade novel written by Karen Pokras Toz, I wondered if it might be something my 10-yr-old son would like. After all, Nate is the same age and in the same grade as my Jake, and they each have annoying big sisters that they like to complain about liberally [...]

  • Armed with a vivid imagination and a passion for drawing, Nathan Rockledge's world is never dull. It's his way of dealing with being in the fourth grade as well as having an overbearing thirteen-year-old sister and the pressures of home. Nate can't help the fact that his imagination runs away with him more times than he can count. His dreams and drawings are the only things that make his life worthwhile, passions from which he'll never part.His parents aren't thrilled that he spends most of his [...]

  • TITLE: Nate Rocks The WorldAUTHOR: Karen P. TozPUBLISHER: CreateSpace createspaceFORMAT: Ebook, paperbackPRICE: Paperback $6.99, ebook $2.99 (US) Paperback £3.03, ebook £2.13 (UK)PAGES: 136ISBN-10: 1463510829ISBN-13: 9781463510824It’s so tough to be ten-years-old. Nobody knows this better than Nate. He has to put up with his bossy big sister and listening to his father’s never – ending stories about when he was growing up. Not only this, but his mother doesn’t know how to cook. She thi [...]

  • Reading books with the target audience being children has always held a remote curiosity for me. For starters, it allows me the opportunity to read something that is outside of my normal genre of works to review. The curiosity comes because I get to see just how much children's books have changed in the last thirty to forty years.Nate Rocks the World is a far cry from Curious George or Dr. Seuss. This work is written for the more mature individual; a child that falls within the ages of 7 to 12. [...]

  • theprettygoodgatsby.wordpress.I don't know what it is about dads and leather recliners, but it seems like every dad I know has one. Is it something you get at the hospital when they hand you the baby? "Congratulations sir, it's a boy, and here is your leather recliner."What's with the lack of MG/YA targeted toward boys? SO many times I've had boys come up to me at work and ask for help finding books and wind up leaving with a Rick Riordan novel, a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, or an adult sci-fi no [...]

  • I received Nate Rock the World By Karen Pokras Toz through good reads first-reads giveaway. I thought it book was so cute and a really good read for kids. I wanted to sit down and read this book to my little cousins who are between the ages of 3-7. I liked how the importance of imagination was shown in this book. I feel in today's society the imagination is really not a thing that is supported. Children are taught young now not to use their imagination and it is often not nurtured as it should b [...]

  • My review:Reading books for this age group now that I'm a mom is a little weird. In one scene, Nate's father is recalling an incident involving his own father, a marshmallow, and a microwave. My first thought was, "They wouldn't have had a microwave back then." Except that *I* have a ten-year-old, which makes me around same age (if not older than) Nate's parents. And we had a microwave "back then". I know I'm getting old when I'm closer to the age of the parents in the story than the kids.Poor N [...]

  • I really liked the book because whenever Nate got a pencil and paper, he started drawing comics. He didn't stay focused on what he was supposed to. One time, they were playing hangman, Tommy (his best friend) guessed the word because of the comic Nate drew. Sometimes his comics get him off task in school. He would rather draw comics than take a test!The book is probably for kids around the age of 10 or so, and it would probably be more for boys, but since I am a tomboy, I tended to enjoy the boo [...]

  • Ten year old Nate Rockledge has so many crummy things going on: his mom can't cook, his older sister is super annoying, and he has to end up with the most bratty girl in the fourth grade as a science project partner! Luckily for him, he is a hero--a baseball star, a firefighter, an astronaut--all in his imagination. All he has to do is start sketching.This was a cool lower grade novel! Nate, who shares my son's name, is a fun kid with an endless imagination. Nate and his best friend Tommy are in [...]

  • When I first started reading this book, I found myself laughing at the imaginary scenes that Nathan Rockledge kept imagining. He likes to doodle, and while he doodles, he dreams of the time when he can finally be the hero he knows he is inside. Maybe if he’s a hero he can get real food instead of the stuff his Mom cooks (no one wants to tell her she can’t cook). Maybe if he’s a hero he can stop his sister from harassing him all the time (an older sister is SUCH a pain). Maybe if he’s a h [...]

  • Nate Rocks the World takes you into the internal creative world of Nate, who is plagued by his older sister, Abby, who torments him at every turn and an overprotective mother that never seems to see the bigger picture. Nate sees no escape from his mundane life, until he puts pencil to paper and his wildest dreams come alive. Are his drawings morphing in his imagination and coming to life in reality or is it all just his wishful thinking? “Hey Nathan! Earth to Nathan! Why are you just sitting t [...]

  • Nate Rocks the World is a children/YA book. I previously reviews Nate Rocks the Boat back in December which is actually the second book in the series. You get a glimpse at what will happen in book two of what happens in book one, but really you can read them in any order.Nathan is the primary character in the story, but when he daydreams he becomes Nate Rocks. This happens pretty much any time he is writing/drawing. In this book, Captain Asteroid, the comic superhero he follows currently, shows [...]

  • Nate Rockledge is ten years old, and he has many of the difficulties boys of his age face. His mother is a truly terrible cook. His father reminisces endlessly about past glories. His thirteen year old sister taunts him mercilessly.But Nate has a secret. Like a fourth grade Walter Mitty, Nate dreams of heroic adventures where he saves the day, and often the life of the cute Madeline who lives across the street, although Nate doestkerls! Unfortunately, after saving the day, he is left with little [...]

  • This is a fascinating and fun story that middle grade boys are going to love. Nate can’t catch a break. School is painful at best, especially when he gets paired up with Lisa Crane for a science project. Nate’s mom and Lisa’s mom are good friends, so he better be on his best behavior or someone is going to hear about it. He’s got a best friend, Tommy, but when they’re together things just don’t seem to go their way. His sister Abby is a royal pain in the neck, but their parents are a [...]

  • Poor Nathan. He has a big sister who is a pain and a mom who cannot cook or sew but still insists on making his lunches and his Halloween costumes. He also has to put up with a science project partner who tells her mom everything, who then in turn tells his mom. Is it any wonder he likes to lose himself in his imagination and his sketching? Unfortunately for Nate, he doesn't always get good ideas when his cartoons come to life.I found Nate Rocks the World to be cute and funny. It reminded me of [...]

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