Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye

Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye It all started when my sister Thea discovered an old mysterious map In no time at all my sister dragged me and my cousin Trap into her treasure hunt It was an adventure I d never forget

  • Title: Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye
  • Author: Geronimo Stilton Matt Wolf Larry Keys Mark Nithael Kat Stevens
  • ISBN: 9780439559638
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • It all started when my sister, Thea, discovered an old, mysterious map In no time at all, my sister dragged me and my cousin Trap into her treasure hunt It was an adventure I d never forget.

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      103 Geronimo Stilton Matt Wolf Larry Keys Mark Nithael Kat Stevens
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  • Geronimo Stilton Matt Wolf Larry Keys Mark Nithael Kat Stevens

    A pseudonym of Elisabetta Dami, aka Thea Stilton.Elisabetta Dami is an Italian author that currently resides in Italy She is the author of the Geronimo Stilton series, a bestselling childrens book She enjoys traveling the world seeking ideas for her series She writes under a pseudonym of Geronimo Stilton She is also a co owner of Italian based publishing company Edizioni Piemme Her books have been translated into English by Inc.


  • This is not a review, but an observation and a question.Something I don't really understand so I would enjoy hearing people's views on is how people buy books for children from the point of view of the gender of the book's main subject as illustrated on the cover. At the moment Geronimo Stilton is the hot book for 8-10 year olds. Both boys and girls rush up to the display and look for the ones they haven't read. Mothers, on their own, will buy Geronimo Stilton's for both their sons and daughters [...]

  • This review consists of 2 parts: 1. My daughter's review (she's 9) and 2. My review (I'm the Mom). These are excerpts. For the full reviews, please visit our website at motherdaughterbookreviewsDAUGHTER SAYS:What I liked and disliked about it:I liked this book because it's funny and the story is good. I like stories that have mysteries and adventures like this one does. It was really cool that there was a treasure map. If I found a treasure map, I would try to find it - especially if it's a big [...]

  • You can read this and other reviews at Things I Find While ShelvingI read this book because I wanted to determine if it was a good one to get for the kids in my life. I’m not a parent, but I have friends with kids and when I went to buy one of them a birthday present I thought about getting this, but I’d never read it so I didn’t know if it was a good one or not.So I decided to read it.And I’m glad I did. It’s a fun adventure, with sailing and treasure hunting and family squabbles and [...]

  • Geronimo Stilton Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye is the first book in the very long series of Geronimo Stilton books. This books introduces you to the main character of the series Geronimo Stilton as well as other main characters such as Geronimo's sister Thea and cousin Trap and nephew Benjamin. This journey takes the characters on a treasure hunt to find the lost treasure of the emerald eye. Thea has found a treasure map when she was antique hunting. She has enlisted her brother to help her f [...]

  • I see this series being read by my fourth grade students. I'll admit I have recommended this series many times to students, but never actually read one. Normally I would never do a blind recommendation, so I decided to crack one open and see what all the hubbub was about. Groan. Yeah, I guess I can sort of see why beginning readers would like them. The action is quick, the pages are colorful, and the humor is ever present. But as an adult reader the plot is jumbled, the colorful and eye-catching [...]

  • I really don't see understand why this series is so popular. I've been seeing the books around everywhere for some time. This week I got to read the first one. My 8 year old son had brought it home from the school library to use as part of a reading challenge that his school is participating in. He was never engaged, lost interest half way through, and stopped reading. I finished it tonight, and was also very disappointed. I'm really quite surprised to see that this was originally Italian, perha [...]

  • It all started when my sister, Thea, discovered an old, mysterious map. In no time at all, my sister dragged me and my cousin Trap into her treasure hunt. It was an adventure I’d never forget.My brother will be telling me what he thought about this book what he liked and everything My brother loved this book, he loved the adventure that Geronimo and the gang go on he thought it was very funny when stuff happened. His favorite character is Geronimo Stilton, he can't wait for the other book in t [...]

  • An excellent example of BAD WRITING. All the bells and shiny special font whistles can't cover for the fact that the plot is lacking, the excitement is non-existent and there are multiple chapters that could be excised with zero impact on the continuity of the story. I know my students loved it, but also, sometimes nine year olds are wrong about stuff.

  • I guess I understand why this series is so popular with the kids but also, it reads like someone got drunk and challenged themselves to write a book using every single font in Microsoft Word.

  • This was an OK adventure, I like anything with mice in it really. Geronimo is a reluctant adventurer, so it was easy for me to like him. But I felt this wasn't a very satisfactory adventure, the emerald eye was a bit of a let down. Also I am a bit over the use of ALL CAPS and WEIRD FONTS (imagine that is written in a weird font) to indicate the reader should be amazed, or feel something etc, I feel that is a fad that has run its course, but then I am no longer a 10 year old and maybe that sort o [...]

  • The first of the Geronimo Stilton series introduces Geronimo, the mouse who is editor of The Rodent's Gazette. Early on, he takes a vacation to accompany his younger sister, Thea, and his cousin, Trap, to find the Emerald Eye. With treasure map in hand, they set sail for a small island (along with stowaway Benjamin, Geronimo's favorite nephew). They face storms, a capsized boat, quicksand, and bees, only to discover that the map is part of a wilderness class on a tourist resort. Even without the [...]

  • We normally enjoy Geronimo Stilton books but OH MY! WHAT HAPPENED????? REALLY???? I tried, and tried to get into this one. Reading it out loud to my special needs teen age so whom we usually really enjoy reading about his adventures. but this book had no storyline, to many descriptions and didn't go anywhere! Although they were on a boat trying to go somewhere but I lost my son after the first few chapters but kept reading thinking it would get better but then when it lost me I just had to give [...]

  • The premise of this story sounded really cute and I was ready to truly enjoy reading this with my six year old daughter. But I thought this was a really empty story. Most of it read like an outline of a story rather than an actual story. With short chapters, each one covering some "terrifying" event, I really wish the author would have cut out some of the events and actually wrote about the ones he mentioned. Focus on quality rather than quantity. Each action sequence goes about as deep as this: [...]

  • I enjoyed the book even though it wasn’t that good. The thing that I didn't like about the book was that I couldn't relate to it, so I didn't like it that much. In the book the main character was mouse. The main character ran a newspaper company, but his true passion was writing tales of adventure. He lived on Mouse Island. His books were all best-sellers! It all started when his sister, Thea, discovered a mysterious map. It showed a secret treasure on a faraway island. And before he could let [...]

  • Book: Geronimo StiltonText by: Edizioni Piemme aka Geronimo StiltonFirst to Sixth Grade ReadersThis link will take you to the US Rodent's Gazette web page, which has games and activitiesholastic/titles/geroThis is a wonderful series. It was started in Italy and became so popular it is now written in 35 languages. I love love love this series. The books are based on a mouse world. The narrator is Geronimo Stilton, a learned and brainy mouse: editor of The Rodent's Gazette. Other characters are Th [...]

  • This book looked fun and interesting, but it was really difficult to read. All the special treatment with the words with the little images running through and all the colors was really distracting.Also the story was lacking. The main character doesn't seem essential to the story (at least so far), I honestly couldn't finish. Also calling him a "newspaper" mouse and then talking about how he dedicated a book is confusing, is he a writer, a publisher, an editor? It's not really clear what he does. [...]

  • This book looked interesting, but I was seriously dissapointed after reading it. I understand that this is a successful series, and perhaps I was too old when I read it in 2000 when it first came out (I was about 12 at the time). The series reminds me of the Magic Tree House series although MTH is by far much better. There were certain elements to the storyline that I liked which is why this book gets two stars. But unfortunately it doesn't have very many redeeming qualities in my opinion. A hug [...]

  • Meh. That is all I have to say. I enjoyed the fun colorful text and pages, but the story was boring.One of my pet peeves is people who write dumb downed children's literature. Why do we feel the need to dumb everything down for kids? So much research proves that prime learning years for people is when they are young. So why does everything get dumbed down when they are the target audience. I like reading books that have rich plot, language, and characters that have more depth to them. So books l [...]

  • My daughter, Esther got this for her late birthday present. It is a cute story where Geronimo is begged to go on a treasure hunt with his sister, Thea and they take their cousin, Trap and nephew, Benjamin stows away. They get shipwrecked and then make it to the island. Then they survive, make shelter, find food. They then go looking for their treasuree "Emerald Eye." While searching for it, they find quicksand (Trap pulls Geronimo out) and a trap (Geronimo pulls Trap outdue to his bad spelling) [...]

  • Wow i can not believe Geromino Stilton because every time Thea drags Geromino in a adventure all he does is he writes about what he is doing why can't he just relax and enjoy the adventure that he is going to.What i h don't really like about Thea is that she is a very dangerous person when she gets to a adventure because she fets todo wild things in her adventures.Whati like about this book is that when they found the lost treasure of the emerald eye it had me relieved because they finally got w [...]

  • I've heard that this series is so popular with kids so I thought I would see what the fuss is about for myself. There were a lot of cheesy puns and cliches naturally. I thought the idea of finding lost treasure would be fun and the journey was interesting but it is truly a book for kids. I don't think I would enjoy another book like it. I did appreciate that there was a good flow to the story and that a family goes on an adventure together.

  • This was awful. I felt like it was more about abusing various fonts than anything else. It was boring and I found that I was not engaged on any level. Geronimo is a horrible narrator, I didn't care for him, and was not interested at all in the treasure hunt. I would not recommend this book for a child of mine.

  • The first Geronimo Stilton book is incredible. This book has a mystery in it and so do all the others in the series. Geronimo and his sister, Thea, go on an adventure trying to find the lost emerald eye. This book is a good short one. I recommend this for grades 1-4 and to read all the books in this huge series.

  • Me ha encantado descubrir a Geronimo Stilton y su familia y leer este libro, tan divertido y lleno de aventuras, me ha dado ganas de tener la serie completa. Entiendo ahora la fama de este ratón entre los niños, entiendo que a tantos y tantos guste, pues conmigo, que no soy una niña, ha funcionado muy bien.Reseña: arte-literario/2015/12

  • I don't think I get why these are popular. I guess because they're fast-paced with lots of illustrations, and have funny mouse/cheese references. But the main characters are adult mice, with sort of adult problems (nothing inappropriate, of course). The story in this first of the series was so-so, and I thought the changes in font color, size, and style were distracting. Hmmm.

  • Great opening book to the series! It's a nice way for kids to step into independent reading. The writing also has so many onomatopoeic words, similes, and other figurative language that it's an awesome way to introduce those literary devices! And, as a fontophilia (there must be a word for this by now), I drooled over the multiple colours, fonts, and font styles!

  • My eyes! I can't stand all the words that POP OUT like THIS. Or ZOOOOOM across the page like that. I suppose it breaks up the otherwise intimidating block of text but it started giving me motion sickness trying to follow it

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