Modeling Death

Modeling Death Jacob Richmond was used to men hitting on him but little does he realize Guy Franks has waited hundreds of years to find his mate and nothing was going to dissuade him from a relationship even the m

  • Title: Modeling Death
  • Author: Amber Kell
  • ISBN: 9781920501419
  • Page: 187
  • Format: ebook
  • Jacob Richmond was used to men hitting on him, but little does he realize Guy Franks has waited hundreds of years to find his mate and nothing was going to dissuade him from a relationship, even the man himself When someone starts killing models, Guy knows its time to claim the man fated to be his.Content advisory Extreme violence.

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    Amber Kell has made a career out of daydreaming It has been a lifelong habit she practices diligently as shown by her complete lack of focus on anything not related to her fantasy world building.When she told her husband what she wanted to do with her life he told her to go have fun.During those seconds she isn t writing she remembers she has children who humor her with games of what if and let her drag them to foreign lands to gather inspiration Her youngest confided in her that he wants to write because he longs for a website and an author name two things apparently necessary to be a proper writer.Despite her husband s insistence she doesn t drink enough to be a true literary genius she continues to spin stories of people falling happily in love and staying that way.She is thwarted during the day by a traffic jam of cats on the stairway and a puppy who insists on walks, but she bravely perseveresShe also writes under the name Mikela Q Chase


  • as crazy as a calmes book but without the interpersonal nuances.i mean shitat did not go well at allain with the deranged motivations and the batshit psychology; minus the appealing setup; plus bonus ignorance of the NYC fashion scene or modeling or anything, really many discordant missteps i stopped taking notes because i knew it would be over soond with sex no less superficial than a dick-doodle in the margins of a notepad?avoid.

  • 2.5 StarsIf I read one more time about how much money these characters have I'm going to throw my poor kindle against a wall.It was too much over the top, limousines, choppers, pretty people I'm wrong, gorgeous people.And don't let me start about Jacob, and the times that I read how gorgeous, pretty, soooo beautiful and perfect he was, rolling my eyes!After this story, I need to read something nice about an imperfect and ugly charming character.

  • I’ve read several Amber Kell stories and I consider them to be easy to read popcorn reads. I tend to forget the stories very easily (sometimes while reading) but most of the time they are interesting enough fluff when you’re in the mood for something simple, easy, with lots of hot sex. Modeling Death is along those lines but attempts to be something more involved too. That didn’t work as well for me this time unfortunately since the story line is kind of silly and the ending utterly ridicu [...]

  • Aw, man! What the heck happened?! I was really enjoying this book almost to the very end, but then the conclusion was so abrupt and so Scooby-Doo Mystery-ish that I just had to give a BIG WTF. What a huge let-down. To be fair though, let me talk about all the reasons that I liked this book up to that point. 1.) Two seriously hot, hot MCs. Jacob is a model so really, 'nuff said. But he is also kind, generous, and sweet - his personality is even better than his looks. Guy is a super-gorgeous, rich [...]

  • I love the stories that Amber Kell writes for us! Yes, there are always those little, annoying things that are missed along the way to getting it published that drives me half insane but, I really don't care! I feel like I am talking with an old friend when I read one of her books, and this one was no exception. A little drama, mystery, and magic goes a long way to bring Jacob and Guy together and the "who done it?" It was a good one I didn't see it coming. Also, it was good to spend time with W [...]

  • Fairly average book for me. I was rather disappointed that this book just didn't have alot of paranormal aspects to it and didn't do anymore world building. This was pretty much an Alpha male, insta-love mating bond book. I really didn't feel real attached to the characters and they felt pretty shallow to me. Guy was the growly alpha male determined to get and protect his mate and Jacob the level head pretty boy. Most of the book was spent on the two getting together and having sex the plot was [...]

  • I can't say I loved it but I didn't hate it either but, oh boy, did it end weirdly. It seemed a little abrupt and unfinished but at least it filled in the gap I had in the series. Not sure if I'll bother reading anymore of it, I suppose it will depend on funds and if the blurb sounds interesting enough for me to spend them on it.

  • This continues to be one of my favorite series from this authorI enjoy the characters and the plot, and I especially like getting read a longer story from this author! Very enjoyable, I really loved this one!

  • Good paranormal m/m romance about a centuries-old wizard who runs into a model at a club and realizes the model is his fated mate. Too bad someone's out there, killing models

  • Modeling DeathLiving the charmed life…Charming and stunningly handsome model, Jacob Richmond, is back in town from yet another photo shoot overseas. Tired and desperate just to sleep he meets his cousin David at a dance club. He is going to stay at David's place, but his cousin wants to show Jacob off to his friends. After a quick "Hello" Jacob goes to exit the club only to be accosted by a burly stranger. Then, to his aid come Guy Franks, magical investigator for the Wizard's Council. Jacob i [...]

  • Sometimes, when you meet someone, you just know that they are the one. When Guy Franks meets Jacob Williams, he realizes that Jacob is the man he's been looking for all his life, which considering he's a wizard, is a long time. When Guy rescues Jacob from an obnoxious drunk, Jacob is grateful, but not so much that he's ready to jump into bed with the stranger. Guy is determined not to let him go and with or without his magic, starts plotting a way to get Jacob in his life forever.Jacob is a real [...]

  • Originally posted at: whippedcream2/201Sometimes it only takes an instant to know your fate. Guy is certain the beautiful model he meets by chance in a bar one night is his mate. Yet Jacob is not quite as willing to give into Guy’s domineering ways. When Guy realizes Jacob could be the next target of a serial killer, he has to decide whether to confide in Jacob about his magic or try to protect the man without him knowing. Modeling Death is a decent enough book with extreme characters and a fo [...]

  • 2015 Re-read:Very cute.Guy, being the self-serving type, does take a while to warm up to. But by the end everyone’s suitably mushy.Regarding the killer tons of questions are left unanswered (even such simple ones as how). Then again that aspect of the plot hardly provides the main interest. It’s all about the lovey-dovey stuff.Not much else to say, I’m afraid.2011 Review:This was an great sequel to what I remember as a very enjoyable book. Sequel only in the magical background and connecte [...]

  • 3.5Overall nice, undemanding read.It was fluent, but had a few WTF. For example the telling someone about the existence of wizards, magic and so on felt way too unclimatic. Sure it is such boring news, you'd rather go home to sleep since you are tired and do not want to find out more. The reaction felt fake.Also Guy mentions investigation and Jacob doesn't react at all. Nothing like What investigation? Since it wasn't mentioned to him before. And Guy seemed to change too much. I had an image of [...]

  • This isn't the same version of the book that I read. This is the older one. I am really starting to love this series though. Jacob and Guy are perfect for eachother and it was great to see Guy's happy ending after meeting him in book one. There was one editing issue. Jacobs last name is Richmond but he was called Reynolds once. And I noticed in the blurb for the older version his name is Williams. odd.

  • Modelling DeathI loved this book. It is the second one in a series. This one is about Guy finding his mate and he does with Jacob who is a model. These two went through some up and downs in their relationship but they worked it out and fell further in love with each other. I can not wait to read the next book in this series. Erin

  • I liked this book. It had an unexpected ending and a main character who's a decent, nice, non conceited, not an a-hole model. I also liked the mystery aspect. Trying to guess who the creep was while also getting to see their relationship develop was fun. A good read that I'd recommend.

  • "Guy threw back his head and laughed. "They are the perfect couple."Jacob wrapped his arms around Guy. "No, we're the perfect couple, but we'll let them be second place."Guy smiled and kissed his mate, letting him know without words how happy he was to finally have found his perfect mate."

  • I didn't care for this one at all. It had potential but just never reached it. It was predictable and a bit sappy. If it was a movie, I would say the acting was bad. I struggled to finish it, but stayed with it to the end anyways.

  • I absolutely LOVED this book! It may be a short story, but it packs quite a punch. If you enjoy model murder mysteries with a magical twist, you DEFINITELY need to get your hands on this Amber Kell tale.

  • Modelling Death (Hidden Magic)This is another great book in this series I Loved it can't wait to read the next one again too

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