ნარცისი და გოლდმუნდი

  • Title: ნარცისი და გოლდმუნდი
  • Author: Hermann Hesse
  • ISBN: 9789941414176
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
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  • Hermann Hesse

    Hermann Hesse was a German Swiss poet, novelist, and painter In 1946, he received the Nobel Prize in Literature His best known works include Steppenwolf, Siddhartha, and The Glass Bead Game also known as Magister Ludi which explore an individual s search for spirituality outside society.In his time, Hesse was a popular and influential author in the German speaking world worldwide fame only came later Hesse s first great novel, Peter Camenzind , was received enthusiastically by young Germans desiring a different and natural way of life at the time of great economic and technological progress in the country Throughout Germany, many schools are named after him In 1964, the Calwer Hermann Hesse Preis was founded, which is awarded every two years, alternately to a German language literary journal or to the translator of Hesse s work to a foreign language There is also a Hermann Hesse prize associated with the city of Karlsruhe,Germany.


  • At the time of reading, this was my favorite Hesse book and, indeed, it is probably his quintessential novel, the one to recommend for anyone wanting to check him out. I have given away copies of it for this purpose to several persons over the years.Contrary to the description in , I read the novel from the perspective of Goldmund being lost and then found. Seduced by the snares of the world, he leaves the peace of the monastic life for a life of trial and error, ultimately, as an old man, retur [...]

  • The Artist and the SmartistThe Winker and the Thinker“We fear death, we shudder at life's instability, we grieve to see the flowers wilt again and again, and the leaves fall, and in our hearts we know that we, too, are transitory and will soon disappear. When artists create pictures and thinkers search for laws and formulate thoughts, it is in order to salvage something from the great dance of death, to make something last longer than we do.”This philosophical novel provides perhaps the most [...]

  • Can I just say that I absolutely love Hermann Hesse. For me his words speak directly to my soul. I have never exclusively followed an author except Hesse. He is absolutely brilliant and his works are so nuanced to the point where they only mean anything to the reader unless they can relate in some profound way. I have now finished all of his major works and I must say "bravo". All of his books are about the turmoil and duality of the human soul. He speaks my language. My next goal is to learn Ge [...]

  • Narziß und Goldmund = Death and the Lover = Narcissus and Goldmund, Hermann HesseNarcissus and Goldmund (German: Narziß und Goldmund; also published as Death and the Lover) is a novel written by the German–Swiss author Hermann Hesse which was first published in 1930. At its publication, Narcissus and Goldmund was considered Hesse's literary triumph; chronologically, it follows Steppenwolf. Narcissus and Goldmund is the story of a young man, Goldmund, who wanders aimlessly throughout Medieval [...]

  • Hermann Hesse (1877 - 1962)hessemontagnola/ (site da Fundação Herman Hesse Montagnola)Hermann Hesse nasceu em 1877 na Alemanha, naturalizou-se em 1923 suiço e faleceu em 1962 em Montagnola, Suiça. Em 1946 recebe o Prémio Nobel da Literatura ”por seus escritos inspirados que, enquanto crescem em audácia e penetração, exemplificam os ideais humanitários e as altas qualidades de estilo.”. "Narciso era moreno e seco, enquanto Goldmund se mostrava brilhante e pródigo. Enquanto Narciso e [...]

  • This is not a review. This is an expression of gratitude. Enlightened does not begin to describe the feeling one gets when eyes see, mind is set in motion, and images are processed into thoughts that seed the way we look at everything. We SEE everything in a new light, at least for as long as we remember what is important, what makes a difference. The beginning of our true life. I suppose all we can ask of our mind is for a few moments of enlightenment at a time. And, to remember. Too much would [...]

  • این کتاب رو به لاکپشت وارترین شکل ممکن خوندم چون اصلا دلم نمی خواست تموم بشه ، اما افسوس که هر شروعی بالاخره پایانی هم به همراه دارهکتاب "نارتسیس و گلدموند" شاهکار دیگری هست از "هسه" که مانند بسیاری از آثار او، ساختاری دو قطبی دارد یکی قطب مادرانه و مادینه که به جنبه های فلسفی از [...]

  • When I was a child my parents used to punish me for my bad actions in their own way: I often had the prohibition of reading for a week. Of course I wasn't so nerd at that time and together with reading there could be no tv, no bmx rides with friends, no late night awake and all sorts of "normal" don'ts.But the worst one was definitely the "no reading week".Later in my teenage years, I remember how my mum was very glad about my reading activity, but not particularly interested in influencing that [...]

  • "Noi pensatori cerchiamo di avvicinarci a Dio staccando il mondo da lui. Tu ti avvicini a lui amando e ricreando la sua creazione. Sono entrambe opere umane e inadeguate, ma l'arte è più innocente."Questo non è un libro che andrebbe letto a diciannove anni. Diciannove sono già troppi. Andrebbe letto prima, a quattordici o a quindici, quando il mondo lo si vede ancora in modo diverso. Io, da ragazzo, ci leggo qualcosa di diverso rispetto a quello che avrei potuto leggerci da ragazzino. O risp [...]

  • Philosophical? Definitely. Novel Entertainment? oh yes. What the author meant by this writing? Well, like any true art- that depends on the audience. I can go into all the philosophical existential yakkity yak that a lot of other people might get from Narcissus and Goldmund, but instead I'm gonna give you the nuts and bolts (ie pared down yakkity yak) of what I saw in it.Goldmund is a born artist with a innate bent toward the agony and bliss of wanting to eat life- not just watch it parade on by [...]

  • بسیار عالی بود.به شدت با تمایلات و یلگی و رهایی گلدموند هم ذات پنداری میکردم.عاشق فهم والای نارتسیس شدم و به قول مختاری درک حضور دیگری.با تشکر بسیار ویژه از امانت دهنده یِ جان: آهنگ!

  • If you have a penchant for poetic language, a love for new experiences, and a sensitivity to life's struggles, you will find hope and deep beauty in this story. I recommend finding a place of solitude and spiritual transcendence before delving into this as you will inevitably flip back to the beginning once finished and have to read it again.“If I know what love is, it is because of you.It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and hon [...]

  • هذا تقديمي للكتاب----مسطرة واحدة للعُمر(1)لم أعرف في طفولتي أيًّا من الأبطال الذين اعتادوا من هم في سنّي على تقمّصهم. كنت أنفر من "غرندايزر" و"الرجل الحديدي" و"سوبرمان". لم أحب عالم المصارعين يومًا، ولم تأخذني شخصيّات "مجلة ماجد" إلى أبعد من النوم. كانت قسماتي لطيفة، تشبه طفلي ذو ا [...]

  • The book is spectacular and extremely thought provoking. Out of all, probably the following paragraph left the adequate impression.“All existence seemed to be based on duality, on contrast. Either one was a man or one was a woman, either a wanderer or a sedentary burgher, either a thinking person or a feeling person – no one could breathe in at the same time as he breathed out, be a man as well as a woman, experience freedom as well as order, combine instinct and mind. One always had to pay [...]

  • O poveste emoţionantă despre prietenie, despre căutarea vocaţiei şi desluşirea sensului vieţii prin înţelegerea armoniei contrastelor.Cu un limbaj de o delicateţe şi de o graţie desăvârşite, romanul devine fermecător încă de la primele pagini şi te vrăjeşte până la sfârşit prin naturaleţea şi cursivitatea lingvistică.Spirit ludic şi rebel, tânărul novice Gură-de-Aur părăseşte mănăstirea în care a fost adus de tatăl sau, după ce tânărul sau mentor, priete [...]

  • Goldmund could not fit into the Mariabronn Monastery anymore than a square peg could fit into a round hole and soon left the cloister for the vagrant life. By sleeping in the woods, killing Viktor the thief, meeting the plague, studying under Meister Niklaus and romancing with Lydia and Julie, Lene and Agnes, he explored the sensual life as an artist. When Agnes rejected the old man that he was, he returned to the monastery to meet his friend and mentor Narziss before leaving the world. Calw, Ge [...]

  • Hermann Hess, com a mais absoluta mestria e destreza narrativa, aborda neste extraordinário romance, o tema da amizade, do amor, da redenção, dos paradoxos existencialistas mas, fundamentalmente, do encontro de duas almas gémeas na sua essência mas profundamente antagónicas na perceção conceptual da existência humana. Narciso é um jovem monge que ensina grego no convento de Mariabronn, famoso instituto monástico medieval, onde eram formados os filhos das famílias mais ou menos podero [...]

  • This beautifully written philosophical novel, that like most of Hesse’s work explores the theme of individual search for self-realization, was a genuine pleasure to read as well as to reflect on later on. It is one of those books that stays with you. I read it ages ago, but I can remember it without making any mental effort whatsoever. It stayed in my heart and in my mind. The language used is fairly simple, but beautiful nevertheless and powerful in the messages it delivers. The story is quit [...]

  • Η λογοτεχνική απόδοση του νιτσεϊκού δίπολου, της τραγικής ανθρώπινης φύσης που ισορροπεί ανάμεσα στο Απολλώνιο (σύμφωνα με το οποίο το άτομο ενεργεί με βάση του τον ορθολογισμό) και το Διονυσιακό (σύμφωνα με το οποίο η δράση του ατόμου βασίζεται στα συναισθήματα και τα ένσ [...]

  • Cảm thấy bất lực khi diễn tả cảm nghĩ của mình với quyển sách này, vì nó quá choáng ngợp. Dường như bất kể lời kẽ ngợi khen nào dành cho nó đều nhỏ bé và thừa thãi. Mặc dù vậy, vẫn thử ghi lại những cảm nhận của kẻ hậu sanh hèn mọn này với bậc tiền bối có nhiều tác phẩm mà mình yêu quý. Đây là một tác phẩm đồ sộ miêu tả về nghệ thuật, cuộc sống và thân phận con ngư [...]

  • رواية جميلة و عميقة أخرى من روائع هرمان هسهنرسيس أستاذ غولدموند و صديقه في الدير نرسيس ينفذ لأعماق الروح و رأى أن تلميذه غولدموند ذا روح شاعر حرة و لا ينبغي أن يعيش حياة الرهبان مثله و هكذا يحثه لينطلق و يبحث عن طريقه عبر الحياة، فينطلق و يعيش حياة متشرد فاسق منغمس بالمتع الدن [...]

  • Perhaps this book is interesting as an example of the dichotomization of body/mind, angel/whore, ascete/wayfarer. Put the dicktalk aside (which is no small task here) and you still have an enormous vine from which to swing back and forth from pole to pole. At best woman is subject here, at worst she so thoroughly blends into the background she's invisible. More than bleak considering this is a meditation on the roles of the artist and thinker (and never the twain shall meet mind you) in a modern [...]

  • Intellect and Passion17 July 2015 This is the first Hesse book that I have read and I must thank my book club for selecting it for the June book. I have to say that I wasn't really sure what to expect – the only other German author that I had read that happened to be a contemporary of Hesse was Gunter Grass and his play The Plebians Reherse the Uprising was much more political in scope. However, with books like Sidhartha sitting on my shelf, I probably shouldn't be to surprised that Hesse tend [...]

  • Shamefully, I only started reading this because I had a competition that took it as a subject. I was told I had to read this in order to compete. It was already on my reading list, I already loved Hesse, so I knew I was in for a treat. Surprise surprise, the competition had no connection to the book whatsoever. The text in there was by Miller and in no way related to this. Nonetheless, let's get back to the review. It's one of my favorite books of 2013. About that - I will post a list of them an [...]

  • قراءة ثانية - بالعربية هذه المرة - منذ عشر سنوات اقترح عليّ صديق أن أقرأ لهيرمان هسة وكانت هذه الرواية وكل رواياته التى أستطعت أن أعثر عليها ولم أندم قط بداخل كل منا نرسيس وجولدموند بداخلنا نزعة حب الحياة والجنون أحياناً وبداخلنا أيضاً الورع والتقوى فهل ترجح كفة على الأخرى؟ [...]

  • Öyle ya! Farklılıklar olmadan nasıl denge kurulsun? Herhalde okuduğum en boşluksuz Hesse romanıydı. Zira tüm boşluklar felsefe ile doluydu ^^

  • El autor de este libro, Hermann Hesse (1877-1962), no sólo fue un gran novelista, también desarrolló las facetas de poeta, escritor y pintor; además fue ganador del Premio Nobel de Literatura en 1946. Escritor muy admirado al que tenía yo olvidado pero con esta lectura me he reencontrado con él en una cima más alta. Su estilo se caracteriza por una profunda introspección espiritual y artística y en esta ocasión nos presenta el antagonismo entre la vida espiritual y contemplativa contra [...]

  • I see this book as a meditation on the beauty and the power of Art. Any flaws that appear in the narrative therefore I find to be irrelevant. I think that I don't even experience Narcissus and Goldmund as a novel. It's more philosophical in nature, more a novel of ideas, more like reading a religious text than anything else, and that is the beauty of it or at least that is what I have found in it. I loved the contrast between the two main characters, Narcissus and Goldmund and the true friendshi [...]

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